Hard Time: Banged Up Abroad Raving Arizona (2020)

Hard Time: Banged Up Abroad Raving Arizona Shaun Attwood Hard Time Banged Up Abroad Raving Arizona This is an alternate cover edition for B OJZKUT As a teenager in an industrial UK town Shaun Attwood covets the American Dream He moves to Arizona with only student credit cards and becomes a stock
  • Title: Hard Time: Banged Up Abroad Raving Arizona
  • Author: Shaun Attwood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hard Time: Banged Up Abroad Raving Arizona Shaun Attwood This is an alternate cover edition for B00OJZKUT8 As a teenager in an industrial UK town, Shaun Attwood covets the American Dream He moves to Arizona with only student credit cards and becomes a stock market millionaire After throwing Ecstasy parties for thousands of ravers, Shaun bumps heads with Sammy the Bull Gravano, an Italian Mafia mass murderer, who puts a hit outThis is an alternate cover edition for B00OJZKUT8 As a teenager in an industrial UK town, Shaun Attwood covets the American Dream He moves to Arizona with only student credit cards and becomes a stock market millionaire After throwing Ecstasy parties for thousands of ravers, Shaun bumps heads with Sammy the Bull Gravano, an Italian Mafia mass murderer, who puts a hit out on him.The dream turns into a nightmare when a SWAT team smashes Shaun s door down Inside Arizona s deadliest jail, Shaun struggles to survive against an unpredictable backdrop of gang violence and sickening human rights violations Over time and bolstered by the love and support of his fianc e and family, he uses incarceration for learning and introspection.With a tiny pencil sharpened on a cell door, Shaun documents the conditions dead rats in the food, cockroaches crawling in his ears at night, murders and riots Smuggled out of maximum security and posted online, his writing shines the international media spotlight on the plight of the prisoners in Sheriff Joe Arpaio s jail.Join best selling author Shaun Attwood on a harrowing voyage into the darkest recesses of human existence in Hard Time, the second book from the English Shaun trilogy.
Hard Time: Banged Up Abroad Raving Arizona Shaun Attwood

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    339 Shaun Attwood
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One thought on “Hard Time: Banged Up Abroad Raving Arizona

  1. Theresa Alan

    The appalling pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Trump was the reason this prison memoir jumped to the top of my To Be Read list I knew how vile Arpaio was a long time ago despite not living in Arizona or knowing anyone in his jail He s notoriously bragged that it cost to feed the prison dogs than the prisoners, who he fed moldy bread and green bologna to for two meals a day 40 cents a day and the red death for the other meal each day Naturally, for inmates who were indigent meaning they [...]

  2. Giddy Girlie

    I picked this up as a free Kindle download and was not disappointed The book jacket image makes it look amateurish but this writer has chops He s basically a well educated man who overindulged his vices and got in a lot of trouble What makes this book different from so many others is that, firstly, the author can write Also, he admits to his crimes and accepts his penalty, all while keeping the discussion open about the horrors found in Maricopa County jails So many people think oh well, if you [...]

  3. Joe Stamber

    Attwood s tale of his rude awakening in America s toughest jail is as disturbing as it is compelling How much artistic licence he has taken to make his account outrageous is obviously open to question, but I imagine much of it is genuine Whether treating criminals and remand prisoners, as that is what this book is about like animals is acceptable is a debate for another time, but there are many sickening scenes in Hard Time.For all its horrors, Hard Time is a well written account which rarely d [...]

  4. Laura Lam

    Hard Time is the story of Shaun Attwood Attwood grew up in England and moved to Arizona after university His life seemed to be going wonderfully, if illegally he was a successful stockbroker with a huge mansion and a sports car, and he also threw raves and dealt drugs like Ecstasy However, after several years, the partying began to weary him and he settled down with his girlfriend, Claudia, and was living a sedate, lawful life.However, the law caught up with him In 2000, he was arrested on susp [...]

  5. Zak

    A hero to zero true life account of former stockbroker, millionaire day trader Shaun Attwood s nightmare in jail in Arizona BEFORE he was convicted and sent to actual prison He spent about 2 years in hellish conditions and finally took a plea bargain just to have the certainty of a fixed incarceration period In the book, he does admit his own guilt in running arguably the largest Ecstasy distribution ring where he lived and throwing drug fuelled rave parties for thousands In a world where the sa [...]

  6. Izabela

    Although I found the style of writing awkward, I was sucked into Shaun s story too much to put the book down The story didn t really flow well together, even from paragraph to paragraph, making it difficult to follow sometimes, but it was very entertaining.

  7. Joe

    Hard Time is a very compelling first hand account of sheriff Joe Arpaio s torturous Maricopa county jail system It will also leave you wondering about our criminal justice system as a whole.Shaun s stories are shocking for many reasons almost all of them having to do with the prison administration, but also paint a vivid picture of the people living in these jails They are human beings Flawed, many broken, but human The mere drug offenders and petty criminals exist in stark contrast to the harde [...]

