Curious George Takes A Job (2020)

Curious George Takes A Job H.A. Rey Curious George Takes A Job After escaping from the zoo Curious George tries his hand at a number of jobs As usual his curiousity gets him into and out of trouble and in the end he winds up a star
  • Title: Curious George Takes A Job
  • Author: H.A. Rey
  • ISBN: 9780590338929
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
Curious George Takes A Job H.A. Rey After escaping from the zoo, Curious George tries his hand at a number of jobs As usual, his curiousity gets him into and out of trouble, and in the end he winds up a star.
Curious George Takes A Job H.A. Rey

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    H.A. Rey

One thought on “Curious George Takes A Job

  1. Miriam

    I just reread this to my little niece She s read at least one other George book The scenes I remember best from when was tiny are the part where he gets tangled up in spaghetti and when he paints all over the stranger s apartment when he s supposed to be washing the windows and NOT being curious Hopefully my niece won t try painting anything This was written back when few people were concerned about animal rights or conditions in zoos, and it shows What tiny cages No wonder George wanted to get [...]

  2. Rahma Wahab

    I love animal stories So, i had to try out this book I was not disappointed All all a thrilling story right from the escape from the zoo, the sad time at the hospital and the Jobs in a Movie It really wonderful

  3. Dani - Perspective of a Writer

    Check out picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterCurious George escapes his cage at the zoo and learns he must get a job After getting into some trouble he is saved by the Man in the Yellow Hat.My nephew LOVES these books and I never fail to get a giggle out of him when we read these together but I can t help disliking them This one is better than most in that there is some life lessons here and the trouble he gets into is rather cute I think their appeal is that they are silly and George [...]

  4. Shawn Fairweather

    My son from birth has always been surrounded with Curious George Today at the ripe old age of 3 he travels everywhere with his stuffed George doll, and morning cuddle time he is a mainstay He loves the cartoons on PBS as well For me, I remember as a kid going to my ped for Dr appts, always looking for a certain George book, George Goes to the Hospital for the waiting room Luckily it was always available in the waiting room A couple years ago I found a beautiful hardcover boxset at BN that I thou [...]

  5. Rebekah K.

    As I ve gotten older, I ve come to realize one truth Curious George is about white colonialism, white supremacy, and a dehumanization of any other cultures, this case being specifically black African cultures I m disgusted at myself and everyone else who shared this series with me over the years Shame on all of you, and especially myself.Edit One thing While Curious George, taken in the context of a curiously over intelligent but playfully curious animal friend not unique in the book world , is [...]

  6. Melanie

    I m learning Spanish, and wanted to start reading real books Looking at full length novels I realized that as a relative beginner, I would quickly get frustrated So I thought, what is my reading level right now And decided I was probably at a 1st or 2nd grade level, so I picked up Curious George It was perfect I could read most everything, but there were still sections that challenged me And I could read it through 5 or 6 times, getting better each time What is fun about this particular book is [...]

  7. Israel Waltz

    Genre modern fantasy grade Early Primary Curious George Takes a Job is a wonderful book about everyone s favorite Curious money The illustrations in this book are beautiful This book appears to have been an inspiration when they adapted George into a TV series both for character ideas but also how those characters would look in the TV series, you can see multiple characters that are in this book such as the cook, the elevator man, and a few others the book itself is a very good with a plot twist [...]

  8. Misbah

    George sneaks out of the zoo and decides that he wants a job He jumps from job to job going where his curiosity leads him until he gets in trouble and hurts his leg The man with the yellow hat wants to help George get his own movie and helps him sign a contract Everybody that George met while job hunting comes to the premiere and the movie is about George s life and his signature curiosity.

  9. Alison

    Curious George stories are extra nice because of their content and length and development of the story Parents likely note their length at bedtime They are written well and not oversimplified and have illustrations and characters that draw in both children and adults.

  10. Kallie Scott

    Curious George Takes a Job is a book about a curious little monkey that is brought to a zoo from the jungle One day, George finds a way to escape the zoo and wonders about the big city He comes upon a restaurant that draws his sense of smell leading him into the big pot of spaghetti The cook walks in and sees that George is a mess George is assigned to clean all of the dishes and does this very quickly because he has 4 hands to clean with The chef gives George a job of cleaning windows at a hote [...]

  11. Derek

    H.A Rey s saga of Curious George continues in Curious George Takes a Job To recap George the monkey was captured by a poacher and illegally brought to a big city appears to be in the United States, likely New York or Los Angeles, though it s not explicit anywhere The poacher negligently allowed the monkey to run free throughout the city, leaving a trail of chaos behind him, until forcing him upon the zoo In this next installment, George breaks out of his cage in the zoo and hides while the zooke [...]

  12. Vivian

    The J is for Jobs story time theme coincided with the Idaho Family Reading Week for 2010 This year s theme is Join the Curious Crowd Read Aloud This story tied the two themes together Due to time constraints and the length of the story I told the story as I thumbed through the pages, reading only the last page.Idaho Family Reading Week, November 14 20, 2010 Sponsored by Read to Me, a program of the Idaho Commission for Libraries.HHooww ttoo RRaaiissee aa CCuurriioouuss RReeaaddeerrIt s Never Too [...]

  13. Ragan Rogers

    Summary George escapes his cage and flees the zoo Once he is in the big city, George decides that he should go find the man in the yellow hat that brought him back from Africa George hops on top of a bus and rides around the city He sneaks into a restaurant and makes a big mess, so the chef makes him clean The chef takes George to help his friend, the window washer, and George gets to look in the windows and see what everyone is doing George sneaks through a window and makes another big mess, an [...]

