The Reluctant Guardian (2020)

The Reluctant Guardian SusanneDietze The Reluctant Guardian Under the Spy s ProtectionWhen Gemma Lyfeld inadvertently interrupts a dangerous smuggling operation in her English village she s rescued by a mysterious Scottish spy Now with criminals after her and
  • Title: The Reluctant Guardian
  • Author: SusanneDietze
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Reluctant Guardian SusanneDietze Under the Spy s ProtectionWhen Gemma Lyfeld inadvertently interrupts a dangerous smuggling operation in her English village, she s rescued by a mysterious Scottish spy Now with criminals after her and her hopes for an expected marriage proposal recently dashed, she will make her society debut in London But not without the man tasked with protecting her Covert governmentUnder the Spy s ProtectionWhen Gemma Lyfeld inadvertently interrupts a dangerous smuggling operation in her English village, she s rescued by a mysterious Scottish spy Now with criminals after her and her hopes for an expected marriage proposal recently dashed, she will make her society debut in London But not without the man tasked with protecting her Covert government agent Tavin Knox must keep Gemma safe from the criminals who think she can identify them a mission he never wanted But as he escorts her and her rascally nephews around London, the lovely English lass proves braver than he ever imagined Suddenly, the spy who works alone has one season to become the family man he never dreamed he d be.
The Reluctant Guardian SusanneDietze

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One thought on “The Reluctant Guardian

  1. Kav

    Squuueaaallll Regency, romance and intrigue all wrapped up together in one splendiferous story I m swoony and giddy and heart palpitating over it all Handsome, brooding hero who adopts his Scottish brogue when his emotions are deeply stirred Be still my heart and scrape me off the floor Phew And his lady love also known as the irksome woman he has been charged with protecting An independent heroine with a compassionate heart Banter galore and we all know how much I love witty dialogue especially [...]

  2. Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)

    For starters, there are moments of delightfully wry wit that often took me by surprise and had me chuckling Besides the subtle wit, Tavin and Gemma have fabulous banter between them, banter that will keep a smile on your face and have you falling head over heels for them in no time Speaking of falling head over heels Tavin He s Scottish I also sorta see him as Henry Cavill, but that s not really important right now When Tavin s emotions are running especially deep, he slips into a Scottish brogu [...]

  3. Carrie Pagels

    Exceptional Regency by an Exceptional Inspirational Fiction Author I received an advance copy PDF from Susie Dietze, upon my request I am under no obligation to give a review I ve loved all of Ms Dietze s other stories and this book was also wonderful Initially subtle, the spiritual thread weaves stronger as the novel progresses.Gemma is being held emotional hostage by her narcissistic and toxic SIL Her love for her two darling nephews keeps her in place as she awaits a forthcoming marriage prop [...]

  4. Susan Snodgrass

    I do enjoy discovering a new author Sometimes I do wonder if I will like their work, however Susanne Dietze has written a perfectly wonderful book and I most assuredly enjoyed every moment of it The Reluctant Guardian is Dietze s first novel and it is a mighty fine one Set in Regency England and Scotland, with good dose of greatly done suspense, it captured my attention from the very first and I found it difficult to put down Susanne Dietze has created characters that are completely believable a [...]

  5. Bree

    Has to be one of my favorite regency set books of all time The pure joy it gave me while reading it made me sad to have it end I really enjoyed the quick suspense and mystery brought through the book It was a book that fed my craving for love and some mystery.

  6. Rebecca

    There is one true Sovereign, and He is not you The self proclaimed king of smugglers, the Sovereign, has inadvertently crossed paths with an innocent maiden, Gemma Lyfield placing her very life and that of her beloved family in jeopardy Jilted by her s family s match for her future, Gemma reluctantly puts her trust in a man whom she knows very little about, a friend of her brother in law, Tavin Knox, a man well acquainted with covert activity Tavin is certain that since Gemma can identity her a [...]

  7. English

    Susanne Dietze s first novel was also by first read from Love Inspired I have had, mixed experiences, to say the least with many Christian Regencies This one I did enjoy, with the witty banter between the characters, and the original plotline involving a smuggling racket, and an innocuous red cloak in the wrong place and time In some Regencies and Historical Novels there is little or no sense of place or period You can look at maps all you like, but to me it felt like the author might have visit [...]

  8. Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)

    see full review at joyofreadingweb.wordpressThis delightful story has all the elements that I love A swoon worthy hero, a strong capable heroine, tender moments that make you sigh in contentment, a touch of mystery and intrigue, that kept me turning pages, and most of all threads of faith that remind us that forgiveness isn t something we can earn, it is a gift we need only accept.These characters are so well written, that I felt like I was in the story with my friends From early on I found myse [...]

  9. Hazel Robinson

    ForgivenessTavin and Gemma are both struggling with forgiveness Gemma is blaming herself for a fire that killed her parents, and Tavin is blaming himself for the death of a customs agent even though he didn t pull the trigger Tavin feel he have to work at catching bad guys to earn God s forgiveness Emma feels as if she has to take care of her two nephews whom she loves and her sister in law s abuse for what happen to her parents God forgives us all we have to do is ask Gemma stumbles across smug [...]

