Es soll Liebe sein (2020)

Es soll Liebe sein Kate Saunders Es soll Liebe sein Ben und Frederick sind charmant gutaussehend und v llig unwiderstehlich Leider sind sie auch unordentlich jeglicher Arbeit abgeneigt und komplett nutzlos Cassie dagegen ist sehr organisiert bei Job
  • Title: Es soll Liebe sein
  • Author: Kate Saunders
  • ISBN: 9783596167555
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
Es soll Liebe sein Kate Saunders Ben und Frederick sind charmant, gutaussehend und v llig unwiderstehlich Leider sind sie auch unordentlich, jeglicher Arbeit abgeneigt und komplett nutzlos Cassie dagegen ist sehr organisiert bei Job, Freund, Karriere Sie kennt die Jungs schon seit ihrer Kindheit Die Mutter der beiden, Phoebe, erf hrt, dass sie nicht mehr lange zu leben hat Sie bittet Cassie, f r ihBen und Frederick sind charmant, gutaussehend und v llig unwiderstehlich Leider sind sie auch unordentlich, jeglicher Arbeit abgeneigt und komplett nutzlos Cassie dagegen ist sehr organisiert bei Job, Freund, Karriere Sie kennt die Jungs schon seit ihrer Kindheit Die Mutter der beiden, Phoebe, erf hrt, dass sie nicht mehr lange zu leben hat Sie bittet Cassie, f r ihre S hne passende Ehefrauen zu suchen Cassie kann Phoebe diesen letzten Wunsch nicht abschlagen Aber wie soll sie ihre anspruchsvollen Freundinnen davon berzeugen, es mit Ben und Frederick zu probieren Und warum hat sie das dumme Gef hl, bei ihren Kuppelversuchen etwas Wichtiges zu bersehen
Es soll Liebe sein Kate Saunders

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One thought on “Es soll Liebe sein

  1. Limonessa

    After a rather depressing experience with the umpteenth vampire book, I was looking for some shallow, vapid, preferably British chick lit that would hopefully keep occupied only 2 neurons of my brain.I picked up this book, hoping that the cherries on the cover would be a sure sign of what I was looking for And up to a certain page, it actually was kind of what I expected.The premises were all there we meet Cassie, an overachieving editor at a literary magazine and her boyfriend Matthew, an overa [...]

  2. Angie

    I picked this one up based on the recommendation of the trusty Emily of Emily and Her Little Pink Notes may she blog again soon Prior to Emily s review I d never heard of Kate Saunders before and so went in knowing next to nothing but that it was a rather obscure British chick lit and Emily was awfully fond of it And that s essentially enough in my book I had a little trouble finding a copy, but then my Christmas elves came through for me once and I received a copy of BACHELOR BOYS as a gift th [...]

  3. Netty

    I definitely wasn t looking for it I sure as hell didn t expect to find it This book as been sitting by my bed for six weeks, a library book with 3 renewals I was pretty sure I was going to have to renewal for a fourth time if I didn t pick it up soon and read it SoI picked it up I picked it up this morning while the rain came down and the temperature dropped I picked it up with little or no enthusiasm The cover told me it was a chick flit with a young adult theme I read the back and formed no o [...]

  4. Erika

    This was a cute book in my opinion There were some expected plots, but it kept my brain working It left me thinking I knew what was going on, but some of my assumptions were totally wrong I say if you re looking for a good beach read, this is a great choice And I got it in the bargin bin so you probably can get a good deal for it.

  5. Carla

    I m embarrassed to admit this, but I ll go ahead and tell you Even though this is mostly silly chick lit, it actually made me cry Something about the author s portrayal of these men and their relationships with women just tore me up.

  6. Ashley S.

    This is a book that anyone will read and fall in love with At least I hope they would It s extremely bittersweet and I love the fact that is was not a cliched love story that was extremely unrealistic and ridiculously far fetched I have come to notice that Saunder s tends to write in believable voice and sticks to an identifiable story line, one of which we can semi or whole heartedly relate too Cass is extraordinary and displays an insightful and shrewd characteristic even as a child Her relati [...]