  8. Manda Jacobs

    Although this author is not as well known as many others out there, I HIGHLY encourage anyone who is looking for something interesting to check out to give his books a try Shaun Attwood is somewhat well known in the Phoenix community for being a major ecstasy dealer during the early days of the drugs arrival stateside, as well as being one of the pioneers of the movement of the rave I got this book as a free Kindle download, and was hooked right from the jump.The only thing I hated about this st [...]

  9. J

    I think I would have given this book a higher rating had I not lived in Arizona for most of my life and knew for many years about the human rights violations that happened under Joe Arpaio I think this book will probably stun many who haven t heard of Joe, tent city and the pink boxers The most surprising thing about the story to me, is that the justice system is SO broken that both sides use loopholes, illegal maneuvering and outright trickery to try to make it work for them It also never occur [...]

  10. Nicci

    This book is about a man put in an American Prison for drug offences and is written by him about his time in the jail It uncovers the ridiculous state of the american system held in remand on a 750,000 bail when the justice system had minumal evidence against him With the help of a 50k lawyer he managed to get out but only after a plea bargain A first time offender he was clearly used to set an example His day to day life in the prison is an interesting read and it sounds horrendus The food and [...]

  11. Crickett Lancaster

    Wow.I work with women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and I am seriously considering lobbying the counseling staff and program director to include some of Shaun Atwood s work in their programming Of course, it s possible that the only lesson some will learn is don t do crime in Maricopa County , it is also quite likely that the larger consequences might sink in You ve done a package tour of Hell, Mr Attwood It is awful that people are still treated this way, but you are to be commen [...]

  12. Ken Montrose

    I couldn t put this book down for many of the same reason s I can t stop myself from looking at a traffic accident I know what I m about to see read is bad, but I have to know how bad, even though I ll never clear my mind of the image The picture Attwood paints is bad Unbelievably bad In many ways we re running a third world prison system Attwood captures this in vivid detail At times I felt sick as he described the violence, bugs, heat, food, showers, etc I would have given it five stars, excep [...]

  13. Lorie

    BelievableAnd compellingad to know someone is shedding light on the county jails situation in this country The fact that it takes someone outside of this country to do that is telling They are a revolving door and money making scam between the courts and the legal system, and yes if you commit a crime and do the time, that would be one thing, but there s so much room for improvement it s mind boggling that people in county jails are treated like animals Not just in Arizona, but everywhere Lock t [...]

  14. David

    Intriguing look insideA captivating story about the process one goes through while being processing in the American legal system The hardships faced for those who only want to do their time and move on make one rethink the value of our current prison system.

  15. Lisa Marroquin

    Great BookI loved this book Couldn t stop reading Great story Thank you for this great read I can t wait to read the rest of his books.

  16. Justin Hall

    Great readA very interesting book Looking forward to reading the other books in the series If I hadn t got to read this one for free, I would ve missed out on a good story.

  17. Bill Lively

    This should be required reading for all teenage boys If Atwood s true story does not scare them straight then nothing will.

  18. steven smith

    TidyWell worth a read if you re in to prison books going e download prison time now then I ve read them all

  19. Jane Thompson

    Jail timeThis book tells it like it like it is It is an unblushing look at jail as it is administered in this country.

  20. Jennavieve

    Amazing BookThis book was everything I had hoped it to be and even then I had imagined It gives you a real insight of what it is like to be locked up.

  21. James

    Superb read You get hooked in early on The characters, events, and narrative are absorbing Exactly what a good journal should be.

  22. Shelly Singhal

    Compelling read This is a stark reminder of how corrupt the us justice system is Hopefully Sheriff Joe gets a taste of his own prison as part of his indictment.

  23. Colin fripp

    Very good bookLoved the bookue to lifead it in one sitting I recommend this book to anyone.you will enjoy its good.oh yes

  24. Melanie Bower

    ShockingVery hard to read It gives a fantastic insight into the prison system at that time and the conditions hidden from the public.

  25. Mysterium

    I really enjoyed reading Attwood s book documenting his rise and fall as a once wealthy rave party promoter day trader dropping to the lows in becoming an inmate of the Arizona State Penal System The story line was gripping, the characters ranged from likable to detestable, the portrayal of the jail and prison facilities was graphic and gritty, and Attwood comes off as a personable lad who made bad choices and got caught Was his sentence fair in light of other crimes out there Not at all Did the [...]

  26. Barry Hurford

    Having read a number of non fiction titles about life in UK prisons, Shaun Attwood s Hard Time came up as a suggested title However, as I was reading for research purposes, rather than pleasure or out of a morbid curiosity , I initially dismissed this title, as it is relates to Shaun s time in a US jail, but having read the synopsis of the book and the high number of 5 star reviews, I decided to read it anyway and I m glad I did.To set my stall out at the outset, I am not a liberal especially wh [...]

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