Falling for the Babysitter (2020)

Falling for the Babysitter Penny Wylder Falling for the Babysitter My next door neighbor is a single dad A very VERY hot single dad And he wants me to be his babysitter I could use the extra money so that part s easy What s NOT easy is the fact I ve had a crush on D
  • Title: Falling for the Babysitter
  • Author: Penny Wylder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Falling for the Babysitter Penny Wylder My next door neighbor is a single dad A very, VERY hot single dad And he wants me to be his babysitter I could use the extra money so that part s easy What s NOT easy is the fact I ve had a crush on Deacon for years He never knew, and it never mattered I was too young then But I m not now He looks at me like he wants to rip my clothes straight off His brother hateMy next door neighbor is a single dad A very, VERY hot single dad And he wants me to be his babysitter I could use the extra money so that part s easy What s NOT easy is the fact I ve had a crush on Deacon for years He never knew, and it never mattered I was too young then But I m not now He looks at me like he wants to rip my clothes straight off His brother hates me, though thinks I m no good, just another woman trying to wreck Deacon s life If he catches us together, he ll probably throw him AND his cute daughter out on the street just to prove a point I can t let that happen But after seeing Deacon shirtless noticing how stiff his whole body gets around me I m not sure I can keep resisting Or if I even want to This is a standalone novella with a HEA and NO cheating Penny Wylder writes just that wild romances Happily Ever Afters are always better when they re a little dirty, so if you re looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places, jump right in and leave your panties at the door
Falling for the Babysitter Penny Wylder

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    322 Penny Wylder
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One thought on “Falling for the Babysitter

  1. Chantal ❤️

    4 FULL SMUTASTIC STARS I want her I want her than I ve ever wanted anyone before I need to claim her She has to be mine Seriously ladies before I even delve into the actual book content, Let s all take a moment to enjoy this book cover AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhSweet baby Jezus that is one amazing cover And absolutely PERFECT FOR THIS BOOK Now for the down and dirty with the naughty bits The hero, Deacon, has been married before and has a baby girl He is one very hot sweet sexy lustmuffin going to tota [...]

  2. Sophia Triad

    Look at this book cover Just look at this cover DMaybe it is time to have another baby.Just thinking.ybe.Naho are enoughThe story itself is cute and sexy.I can understand the appeal of falling for a single dad although I never had this fantasy, not even when I was younger and single Yeah but still, young good looking men who are holding children are definitely hot.I can also understand the appeal of wanting to get pregnant when you are really young and you are absolutely sure you have found the [...]

  3. ♡Tonya♡

    IT S LIVE ARC received in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars Another short, steamy read from Penny Wylder I will be honest and say at first I was apprehensive because 1 he was married and had a child with another woman even though he didn t love her and was miserable 2 the heroine had crushed on him and had to watch him go off and start a life with the exHowever, my concerns were unfounded Deacon was 12 years older than Remy When he went off and got married, she was 13 and he was 25 There w [...]

  4. Bookloverme

    4.25 Stars The story s cute Also the H and h together I just didn t like some parts at the first half, nothing between them Just thoughts about the past The story is about Deacon and Remy.He s used to be her neighbor but he sold it to his brother after he got married Now, he s back, divorced and a single father.Remy just finished high school and was happy to know Deacon s back and single again She had the biggest crush on him since she was 13 She even tried to get his attention but because she w [...]

  5. Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*

    3.75 Stars I m rating purely on a smut scale here This book stalked me on Facebook for a week, so I gave in to power of advertising and downloaded a copy Falling for the Babysitter is an insta everything smutty little read If you re like me and enjoy quick filler books that can be read on a lunch break or in between other books, this may be for you Just keep in mind this isn t an epic love story with extravagant plot or character development it s a quickie

  6. Vintage

    This sounded so cute Then I read it.One dimensional characters.Tropey.Insta love.Sex scenes are clinical insert tab A into tab B with anatomically correct terms Oh yeah.The h has been in love with the H since she was 13, and pretty much stalked him until he married and moved away Her mom s house is right next door to the H s brother She s never even said hi to the brother and just doesn t understand why he doesn t like her when she s hired to be the baby sitter after the H gets a divorce It wasn [...]

  7. Janie

    3.5 stars This was my favorite by Penny Wylder I actually felt the connection between these characters and felt that they really wanted and needed each other These two actually seemed perfect for each other in every way.

  8. Booklover

    The problem with this book was that there was Zero chemistry This is a short story of a man with a baby the baby was there as a small sub plot, he could have just been an older man who used to live next door Mild spoilers ahead So this teenage girl used to pine after this man who went off and got married to a woman he didn t even love blah blah BS Within minutes of meeting this teenage girl again, this man is sporting a hard on He is already thinking about claiming and owning this girl This girl [...]

  9. Chitra *CJ*

    HELL YEAH THIS COVER extinguishes ovary fire Sweet insta love story between Deacon and Bailey.Bailey has always loved Deacon from afar He s 12 years older than her and she doesnt give up on him even when he gets married and moves away.Many years later when he moves back with a kid, she becomes his babysitter and the attraction becomes bilateral.TBH I didnt feel it much Their attraction felt abrupt and awkward, and I had serious issues with Sam.Always adore the breeding.Not safe view spoiler They [...]

