The Lunam Deception (2020)

The Lunam Deception Nicole Loufas The Lunam Deception Kalysia has lived her life according to others a fate she will not pass on to her child When a conspiracy to bring down the pack threatens to uncover her darkest secrets Kalysia must fight to protect
  • Title: The Lunam Deception
  • Author: Nicole Loufas
  • ISBN: 9781542460521
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Lunam Deception Nicole Loufas Kalysia has lived her life according to others a fate she will not pass on to her child When a conspiracy to bring down the pack threatens to uncover her darkest secrets Kalysia must fight to protect the truth about the man she wants, at the expense of the man she was fated to love.Jase has fought his entire life For his honor, his freedom, and his family Nothing inKalysia has lived her life according to others a fate she will not pass on to her child When a conspiracy to bring down the pack threatens to uncover her darkest secrets Kalysia must fight to protect the truth about the man she wants, at the expense of the man she was fated to love.Jase has fought his entire life For his honor, his freedom, and his family Nothing in his past could ve prepare him for her Kalyisa is everything he never knew he always wanted Is he willing to risk his life, her honor, and Dillan s pride to win her heart
The Lunam Deception Nicole Loufas

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    126 Nicole Loufas
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One thought on “The Lunam Deception

  1. Nicole Loufas

    This is my 100% biased rating of The Lunam Deception I can t leave a review without spoiling so I ll just give some background as to why I wrote this story and what I would ve done differently Warning this is a long post.This story was born from my love, no obsession, with the royal families York, Tudor, etc I really wanted to write a modern retelling of a princess forced to marry out of obligation because she was born with a certain DNA that made her special I wanted to show her coming to terms [...]

  2. Lucy

    This books leaves off not long after the first If you were like me you had to wait awhile for this book It was worth the wait.Kalysia is pregnant and trying to work things out with Dillan But you know who just keeps popping up in her life She has to deal with her emotional connection to Jase, while living with Dillan and pretending they were meant to be Her struggle is felt throughout the book I honestly couldn t tell which way she would go This book is written in dual POV Kalysia and Jase s I a [...]

  3. Diana Laura (The Bookish Sisters)

    I have a massive announcement.Dear world, Nicole Loufas has made me love a paranormal Romance Series so I ve decided that from now on I won t run away screaming like a mad woman at the thought of reading a Paranormal Romance book I cross my heart.I m practically out of nails after reading the end of The Lunam Deception My heart made a happy dance while reading the last chapter, then it fell into a void when I realized it was the last chapter and that I had to wait and see if there s going to be [...]

  4. Ginger Snaps

    This two book series The Lunam Ceremony and The Lunam Deception was one of the best shifter series I ve read in a long time The author kept us guessing and there were twists and turns I didn t see coming Up until the very end, I still didn t know how the series was going to end I love when books aren t predictable And from the moment I started reading the first book, I was hooked and couldn t put it down The minute I finished the first book, I started the second book The story was well written a [...]

  5. Belle Lancaster

    I m dying right now I can t wait to finish tonight Actual Review with spoilerish stuff This PNR is good Not because it s a PNR The paranormal aspect is very minimal in my opinion The OMG is off the charts I don t know how many times I felt like screaming while reading this book Just when I thought Nope Enough I was sucked back in.In the first book we meet Kalyisa She matches with Dillan during the Lunam Ceremony A ritutal that is supposed to lead you to your soulmate insert insta love here Lucki [...]

  6. Lucinda Fey

    This was a great ending to Kalysia s storyor is it.I read very little PNR, this series was my only exception and I only read it because I happened upon this author s novella Because fateThis is a very well thought out story One that probably could have been three or four books Thank God it wasn t I might have died if I didn t get the closure I so badly needed Thank you Nicole, for giving us a thrilling and wonderful ride I look forward to what comes next.