  10. Kerry Johnson

    What a lovely story The Reluctant Guardian is inspirational historical romance at its finest Clearly the author knows this timeframe well regency England and how to build the romantic tension between hero and heroine Ms Dietze does a superb job setting the stage for the leads and engaging the reader Gemma and Tavin s protector protected relationship begins slowly, but crescendos into a believable sweet friendship romantic relationship I loved watching it all unfold, page after page, and oh The e [...]

  11. Angie Dicken

    Not only was the story satisfying, but Susanne s writing was beautiful and crisp, transporting me to the Regency Era with excellent imagery and historical precision Well done

  12. Trixi

    Gemma Lyfeld has no clue what she did when she wore her red cloak, inadvertently signaling smugglers endangering herself Tavin Knox has orders from his higher ups to protect her at all costs When the danger escalates, can Tavin keep her safe when she scoffs at his every move to protect her and will his heart betray him when it comes to love These two are quite the characters Gemma can be headstrong and independent and that creates quite a few sparks Tavin is the swoon worthy hero I like to read [...]

  13. Regina

    The Reluctant Guardian really kept my attention from the first page to the very last It was full of action and just the right romance This was my first book I have read from Susie Dietze and I have to say she s a first rate writer I love her writing style She kept this reader satisfied, happy, and engaged Gemma Lyfeld is as stubborn as the day is long Gemma s nephews added humor to the story I had to chuckle a few times at their antics Boys will be boys I can just imagine how my grandson will be [...]

  14. Paula Shreckhise

    Wonderful Regency by Susie Dietze This one grabbed me right from the start It took place in London and a country estate Some of it was based on real situations, which I just loved Gemma is almost on the shelf she is devoted to her nephews Petey and Eddie, since her brother Peter and his wife seem to ignore them.Enter Tavin Knox, a friend of her sister Amy s husband Wyling He is rich and titled but has a murky past He now works for the Crown and is very mysterious He has some issues from his past [...]

  15. Nicole

    The Reluctant Guardian 2017 by Susanne Dietze is an entertaining stand alone novel This book was released this past February by Love Inspired Historicals This book comes in all forms including eBook, and is 288 pages in length With a full time job and a busy five year old, this novel took me four days to read I purchased this novel to review The opinions expressed in this review are my own I give this story 5 STARS This book is a Historical Christian Romance set in Britain during the Regency Era [...]

  16. Glenda Parker

    I don t think I have ever read any of Susanne s books before but I really enjoyed this story and hope to read of her work This book is well written and has intriguing characters and situations I know you will enjoy it.Lady Gemma Lyfeld is upset because her neighbor didn t offer her the proposal that she had expected so she puts on her red cloak and goes for a walk She has never heard of the Lady in Red that was a part of the smuggling ring and runs into the head man named the Sovereign She is r [...]

  17. A.M. Heath

    What I Loved I enjoy a good Dietze novel They re always perfect for a quick, light read and The Reluctant Guardian was a prime example of that Dietze engages the reader with vivid historical detail and authentic lingo I appreciate the captivating mystery as well as a very interesting side of the Regency era that I had not heard about before now And Dietze wraps this up with tons of playful banter and a solid message for the soul.Rating and Recommendation I m giving The Reluctant Guardian 4.5 sta [...]

  18. Karen

    I won a copy of the The Reluctant Guardian through a recent giveaway, and I m pleased to say that I enjoyed the story tremendously From realistic characters to a plot full of mystery and intrigue, this book is full of surprises Susanne Dietze is a skilled storyteller Her settings come to life through rich description, complementing the storyline perfectly I was engaged from page one I d give it a definite two thumbs up Looking forward to reading her other books soon

  19. Elizabeth Gaskins

    Thrilling Romantic Amazing I m going to have SUCH a book hangover from this I just finished it 5 minutes ago I already miss Gemma Tavin terribly But I am so glad I read this book The feels Oh, the feels Clapping Susanne Dietze, thank you for this book You re writing was superb

  20. Joy Avery Melville

    will be watching for from Susanne Dietze.This is a LONG NOVEL inside a SHORT VENUE a very well written story Intrigued by the layers within each character.

  21. Jan Hall

    I loved this novel Smugglers, spies, government agents, disfunctional family, fears, independence, faith, forgiveness, love, thugs, guilt, and so much .

  22. Janet

    Wonderful My first read from this author Terrific Unexpected twists and turns, surprising characters The kids in the novel were such a hoot Very enjoyable.

  23. Amy Ballard

    Regency setting with espionage and horses.a winning mix Characters you care to follow to the end appealing sensory imagery throughout offer up the sights, smells, and sounds of London and the English countryside.

  24. Georgianne

    This was very good, and I especially loved the clever banter between Gemma and Tavin and found myself chuckling quite often through the story I m not sure if this is a standalone or series, but I would love to see a sequel

  25. Linda

    This is the second of Susanne Dietze s novels that I have read and she is quickly becoming a must read author for me Set in one of my favorite time periods, The Reluctant Guardian gripped me from the opening pages, and I had to force myself to set it aside when other responsibilities had the audacity to take precedence over reading time The stringent expectations of societal s and the excitement of Gemma s debut albeit belated London season combine with the danger and suspense that Tavin despera [...]

  26. Britney

    The Reluctant Guardian is a wonderful read Susanne Dietze paints vivid pictures with her words, and I loved stepping into the Regency world she created The story of Gemma Lyfeld and her reluctant guardian, rich in details and descriptions, is a charming blend of history, mystery, and romance I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this engaging tale I received a complimentary copy of this book No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.

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