Elyora (2020)

Elyora Jodi Cleghorn Elyora When Jo Hal and Benny arrive in Elyora the absence of takeaway coffee is the least of their problems At each other s throats and without transportation phone service or somewhere to stay they accep
  • Title: Elyora
  • Author: Jodi Cleghorn
  • ISBN: 9780994550620
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
Elyora Jodi Cleghorn When Jo, Hal and Benny arrive in Elyora the absence of takeaway coffee is the least of their problems At each other s throats and without transportation, phone service or somewhere to stay, they accept the hospitality of the enigmatic Lazarus at the original Elyora homestead.As day turns to night, the sanctuary of the rambling house becomes a terrifying alternate realityWhen Jo, Hal and Benny arrive in Elyora the absence of takeaway coffee is the least of their problems At each other s throats and without transportation, phone service or somewhere to stay, they accept the hospitality of the enigmatic Lazarus at the original Elyora homestead.As day turns to night, the sanctuary of the rambling house becomes a terrifying alternate reality of memories peeling back onto themselves to expose secrets and paranoia dating back to 1942.To escape Elyora and return to 2012, Jo must remember who she is and find Benny and Hal before they succumb to the same fate as those who came before them.
Elyora Jodi Cleghorn

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    176 Jodi Cleghorn
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One thought on “Elyora

  1. Pauline

    I won this book in a Giveaway It has 99 pages.This book started off well with a group of three musicians traveling to a gig when their van breaks down When they go for help it looks like they have gone back in time to the 1970s After that things start to get very confusing I found myself rereading pages because I was lost and had no idea what was going on.

  2. Bandit

    This was a pleasant surprise from a totally unknown to me australian author Better than expected from an average free kindle read and certainly better than a regular female genre writer Starts off in a wholly unoriginal scenarioio of youngsters a band in this case whose van stalls forcing them to take a detour in a small town that time seemingly forgot or did the town forget the time, read to find out But from that point on Cleghorn makes the story completely unique, very much her own with the i [...]

  3. Michael

    Jodi Cleghorn s River of Bones is a fast paced tale of horror set in rural Queensland As an American working in this part of the Great Artesian Basin, I know the mentioned landmarks and recognize the imaginary dangers due to not knowing the history of places where I ve stopped for directions, petrol, Lamingtons, or overnight accommodations Like Zepp s album, In Through the Out Door there s something creepy about entering these places with no understanding of the central stories River of Bones gi [...]

  4. Kevin Powe

    Loved it It evokes such a strong feeling of place, that s reinforced by the style of writing Transitions well from the opening to, well things getting complicated and messy Definitely going to check out of Jodi s work.

  5. S.B. Wright

    River of Bones was previously published by the Australian Review of Fiction under the title of Elyora, the name of the town featured in the novella I read it back in January and by a stroke of good fortune happened to read Dr Lisa L Hannett s article, Wide Open Fear Australian Horror and Gothic Fiction at the same time Hannett introduced me to the concept of unheimlich, a term that roughly translates to an object, situation or place that has a quality of being familiar yet foreign at the same ti [...]

  6. Avardsin

    Just finished reading It s an interesting enough concept, but i personally thought it didn t deliver I could not relate to the characters in the story, also I thought the characters all came off as one dimensional and they wasn t really anything different one character from another, they all felt pretty much the same.As for the plot, well you could get most of that from the synopsis Some people may enough this book, but it wasn t for me.

  7. Lukasz

    Wow Pleasantly suprised with this one For a light read it was quite tense, imaginative and actually packed an emotional wallop And it was to the point No never ending boring passages just to fill the pages Also i can t agree it felt hurried, it had a nice pace, picking up when it needed Of course you could have backstory to the characters but this is not action packed thriller, it s of a gothic romance almost and it works perfectly as it is they could a make a decent script for a quality tv mo [...]

  8. Dave Versace

    I understand Jodi Cleghorn s River of Bones was originally written as a novella named Elyora I like the evocative sound of Elyora, the name of the haunted country town in which the story is set, better than the generic spooky title the story has ended up with, but that s my last major complaint And anyway it s not as if River of Bones is misleading in any way.River of Bones is the story of a band falling apart on the verge of breaking in At least, that s what s happening when their tour van brea [...]