  7. Bridget

    Nicole has done it againe has made me love a genre that I usually despise I loved the first book and couldn t wait for the continuation of this story Paranormal romances usually seem so farfetched but this one is so different, so real Please, please write a third

  8. Rene

    Although I enjoyed this book very much I really wish it was longer This is a very minor thing I m being stingy on my stars, only because I really loved the first book I considered bumping this to 4 stars because of my love for Jase I still highly suggest the series It s a fantastic read and very entertaining.

  9. Andrea Heltsley

    So good it s almost a different story I was on the fence about the first book It was very dramatic with a side of soap I wasn t super happy with the ending but wanted to know what would happen next.The author didn t disappoint I really really enjoyed everything about this installment Such a romantic ending too Five glittery stars for this enticing shifter romance

  10. Greta Mimi

    This is one of the books that I really wanted to swipe to the last chapter to make sure it ended properly I didn t do itbut I really wanted to Adding to my review of the first book you get Sexy timePoliticsFamily secretsWishesBabiesDeathLiesHonestyResolutionand HEASide note I think I ll do all my reviews in one word descriptions from now on Great series, I highly recommend to people that know how to read.

  11. Carlene Amabel

    The Lunam Deception had a different feel than the Lunam Ceremony Spoliers Not in a bad way Maybe a grown up way Part of the reason PNR is exciting to read, is the world building for me, anyway This book was about the poltics of the packs, which felt like it was written during our las presidental campaign lol The power struggle trickles down to Kalysia and her unborn child Not only how the child will effect the packs, but also who the father is this is my first time posting a gif, go me What ma [...]

  12. Ina Frank

    This review is for book one and two.Book one starts with a girl forced to take part in a ritual that will lead her to her soulmate I m not a fan of love and first site, but that doesn t happen here At least not for Kalysia She sees through the smoke and mirrors and understands what she s feeling for the super hot dude she hooked up with after barely knowing him an hour was nothing than lust Thank god As Kalysia settles into her role in the pack, her insta friend shows up under the guise of bein [...]

  13. J.B. Trepagnier

    I saw this book on shortly after finishing the first one, the realized it wasn t available yet Once it was, I made sure to download it and pretty much devoured it in one sitting.Like the first book, this one is packed with drama and an intense read You want to dislike Dillon and Cassie, but you can t help feeling bad for them, especially later in the book when all the pack politics are coming to light and some truths about them are revealed.This book has some chapter s from Jace s perspective, s [...]

  14. Romaine Heart

    Wow The Lunam Deception blew me away as secrets are revealed and lives start spiraling downwards and some are destroyed through the power hungry council member of the wolf shifters Promises made Promises broken True bloodlines are revealed Such an intense read that kept me on the edge of my seat with the lies, deceit, betrayal, drama and suspense.A love triangle between Kalysia, Dillan and Jase as well as Cassie, Kalysia and Dillion If Dillan is the father of Kalysia s baby and it s a son, then [...]

  15. Lauren Barrows

    WOWI LOVED this series but I wish it was longer or Nicole Loufas would write a spin off series hint, hint about Rusty, Leah, Layla, ect I could not put this book down In fact, I stayed up all night to finish reading it The twists and turns in this book matched the first book, in that the reader didn t see them coming So many times I wanted to smack Dillon and Cassie So many times I wanted to scream at Kalysia to stand up to Dillon and Cassie and put them in their place I was even petty enough to [...]

  16. Tess Carella

    I have to admit, I was frustrated a lot while reading this story Only because I really wanted things to go MY way I m happy to report that I love the direction and ending to this series We get a little politics A little love A little sex And lots of feelings Loved this series.Highly recommend.

  17. Lindsay

    I need of this pleaseI was sucked in from the first book This story, these characters have had my attention since the first book came out I day dream of such a world, because I m such a nerd This is so carefully written with twists and unpredictable outcomes that has left me wanting Please write Nicole.

  18. Joanne Tamsen

    Entertaining PNR story I enjoyed the real aspect of it Not much fantasy or paranormal Much like VD or Twilight where the paranormal is taken in stride Like Yeah, i turn to a wolf sometimes, no big It focuses on the personal lives of the characters great series.

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