Teen Titans, Volume 1: Damian Knows Best (2020)

Teen Titans, Volume 1: Damian Knows Best Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jim Charalampidis Corey Breen Teen Titans Volume Damian Knows Best As a part of DC Universe Rebirth the son of Batman Damian Wayne joins the Teen Titans The Teen Titans are further apart than ever beforeuntil Damian Wayne recruits Starfire Raven Beast Boy and th
  • Title: Teen Titans, Volume 1: Damian Knows Best
  • Author: Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jim Charalampidis Corey Breen
  • ISBN: 9781401270773
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
Teen Titans, Volume 1: Damian Knows Best Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jim Charalampidis Corey Breen As a part of DC Universe Rebirth, the son of Batman, Damian Wayne, joins the Teen Titans The Teen Titans are further apart than ever beforeuntil Damian Wayne recruits Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and the new Kid Flash to join him in a fight against his own grandfather, Ra s al Ghul But true leadership is than just calling the shots is Robin really up to the task As a part of DC Universe Rebirth, the son of Batman, Damian Wayne, joins the Teen Titans The Teen Titans are further apart than ever beforeuntil Damian Wayne recruits Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and the new Kid Flash to join him in a fight against his own grandfather, Ra s al Ghul But true leadership is than just calling the shots is Robin really up to the task Or will the Teen Titans dismiss this diminutive dictator The team will have to figure this out fast, as a great evil from Damian s past is lurking around the corner, ready to strike at the team s newest leader and destroy the new Teen Titans before they even begin The newest era of one of DC s greatest super teams begins here in Teen Titans, Volume 1 Damian Knows Best Written by Benjamin Percy Green Arrow with spectacular art by newcomer Jonboy Meyers.Collecting Teen Titans 1 5, Rebirth
Teen Titans, Volume 1: Damian Knows Best Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jim Charalampidis Corey Breen

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    338 Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jim Charalampidis Corey Breen
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One thought on “Teen Titans, Volume 1: Damian Knows Best

  1. Anne

    This certainly isn t going to be a gritty Teen Titans, is it And that s fine Apparently, this is going to have of a Tween Titans feel to it because even though some of the members seem to be older, their leader was 12 the day before yesterday.By the way, Batman is such a douchebag for missing his kid s birthday What He can plan for every contingency except an event that happens on the same fucking day every fucking year Seriously Give the kid a call or something, you asshat.Ugh.Anyway, the gist [...]

  2. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣

    His father is the world s greatest detective His grandfather is the world s deadliest terrorist He is Damian Wayne, a.k.a Robin, Son of Batman and he now commands the Teen Titans Whether they like it or not When Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Kid Flash answer this brash new Boy Wonder s call for help, they find themselves on the front lines of a war between Damian and his immortal grandfather, Ra s al Ghul The entire League of Assassins and the elite Demon s Fist are prepared to move against the [...]

  3. Chelsea

    3.5 stars but I m rounding up because I quite liked this Damian, Listen Dick talks about you all the time And you know what he says That you are impossibly arrogant But that it is almost excusable because someone who is destined for great things deserves to believe in himself So, this novel is kind of like a sequel to Robin Son of Batman He s up front and center on the cover, the plot is driven by Damian and this is by and large his story The team targeting the Titans have history with Damian an [...]

  4. James DeSantis

    Well least it s better than Titans huh Listen, I don t like Teen Titans the show I know the fanbase is huge, my wife even loves it, but it was never for me I didn t grow up reading the teen titans or watching it So when I get the comics I want to see what all the fuss is about I do hear John s run is where it s at so one day I ll get to it, however, let s talk about Rebirth The star is Damien This is probably why I enjoy it than others I love Damien He s a little shit, with a big heart, who use [...]

  5. Chris

    Soah, the new Teen Titans series has some funny jokes Did you just banish him into a hellish dimension Close I teleported him to a McDonald s restroom in Nebraska It s just as well though, because it also has this weird regression of Damian Wayne s relationship with his father Bruce has gone from bringing his son back to life by any means necessary, to forgetting his birthday and a storyline that s as rushed as it is clich d Not to mention the startling nosedive the quality of the artwork takes [...]

