Give Me Back My Book! (2020)

Give Me Back My Book! Ethan Long Travis Foster Give Me Back My Book Two friends Redd and Bloo argue over the possession of one special book with a green cover hard cover a nice spine and pages turn from right to left but unite when Bookworm walks off with it
  • Title: Give Me Back My Book!
  • Author: Ethan Long Travis Foster
  • ISBN: 9781452160405
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
Give Me Back My Book! Ethan Long Travis Foster Two friends, Redd and Bloo argue over the possession of one special book with a green cover, hard cover, a nice spine, and pages turn from right to left but unite when Bookworm walks off with it.
Give Me Back My Book! Ethan Long Travis Foster

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    298 Ethan Long Travis Foster
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One thought on “Give Me Back My Book!

  1. Lisa

    I would actually give this 4 1 2 this was a great book The pictures were cute and simple, the story was spoken in dialog bubbles, and there was a great point to the story This would be wonderful to do for a storytime There is a great teaching moment in the book towards the end, and it also teaches about how problems can be solved with teamwork There can be all kinds of fun activities that can be used to go along with the story and they can also do a craft by creating their own book as well.

  2. Nancy

    A book about the care and handling of books A great how to library read for the very young Also about sharing and making and keeping friends Adorable illustrations of two monsters very expressive

  3. Hope Chasteen

    Summary I read this book for my transitional book requirement This book is full of descriptive word and beautiful illustrations I think it is exciting to read aloud and see how the two characters fight over the special book The two main characters in this book are Redd and Bloo They see how books are made and end up becoming friends They start to fight over who gets to keep this amazing book I think this gives the reader the aspect of how to enjoy reading Evaluation I understand that this book i [...]

  4. Bridgette

    A laugh out loud read Remember fighting with your siblings over everything Are you a parent who constantly hears that s mine If so,then you will love this book All things are better when you think someone else wants it.

  5. Michelle (FabBookReviews)

    If you are already familiar with Ethan Long s zany and jolly approach to storytelling Fright Club, Pig Has a Plan and numerous other popular titles , then you might already be aware of the kind of story you might be getting here with Give Me Back My Book Co authored with illustrator Travis Foster, Give Me Back My Book is a conversational based picture book with a wacky, farcical edge.Friends Redd and Bloo experience a bump in the relationship when Bloo discovers that Redd might have just taken h [...]

  6. Barbara

    Digital illustrations complement a humorous story about reading and book possession I m sure that than a few bookworms will be able to relate to the plot When Bloo sees Redd reading a book that looks a lot like his, he becomes upset and wants the book back Redd describes the elements of his book that make it unique such as letters that form words and chapters and illustrations It even has one page with a folded corner, which Bloo recognizes as one he folded While the two creatures are arguing, [...]

  7. Debbie Smith

    Friends Redd and Bloo have a problem when Bloo sees Redd reading what appears to be his favorite green book Of course, like many, Redd insists it s his book and holds on to it My book is green and has lots of pages I m 100% sure that is MY BOOK Bloo says The arguing goes back and forth until a colorful hat wearing worm snatches the book from both Redd and Bloo can t seem to get the worm to come out of the ground with the book Will it be lost forever The story manages to unobtrusively slip in var [...]

  8. Pamela Hatch

    Give Me Back My Book by Travis Foster and Ethan Long San Francisco Chronicle Books, c2017 52 pages RANGE 3 PICTURE BOOKSSUMMARY Two friends, Redd and Bloo, argue over the possession of one special book with a green cover, hard cover, a nice spine, and pages that turn from right to left but unite when Bookworm walks off with it verso Travis Foster and Ethan Long offer this hilarious story about the joy of reading, which brings people together in unexpected ways, and which proves that each book tr [...]

  9. Alexandria

    I am all for any story that makes books something worth fighting over Because, let s face it, they are This book is perfect for using funny voices to distinguish between characters The written portion is entirely dialogue between two characters fighting over a book Because I of this, I would recommend the book for children six and up, as they will have to infer parts of the story from some of the illustrations But as long as the child you re reading it to is old enough to infer from the illustra [...]

