Miracle Morning (2020)

Miracle Morning Hal Elrod Miracle Morning What if you could miraculously wake up tomorrow and any or every area of your life was transformed What would be different Would you be happier Healthier More successful In better shape Would you have
  • Title: Miracle Morning
  • Author: Hal Elrod
  • ISBN: 9783424153118
  • Page: 481
  • Format: None
Miracle Morning Hal Elrod What if you could miraculously wake up tomorrow and any or every area of your life was transformed What would be different Would you be happier Healthier More successful In better shape Would you have energy Less Stress More Money Better relationships Which of your problems would be solved What if I told you that there is a not so obvious secret that is guWhat if you could miraculously wake up tomorrow and any or every area of your life was transformed What would be different Would you be happier Healthier More successful In better shape Would you have energy Less Stress More Money Better relationships Which of your problems would be solved What if I told you that there is a not so obvious secret that is guaranteed to transform any or literally every area of your life, faster than you ever thought possible What if I told you it would only take 6 minutes a day Enter The Miracle Morning What s now being practiced by thousands of people around the world could perhaps be the simplest approach to creating the life you ve always wanted It s been right there in front of us, but this book has finally brought it to life.Are you ready The next chapter of your life the most extraordinary life you ve ever imagined is about to begin.YOU DESERVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE IT S TIME TO WAKE UP TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL
Miracle Morning Hal Elrod

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    481 Hal Elrod
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One thought on “Miracle Morning

  1. Perrin Lindelauf

    First, the overall premise is not a bad idea However The target audience of this book is someone who has never read any personal development books and views the whole genre suspiciously For me, it smacked of a basic thesis, padded with a hasty potpourri of other people s ideas and coated with gushing you can have the life of your dreams promises I found myself having to skim through basic explanations of meditation and visualization to get at what Elrod was offering as far as original thinking I [...]

  2. Xavier Shay

    So the writing is cringeworthy over the top internet self help blogger , but the technique rocks I ve been doing it a week and it s been the most productive and fulfilling week I can remember Having described myself as a morning person for a while now without really being particularly good at it, I m excited to be back on the wagon It s a fast read easy to skim most of it and only a couple of dollars on .

  3. Rachel

    Good idea, terrible execution Save yourself the read, here s my short summary Get up an hour earlier Do your face, teeth and drink a large glass of water immediately Go into another room of your house i.e not your bedroom , and spend the hour doing the following sitting in silence, say what you want to achieve and work on today, visualise how you want to live your day, exercise, read and journal.

  4. Amy

    I m going to do this review as a compliment sandwich Good, bad, good Hal Elrod seems like a genuinely nice guy with a dramatic and interesting message He s a near fatal car crash survivor who was brought back from death and put back together during a long hospitalization at the age of 20 His character trait of resilience really shines through in the anecdotes he uses to illustrate his points he is not someone who rolls over and gives up on anything, and for that I salute him He s someone who wou [...]

  5. Nathan Whitley

    I really like this book I ve been an early riser for several years and have fallen off the wagon for several years I always need a swift kick in the pants to motivate me This is helping My only reservation for this book is the use of the 95% statistic Every stat Hal gives is 95% If you re going to give outrageous stats to motivate people it would be helpful if 100% of them were referenced and backed by actual scientific data Other than that 95% of the book is worth your time.

  6. Rachel

    I started reading this, got through maybe 2 and a half chapters, and skimmed the rest This is a decent book He gives good advice, and I m sure it works for those who stick to it I haven t even tried it at this point It really is all about changing your mindset That being said, there were a few things that bothered me Most of the book is all filler fluff he takes forever to make his point You could literally read the first line of each paragraph and understand it perfectly The other thing that re [...]

  7. Dannii Elle

    I thought I might do something a little different with this and, due to the nature of the book, instead of writing a standard review would instead chronicle how this has affected my life, over the coming weeks As such, the rating may be likely to change.As a brief overview the central idea this book puts forward is that creating a daily personal development routine can turn you into the person you need to be to help solve all your problems You have the power to develop into the person you need t [...]

  8. Charlotte

    Etant une l ve t t convaincue, j avais h te de me plonger dans ce livre pour d couvrir comment profiter au mieux de cette partie de la journ e.A la fin de ma lecture je ressors plut t d ue L histoire de l auteur telle qu il la pr sente au d but est tr s int ressante et inspirante, c est ind niablement quelqu un de tr s positif avec une grande force mentale.Malheureusement on tombe vite dans les clich s du genre Hal Elrod nous vante encore et encore les bienfaits de sa m thode, qu il pr sente com [...]

  9. Peter Skaronis

    Excellent book All those years of listening to Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins, here comes Hal putting everything together in such a simple and profound way that is amazing As I grow older I realise that the simplest things create the biggest impact and the miracle morning seems quite basic until you try it You are awake at 5 am while most people are asleep and the silence allows you to see the bigger picture of things that I couldn t see before as a night owl your world is still asleep and hasn t got [...]

  10. Oleksandr Golovatyi

    The year has just begun, and this is the second book that impressed me very much and deserves to claim the best book of 2018 The book is read very easily, many interesting facts, reflections on health, efficiency and vitality The book encounters many useful links to other authors An interesting moment for me is that most of the books that the author mentioned in his book read before and totally agree on all the points.The Miracle Morning book will help both larks and owls make your morning energ [...]