  6. Sesana

    Not great, which is a shame I have a serious soft spot for the Teen Titans, but DC hasn t delivered anything great for the team in quite some time The team has to be built around Damian, because we always need a Robin or former Robin on the team, but the rest Kid Flash is a decent choice, but isn t Starfire too old to be a Teen Titan any I get the sense that she, Raven, and Beast Boy are only here because they re some of the best known Titans as Teen Titans, I mean and not because they re a good [...]

  7. Chad

    Spins out of Robin Son of Batman, in fact it probably should have been called Robin and the Teen Titans as much as it focuses on Damien Damien kidnaps the Teen Titans because they are in danger 5 assassins the Demon s fist are graduating from Ra s al Ghul s assassins school and their final exam is to kill each of the members Damien has kidnapped The remainder of the arc is the Titnas dealing with the Demon s fist.The Good Not a bad introduction for the new Teen Titans Hopefully, this will be bet [...]

  8. Diz

    The art is really nice, and I like the design for the Rebirth Raven I really didn t like the character design for the New 52 Raven, so this is a big plus for me Unfortunately, the team chemistry is there, and it s not really clear why the other Titans would work with Damian.

  9. Gully

    3.5 stars I enjoyed reading this The story was simple to follow Damian was the highlight of the volume, unsurprisingly His character was depicted really well, insofar as he was portrayed as a complicated, and proud, hero I also liked the reference to Robert Browning s Child Rolande to the Dark Tower Came , which really complimented the narrative I found the rival team compelling, but at times thought Raven or Starfire could have singlehandedly overpowered them during their encounters I found Bea [...]

  10. Chris Lemmerman

    Read as single issues Teen Titans has had a rocky history for the past five years or so Ever since the New 52, the series has floundered under odd direction and the constant appearance of Scott Lobdell and his mad on for NOWHERE and Harvest Thankfully, this new series looks set to change that with the best opening arc in a long time for the team.Damian Wayne discovers that Ra s Al Ghul s League Of Assassins teenage murderer squad is going to target teenage metahumans as their final exam, so he d [...]

  11. Yasmine

    I really enjoyed this comic From the first page on I was very impressed by the artwork Khoi Pham, Jonboy Meyers and Di genes Neves did amazing jobs and gave the whole story a wonderful realization This story arc focuses a lot on Damian, who I like, but I wish the other Teen Titans would have gotten involved, too Maybe the team will appear in focus now that Damian s background has been featured thoroughly I m especially interested in their pasts, because they don t seem like kiddies and all I r [...]

  12. Liam

    Great story, great characters and some great art This group works really well together as each member brings something new and interesting to it, looking forward to seeing what else this fantastic little squad gets up to

  13. Wing Kee

    Starts of real bad and slowly climbs it s way up World I am not a fan of the art, it does get better and better as the issues go as new artists come in and gives us a detailed and kinetic series Jonboy Meyers and the first two issues were rough, they have these weird faces that does not connect with me The world building is aight, it s not great because of the rough start, but as the book progresses it gets better and tying the origin of the new team with their insecurities is a good way to bui [...]

  14. Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic)

    3.5 starsThis was a fun read definitely not my favourite in the DCEU, but that batman cameo was wonderful I really enjoy seeing Batman in a fatherly role and i need to read Batman with that aspect.

  15. Amber

    So good so good so good All the teen angst Plot s pretty good, but the characterization is where it s at A great introduction and finally something cool to follow up the show I miss so, so dearly Although no Cyborg Whatever happened to him Kid Flash is cool though Damian is a shit, but I like him And Starfire and Raven were not sexualized This feels momentous Well did, team I want .

  16. Charles

    That was pretty rough.Let me preface that with the fact that I really don t enjoy Damian Wayne s character Now, with it being Rebirth, I d hoped that maybe there d be some changes I was wrong on that point by a country mile Still as annoying and arrogant as ever His snicker of TT just grated on my every nerve throughout this story Some of the characters are alright, but pretty hollow Not much definition to them other than reflecting on the same stories from their past multiple times throughout t [...]