  7. Jule

    4th read Still one of my very favorite chick lit novels Those Darling brothers are quite the catch So glad I chose to reread it on vacation 3rd read Still as awesome as the first time I read it It s funny, makes you cry and let s you think positive about the future I basically swallowed this book in two days and it s such an amazing read, which makes you realize that there s always a silver lining, no matter what happened in the past Awesome book

  8. Christina

    I didn t really enjoy reading this one.It was hard to get into, depressing, and predictable The cover was interesting than the actual story.Don t waste your time

  9. Anastasia Cynthia

    Tampan tapi tidak berguna, begitulah Cassie Shaw menjabarkan perangai kedua putra keluarga Darling Well, kehidupannya memang sempurna Ia menjabat menjadi seorang editor kondang di sebuah redaksi majalah, flat milik pribadi, dan tak lupa seorang kekasih yang luar biasa menawan Namun, hari yang tidak diinginkannya tiba, Phoebe Darling ibu dari kedua teman masa kecilnya, wanita berumur senja, pengidap penyakit keras, pemilik tatapan sebisa mungkin memercikkan seutas semangat Phoebe bukan sekadar te [...]

  10. ais ariani

    cerita klasik persahabatan antara pria dan wanita, ditambah dengan kedekatan yang hangat antara Chasssie Shaw dan Keluarga Darlingassie Shaw merupakan wanita awal tiga puluhan yang lahir dari keluarga menengah di London Masa kecilnya banyak dihabiskan di rumah tetangganya, keluarga Darling dan tak heran yang ia anggap keluarga adalah bukan Bapak dan Ibu biologisnya, melainkan Phoebe, Jimmy dan kedua anak laki laki mereka Fritz dan Ben di buku ini digambarkan Chassie dimintai tolong oleh Phoebe y [...]

  11. Aileen

    You know from the very beginning that Phoebe has cancer, and that she s dying from it That is why when you read this and you start crying your eyes out, you know this is a great book When an author can tell you what s going to happen, and you still don t want to accept it, and when you are forced to you start bawling, you know you have a great book This is a GREAT book I usually try to stay away from book with cancer in it, but since this was a Christmas gift, I had to read it, and I was SO SO S [...]

  12. Emilyandherlittlepinknotes

    I picked up this book years ago while I was in a bookstore, I had no idea who Kate Saunders was, I love cherries and the cover got my attention.This it s an obscure piece of chick lit, unfortunately so because it s a brilliant book, fresh and wise.Phoebe Darling is dying of leukemia and worried about what will become of her boys 30 ish sons Ben and Fritz, sweet artistic types with no particular plans to leave home so she turns to Cassie for help Cassie s family used to live close to the Darlings [...]

  13. Erin

    A few months ago I was lamenting the current state of chick lit It seems like a genre that was once exploding with great reads, died quickly with little to no forewarning Emily shared my dismay and made a great recommendation of If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend, which I listed as one of my unexpected treasures of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week When she recommended another chick lit title, Bachelor Boys I immediately set out to find it which ended in a semi embarrassing moment at the library w [...]

  14. Sara Diane

    My sister lent me her copy and said it was a good book Since my sister has fairly decent taste, I took it home I started reading it on a lunch break to kill time I couldn t put it down I stayed up to 4 am reading and had to stop 30 pagesfrom the end due to sheer exhaustion The most shocking thing is that this book brought tears to my eyes on a couple of occasions I didn t expect it, but Saunders made her characters so vivid that they touched me deeply Saunders is British and there are a few thin [...]

  15. Mark Gaulding

    I must admit that Chick Lit is my secret indulgence along with Gay Lit I love books that transport me from my dreary existence I m male and gay Sometimes they do it nobly Sometimes they do it trashily Merriam Webster says it s a word merriam webster dictio This is somewhere in between The characters and the prose are distinctly British The boys are multi dimensional and go through a transition that you don t usually see the male form do in Chick Lit Ditto for the heroine This was a great read It [...]

  16. Laura

    So I picked up this book by British author Kate Saunders and a few chapters in thought it was pretty light a chick lit version of Bridget Jones with a matchmaker reminiscent of Jane Austen s Emma as the main character I m so glad I kept reading Saunders characters are loveable AND flawed, and the book deals with heavy issues like death, grief, and the sale of a childhood home with such grace Ultimately, the book is about the search for love and acceptance we all undertake I m looking forward to [...]

