Reclaiming Their Love (2020)

Reclaiming Their Love Rebecca Royce Reclaiming Their Love Diana Mallory lost everything when her five husbands were taken from her on the other side of the galaxy Back on the Milky Way side of the black hole she s deep into the war for Mars Station Diana wi
  • Title: Reclaiming Their Love
  • Author: Rebecca Royce
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Reclaiming Their Love Rebecca Royce Diana Mallory lost everything when her five husbands were taken from her on the other side of the galaxy Back on the Milky Way side of the black hole, she s deep into the war for Mars Station Diana will do anything for her family, but every day is a living hell without the loves of her life She assumes she ll never see them again But, Damian, Sterling, Cash, Lewis andDiana Mallory lost everything when her five husbands were taken from her on the other side of the galaxy Back on the Milky Way side of the black hole, she s deep into the war for Mars Station Diana will do anything for her family, but every day is a living hell without the loves of her life She assumes she ll never see them again But, Damian, Sterling, Cash, Lewis and Judge are on their way to her When they find her they won t let war, allegiance, or time differentials keep them from reclaiming their love Please note this book contains the ending to Diana s story, five hot men who love her, and a race through space you ll never forget Reverse Harem and Intense.
Reclaiming Their Love Rebecca Royce

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    Rebecca Royce

One thought on “Reclaiming Their Love

  1. iliana G

    There are some book that you can t wait to get the new installment into your hands and finally here it is Wings of Artemis Reclaiming their love is here and I am really really really happy about it So much love and loss and action in this book that it will fill your heart and you simply won t want to leave the book down I love Diana and her men and I love that we get to see other familiar faces in it as well.A page turner with really hot scenes and of course the emotional rollercoaster that I ca [...]

  2. Konny

    OMG I love this book so much Reclaiming Their Love by Rebecca Royce is book four in Wings of Artemis series.For better understanding you should read these books in order.Diana s story starts in book one Crashing Into Destiny Wings Of Artemis book 3 Reclaiming TheirnLove picks up where Crashing Into Destiny ends up.Their enemy Sandler has been attacking Mars Station for years, now they evacuate Mars.Diana Mallory s lost 5 husbands Sterling, Damian, Judge, Cash and Lewis are on their way back to h [...]

  3. Jessica Mitchell

    Reclaiming Their Love bk 4Rebecca Royce An adventure that comes with a bang literally maybe a couple times throughout that is Diana is missing her husbands something fierce When coming to she was confused and out of it Not realizing that her dad and uncles had just saved her But losing them has made her angry Why should she be angry at them when it wasn t their fault Their chips did what they were programmed to do Like the zombie biting her when she wasn t paying attention But all that anger she [...]

  4. Sydney Hopke

    After Diana s husbands were sent back and she was bit by a zombie her family finds her and takes her back with them She survives but isn t living without her men But one day as her family is about to leave the space station she thinks she see someone and is finally reunited with her men and she leaves with them Now they have to figure out how to be together again with everything that s been going on, deal with those out to get them, oh and the husbands finally get to meet her family WOW I love D [...]

  5. Sophiaƅman

    This was an easy and quick read with lots of passion and just enough action to keep my interest throughout the book Diana is an interesting character, she has had a difficult childhood but nevertheless stands up for herself throughout the book, it was refreshing Diana is in this book reunited with her men and has to fight for what she believe in, especially as her mothers space station is at war The reunion with her husbands makes her feel safer though and this book was a wonderful conclusion to [...]

  6. Twist

    This was a great follow up to book 3 Diana s men escape from Evander, and make their way to Diana s home galaxy to find out what happened to her.2 years have passed, and everyone has changed in one way or another How will they all fit now I like the fact that the author didn t make it all reunions and roses There are issues, and they have to work through them No one is perfect, and everyone has feelings about the separation.Of course, I had to read this one first before going back to Melissa s s [...]

  7. Tiffani

    I really enjoyed the second book in Diana s journey I feel like the main characters may have had to be in healing pods just a few too many times, but other than that I loved the story line and the characters Diana is a great character who loves to think she s broken because she just thinks and acts a bit differently than most people, but that s what makes you really like her in these books She s my favorite heroine in these books so far, but still can t wait for the next one

  8. Jessica (Stuck in Books)

    I don t know if it s because I had really high expectations after how amazing Crashing Into Destiny was or what, but I had trouble really getting into this one I still love the guys and Diana I m still invested in the story But overall, I just feel like it was kind of good That said, I am beyond ready for pieces of this series There s so much going on and I LOVE that.

  9. Deja

    OMG I thought the end to her mother s story was amazing but that had nothing on the ending to Diana s story I cannot not believe that it s over I honestly want to believe different but I know that Diana has finally gotten her HEA I just hope that she is the next book because i would love to revisit her and her 5 hunky men I cannot wait for the next book.

  10. Jennifer

    So while I really loved Diana s first novel, I had issues with this one The plot felt like you needed to read Paloma s first novel before this one When you add the interconnected stories plus the time travel plot element, it left me confused at times and unsatisfied with the ending and I have even read Paloma s novels already though didn t remember all the details Diana has made her choice about what kind of life she wants to lead by the end which ends her novels, but the universe at large is s [...]

  11. Shannon

    I pretty much had to start this book as soon as I d finished Crashing into Destiny It picks up exactly where the last book left off, and allows Diana to come into her own I loved the chance to see Diana s family, and to see how her men reacted to Diana s father and uncles There are also intriguing glimpses of things that will come up later in the series, and characters I m truly hoping get their own books I m looking at you, poor sad, tortured Ari.As I said in my review of Crashing into Destiny, [...]

  12. Sarah

    A great part two of Diana s storyis half of Diana s story has a bit of a quicker pace to it There is a lot of excitement going on that gives glimpses into the next tales in wings of Artemis Can t wait to read

  13. Calm Your Pits

    I really enjoyed the rest of Diana s story It really shows how life can change a person and that it is possible to work through it and still be together I cannot wait to find out what happens next

  14. Courtney Brynteson

    Had the hardest time putting this book down I absolutely loved it and it was Fantastic I am so happy I started reading this series in the first place

  15. Treena Beavers

    A fast paced book, a bit chaotic and I have to admit this wasn t an easy read, For me there was too much of the steamy stuff and not enough story.

  16. A.j.

    Love it Perfect closure for Diana and her men, but now I want the next one to find out what happens with Jackson.

  17. Jen

    Reclaiming Their Love takes place two years after the last book left us biting our nails in worry and anticipation This is the continuation of Diana s story and it was epic Jam packed with action, humor, and heat I couldn t put this book down It s also a bit heartbreaking.Diana s lost without her husbands She s brave and strong but also broken Life has continued to move on whether she wanted it to or not Her husbands are also broken from the experience They each have dealt with it in their own w [...]

  18. Addicted2Books

    Amazing Rebecca Royce Much respect I love you and your mind I really have nothing to say but, since I have toif you are not reading her work, you are missing out on some seriously good reading the kind you don t mind losing sweet yummy sleep for

  19. Linda

    The series is currently comprised of two books featuring Melissa and her husbands and the second two are about Melissa s daughter, Diana, and her family Paloma Delacroix is the best friend of Diana and is mentioned in book 3.5 Meeting Them This fourth book brings Diana and her husband s back together as they fight to keep those they love safe The author does indicate plans for even books in the series which I am happy to hear.Diana has really suffered without her five husbands Damian, Sterling, [...]

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