  9. Chris Fellows

    The blurb was fascinating The cursed town stuck in 1974 is a great idea I was excited to find when I started reading that the cursed town is on the New England Tableland, 4 km from the New England Highway and about 5 hours from Brisbane Because, you see, I live on the New England Tableland, just outside a village that is 4 km from the New England Highway and rather farther than 5 hours from Brisbane but I probably don t drive as fast as three young musicians in a van So as a geography pedant, I [...]

  10. Delia Strange

    Intense AtmosphereThe mood in this book is very well done The reader finds themselves cemented in the town of Elyora Descriptions are vivid and also written in a literary manner but never self indulgent , that feeds the imagination There were many sentences in this novel that I highlighted in my e reader they were simply so gorgeous and impactful that I could appreciate the craftsmanship of the writing itself.I feel that the protagonist accepted some of the early freaky things a little too well. [...]

  11. Rob Cook

    River of Bones is contemporary Australian Gothic at its spine chilling best Jodi Cleghorn writes a taut, tense supernatural thriller that merges lyricism with a fast pace and perfectly captures the particular beauty and underlying menace of the Australian landscape alongside the small bitternesses and old secrets that drive small town life She casts a wide net River of Bones has secret government shenanigans, river spirits, weird architecture, temporal slippage, sex, murder and music, plus a pit [...]

  12. Patrick O'Duffy

    There s not a lot I can say about River of Bones without spoiling it, other than that it s damned good a claustrophobic, feverish rush of horror a morass of bad memory, sexual threat and the harsh Australian bush Nothing is what it seems and nothing goes in the direction you expect everything is false, reality falls apart to reknit itself and the storm is coming Coming fast.If I have any complaints, it s that I wish the story had been a little bit longer, just to explore the space of Elyora a li [...]

  13. Amie McCracken

    For a chiller with completely unexpected twists, this book hits it spot on I couldn t stop And even when I had to, I started having nightmares associated with the story Jodi does a wonderful job of making everything seem so normal The characters fly off the page with distinct personalities and beautiful back stories that the reader seems to know by instinct alone With each little promise, each moment of uncertainty, the book ramps up to a complete and total disaster It s a beautiful mess of terr [...]

  14. Francene Carroll

    Fascinating horror story set in Australia I was very drawn in by this one and read it quickly I plan to read it again before writing a full review It s a novella so it was a fast read I was left wanting Australian gothic horror in this style An added bonus of reading this book was that another reviewer drew my attention to Lisa Hannett s great article Wide Open Fear Australian Horror and Gothic Fiction.

  15. Kelly Erickson

    River of Bones by Jodi Cleghorn is the ultimate, creepy, keep all the lights on book A near ghost town in the middle of nowhere in Australia, Elyora is a town outside of time hiding secrets only hinted at This book is suspenseful, mysterious, and terrifying Often all at the same time I was biting my nails the entire time I was reading it.

  16. S.G.

    I read River of Bones in its original incarnation as Elyora At the time I really wanted a satisfying horror to sink my teeth into, and this didn t disappoint The story is fast paced and intriguing, the characters realistic and the situation Jo finds herself in is terrifying Australian horror is going from strength to strength Highly recommend

  17. Amanda Bridgeman

    Beautifully descriptive writing, in a spooky tale that has you turning the pages to find out what s going on Elyora.

  18. Novita Raini

    A free copy of this book was received through giveaway.The premise of this book is good, and I was so excited when I get it But it was hard for me to get into the story because I can t quite grasp of what the hell is happening Everything seems to be rushed since the very first page and the writing makes me really hard to distinguish each narratives I also feel like I was reading a summary instead of the whole story There are so many parts that I really want to get into so I can comprehend the s [...]

  19. Rick Keuning

    Book Review River of BonesBy Jodi CleghornSuper Natural thrillers or horror stories are not my thing However, I ve met Jodie a few times and some people I know highly recommended this book, so I decided to give it a go I m glad that I did.This review is a bit long in coming I read the book months ago It s one of a number of books I read, and want to review, last year The good thing about River of Bones is that the story is still very clear in my mind That is, the story is memorable, in a good wa [...]

  20. Kate Sherrod

    Doing another short fiction round up on my blog review there soon, but the way it s coming out, it resists breaking up into individual reviews.

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