  10. SB*needs low angst books*

    Well this was one where real life thinking got in the way of the read.Remy had a huge crush on Deacon but was way to young for him to notice her It has been a few years and she has grown up and he has been married, divorced, and become a single dad He moves in with his brother for a time next door again to Remy Her mother suggests her to babysit his daughter and she accepts From her old feelings that never went away to him looking at her as a woman they fall.I think my problem was that he was si [...]

  11. Deetimes

    Single dad, Deacon needs a babysitter and his next door neighbor, Remy fits the bill This was a quick, smutty read

  12. Bookabulary

    Before anything else, that cover can make you pregnant It ll cause ovaries to explode Because hot damn Would you just look at that Ohgawd So yeah, I need to make this review real quick before I dissolve into a puddleOkay, aside from the cover, I came across some reviews raving about this novella Naturally, I went crazy with wanting to read this Because, once again, how can I not after just looking at that cover Unfortunately, the story just didn t work out for me It was smutastic and all s good [...]

  13. Nikki

    Sweet tale of a single dad who didn t realize his perfect lady lived right next door Until she shows up to babysit and sees she s all grown up

  14. Jenny

    Heroine was technically a virgin but she almost went all the way with her ex and she is pro at giving head Lame and it didn t make sense Plus no real chemistry Waste of my time.

  15. Elise Spencer

    3.75 STARSI enjoyed this, I was really wary going into this book because H had an ex and a baby, but honestly, it was really enjoyable, it didn t bother me much that he was married once before because it was clear he wasn t in love with his ex, he was just a really decent man, who took his responsibilities in full stride I know a lot of people might be turned off that he was with the another woman when the heroine was pretty much in love with him, but, remember that the h was JUST IN HER PRETEEN [...]

  16. Steffi De Ceuster♥

    3.5 StarsThe blurb was so intriguing, but I think my expectations were a bit high.It s a short read so it s natural that it all happens so fast.But this was way to fast for me I wanted to enjoy the beginning a bit longer to them really making a bound instead of this so fast.That way I would ve liked it or maybe loved.I was so looking forward to this one, a hot single daddy who needs a babysitter who happens to live next door.There is an age gap of 12 years That didn t bother me because love is [...]

  17. Angelia

    I received this ARC copy of Falling for the Babysitter, for an honest review I like that the love start at a young age but hoped that heroine was older This book was well written with love, betrayal, brotherly love.

  18. Brandy Thornton

    Deacon and Remy are such a great couple He was her girlhood crush He is 12 years older then her He needs a babysitter and she jumps at the chance to be closer to him Not once does he act superior to her because of the age difference Nor does he try to embarrass her for her crush on him when she was younger He is a gentleman through and though With a fabulous naughty sideRemy is grown up at her age then most middle aged people All she s ever wanted was her dream man, Deacon, and her dream family [...]

  19. MommyRN

    By far and away one of the dumbest books I have ever read No plot to speak of, no build up of the story Teen age girl has crush on older neighbor He goes off, gets married Comes back, divorced and with a kid Wife left him because she wanted to party Said teenage girl is now an 18 year old He is thirty He needs a baby sitter She still has a crush Now he notices her and decides he is in love with her They have sex, she of course is a virgin, they have unprotected sex, she gets pregnant by a guy 12 [...]

  20. Tiffany Willams

    He s looking at me the way I d always wished he would when I was younger Nothing like a life long crush becoming a whirlwind romance Remy had been pining over Deacon for years, and now that he s back in town, and she s finally old enough for him, she wants the chance But will he even notice the woman she has become Deacon just got out of an awful marriage and is now a single father Needing a babysitter, he calls on the one girl he knows and trusts But she s not that little girl any She s grown, [...]

  21. Yvonne

    Wow This was NOT my cup of tea.There s suspension of disbelief and then there s a bunch of idiots knocking each other up.I really hate rating a one star Is it better to not rate a book I don t want to screw up the average because maybe it s just me If anyone has the answer, let me know

  22. Pascaline

    It was sweet a fast read nice sexy and relaxing for the holidays, got it has an arc read it in 2 hours

  23. Safia A

    I don t mind huge age differences but the h was too immature to be in a relationship with an older single father, let alone become a mother at 18.

  24. Dianna

    Good readI really enjoyed this story The author did a wonderful job writing this story about two people that find each other after living next door and then he moves away When he comes back and brings his daughter with him he asks her mom if she can babysit for him His brother at first doesn t like the idea of her babysitting his brothers daughter I recommend this story to anyone who lives a good second chance romance between an older man and a younger woman that is of age.

  25. Nay Denise

    The romance between Deacon and Remy was super cute I loved it, but it all was so fast paced I wished it was a bit slower, especially when Karen popped back up Adorable nonetheless and Bailey was too stinking cute

  26. Tina

    I absolutely love the story of Deacon, a single father, and Remy, his eighteen year old babysitter Deacon used to live next door to Remy unit he got married and sold his house to his brother, Sam, but now he s moved back with his baby and recently divorced after a horrible marriage Remy is his next door neighbor who has had a crush on him since she was 13 and still has a crush on him, but she s a virgin and his brother doesn t like nor trust her When Deacon offers her a job as his daughter s bab [...]

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