Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau (2020)

Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau JenniferBerne Éric Puybaret Manfish A Story of Jacques Cousteau Before Jacques Cousteau became an internationally known oceanographer and champion of the seas he was a curious little boy In this lovely biography poetic text and gorgeous paintings combine to crea
  • Title: Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau
  • Author: JenniferBerne Éric Puybaret
  • ISBN: 9780811860635
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau JenniferBerne Éric Puybaret Before Jacques Cousteau became an internationally known oceanographer and champion of the seas, he was a curious little boy In this lovely biography, poetic text and gorgeous paintings combine to create a portrait of Jacques Cousteau that is as magical as it is inspiring.
Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau JenniferBerne Éric Puybaret

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    414 JenniferBerne Éric Puybaret
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One thought on “Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau

  1. Kathryn

    Last night was a really, really good night for children s books I read many five star books and this one started it off right It s a beautifully told story of Jacques Cousteau, famous oceanographer, from his first curiosity and infatuation with the sea to his inventions to his movies and exploration to his conservation efforts An interesting biographical note in the back is included All I can say is, what a cool and inspiring guy I love how the story shows how his childhood dreams and interests [...]

  2. Preeti

    Gorgeous, short but sweet book that highlights Jacques Cousteau s life The language is simple and perfect for appealing to kids I really love that it tries to get children involved in protecting our environment by linking it to Cousteau s message, especially on the final page of the story.The main thing I wanted to mention is that I originally read the ebook version of this since it was available right away from my library It was nice but I knew I was missing something So I ended up getting the [...]

  3. Ann

    I know about Mr Cousteau, but I admit that I know a very small amount of details I blush to admit this So, it was very enlightening for me to read Manfish which tells of Cousteau s childhood and young adult life, and how his various interests worked together to help him become one of the people to first document never before seen underwater life.I really enjoyed this story I thought the narrative did a good job of keeping the flow of the story, even though it skips several years in Cousteau s li [...]

  4. Lynn

    I have my 4 year old twin grandsons 4 afternoons a week and they are my picture book testers They picked this up off the new book shelf today at the library and had to read it the minute we got home It was a hit with them we read it three times in a row and with me too This is a beautifully illustrated and inspiring story of the great Jacques Cousteau The pages are in lovely shimmery colors conveying the sense of water and the beautiful world beneath the sea Cousteau s inventive and adventurous [...]

  5. Elizabeth

    Bubbles rising through the silence of the seaAnother beautiful tribute to a curious little boy Manfish shows us that Jacques Cousteau was many things an explorer, a filmmaker, a conservationist, and an inventor Young children will enjoy exploring the underwater world through the beautiful illustrations of fish, coral, whales, and other sea life.

  6. Lauren Paravate

    Summary This book is a story about the life of Jacques Cousteau and all that he has discovered He grew up very interested in the ocean and wanting to discover all that was in it Him and his friends created things for scuba diving where they could stay underwater longer They then decided to explore the word s oceans on their ship the Calypso They filmed all the plants and animals that they found in the ocean and created movies from what they discovered Later in his life he became an activist for [...]

  7. Linda

    Thanks to Carrie Gelson where There sABookforThat gives me many terrific recommendations , I discovered this book that s been out for a few years, and belongs in the group of terrific picture book biographies that all should be aware of I grew up watching Jacques Cousteau s amazing documentaries on television, and although I was born by the ocean, we moved to land locked Missouri before I could really experience it It was a long time before I really saw the ocean, so Cousteau s work inspired a l [...]

  8. Stephanie Metcalf

    This beautiful biography about the life of Jacques Cousteau is captivating from the very first sentence a manfish, swimming, diving into the unknown, exploring underwater worlds no one had ever seen and no one could ever have imagined I want to discover new worlds I love the ocean and teaching about it This book will be a wonderful addition to my ocean unit for my K 1 students, but I believe it would be a wonderful addition for 2nd and 3rd grade students as well I can t wait to ask my students, [...]

  9. Jeanette

    ebookAudience PrimaryGenre BiographyFiction twin text A Swim Through the Sea by Kristin Joy Pratt ebook 2013 In A Swim Through the Sea, kids take a journey with Sea the seahorse through the sea and through the alphabet There are 26 different species Sea meets one for each letter of the alphabet This book is full of alliterations like Sea might meet many munching manatees This book pairs well with Manfish because the story of Jacques Cousteau is about a boy that grows up wanting to explore the se [...]

  10. Amy Brown

    Excellent biography of Jacques Cousteau for young readers with a wonderful message to protect our planet and marine life There are additional suggested resources in the back, including Cousteau s movies, books, and The Cousteau Society website cousteau.

  11. Aaron

    Really love the Eric Puybaret illustrations and the text with its focus on discovery and inquiry was also really, really good.