  17. Scott

    I enjoy life s pleasant little surprises I had grabbed this book as an afterthought from the library s new release shelf I had really stopped by for an embarrassing armload of Batman and JLA This was fairly easy to follow with only a superficial knowledge of the team, and like a John Hughes teen flick Breakfast Club, anyone had equal amounts of humor and heart The campfire scene, where each of the TT talk about family disappointments, was pitch perfect in a teen drama way Damian may be a little [...]

  18. Joseph

    I love Damian Wayne, but not crazy about him being 13 already Even so, I m glad to see him in the Teen Titans, leading a new group of younger heroes in their adventures.I m a bit confused at why Starfire is here, since she is Nightwing s age, and I m not sure what s up with the new Raven I didn t read Teen Titans in the New 52, because it just seemed kinda meh, but might need to pick up those books to figure out what s up.I liked the art a lot It s a bit on the cartoony side, but that s fine wi [...]

  19. Rick Hunter

    This iteration of the Teen Titans consists of Robin Damian Wayne , Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Kid Flash the one from New 52 that everybody hated I ve never liked Damian Wayne since he was first created His inclusion in this book made me a little sketchy about reading it The way the character has been written it s like they don t want anyone to like him Starfire is a character that I like somewhat She was at her best when in a book with Dick Grayson and in New 52 as part of The Outlaws I love Ra [...]

  20. Trike

    A grittier version of the Teen Titans, which is only natural given that the Damian version of Robin is in charge Damian is the son of Batman and Talia al ghul, and grandson of R as al ghul, and he was raised to be an assassin in the evil League of Shadows So the kid has issues, but also deadly skills.Like all of the recent DC reboots, I have no idea what is canon and what isn t I don t know the backstory of this version of Batman, how long he s been Batmanning, all that stuff Apparently the Tita [...]

  21. Samantha

    My little demon baby went out and made some friends dies I really enjoyed this volume It was filled with action and heart, and those two factors put together are always a win in my book I really was looking forward to this one, just because it has Damian He s my demon baby and I love him He s also my second favorite Robin, Jason being my first But also, who doesn t have a soft spot for the teen titans What I liked I loved the beginning Watching as Damian assembled his team was the simultaneously [...]

  22. Shali

    2.5 stars.Okay, so I liked it, but it s not amazing it had its moments, but it didn t shout fantastic The art wasn t bad, either.So, Tim Drake is dead which I knew, but I have no context for I have no idea how why he died, I just know that it happened , and Damian just turned 13 Ra s Al Ghul s assassins in training are after Damian and 4 other super teens Kid Flash, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire.Damian brings them all together, and suggests they form the new Teen Titans, and save each other s b [...]

  23. Tim

    Ben Percy s transformation into a solid comics writer continues here the progress he made from DCYou era Green Arrow to Rebirth Green Arrow is remarkable with a solid story focused on Damian breaking away from his past and the al Ghul side of his family This would have easily been 4 stars had Jonboy Meyers stayed on the art duties, once Pham took over the art was uneven and quite ugly at times, which is a damn shame.

  24. Kyle Stinson

    Found myself really bored while reading this I was expecting so much because I absolutely love the Teen Titans tv show as a kid and adore some of the characters from other comic books, but this one fell flat It seemed like Damien bitched a lot but didn t do much, and that the overall story seemed really weak I don t know if I will continue with this series, but I hope something pops out to me that the sequel volume will be much better.

  25. Emmanuel Nevers

    This New incarnation of the Teen Titans not to be confused with the title NEW TEEN TITANS is spectacular It has all the heart and drive of the old teen titans with a bit of the fun from the cartoon incarnation of the characters I really enjoyed how Damian purposefully put this team together and assumes he should be the leader of the team Highly Recommended

  26. Andrew

    While not great, still good and fun Damian butting heads with the rest of the Titans is fun, and the Demon s Fist is a fun oddball group of antagonists Promising start to this Rebirth series.

  27. Ivy

    5 starsNice to see Damian, Goliath, and the Teen Titans Still don t know what happened to Tim Hope Damian will be able to let go of his past Can t wait to read Teen Titans, Volume 2

  28. Aidan

    Tremendous fun Great character moments, cracking plot and well drawn fight sequences One of the promising Rebirth titles.

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