  17. Dewi

    Kisah tentang seorang ibu menjelang sekarat, dua anak laki laki yang masih lajang, seorang anak perempuan yang tumbuh dari keluarga minim sentuhan emosi, pacar keren tapi kurang terasa nyaman dan segudang sahabat perempuan.Kate Saunders berhasil meramu cerita ini dengan menarik Yang membuat berat adalah agak bertele tele pada sisi pencarian jati diri Fritz Btw saya lebih suka judul Darling Boys pada terjemahan bahasa Indonesia.

  18. Samt77

    this is one of my favourite books to re read I first read it not long after my grandmother had passed away from cancer, and the emotions that the family go through seemed very real There s a lot of sorrow in the book, but a lot of hope And a lot of humour It s chick lit, but it s not hackneyed, clich d chick lit.And I have a certain fondness now for the phrase the fast train to Potter s bar

  19. Kate (VerbVixen)

    Bachelor Boys I m not talking about the tv show I m talking about the book by Kate Saunders It s definitely a chicklit book, but surprisingly well done It s not all Oh I love him, does he love me He does Great It takes on cancer, death, grief and life in beautiful ways It was so much than a romcom and that made me very happy Also, the characters are British and who doesn t like some good british slang in their writing

  20. Joleen

    This book is so utterly cheesy but I cannot help but love it I bought it at a thrift store many years ago and I have read it several times I did however forget about this book until I was packing some of my books up I immediately grabbed it and read it on a road trip and was consumed with how much I remembered forgotten This book is such a light hearted read that I couldn t put it back down until I was done.

  21. Elinor

    My second Kate Saunders novel, but certainly not my last The cover blurb and the premise make it sound like the most vapid of chick lit books, but instead the characters are well developed, and the theme I guess the cycle of life would be the best way to describe it create some lasting memories The romance sex is pretty steamy, too

  22. Pebble

    When I picked up Bachelor Boys, I had expected a light romantic chick lit By the time I put it down, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach Just having lost my father to cancer, I thought the book did a beautiful job of portraying living life the best you can while trying to deal with someone close to you dying, and the reality of death and loss.

  23. JenniferB

    This was a random book on a shelf I was trying to clear out Didn t have high hopes for this book, but was really suprised how much I enjoyed it I thought it would be a silly girlie book and for the most part it was but it was also very sweet and emotional Not sure I would recommend it but it was much better than I expected.

  24. Lindsay

    The premise of this book is light hearted but the story is anything but I started the book on recommendations from some of my favorite bloggers and quickly fell in love with the characters I even surprised myself by crying on the train at a few bits Lovely book, can t wait to read by Ms Saunders.

  25. aRee

    Bacaan yang ringan Agak mudah tertebak memang dari awal, tapi saya suka cara bukunya menggambarkan kasih seorang ibu yang tidak putus asa pada anak anak lelakinya Dan sebaliknya Saya suka penggambaran kota London dan kehidupan kalangan menengah disana Di atas semuanya, saya suka buku menggambarkan seperti apa keluarga itu Biologis dan jugaografis

  26. Kelly

    4.5 stars because Fritz was such a womanizer and Cassie allowed men to walk all over her and didn t seem upset enough when he was with someone else But I absolutely couldn t put this book down once I started reading it.

  27. Hilly

    2.5 stars Meh Readable language, but I wasn t into the plot Some good scenes that made it worth while to keep reopening the covers, but overall it just lacked some spark that would have elevated the whole book from its plodding progression.

  28. Jennifer

    This book started out slow, but once you get used to the British slang and started to know he characters, it gets good You get emotionally attached to the characters, so much as I was reading this sitting on the Tarmac in Laguardia cryinge stewardess asked me if I was ok

  29. Alexa

    Loved it, loved it, loved it Definitely a favourite of mine, the two bachelors of the story Ben and Fritz were just so realistic and lovable They just make me want to melt An absolutely beautiful story that had me in stiches of laughter and floods of tears 5 Stars

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