A Bark in the Night (The Talking Dog Detective Agency #1) (2020)

A Bark in the Night (The Talking Dog Detective Agency #1) M.K. Scott A Bark in the Night The Talking Dog Detective Agency Out of control preschoolers and their demanding parents has Nala turning private investigator over summer break The idea came from her ability to solve television mysteries before the sleuth did Her a
  • Title: A Bark in the Night (The Talking Dog Detective Agency #1)
  • Author: M.K. Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Bark in the Night (The Talking Dog Detective Agency #1) M.K. Scott Out of control preschoolers and their demanding parents has Nala turning private investigator over summer break The idea came from her ability to solve television mysteries before the sleuth did Her agency motto is discreet inquiries, which means nothing to her wanna be action star father or her competitive mother who are determined to help A hunky veteran turned cop, aOut of control preschoolers and their demanding parents has Nala turning private investigator over summer break The idea came from her ability to solve television mysteries before the sleuth did Her agency motto is discreet inquiries, which means nothing to her wanna be action star father or her competitive mother who are determined to help A hunky veteran turned cop, a helpful neighbor, and a rescue dog that talks only makes things interesting Nala might even start to enjoy the job if whoever is trying to kill her would just give it a break.
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One thought on “A Bark in the Night (The Talking Dog Detective Agency #1)

  1. Merry Chapman

    Once you start reading, you can t put it down A Great first book in a promising series This is the first book in an extremely promising series The characters and humor are fun Nala left her position as a pre school teacher to start her own PI business, despite the urging by her police chief father to enroll in the police academy As she is moving into her new office, even before furnishing, she gets two cases The first is a friend of her mother s about a possible wayward husband The second is a c [...]

  2. Jan

    The premise is good, friend working with rescue dogs sets preschool teacher trying out the PI business up with a bespelled dog who is smart and talks That would be Nala, whose dad is career law enforcement and mom is a pushy businesswoman The mystery is good, and the characters certainly are But the best part is the humor The verbal cracks me up, and the situational has me choking on my caffeine Don t miss this one, especially if you need an escape from whatever

  3. Alan Pinck

    A very good read that could have been a great read with a little better editing or beta readers I picked up an ARC so perhaps some of the problems have been fixed or maybe the problems were only in the epub version Anyway, the story line and character development was well above average I particularly enjoyed the way the story did not take itself too seriously.

  4. Donna

    Nb I gave this book a 3.5 rating, though as it won t let you give halves above, I rounded up to 4 overall, but have said in my written review that it s a 3.5.This unusual book made for an interesting read but felt very slightly disorganised too, hence the 3.5 rating on that later It s the story of Nala Bonne and her dog Max, a German Shepherd who she s recently adopted from the animal shelter and who she discovers can talk, after a spell was put on him by a previous owner who was a witch of cou [...]

  5. Steph Warren

    I feel this is a promising concept that was not quite developed to its full potential in this first novel.The characters were interesting but the relationships felt stilted and underdeveloped.cially between Nala and Max The bond between them seemed to happen instantly, rather than developing as they got to know each other This may be because the author felt an owner pet relationship does form a immediate bond, but I felt that Max s speech and his role as one of the main characters affected that [...]

  6. Andrea Stoeckel

    I received this book as a giveaway I am voluntarily reviewing it It will not show as a verified purchase I realize some people are motivated by money Others by power and the majority by both I want to know how this guy is wired Nala Bonne is ready for a change Her intuition isn t helping her skills as a teacher With her father a chief of police, applying to the academy is out So, she decides to try her hand at being a private investigator With her new sidekick Max, a rescued German Shepherd, she [...]

  7. Thomas

    Nala Bonne, New detective, talking dog, an affinity for different cookie names, a mother who normally gets what she wants, now wants grandchildren, badly, Nala is not dating anyone and a father who is a captain in the police force, wanting her to follow in his footsteps, is keeping an opening for her in the academy After moving into her new office, Nala gets her very first two cases before she is even unpacked A possibly unfaithful husband, and a corporate saboteur She is attacked several times [...]

