Pet (2020)

Pet Isabella Starling Pet My name is Pet My story is going to break your heart The first thing you should know about me is that I m a good girl I follow directions I bend at the waist I do anything and everything my King tell
  • Title: Pet
  • Author: Isabella Starling
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  • Page: 494
  • Format: ebook
Pet Isabella Starling My name is Pet My story is going to break your heart The first thing you should know about me, is that I m a good girl I follow directions I bend at the waist I do anything and everything my King tells me to But King is demanding King is dangerous He wants to hurt me And there is only one person who can help me run away from King Except I don t know if I want My name is Pet My story is going to break your heart.The first thing you should know about me, is that I m a good girl I follow directions I bend at the waist I do anything and everything my King tells me to But King is demanding King is dangerous He wants to hurt me And there is only one person who can help me run away from King Except I don t know if I want to leave him I don t know if I can Good pets always obey their master But what if I want to have two PET is a standalone 95,000 word novel This is a DARK romance
Pet Isabella Starling

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    494 Isabella Starling
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  1. warhawke

    Genre Erotic RomanceType Standalone POV First Person MultipleRating Sapphire Pet Faye never thought her life would change when she had a chance encounter with a distinguished older man Hayden King made her crave his attention and strive to fill his every whims They had it really good until a Stranger came into their lives and shook up the dynamics.This book caught my attention by several factors the cover, the blurb and the subject matter I m glad to say it didn t disappoint She was a fucking gi [...]

  2. Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••

    Maybe its a bad case of a book hangover but I just can not do this Time for me to move on, maybe I ll be back maybe I won t

  3. Snow

    a dark, fucked up readt insightful and overwhelming in its deepest coreI m still in the process of deciding on what level it reached meIt was different, that s for sureAnd I had mixed feelings about the whole fucked up shit right up until the very endingat ss when it all clickedd now i m having difficult time to put all the mixed pieces into a whole mozaic Damnwhat a turmoilThis is a story of a twisted obsession and dark, unexplainable need to prevail, to conquer and claim BUT at the same time i [...]

  4. Sophia Triad

    I am not sure how I can describe this book.This is definitely a dark romance, but it is not really about a relationship between three people.It is not a fluffy smut read.King would have been happy if he had Sapphire aka Pet for himself, but he knew that it couldn t work.Stranger wants Sapphire and only her to take her away If he is patient, he may succeed.Sapphire really wants King, but she also wants Stranger occasionally It won t be easy when she is left with just one of them.Everything is a b [...]

  5. CC

    4.5 StarsSapphire Faye is newly eighteen and struggling to keep her life in check Upon agreeing to take her roommate s catering shift, she meets the older and domineering Hayden King, who cancels all the background noise in her mind A bit reckless in her behavior, Sapphire craves what he can provide While King s intentions were simple, his actions were quite the opposite With his demanding nature, King trains Sapphire to be his Pet and she responds in every way You re gonna make yourself come, h [...]

  6. Bibi

    Sorry, I can t read another insta lust virgin book where panties incinerate bc the H deigned to glance at the hDNF 10%

  7. Vasiliki

    4.25 stars This is the story of Pet and King, a girl and a man.First of all, I d like to note that everyone should take the warnings seriously This book is dark in its way and definitely not for everyone.This story really surprised me on so many different levels It looks like an older man younger woman romance but it s so much The plot had surprises and twists that I didn t see coming There was passion, tension, mystery and pain literally and metaphorically The story is said by multiple POV s a [...]

  8. Kathleen R.

    Title PetAuthor Isabella Starling 5 smashing stars This book broke me in so many pieces that I m still rubbing my eyes of those tears that just can t seem to stop leaking from the corners I wish they would stop so I can make some sort of half assed attempt to pretend that Pet didn t touch me in ways I never expected Let ,e start my review with this author s dedication at the end Why Because no matter how many times I ll pick up a book, I never know what to expect and when I m this affected, I m [...]

  9. Myla

    4.75 starsIsabella Starling definitely knows how to stir your emotion with Pet It s riveting, heartbreaking, and the scorching scene between King, Pet and Stranger are definitely stimulating It was a well written plot and the characters are flawed but the author was able to do justice in developing them Overall, I did enjoy my first book from Ms Starling and I know this won t be my last Highly recommended if you re into m nage trois, erotic, dark romance you ll like this book as much as I did.

  10. Damjana

    2.5 starsI almost DNF four times and now I am happy I didn t give up on this story I had a feeling that story was wrote by different people And for sure I haven t expected this ending

  11. Laci

    O.k I really enjoyed this overall I listed it as a favorite because I would like to read some other books from this author even though I felt like the beginning was a little jumbled I found myself going what and having to reread things This could be a case where it is me not you, but when I was reading the beginning I kept thinking to myself this must not have had an editor, but I was wrong What I m trying to say is that even though I had those little moments it was good enough to continue and I [...]

