Indigo (2020)

Indigo Beverly Jenkins Indigo As a child Hester Wyatt escaped slavery but now the dark skinned beauty is a dedicated member of Michigan s Underground railroad offering other runaways a chance at the freedom she has learned to lo
  • Title: Indigo
  • Author: Beverly Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780595002023
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
Indigo Beverly Jenkins As a child Hester Wyatt escaped slavery, but now the dark skinned beauty is a dedicated member of Michigan s Underground railroad, offering other runaways a chance at the freedom she has learned to love When one of her fellow conductors brings her an injured man to hide, Hester doesn t hesitate even after she is told about the price on his head The man in question is theAs a child Hester Wyatt escaped slavery, but now the dark skinned beauty is a dedicated member of Michigan s Underground railroad, offering other runaways a chance at the freedom she has learned to love When one of her fellow conductors brings her an injured man to hide, Hester doesn t hesitate even after she is told about the price on his head The man in question is the great conductor known as the Black Daniel a vital member of the north s Underground railroad network, but Hester finds him so rude and arrogant, she begins to question her vow to hide him.When the injured and beaten Galen Vachon, aka, the Black Daniel awakens in Hester s cellar, he is unprepared for the feisty young conductor providing his care As a member of one of the wealthiest free Black families in New Orleans, Galen has turned his back on the lavish living he is accustomed to in order to provide freedom to those enslaved in the south However, as he heals he cannot turn his back on Hester Wyatt Her innocence fills him like a breath of fresh air and he is determined to make her his, but traitors have to be found, slave catchers have to be routed and Hester s refusal to trust her own heart have to be overcome before she and Galen can find the freedom only love can bring.
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    150 Beverly Jenkins
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One thought on “Indigo

  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    This is such a great book Hester is a seemingly mild mannered spinster with a peculiar habit of always wearing gloves up to her elbows It turns out she was an escaped slave from a plantation where indigo was harvested, and has permanent dyeing of her arms and lower legs from working in the fields She is one of my all time favorite heroines for her undying devotion to helping slaves escape their bondage Her big house is an important stop on the Underground Railroad She is uncaring of the danger s [...]

  2. Shawnette

    One of My FavoritesThis is only my third novel by Beverly Jenkins And she has yet to disappoint I ve read Night Song, Vivid and now Indigo I enjoyed the heated romance between Hester and Galen The chemistry between Galen and Hester was so charged, they couldn t help but fall for each other Their story just leapt off the pages Galen was so used to being able to get any woman he wanted and he was so undone when Hester constantly told him No , he just couldn t help but fall in love with her and her [...]

  3. Lover of Romance

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSo Welcome to the last segment of Historical Romance 101 It has been such a great month so far Today all Four of us had the opportunity to read Indigo by Beverly Jenkins This review is a bit different, so we wanted to do a bit of a group discussion questionairre So should be fun Make sure to see the thoughts of these other great ladies Jennifer Feminist Fairy Tales, Amanda On A Book Bender, and Quinn Quinn s Book Nook INTRODUCTION Have you [...]

  4. sraxe

    This is one of those books that started off really strong for me and then fizzled out For the first third, it was a solid five If it had continued along the same or similar lines, I d probably have given it a five despite my dislike of certain tropes I was loving the tone and the characters and everythingbut then Galen left and the latter two thirds happened and it was almost like the book was suffering from some personality crisis it felt like a mishmash of ideas, as if it wasn t sure what it w [...]

  5. Donna

    I need to review books in detail before reading them because this was not what I expected I was disappointed because this had potential that was not reached This was romance, which I don t mind if it sounds remotely plausibleis however was NOT that It felt a little dumbed down I wonder if the author had written some of these ludicrous descriptions with a serious and straight face, because it caused excessive eye rolling on my part If a wolf locked in with a lamb is your cup of tea, you might li [...]

