Cursed City (2020)

Cursed City William Massa Cursed City My name is Mike Raven and the weird and supernatural are my life Monsters murdered my parents when I was eight Turns out my folks were paranormal investigators and Hell always settles its debts Natur
  • Title: Cursed City
  • Author: William Massa
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Cursed City William Massa My name is Mike Raven, and the weird and supernatural are my life Monsters murdered my parents when I was eight Turns out my folks were paranormal investigators and Hell always settles its debts Naturally I decided to join the family business For two decades I ve studied the occult and traveled the world hunting nightmares Vampires Shifters Demons Wraiths I ve facMy name is Mike Raven, and the weird and supernatural are my life Monsters murdered my parents when I was eight Turns out my folks were paranormal investigators and Hell always settles its debts Naturally I decided to join the family business For two decades I ve studied the occult and traveled the world hunting nightmares Vampires Shifters Demons Wraiths I ve faced them all But my greatest challenge still lay ahead From the moment Celeste stepped into my office, I knew she was in trouble Black magic trouble Her father had promised her soul to a powerful demon on the day she was born Now, twenty one years later, the forces of darkness were gathering to collect their long awaited prize Guess who s about to pick a fight with the Devil himself
Cursed City William Massa

  • [KINDLE] ✓ Cursed City | By É William Massa
    148 William Massa
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One thought on “Cursed City

  1. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

    Cursed City may surprise you It is not what at first seems to be It starts okay enough It gives you a lot of familiar things if you like Supernatural, you know what I m talking about , introduces you to decent protagonists, introduces them to some annoying ones, goes back into the past a bit to explain certain things, sets the stage of a world that is getting closer to Hell that s literally, by the way It s a fun read.The first three chapters are a long introduction to the main character Raven H [...]

  2. ♛ Garima ♛

    This turn out to be a pleasant surprise I remember reading similar Harbinger series by Adam Wright and I devoured all 3 in the series in a week or soThis reminds me of same paranormal investigator hunting down supernatural creatures with troubled past sign me up I enjoy paranormal written by male author which doesn t emphasize on romance at all and I really like not knowing any female s eye color mentioned 100 times Absolutely fine by meIf you are looking for action packed paranormal adventure, [...]

  3. Maggie

    Fast paced and a quick enjoyable read Hadn t realized this was Kindle Unlimited available, read it while off subscription I ll continue the series when I pop on KU for another month.

  4. Angela Verdenius

    I can t describe it, but the style of writing is different Interesting to see a character who deals with the supernatural forces actually acknowledge fear rather than annoyance or anger all the time Had some twists and turns in there I didn t expect, too An interesting read overall.

  5. Éric Kasprak

    I can t believe that I m reading an urban fantasy novel long story I loved the author s writing style, it s totally perfect for me clean and straightforward with just enough details to not slow down the pace Also the length of the book is dead on my sweet spot So style wise and structure wise everything is perfect, but how is the story you might ask Perfect The adventure is fast paced, the world building is on the fly and the characters are fun and well define To sum things up, this is a crisp r [...]

  6. BonusMom

    Supernatural mysteryThis is a quick read, good for the afternoon with all the supernatural you want and the mystery twists to keep it interesting.

  7. Meredyth Winter

    Interesting readThis seems like a twist on the Dresden files and Constantine, it is a dark urban fantasy and does keep you guessing with the plot twists Demons, occult and death keep coming, Good character development along with a good storyline keeps you reading, I will continue reading the series.

  8. Richard Francis

    Great read Engaging characters and setting Nice plot swings that I really didn t see coming Definitely a character and series worth following.

  9. Tim Shepard

    Well doneA well written and well thought out first book in this series Looking forward to the release of the second book soon This is a series I can really get into.

  10. CabernetCove

    Do you ever get into reading slumps You know, those periods when you search and search for something to read even though you have tons of books already on your bookshelf just waiting for your attention but nothing ever really sparks your interest When you read sample after sample and give up before you get to the end When you force yourself to finish the book you took a chance on even though it doesn t fully capture you and demand you keep turning the pages Well, this is where I have been for th [...]