  10. Dana Davis-avants

    Very simple illustrations that tell a story and much Cute simple characters The author shares with the reader how to compromise with others The bookworm is appealing as a character and adds an additional direction to the story The book also discusses the parts of a book and how a book is made by authors and illustrators It shows the simple materials that one might need to create their own book.

  11. Jj

    A fun book which does something a little different and cool This was co authored AND co illustrated by an illustrator Travis Foster and an author illustrator Ethan Long Each is one of the main characters Redd is Foster and Bloo is Long It s a fun experiment that works fairly well here, and is recommended for fans of either or both to check out and yes, the plot revolves around fighting over books, so it s hard not to enjoy this much biblio enthusiasm.

  12. Sheri

    A green book and ownership is the problem in the story Every character wants this book and to prove he owns it The story describes what a book is and how to prove it belongs to one specific character Then a new book is created I like the way the friendship builds in this story and the ending I would certainly buy it and read it with children.

  13. Erica

    Very funny book that takes 2 creatures a blue rabbit named Bl00, and a red, ear less, tail less something named Redd from squabbling over who owns a green book, to cooperating to create their own decoy book to get the green book back from a Bookworm Very silly images save the book from being a didactic story of cooperation, and what kid doesn t enjoy hearing silly creatures squabble

  14. Jennifer

    A story of two monsters fighting over a book that each claims their own A bookworm comes along and steals it in the middle of the fight They have to trick the bookworm to get it back By working together they realize they can share the book Even the bookworm, though tricked, is happy with the fake book with which she was tricked.

  15. Kelly

    The two little creatures in this story are arguing about who the green book belongs to Is it Redd Is it Bloo The fight goes on until Worm comes up and takes it from them It s a neat story about cooperation and friendship.The neat thing about this book is when the creatures explain what is in a book there are words, and the words make up sentences, etc Nice touch.

  16. A Allen

    Redd and Bloo are fighting about who the green book belongs to when a bookworm SNATCHES it up Redd and Bloo work together to get the green book back by making their very own book with lots of art supplies Red and Bloo are happy to share the green book after retrieving it from the bookworm No worries the bookworm is also satisfied in the end.

  17. Jackie

    Redd and Bloo argue endlessly about the green book Who owns the book Wait, aren t books for sharing Then, when Bookworm steals the book, it is up to Bloo and Redd to unite and get it back Give Me Back My Book is full of humor, giggle worthy illustrations, and joy for the love of reading

  18. Joanne Zienty

    Three delightful characters deliciously drawn, a story that provokes smiles, snickers ANDS imparts information about these amazing things called books And a lesson in cooperation and sharing What can you ask from a picture book This one is definitely a fun time and will make a great read aloud.

  19. Laine

    while i would have liked a resolution that left everyone happy, even the thieving bookworm, i was happy to read such a brightly illustrated book with a real beginning, middle and end strangely hard to find a real ending in picture books

  20. Diane

    Redd and Bloo argue about who owns the green book While they are distracted, Bookworm sneaks in and claims the book as her own She takes it to her hole, which is out of reach of Redd and Bloo It takes the two of them working together to figure out how to get their book back from Bookworm.

  21. Ivy

    This is kind of a silly book It has good dual use It covers cooperation and sharing However it also does a great job with text features, which keeps showing up in Common Core A great K 3 book

  22. Mary Librarian

    Two friends are fighting about ownership of a certain green book when they are united against a common enemy thief Told through word bubbles and lots of back and forth dialogue Kids are sure to find this funny.

  23. Amy

    A perfect back to school read in the Lib Also, a great way to highlight some of the problems we have when students are fighting over the same book Sometimes the phrase put it on hold just doesn t suffice.

  24. Courtney

    This is a great book for preschoolers It goes over the parts of a book in a fun way and integrates the concept of mine which is relate able for 3 5 year olds.

  25. Miss Sarah

    two monster friends fight over whose book the green book is Can they ever decide or learn to share preschool and up

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