Rotiburger (2020)

Rotiburger David Walliams Tony Ross Ehte Puhang Rotiburger Zoel l on p ris palju p hjusi et nnetu olla Tema kasuema Sheila on nii laisk et tahab et Zoe tema eest isegi ta nina nokiks Tina Trotts kohalik kiusaja s litab Zoe le iga p ev kolmek mne seitsmen
  • Title: Rotiburger
  • Author: David Walliams Tony Ross Ehte Puhang
  • ISBN: 9789949851232
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
Rotiburger David Walliams Tony Ross Ehte Puhang Zoel l on p ris palju p hjusi, et nnetu olla Tema kasuema Sheila on nii laisk, et tahab, et Zoe tema eest isegi ta nina nokiks Tina Trotts, kohalik kiusaja, s litab Zoe le iga p ev kolmek mne seitsmendalt korruselt p he Ja jubedal burgerim jal Burtil on hirmsad plaanid Zoe lemmiklooma, rott Hermanniga Ma ei taha v lja r kida, mis hirmsad plaanid need on, aga v in eZoel l on p ris palju p hjusi, et nnetu olla Tema kasuema Sheila on nii laisk, et tahab, et Zoe tema eest isegi ta nina nokiks Tina Trotts, kohalik kiusaja, s litab Zoe le iga p ev kolmek mne seitsmendalt korruselt p he Ja jubedal burgerim jal Burtil on hirmsad plaanid Zoe lemmiklooma, rott Hermanniga Ma ei taha v lja r kida, mis hirmsad plaanid need on, aga v in elda, et selle raamatu pealkiri on p ris pirakas vihje David Walliams on ks Inglismaa menukamaid lastekirjanikke Ta raamatuid on t lgitud k mnetesse keeltesse ja ainu ksi tema kodumaal m dud miljoneid eksemplare Eesti keeles on varem ilmunud Walliamsi raamatud G ngstamemm 2014 , Hirmus udne hambaarst 2015 ja Jube t di 2016.
Rotiburger David Walliams Tony Ross Ehte Puhang

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One thought on “Rotiburger

  1. Petra X

    This book has the cleverest literary ending of perhaps any book I ve ever read It hasn t got anything to do with the story either In all Walliams other books and films there is a corner shop owner, Raj, who supplies the schoolchildren with sweets and sympathy although his business methods are somewhat dubious and definitely not hygenic In the last chapter he complains that he isn t in the book Quite audaciously he goes on that his legion of fans will not stand for this Through the extremely funn [...]

  2. Michael Finocchiaro

    My kid and I have grown to love the David Williams books and even my daughter adored RatBurger The characters are fantastic and it is wonderful how Williams is able to dig below stereotypes to reveal beautiful people underneath them The books speak of social injustice, the affects of parental alcoholism and abuse, bullying, and many other issues in a way that is subtle and mesmerising and I feel like my kids grow a little bit in their tolerance for l autrui with each book that we read No wonder [...]

  3. Juliana Zapata

    La verdad es que la historia es bastante extra a, el libro fue divertido de leer, sin embargo siento que 300 p ginas es demasiado para ense ar a los ni os a luchar por sus sue os, con la mitad hubiera sido suficiente.Tambi n hubieron escenas un tanto crudas y con un lenguaje no tan delicado como se esparter a en un libro infantil.Rese a Completa bastvilard 201

  4. Patrick Gralton

    My second book review is on Ratburger by David Walliams.This is a humourously descriptive book which I believe would be of interest to the seven to nine age group.It has ongoing humourous footnotes which is a concept children need to become aware of for their future educational life It introduces Death and the process of dealing with it It develops tension and mystery It illustrates the societal realities of Outsourcing by big Business It uses descriptive adjectives such as Menagerie It allows t [...]

  5. Marie the Librarian

    I love David Walliams He really is like roald Dahl, and Dahl is my fave Its just great, fun and creepy Perfect

  6. Sam Hopper

    I have heard a lot of praise for David Walliams novels and therefore chose to read his latest work, Ratburger, as a funny book to review It is the story of a little girl called Zoe who has a particularly tough time of things Being very poor, as well as, small with ginger hair and braces makes her the target for school bully Tina Trotts She also has the misfortune of living with her lazy, malevolent stepmother, whilst her broken hearted dad spends most of his time at the pub, on the 37th floor of [...]

  7. Stuart Willy

    Ratburger David Walliams illustrated by Quentin Blake Eleven year old Zoe has started at secondary school and things are not going well she is poor, short and has red hair so she is bullied To add to her woes her mother is passed away and her father is an unemployed ice cream maker To make matters worse her obese stepmother, who is obsessed with prawn cocktail crisps is utterly deplorable using her father for his benefits and doing nothing but criticise and Zoe Her only solace is in her pet hams [...]

  8. Lostaccount

    Third and final book in a trio of Walliams books I decided to read this year, and this one is the worst Friendless girl from impoverish background befriends rat and then defends rat against a vile prawn cocktail crisps munching slob of a stepmother and her vile burgervan boyfriend Wall y iams has only one plot and repertoire of characters Friendless child estranged from a single parent, bullied at school for being different, evil or unlikeable step parent, only adviser the ethnic stock character [...]