  6. Kaethe

    Looking to expand my romance reading beyond the narrow offerings when I was a teen, I found Beverly Jenkins name on many lists And now I know why She does a marvelous job of combining romance with real history, in a way that meets all the conventions of romance and also deals realistically and seriously with the Underground Railroad Great stuff I ll be reading of her And I m always looking for non white characters, so if you have suggestions, I ll welcome them.Library copy

  7. Desiree

    Initial thoughts I didn t like this as much as I thought I would There were issues I had with certain aspects that I ll try to fully articulate later Full review Bullet points mostly because I m trying to catch up on my reviews and may not remember all the details 1 I didn t really start to have anything than lukewarm feelings about Galen until about I was about 70% of the way through when I read his back history how he started the work of Black Daniel and what it was like for him as a child It [...]

  8. Layeshia

    Finally the library has this on audio I can t wait to listen to it I love Beverly Jenkins and her Stargell romances You can always learn something from history in her novels3Hester and Galen two very important underground railroad conductors The two Met each other under duress Galen was a badly wounded agents of the underground railroad And Hester was the woman who took care of him while he was injured Love did not come these two quickly In fact Galen was very rude to her at every turn Hester di [...]

  9. Nandi Crawford

    Still one of my most favorite love stories out there Bev just goes to the inner most beings of a woman Those who desire love and to be loved.

  10. Ashley

    It felt a bit dated, which makes sense since it was written 20 years ago I d once read that Kathleen Woodiwiss was an inspiration for Beverly Jenkins, so I was glad to find that this book didn t suck like The Flame and the Flower did, and wasn t ridiculous like that book.Ultimately, the novel struck a successful balance between the lightness and oft seen tropes of the majority of the historical romance genre and the darker realities of being black in America in the years just prior to the Civil [...]

  11. Brianna

    A couple weeks ago, I read Beverly Jenkins Forbidden I had read two books by her previously, but didn t love them Forbidden made me want to read every historical she d ever written though And I m SO glad I made Indigo my follow up book Thank you, Old School Romance Book Club, for making this the February read Indigo followed the characters of Hester and Galen Hester was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, so I was immediately interested in her story I loved how passionate she was to end sla [...]

  12. Michelle Gilmore

    I loved it I loved everything from the beginning to the very end The letters in the prologue had me near tears Galen and Hester s back stories were both very interesting, and didn t leave me feeling as if there was something missing I especially enjoyed reading a historical romance centered around a couple committed to working on the Underground Railroad something that I think a writer would have to work very hard to find the romance in but I think Beverly Jenkins did it very well I ll definitel [...]

  13. Ally

    So that s what I said when I finished this bookListen up people, this is gonna be a quick review This book is just about everything I mean everything I feel edified, entertained, horrified, and maybe I m a bit of a better person for reading this thingybe not Either way, damn I bow down to the brilliance that is Beverly JenkinsTE read for 2017 New Years Reading Challenge, African American romance.

  14. Amanda Weaver

    Just the opening pages alone are enough to rip your heart out This was a beautiful romance set in a harrowing time and place I read the second half filled with dread for what might be coming for the hero and heroine, but it all wrapped up in the best possible way.

  15. Tina

    I have been hearing about Beverly Jenkins for years When Indigo was selected as our book club selection I didn t know what to expect Historical romance didn t sound appealing.I was drawn in from the epilogue It actually pissed me off that a person would do something so stupid in the name of love Indigo is the love story of Hester Wyatt, a conductor on the Underground Railroad and Galen Vachon, a wealthy Frenchman with a secret The book explores slavery,racism, and the abolitionist movement You a [...]

  16. Malin

    4.5 starsHester Wyatt was born as a slave, because her father, originally a free man, sold himself into slavery to be with her mother When she was born, her mother severed part of her finger to make her easy to identify, and Hester was found and taken in by her aunt Katherine, who taught her to read and write and raised her as her own Now she lives in her dead aunt s house, a valuable member of Michigan s Underground Railroad One night, she s asked to hide a badly injured man She discovers that [...]