  14. Misslakerria

    H A Rey s Curious George series has been in my life for as long as I can remember The fact that Curious George seemed to always get into mischief during the course of his adventures always excited me because there are never dull moments The way that the series is written, it makes the reader seem like they are taking a journey with Curious George as he explores the world Curious George Takes a Job is about Curious George escaping from the zoo in his search to find his friend, the Man with the Bi [...]

  15. Tionna Dorsey

    Curious George Takes a Job by H.A Rey is part of the picture book collection This book is recommended for young children ages 5 to 8 years old P Primary Curious George Takes a Job is about the little monkey named George who escapes from the zoo to see what the outside world feels like He s on a mission to find his old friend, the guy that actually brought him to the zoo from Africa In the midst of Curious George looking for his old friend, while traveling through the city he gets hired to work O [...]

  16. Chloey Jones

    In the heart of the city a curious monkey named George cleverly escapes from the zoo As he begins exploring the cit he stumbles across an Italian restaurant getting caught up in the fun of spaghetti After getting caught the owner made him clean up realizing he held great potential working with four hands, George was given a job washing windows at an apartment The only rule given was to not be curious and look in people s windows which was to hard for George to not do when he discovered a room wi [...]

  17. Israel Graves

    Classic Picture book Curious George is truly a classic picture book Children of all ages can go along with Curious George on his many adventures The best thing about Rey s Curious George book Curious George Takes a Job is that children can relate to George in this book Like many children George experiences feelings of curiousity,anxiousness,excitement,and fear In one of the scenes in the book Curious George is told Don t be curious or you ll get in trouble Surely children have experienced gettin [...]

  18. Briana Apuzzo

    Curious George is by far one of my favorite children s characters In reference to my quote in class Hey that s me in the story definately is conveyed to our young audience While reading it to my younger brother, he laughs and giggles, because right off the bat he can relate to George Like Wyatt, Curious George may start out with the best of intentions but ever persevering curiosity prevails every time In this case, Curious George tries to take up a job as a window cleaner, but finds himself dist [...]

  19. Brian McLachlan

    spoilers ahead George escapes from the zoo and tries to become a productive member of society be getting a job Along the way, he ends up discovering a beautiful artistic side but is persecuted for it When the Man with the Yellow Hat reads in the paper that his now famous monkey friend hurt his leg escaping an angry mob, and is hospitalized, he rushes to phone the hospital Not to go visit him and cheer him up, but to ask the staff to alert him when the drama is over and George is discharged The M [...]

  20. Cara

    Curious George was never one of my favorites, but my son loves him.His antics were outrageous, even compared to the TV show which I m surprised to admit that I actually prefer ShockingGeorge busts out of the zoo and into a restaurant and eats a bunch of spaghetti and trashes the kitchen Because he did this, he s forced to clean dishes and because he cleaned them in record time, he s recommended to go wash windows on a skyscraper Of course he can t follow his orders and not watch people, so he de [...]

  21. Nitya Sivasubramanian

    It took reading this book to realize how far children s literature has come in the past few decades Curious George is definitely a favorite around our house, especially since we have our own curious little monkey getting into fixes everywhere we turn But whereas his current incarnation often finds himself in safe and educational trouble, this early edition has him escaping from a zoo, working as window washer and finding his way into the movie business After a shocked outburst at the turn of eve [...]

  22. Shanna Gonzalez

    This is another of the Reys gleeful books of monkey business In this one, George escapes from the zoo, wanders into a restaurant and gets caught eating the pasta, takes a job as a window washer and gets distracted painting a jungle scape in someone s apartment , and takes a fall from the fire escape, landing himself in the hospital, where the man with the yellow hat comes to rescue him.The book is characterized by the excellent writing of the classic Curious George series, with fast moving actio [...]

  23. Asho

    This was one of my favorite books when I was growing up, and I can t wait to introduce it to my son I have such strong memories of all of the images in this book I still sometimes think about George playing in the big pot of spaghetti when I make pasta for dinner Definitely a classic ETA July 2016 Read this to both kids tonight S had heard it before, but it was L s first time I ve read many Curious George and Curious George knock off books at this point, and this one is still the best.

  24. Libby

    One of the Curious George books that I like better I m not a big fan of the series in general , both because George s troubles are not COMPLETELY caused by neglectful adults in later books, the Man in the Yellow Hat just tells George to stay put, then wanders off until the end of the book, and I think REALLY , and because I remember being fascinated by the hospital scenes growing up This is also an original H.A Rey.N likes Curious George so much that he has the first few lines of most of the boo [...]

  25. Kelly Tannhauser

    Curious George Takes a Job is one of the first books in the Curious George Series The story is about the jobs that George finds after he escapes from the zoo The illustrations are very thorough They are colorful and unique H.A Rey and Vipah Interactive did an excellent job and creating illustrations that grabbed the reader s attention The detail in each one of the depictions directly correlate with the text and storyline Curious George Takes a Job would be a great book to use in younger elementa [...]

  26. Robert

    I am not a Curious George fan This makes no sense The man in the yellow hat stole George from Africa But in this book, George is in a zoo What happened By the end of the book, the man in the yellow hat has reclaimed George to pawn him off as a movie star This is, of course, after George mucks up everything from when he escaped the zoo At one point George becomes high off of sniffing ether Entirely dated Why would a restaurant owner not freak out if he found a monkey in his kitchen Who would hire [...]

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