  12. Page Tavares

    Manfish is the story of the life of Jacques Cousteau Beginning with his childhood in France and then explaining how he made underwater exploration possible while also exploring his passion for saving the underwater environment.I would absolutely incorporate this book into my classroom One of the wonderful characteristics of the book was how it managed to make complicated topics so simple and easy to understand such as how Jacques Cousteau and his friends made scuba gear and fins to explore under [...]

  13. Stefanie Burns

    I ve known the name of Jacques Cousteau for a very long time, but really knew nothing about him Here his introduced in a very child friendly manner I did hope for a few facts and was looking for them in an Author s note and they weren t there I thought for sure the time period or date or year of death would be included somewhere That would be a first question for many students When did he live or Is he still alive or When did he die For some reason, this is always a favorite Interesting topic, [...]

  14. Kara Pirko

    I loved this book I thought it explored a beautiful dream of a man wanting to be a scuba diver when he grows up It would be a great book to read to students if I was looking for a non fiction picture book.

  15. Jessi

    An interesting story The pictures were fabulous but the text was a bit much for a read aloud I was telling this to a two and five year old and ended up having to do some soft shoe ing to keep them interested.

  16. Mrs. Becker

    Such a sweet book about the life of Jacques Cousteau I read this in the library with 3rd grade I really loved reading about him I have great memories of watching his films on tv as a kid.

  17. Christian Paula

    Beautifully done picture biography book about the inventor of the aqualung oxygen tank Beautifully written and equally amazing art A must.

  18. Maggie Nieder

    Summary This is a biography about Jacques Cousteau He was a very determined child, and loved to make home movies and invent small machines We see how his childhood interests morph into his adult career of inventing SCUBA gear and doing underwater photography Review The artwork in this book is incredible, and the author writes the story in a way that is so engaging Her descriptions of Cousteau s excitement about the ocean make me want to go to the ocean and experience how amazing it is Many aspec [...]

  19. Gretchen

    This is a great biography to use as an exemplar with the students Before they read their own chapter type books for thie individual projects, it helps to share some picture books as group texts Manfish, or the story of Jacques Cousteau, is a wonderful start Cousteau imagined exploring the bottom of the ocean before it was popular and before the technology was created to truly go deep Not only did Cousteau imagine this but he helped in developing much of the technology that makes this type of ex [...]

  20. Melissa

    Audience primary, 1st 3rd gradeGenre Non fiction, biographyAwards IRA Children s and Young Adult Book Awards, Primary Nonfiction 2009Review Manfish is a biography of Jacques Cousteau It s difficult to pin just one profession on Cousteau He was an oceanographer, filmmaker, writer, and conservationist, among many other talents This book begins with his early life and fascination with water, flying, writing, illustrating, performing, and engineering The word inquisitive describes Jacques His life i [...]

  21. Tiffany

    Even as a young boy, Jacques Cousteau was always interested in water and the creatures in the water With such a passion for learning, Jacques began drawing and experimenting with machines and cranes He loved movies, and began to film With his passion for all those things combined, Jacques made movies about the ocean and spoke to many people about the ocean and it s beauty He changed a lot with his passion and dedication.I believe this is a person whose life will be of interest to young readers T [...]

  22. ALB

    CSULB 545 Class 2 Picture Book May contain spoilers Berne, Jennifer Manfish Illus Eric Puybaret San Francisco Chronicle Books, 2008.Manfish s illustrations are gorgeous deep, and blue, and green, and purple Opening to the first page instantly submerges the reader into the heart of the ocean The full double page images where the words float and drift with currents transports us into a rich, otherworldly space waiting to be explored The first page opens to free verse, then transitions to prose The [...]

  23. Laura Salas

    What a gorgeous book This biography of Jacques Cousteau is a dreamy, wonderful adventure It shares marine inventor and explorer and conservationist Jacques life and accomplishments, but importantly, it shares the quality that helped him do it a sense of wonder Jacques wondered about lots of things, from how cranes worked, to how movies were made, to how a person might be able to breathe underwater Although his love of the ocean eventually led to his life s work, you get the sense while reading [...]

  24. Amnah

    If you want a great informational biography of Jacques Cousteau s life, this book will be the best The manfish story about the a boy who named Jacques He loves the sea and making movies when he was a young boy Then when he got older he wanted to find a way that could help him to stay under water for a long time Then he created and invented an air device that allowed him to be inside the oceans for a long time So, he starts to make a movie showing what he saw inside the ocean And he was a great c [...]

  25. Anna

    Manfish succeeds as a biography of a man passionate about exploring the ocean s mysteries My second grade students were fairly engaged in it as I read it to them, although the book s descriptions of the world in the depths of the ocean lacked the poetry of Cousteau s own descriptions of what he sees in his movies, many of which would be perfectly comprehensible to children This is one of the two ways in which the biography fails Why not use quotes when they would be so apt The second occurs when [...]

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