  17. Meagan

    I think that if this book had been a regency romance, or really any other kind of historical romance, I might have found it pretty average Not bad, but nothing spectacular The romance was spicy and compelling, but pretty standard The writing was good, but not spectacular Although I have to admit that Beverly Jenkins has a flair for story and pacing once I got started I was hooked.But what really made this book special was the setting and the intense research supporting it Indigo is set in Michig [...]

  18. Porsche Arterberryy

    This is one of my absolute all time favorite Historical Romance novels I read it for the first time in while in high school in the 90 s, and have re read it countless times since The tale of Hester Wyatt and her Galeno was simply beautiful I am enad with strong heroines and their mates who do not attempt to stifle their independant natures, instead nurturing them and lending their own strength so that the union is enhanced I very much enjoyed the amount of history that Beverly Jenkins incorporat [...]

  19. Deatri King-Bey

    All I can say is Galeno, Galeno, Galeno.This was my introduction to Beverly Jenkins novels and my all time favorite work of hers It was the first historical romance I d read with Black main characters I love the way Beverly Jenkins weaves in our history with the romance I can t get enough.

  20. Ayoluwa

    I love this story because it is a fictional, but romantic love story of two underground railroad conductors of African descent who love each other because of who and what they are, not because of what racism and the acceptance of black inferiority and classism within their race believes they should be

  21. L. Wright

    Galen Vachon is the man He treats a women how she is supposed to be treated and Hester was captured in his web fairly quickly Once again, a book by Beverly Jenkins that I could not put down until I was done reading I finished in one day and have read it multiple times since.

  22. Medina

    yes, it s a romance novel LoL my college homegrrl convinced me to read it on the pretense that it had a historical background, pre Civil War America and the Underground Railroad admittedly, i couldn t put it down the sex didn t hurt that fact.

  23. Belindia

    My favorite romance of all time Combines my love of history and romance I reread it at least once a year just to relive the thrill

  24. Kalisha Woods

    This may very well be my favorite romance novel ever I don t even know how many times I ve read it.

  25. Maya B

    good read this was my first historical romance book I connected with the characters and the story flowed.

  26. Claudine

    The book starts with two letters that tell a heartbreaking story a free black man has sold himself into slavery to be with the woman he loves Despite the slave owner promising to keep him together with his family now including a baby girl who has been named Hester he doesn t believe that the slave owner s son will honour the agreement The second letter tells us the tragic end to the tale the baby girl has been sold, separate from her mother, who has also been sold The man is ill and will die soo [...]

  27. Nazarene Static

    Apparently, I read this series of books out of order but it did not ruin the books for me in anyway Hester Wyatt is one of the members of the Michigan underground Railroad She regularly risks her own safety and life when she uses her house as a safe place for runaway slaves One night she is given the job of sheltering and nursing Black Daniel Hester willingly nurses the great conductor back to health, with the knowledge that he is a wanted man As the Black Daniel Galen Vachon heals, he slowly bu [...]

  28. Ebony EyeCU Evans

    B R A V O I wasn t quite sure what to expect when Indigo was selected as my book club s selection of the month but with romance, blushing erotica and humor wrapped in an eloquently worded and detailed history lessonGalen and Indigo s heated cat and mouse play surely captured my heart Reading much like The Color Purple with a Cinderella spin, I look forward to of Beverly Jenkins work and hopefully seeing Indigo on THE BIG SCREEN EbonyEyeCU Reading Approved Highly Recommended

  29. Anika

    This book is incredible The narrator wasn t that great, I m sorry to say, but that didn t distract from how great the story was Powerful, compelling, with one of the most swoon worthy heroes I ve read so far And Hester, the heroine, was decent, strong, stubborn, and vulnerable They complemented and supported each other and Galen didn t once try to bring her down by lording over her I learned quite a bit, I laughed and cried both in outrage and in joy This book is a gem and deserves its status as [...]

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