  11. Anelia Dobreva

    I think this has been the fasted read I have had since highschool Less than 24 hours But that is not a compliment The guy has a nice idea and a sensible self improvement tool to offer but the essence of the book could have fit into half the volume of words or even less It is repetitive At several points I actually went back and forth a few pages because I though I d accidentally skipped back on my reader Add the pompous name, the excessive use of the word mediocre , the trademark signs every few [...]

  12. Lisa (ohthenargles)

    Read this in an hour because I skimmed through most of the pages It didn t really give me any new information or useful tips Most things seemed too farfetched and bogus claims anyway I read it and don t recommend it Waste of the 5.

  13. Willem Spruijt

    Not sure why this book has a close to 4 rating here Very exaggerated way of writing He could have done some of the chapters with 1 3 of the words First 20 pages are only testimonials Very annoying you can skip that Tries to sell his starter kit at least a dozen times in the book What is this, weight watchers Feels like my adblocker is switched off Half of the book is captain obvious The motivational way of writing YOU can do this is very repetitive and unnecessary.Still 2 stars since I learned s [...]

  14. Joe

    A very compelling argument to wake up at 5am or about one hour before you usually get up, including weekends.It advices you to do the following for approximately 10 minutes each of that hour MeditateAffirmationsVisualiseExerciseRead something constructiveWrite a journal or something elseThis all makes sense and probably would make a great start to the day I m tempted to give it a go but personally would rather trim back most of the other ideas to 5 minutes each and give 30 35 minutes to exercise [...]

  15. Vanessa

    I think this is the most typical self help book I ve ever read listened to It reminded me of every American movie I d seen where there was a motivational speaker gearing up a huge conference room of people It did, however, really make me sit up and pay attention at points, and has given me a new idea of a way I can potentially improve my life and maximise my time.Hal Elrod s miracle morning isn t so much a genius idea as a great one that most people would probably want to actively avoid get up e [...]

  16. Jane

    Just reread this book as I felt it helped my life back in 2013 but have been feeling a bit off track recently and life has changed a lot so it was time for bringing back some morning discipline I find if I rush in the morning because I have gotten up too late or I am just too busy, my whole day is thrown off and even the rest of the week is out of whack I have always found that easing into my day with relaxing routine in the morning gives me a good start This book helped confirm that We were giv [...]

  17. alsmilesalot

    Not sure why I picked this up perhaps just so many good things about it in the ether perhaps a search to make things better I am 100% behind the practices he recommends well, maybe not to read self help books so make that 83% behind though this presentation doesn t provide evidence other than anecdotall supporting them needless to say, that s something of a frustration to me but I find the tone difficult to deal with and it reads empty to me though I admit, I m in the minority here.

  18. Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates

    LOVED it I can t wait to incorporate this 6 step miracle morning Silence Meditation, Reflection, Prayer Affirmations Repeat positive affirmations Visualization Visualize your goals Exercise A brief morning workout will help get your day started right Reading Personal development is essential to your growth and towards attaining your goals Scribing Keep a journal to share your thoughts, ideas, goals, and gratitude

  19. Holden Johnson

    the writing was a bit overdone, with some common success catchphrases and repested things over and over That being said i cant argue with the results or message.

  20. Kathy

    This was recommended to me Honestly it s not the most well written book It s very repetitive at times BUT the principles it teaches are so worth reading about I ve started my own Miracle Morning routine and all I can say is on the days I actually follow it I get so much done on those days This is a quick read and it is free on Kindle Unlimited so to all who can access this for free you should definitely download it and read through it.

  21. Vanamelone

    Si comme moi, pour bouger vous avez besoin que quelqu un vous guide, ce livre est fait pour vous Profitez d une heure par jour pour vous, pour enfin vous accomplir Rien de bien nouveau dans le monde du d veloppement personnel et du coaching , la diff rence r side dans le fait que Hal Elrod vous fait vous lever plus t t Aller j arr te de tra ner, demain matin une heure pour faire du sport, cr er, lire et penser mon avenir Et si cette heure change ma vie, je viendrai vous le dire

  22. Venus Blancia

    This is probably my version of I accidentally tapped my Kindle and I got no choice for Siri had finished reading it for me by the time I commanded her to remind me of my to dos I did expect a lot from this book when I heard Hal s interview at 88 cups of tea with Yin Chang, one of my favorite podcast hosts It was so promising, inspiring and all positive I even made contacts with Hal several times in the TMM community letting him know how wonderful he is Though I was expecting , I know pretty sure [...]

  23. Shayla

    A book built around a really good idea Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development Jim Rohn As a first year college student that was focusing purely on academics and letting my emotions and body go, I found this very interesting When I didn t feel good physically or emotionally, I noticed my grades, body, and failed relationship It s been a rough year were also not very good.Hal Elrod offers The Miracle Morning for waking up early, working on self care, and becomi [...]

  24. Vicii

    today is a day for finishing books I had read about 80% but never quite managed the last 20% stuck at a children s party this afternoon and not knowing anyone I cleared the last few SAVERS so all in all it was a productive afternoon really helpful book and even though I didn t read the last few savers it works out I ve been doing them anyway since the new year I ve regularly been waking at 5.30 without an alarm which is an hour earlier than my alarm and taking time for me it has helped give me f [...]

  25. Hal Elrod

    As the author of The Miracle Morning I have been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback 300 five star reviews and life changing results experienced by readers See for yourself at MiracleMorningBook Or get 2 FREE chapters of the book at MiracleMorning Either way, please let me know how The Miracle Morning impacts YOUR life With sincere gratitude, Hal

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