  8. Gretchen

    Nala is a pre school teacher turned private Investigator, while setting up her new office she is surprised by a rich male voice answering her rhetorical questions only to find that it s the dog she adopted from the animal shelter where her friend works Quickly accepting her dog can talk Nala takes on some cases, she finds Max increasingly helpful and sometimes inappropriate I love Max, his witty cynicism is great His timing sometimes hilarious His intellect not affected by the restriction of bei [...]

  9. Nadine

    Really nice but slow pacedNala is determined to make it as a private eye She is likeable and not at all the hardboiled PI you d imagine She has a talking dog Max and that takes some getting used to You have to use your imagination but I really liked it Max is funny and very opinionated There isn t an actual case or not much of it anyway until 28% of the book Before that it s of a build up to some things It is very slow paced Not much happening She has two cases and doesn t seem to carry out eit [...]

  10. Barbara Fricks

    Not what I expected When Max, a rescued German Sheppard, began to talk back to Nala I must admit I thought to myself, This isn t what I really wanted to read Max kinda began to grow on me as did the story Nala has he summer off from her teaching job and is going to try to make it as a PI She has a lot to learn but with her policeman father, her business minded mother, an annoying hacker friend, and Max to help her I think this is going to be a very cute series Though the talking dog is a cute an [...]

  11. Dawn Bradman

    What a fabulous start to what looks like a very promising new series of books Nala Bonne starts a PI agency whilst on a break from teaching and takes on a new partner in the form of an adopted German Shepherd dog called Max But Max is no ordinary dog he can talk This leads Nala into many humorous situations whilst she tries to solve her first two cases The story started slowly but soon picked up pace for an exciting finale Max and Nala make a great team and I cannot wait to read the duo s furthe [...]

  12. Barbara Flowers

    Despite the intriguing premise of this book a former preschool teacher decides to try her hand as a PI and ends up with a talking dog as her partner , it got off to a bit of a slow start The story has a lot going on simultaneously problems in both her business and personal lives, two very different cases, an interfering Mother, her talking dog, and so on Because there are so many aspects to the story, it often seems disjointed In spite of some problems, this series shows promise The characters a [...]

  13. Pete

    This is a very good start to a new series, and it certainly has an interesting premise, an ex teacher who is setting up a new PI business, but has a talking dog for a companion.Quite a lot of this book is detailing how Nala sets up her detective agency, and her first faltering steps with two cases, where she is, in a very real sense learning on the job, and this does make the pace of the book a little slow going.But, on the positive side the characters are very well described and believable, the [...]

  14. Lisa Denn

    A Bark In The Night, the first book M K Scott s The Talking Dog Detective Series, was entertaining but the talking dog scenario did not work for me I m not quite sure why it was annoying as I have read and enjoyed a few paranormal type cozy mysteries where the amateur sleuth s loveable cat has other worldly talents but Nala s talking dog Max seemed out of place in the story To say Max was not a good fit would be an understatement in my opinion.Putting Max off to the side, I thought the book was [...]

  15. Carol

    Yes, I loved it and yes, I want one a dog like Max He is brilliant and I love the relationship that the 2 have In fact, all the characters in this mystery are great annoying and embarrassing when necessary Elvin , bossy and controlling yet caring when necessary Mum Dad , cute and flirty when necessary Goodnight and yes chaos, because real life is like that.Two new cases, at the same time the first, a possible cheating husband and the second, a problem employee with designs on the boss Nala is fi [...]

  16. Woody

    Free download from Bookfunnel mystery week 18th August to 26th August 2017.It had me at the talking dog, what could you want A Woman gives up job as a pre school teacher and opens a P.I Agency Her friend who works at the dog rescue centre gives her Max a talking dog This book is a good introduction to the series and the characters Budding romance starts between Nala and Tyler Goodnight the cop Quirky entertaining funny story Loved all the characters from the mother to overprotective father, to [...]

  17. Ellen White

    A BARK IN THE NIGHT by M K ScottNala has a talking dog, in 3 languages, the one of dog, is the scent She calls him Max, new office as a PI, and with her father being chief of police.When she gets 2 cases, on the other hand, Max talks all the time Her mother and dad trying to set her up for dates How does she explain no there is not a man in my office A first to read by her, found it funny, good flowing plot, that will keep readers interested She has a good start to this series Given ARC for my v [...]