  9. Joey Woolfardis

    I borrowed this off a tiny person in my family, who said it was a little bit terrifying I can see what he means, actually I ve read a lot of Children s books quoted because not all children s books should only be read by children and I ve found the are generally two types those that speak down to their audiences, and those that speak up to them No doubt it is the latter that are the best, those that don t treat their readers like, well, children.This book was, for lack of a better word, a little [...]

  10. Flynn Oberdries

    One of the best books I ve read it has a hooking story line and one of the best selling kids books I read it in 3 day new record I chose it read this book because dad did some research and found this book and bought it for me when i saw it it look interesting and when i read the back i got hooked I think the category on the bingo board, this book fits into is the Female Main Character because the main character is a girl called Zoe and i think that there is not many book that i will read that ha [...]

  11. Lucija The Reader

    This book was so adorable and great I loved all the characters, except Sheila and Burt, of course At some parts the book was a bit disturbing, but overall it was awesome

  12. Amanda

    RATBURGER BY DAVID WALLIAMS THE BLURB The fifth screamingly funny novel from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest growing children s author in the country, now available in paperback.From the bestselling author of Gangsta Granny and Demon Dentist comes another hilarious, action packed and touching novel the story of a little girl called Zoe Things are not looking good for Zoe Her stepmother Sheila is so lazy she gets Zoe to pick her nose for her The school bully Tina Trotts makes he [...]

  13. Redfox5

    I ve just come back from a holiday in beautiful La Palma I stayed at the amazing La Palma princess hotel and I was really excited when I saw a bookshelf in reception where people could exchange their books I had brought 5 books with me, and as there was lots of laying about in the sun, I raced through them Which means I had a chance to take some from the Bookshelf I picked up this book because on Boxing Day I watched David Walliams count down Britain s Favourite Children s Books channel4 program [...]

  14. Samantha Sterling

    After hearing a lot of positive comments about this book I decided to read it and see what the hype surrounding David Walliam s is all about Ratburger is a story about a young girl called Zoe who has just started secondary school Her beloved hamster has just died, she has ginger hair, she is very poor as her father has lost his job and she has a horrible stepmother who does nothing but insult Zoe and eat prawn cocktail crisps Zoe adores animals and is heartbroken to find her hamster dead one day [...]

  15. Zoe

    I am a big fan of the David Walliams Children s books So far Gangster Grannie being my fav a tear jerker If you were to compare an author he s quite, Dahl like Ratburger, A girl called Zoe has it pretty tough lazy good for nothing step mother A horrid bully of a girl who torments her at every opportunity A father who spends his time wallowing in own self pity down the local, Her Hamster has just died and feels even lower as she has nowhere to lay him to rest Soon after another lil furry creature [...]

  16. Meli

    Son muy entretenidos estos libros, pero hay algo que no termina de convencerme de este autor Sent a mucha curiosidad por leerlo debido al autor famoso ancestral milenario que todos amamos con el que lo comparan, pero aunque noto la similitud entre sus letras, la comparaci n no me agrada, le queda un poco grande para mi gusto.Reitero, son libro entretenidos, divertidos, ideales para el publico al que van dirigidos Pero todos tienen alg n que otro detalle demasiado triste o morboso para middle gra [...]

  17. Deanna

    This is a book about a girl called Zoe Zoe s mother dies when Zoe is young and during the following years she obtained a step mother called Shelia Shelia is a cruel character and very unloving towards Zoe However, she is also troubled by a girl in her school called Tina Trotts who is also very cruel and unkind to Zoe.During the course of the book, Zoe finds a loving little rat to care for but will the people around her except it and will she get a chance to fulfill her dreams The book i thought [...]

  18. Samantha Davis

    Not my favourite of David William s story, but perhaps thats because I don t like the idea of what happens with the burgers I always enjoy that there are messages and morals to David s wild tales that clearly grab the childhood reader in us all I had strong reactions to the characters in this tale hate, sympathy, love I am sure children would be able to relate the the step mother and down trodden and out of luck father A story to inspire hope, the ever strong and infinite power of father daughte [...]

  19. Smelleykins

    I have never read anything by David Walliams before and brought this at the airport waiting for a flight home I just wanted a book It s a really easy read, obviously suited to kids David Walliams is a good story teller there are some cracking pictures in here too There s not much I can say about the Book It s simple Strange Kids will love it I found it odd But it was fun I ve another book to read by this author so I m holding out for judgement yet.

  20. bingewatcher

    After reading five books by Walliams, I can conclude that he will never be Roald Dahl Unlike Roald Dahl, his stories lack a certain complexity that is prevalent in Dahl s works I just cannot see adults enjoy reading this On the other hand, Walliams is pretty good at being relateable And I like that there is a sort of continuity in all the stories.

  21. Charlotte Smith

    This book was okay, funny in places but also a bit horrible in other places It also shows that bullies can have a soft spot and can become friends in the end

  22. Emma Buckett

    David is a genius Turning complex issues such as depression, the death of loved pet and bullying into subjects to be understood and dealt with, without being patronising and providing a healthy dollop of humour and page turning adventure in the mix.

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