The New Prometheus (2020)

The New Prometheus Andrew Dobell The New Prometheus Shot and left for dead you wake up in a new entirely cybernetic body and now the Corporations want you dead What would you do In a world ruled by faceless uncaring mega corporations Frankie a you
  • Title: The New Prometheus
  • Author: Andrew Dobell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The New Prometheus Andrew Dobell Shot and left for dead, you wake up in a new entirely cybernetic body, and now the Corporations want you dead What would you do In a world ruled by faceless, uncaring mega corporations, Frankie, a young woman who has resisted cybernetics, becomes the victim of a lethal Jacker Gang attack.Shot, and left to die in the slums of Neo London, she is found by a genius cybernShot and left for dead, you wake up in a new entirely cybernetic body, and now the Corporations want you dead What would you do In a world ruled by faceless, uncaring mega corporations, Frankie, a young woman who has resisted cybernetics, becomes the victim of a lethal Jacker Gang attack.Shot, and left to die in the slums of Neo London, she is found by a genius cybernetic doctor who is on the run from a powerful Corporation Seeing an opportunity to finish his latest cybernetic masterpiece, he transplants Frankie s brain into a powerful prosthetic body.Frankie has barely woken up when the Corporation s forces attack and kidnap the doctor, forcing Frankie to go on the run in her new cybernetic body Pursued by corporation Special Forces, cybernetic agents and hulking Mechs, Frankie must fight to survive and choose what to do with her new body and its incredible abilities.Frankie must overcome the shock of her new body, survive ruthless attacks and figure out who to trust if she is to save the doctor s life and strike her first real blow against the tyrannical Corporations.This new Cyberpunk action thriller is a must read for fans of Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Appleseed, Akira, The Matrix, Robocop and Total Recall.
The New Prometheus Andrew Dobell

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    Andrew Dobell

One thought on “The New Prometheus

  1. Iori

    I liked it, it reminded me so much of ghost in the shell with the actions, but the Corporations owned world kinda scared me I wish it never happen in reality that would be not frightening I can t wait for book 2.

  2. Alastar

    A new LoveI really enjoyed reading this book it had a lot of good moments I went out and bought the other 2 books which I will read next looking forward to many adventures with Frankie

  3. Christianto Sumbung

    All action until the sudden abrupt endStarted out well Very fast paced and reasonably well written Plot line was rather shallow which is what the book was aiming for anyway Good action sequences and was quite enjoying it until the story abruptly ended About as blatant as a too be continued as can be.

  4. Rebecca Blackwell Read

    In a future world where the structures of Neo London are built above the ruins of the old city, Frankie is a young woman who finds herself caught up in an underground turf war and is saved by a scientist who places her brain into a cybernetic body This is a fast paced and action packed cyberpunk novel that draws on plenty of influences from existing franchises within the genre from the author s notes, the similarities are intentional The plotline is fairly shallow, which is good if you re lookin [...]

  5. Elaina Myers

    Excellent sci fi cybernetics storyI love how Frankie started out trying to help those cast aside by corporate greed, starts fivbting PsyTech to save herself amd others who are attacked by the corpo, and ends up with an offer from a secret government agency to help free the people and the government from corporation control I did feel horrible for what happened to her and other civilians, which just highlights how great the need is for justice and honor to reclaim the world.People who want power [...]

  6. Tom Sims

    An interesting start to a series A short novel surrounding the heroine Frankie, a young woman who works apparently and in her spare time visits the undercity of post apocalyptic neo London a slow starter but pace, and action, soon hots up fights and running and rolling from one attack to another before the end boss battle vs the first tiers of one of the multi national Corporations.To be harsh there are some repetitive moments in a short space of time and Frankie s dismay shock at her circumstan [...]

  7. Tony Hisgett

    I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a great story It only had a couple of minor irritations.I thought the World created by the author was very interesting but I did have some doubts about the credibility of a society that voluntarily has implants put into their brains that allows a corrupt corporation to hack into them and take over their minds I also wasn t too sure about the ending, although it does give the author a different way into the next book in the series, which I will defini [...]

  8. daniel clark

    A decent ciberpunkWell I could say a lot but ill keep it short to me this read like a b rated action flick with little character development and lots of plot holes it draws heavily and I do mean heavily from all the cyberpunk of the past crazy doctor check unwilling heroine check evil corporations check grizzled detective check the list goes on honestly it s not that bad if you like things like this although it does need another edit and the heroine really needs to stop monologing seriously she [...]

  9. Bob Clarkson

    Gonna Spend Some MoneyOpportunities 1 Better beta readers to catch the through threw glitches.2 Something That vibration I missed something that didn t fit is driving me crazy I need a re read to find it.Successes 1.Fast paced and riveting No pun intended 2.Logically sequenced 3 The antagonist is as black and villainous as one can possibly get, and you can see it developing now 4 If I could be an android, I want to be like Frankie maybe her equal and love interest if androids can dream.

  10. Frank Bertino

    Action Then Hyper ActionFrankie is a compelling character who tries to do good by helping people who have been screwed over by the corporations In this she almost loses her life I like her moral integrity and drive to help people I enjoyed the story since I like it when the protagonist can gain power and strength to successfully battle greedy power hungry organizations I look forward to the next book.

  11. Mark Smiles

    Nicely doneThe writing is stylish with not too many obscure tech ideas to overwhelm the plot This girl is seriously butt kicking corporate flunkies everywhere Perhaps in the future we will see Japanese corporate ninjas in the mix.

  12. Shaun Fuller

    EnjoyableA solid story, can definitely see the connections between his favorite films It s some of the minor details that make me go 3 stars Chance of spoiler, if each set of nanites

  13. Ann Zdunczyk

    WowWasn t sure were this was going but glad I stuck it out Corporations, I hate them too They get to big and think they can do no wrong

  14. Skip Maslan

    ExcellentThis was good Lots of action good story and quick pacing Interesting characters, strong and vulnerable at the same time I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next installment

  15. Ihijump

    Needed editing The book was rife with grammar errors and typos Also a lot of situations were not properly thought out However, I enjoyed the pace of the book and might buy the sequel.

  16. Matty

    GOOD READI enjoyed the moral delima the main character went through in trying to understand what makes a person a person, how much of your identity is linked to your physical form Enough action for the junkie in me with a solid ending leading to the next Will definitely read the next.

  17. Pixel

    While reading the new Prometheus summary I already knew I was going to like this book, now that I ve read the book I completely love it Don t get me wrong good summaries are often than not disappointing since you can t derive the quality of a novel from a couple sentences but this time my good feeling proved true The plot, the characters, the world building even the writing style a part from some minor issues all just fit just right My one and only complaint would be that I would ve liked some [...]

  18. David Bennett

    Good fun cyberpunk Fast paced story with classic bad guys and an easy read Loved the lit references too Highly recommended and looking forward to

  19. Leslie Baptiste

    Very fast, fun read.This is a very fun read, left some questions unanswered, waiting for a second book in series for total evaluation Most of all I enjoyed this book so if you re looking for something fast quick and fun read this.

  20. Peter Morena

    5 starsNon stop action Great read Corporations run amok Cyber is common place but with no oversight That means the corporation can send a signal to your implants or medical nano bots and you drop dead just like that Read Frankies battle against the corporation.

  21. Shoulanda August

    I m hooked.I didn t really know what to think about this book but once I sat and focused I was hooked Caught up in this futuristic world run by greedy corporations that don t value human life Loved all the action, mystery, and a sense of honor.

  22. Adam Woodruff

    Different take on new worldThe unlikely heroine Frankie just can t say no even to herself A new direction for the other but well written and worth the read.

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