  12. Vivian Ward

    This was an amazing read It s very well written and the plot was fantastic King and Pet made for a very toxic couple but you couldn t help but love the two of them together The chemistry between them was fucking HOT It s been a while since I ve read a bondage book and this was over the top delciously good I loved the twisted friendship Pet and Angel Maria developed I don t know why but that was one of my favorite things about the book This is a book that I would re read and I highly recommend it [...]

  13. Kristina

    Twists and turns I think Pet is the best of all I ve read from this author The characters were interesting and their dynamic kept me engaged The kink was well done It s not a typical menage story, but I liked that It was unique I think trying to share any part of the story will detract from its mystery and twists, because it was well done and had me guessing in a few spots I really do not see how this is dark, though Kinky, yes Dark, no.

  14. 'Q' aka CoCo

    Sapphire, aka Pet, met King when she was covering a waitressing shift for a friend King was the ultimate asshole Dom, super controlling and everything Pet craved How she went from virgin to complete sex toy is a mystery at first, but we learn later about some pretty messed up things in her past that may have contributed I kept thinking King would lighten up as he started to fall for Pet, as happens in so many other books, but he remained his asshole self until the bitter end.Enter Stranger I was [...]

  15. R yatsko

    Stunned speechless.just wow Sexy, Thrilling, SteamyEmotional, madden, unnervingWishful, heartbroken, STUNThe beginning hooks youThe middle breaks youThe end heals youI am in awe with this novelRead with open mind, it has many layersSteamy yes, emotional yes, unexpected yesArc copy

  16. Karin

    This is hands down my favorite book by Isabella to date It was incredibly sexy, dark and took you on a roller coaster of emotions Even if you re familiar with her writing this book will still throw you for a loop The chemistry in this book between between these characters is intense and in true Isabella fashion nothing is exactly what it seems with a great twist towards the end I voluntarily reviewed a advanced readers copy of this book

  17. April Symes

    O M G this is one dark and delicious story that still has me shivering It left me breathless and marveling at the intensity of the emotions of the major characters in this story I don t want to give any spoilers away because this is one book that you have to experience yourself What can I say that will make you want to read this and experience yourself well, its Emotional, Sexy, Heatbreaking, Steamy, Twisted, Love AND Lust , Wishful, Thrilling,there are so many other words that I COULD use to de [...]

  18. Saskia

    3,5 star This review is from Pet A Dark Menage Romance Kindle Edition I finished reading this book yesterday and I am still not sure about how this book made me feel It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions Sapphire broke my heart and King I hated and then loved for what he did The menage parts were very hot and I loved the ending.

  19. Rachel Roy

    Mind Blown An absolute five star read Isabella has written a loaded book that will surprise you and make you want I was pleasantly surprised and still can t believe she got all of that in one book MORE This is a standalone storyC provided for an honest review.

  20. Andi

    So dark So dirty So delicious So fucking sad happy at the same time Isabella Starling is such a talented writer The emotions she can make jump off the page The absolute depth devotion of the characters She has become a favorite This is one of those stories that will take you through so many emotions love, joy, sadness, despair, heartbreak and redemption The lengths that her characters go to care for one another is really moving It has suspense, twists, taboo topics, hot hot sex and angst I loved [...]

  21. Ana Oh

    No SpoilersThis book needs to be read There is not one single chapter, one single sentence that isn t interesting There is no filler This story is amazing, hot, and from the heart One of the best books I ve read Ever.

  22. Carrie Garza

    This book was very good The ending took me completely by surprise The letter will rip your heart out Absolutely one of the best books I have read in this genre

  23. Sun Goddess Moon Witch

    I felt so small when he touched me, like I was a doll he was playing with I loved the feeling And I craved of it This quote pretty much sums up the odd relationship between Hayden Seth King, Sapphire Rose Faye and Felix The Stranger have throughout the book Sapphire AKA Pet is a eighteen year old with a troubled past that is slowly revealed in layers as the book progresses No than two chapters in and you just KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that Sapphire is emotionally disturbed No eighteen y [...]

  24. Nina

    An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review PET was my first read by Isabella Starling I loved it and will be reading of her books This was a dark and twisted story about a girl named Sapphire, an eighteen year old girl with a troubled past She needed money and got a catering job at an art gallery filling in as her friend Veronica While she was working, Evans, a drunk stranger at the gallery kept following her around, harassing and causing trouble It caused quite a stir then King showe [...]

  25. Kathryn

    When I first started this book I thought what kind of 18 year old virgin acts like this but further along into the story you learn what made her act this way This girl was all kinds if messed up In retrospect King was the best thing that could have happened to this girl I didn t like the head games he played with her I didn t like that he was sometimes brutal and abusive But these seemed to be things she needed at the time It was one of those cases where the end justified the means The twists an [...]

  26. Dawn Higgins

    This book has broke me,i just don t know where to start with this review as this isn t your typical love story with a HEA,it is a dark,disturbing read but had me hooked where i couldn t put this down.It is the most emotional,heartbreaking story that i have read in a long long time so i realy want to let you know how powerful this story is, so i will start at the begining.It starts with Sapphire pet who is a broken young 18 year old with a sassy mouth that meets Haden King by chance working as a [...]

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