  11. Karl

    Great Start To A New SeriesWowCursed City is amazing Great story with wonderful characters Mike Raven is a complex, thoughtful, and interesting character This book is a very enjoyable urban fantasy I look forward to future novels in the series If you enjoyed the Harry Dresden series, then you will appreciate these books Highly recommended

  12. Lori Mills

    I loved this bookI made the mistake of reading book 2 first Thankfully, it didn t mess me up Raven is such a cool person While searching for the demon who killed his parents when he was 10, he also takes care of all the supernatural problems that is happening in the cursed city I m waiting for the next one to come out

  13. Denise Connolly Connolly

    This is a gritty fast paced action packed book and I loved it It reminded me of a Blade type action book with twists and turns galore to keep the avid reader like me thoroughly engaged right until the end Really enjoyed this non girly plot character driven book and can t wait to read the next one Bring it on.

  14. Julie Shawcroft

    Cursed cityI quite enjoyed this book I like a bit of fantasy without it being too serious or full of romance This book kept me entertained, good a bit of escapism

  15. Jenny

    Excellent I loved the book, it was much fun to read It had suspense and excitement I loved the twists in the story.

  16. Nick Wilson

    enjoyable start to the series, the two main characters are well written, good story and plot Will check out other stuff by the author

  17. Christopher Ogden

    Average story saved but an ok twistOK start to the series A standard supernatural plot with a decent twist that made it interesting I ll see where it goes in book two

  18. Mary

    A twist on the usual paranormal occult stories A private detective assists police resolving unusual cases A fun read.

  19. Russell Newquist

    As I prepared to publish and market my latest novel, War Demons, I set out in search of other, similar novels Cursed City by William Massa quickly rose quickly to the top of my list It turns out that male leads represent an endangered species in urban fantasy novels Many of the books sold in the genre should actually sit in the paranormal romance category I hold nothing against that, but War Demons doesn t fit with that crowd at all.Neither does Cursed City Book one of Massa s Shadow Detective s [...]

  20. Estêvão Renovato

    I have read this book on Kindle Unlimited without giving it too much credit at first It turned out to be a nicely written story with a fast forward plot that I almost finished in one sitting.Nevertheless, this is not an outstanding novel because the plot is generic and there is zero character development, as it takes place in only two days However, this did not become a burden It would have been a problem if the main character, who is also the narrator, had no voice and no memorable characterist [...]

  21. Carmen

    Oooooook Well, this turned out to be a really short one I mean, I knew it wasn t two hundred pages long, but somehow I didn t think I d finish it the same day XD I may have been reading books around three hundred pages as of late, and maybe that gave me the impression of Cursed City being even shorter I also think a great part of its short length is the fact that the author dosn t lose himself in descriptions as a reader you get the minimum to create your mental picture and that s it, and lookin [...]

  22. Patrick Barnes

    FluffFluff can be entertaining, as can cartoons A steady diet can be harmful to the soul, I think.The detective has no identified source of income, neither does his partner They share a rehabbed industrial space with an interior that runs to hundreds of thousands of dollars before furniture Their cars are a hummer and some high end muscle car The detective supposedly dresses like Constantine , which sort of clashes with the high end chic One of their cars get stolen and no one files a theft repo [...]

  23. Jane Mercer

    The writing style is a bit strange it s narrated in first person, and has a noir feel to it but is too fast for that but the story is very good.Mike Raven has been hunting demons and other creatures of the night for years his parents were killed by a demon, their best friend Skulich helped train him to follow in his fathers footstep as a monster hunter.heThe first part of the book deals with him defeating a witch woken by accident, the rest of the book deals with what happens when he is taken in [...]

  24. Shannon

    Increadibly easy read, no world building and no character development The entire book s story line takes place in just under 48 hours, so perhaps not a lot of time to build or develop anything but without it the story fell flat and didn t make me care about the main character at all read during Hurricane Irma recovery and only the facts that I had no tv or internet kept me reading.

  25. Marie

    Ok but not greatI didn t find the story particularly captivating It was ok but not great If you like Supernatural, you might like it It was too close in plot points for me to really enjoy it.

  26. Anjeanette

    So familiar If you watch the supernatural series you will notice some very striking similarities to the tv series Some of the phrases that are used, some of the other characters It also pulls from the movie Constantine Good read overall though.

  27. IMHO

    Cursed City is a good start on a possibly great newseries about a demon hunter that is trying to save acity that is being overwhelmed with evilVE STARS RECOMMENDED

  28. Jennifer Newman

    Fantastic book Fast paced with a lot of sharp turns Definitely a must for fans of Supernatural.

  29. Evert

    Enjoyable enough read, but I felt like the story was a mash up between Harry Dresden, Harry Potter and Sandman Slim stories and characters.

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