  18. Naticia

    A slow paced cozy PI mystery I found Max in particular an inconsistent character, and so I found it hard to really like him, or Nala, as their relationship bounced back and and forth between solid partners and strangers The mystery plot also developed very slowly, and the only part of the story that seemed like it would become intense turned out to be an overarching plot that wasn t resolved in this book I liked the way the talking dog was handled I d recommend this to readers with patience for [...]

  19. Tam

    Sit Stay READ I had SO MUCH FUN reading this book The dog lover in me couldn t have been happier than to read a book with a talking dog in it This story was fresh and unique, and the characters were humorous, heartwarming and oh so likeable Scott has a real winner with this first book in her new series I received a complimentary ARC of this story in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

  20. Janet Graham

    Great Premise Cute and Cozy Mystery Fun And Funny This story has a great premise that is worked out well The dog human interactions are hilarious The mystery is also well done The characters are complete and the conversations are real I think this series will go far This book ended with a lead in to the next episode, but not in a true cliff hanger fashion I will be reading of this series because they are just too cute to pass up.

  21. Georganne

    Nala and Max make a great pair Nala is changing careers Will she made it as an investigator With the help of overprotective parents she suspects it won t be easy, but her friends give her help in ways she wonders about As she works on her cases, Max adds to her problems Nala s life becomes a hilarious adventure with a lot of twists and turns A cute, fun book for a relaxing afternoon of reading.

  22. Amary Chapman

    Fun to read cozy starring a new PI and her talking dog.The blurbs do not do it justice.This is a fun cozy with hints of romance that appear that Nala may have a love interest in the next book Moves along with friend, family and work issues that add flesh to the tale Well worth the time, don t let the talking dog make you hesitate, it s woven in nicely and even if you aren t a paranormal fan, the humor will grab you.

  23. Kay Tuck

    This was a fun and fast read This is the first book I have read from this author and I really enjoyed it It has a talking dog It is set in Indianapolis, In which isn t far from where I live which made it interesting to me If you like a good mystery then this book is for you I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review I can t wait for the next book.

  24. Debbiebooknerdyoung

    I loved this book, and the idea of a talking dog had me devouring it.Having a talking dog as a sidekickwhat could possibly go wrong hahah.Of course, Nala can t get Max to talk for just anyone He s selective when it comes to speaking in front of people.I will definitely be following this series to see what other cases Max helps Nala solve.

  25. Molly

    A recovering preschool teacher seeks a career as a PI Her sidekick A talking German Shepard mix A fun, yet not hokey, mystery and adventure story The chance for mystery, romance and adventure ahead I was pleased to read an advance copy I m looking forward to adventures with this young detective and her opinionated dog.

  26. June

    This book is different than the ordinary cozy mystery While Nala is just starting out in the PI business and is looking for new business her new partner puts a different spin to this story Her talking dog is quite entertaining I enjoyed the story and found it quite funny The characters have unique qualities that puts this story in a different class than others of this genre.

  27. Barbara Hackel

    What a fun book Nola decides to become a private eye and get out of the pre school teaching business It makes sense since she is the daughter of the police chief and has been shooting a gun since she was a tot, learned defensive driving maneuvers before she got her driver s license, and can solve any tv crime in the first ten minutes of the show She thought about having a partner in the business, but ended up with a dog instead thanks to her best friend who works at a kill shelter In an effort n [...]

  28. Paula

    Some grammatical errors, but still a fun cozy mystery Nala, a retired school teacher, becomes a PI Her father is a police officer Her friend gets her to rescue a dog Turns out the dog, Max, can talk

  29. Pat Eroh

    How cool is a talking dog Who wouldn t fall in love with Max, the sarcastic talking dog who is a partner is solving mysteries I want a dog like Max So he might be annoying sometimes and get you in trouble maybe But this story is awesome I think I m hooked on another series

  30. Patricia White

    Loved this book The cover caught my attention Then after the first page I couldn t put it down The characters were great I loved Max To me he was what made the whole book I received this book for free for an honest review

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