Magdalen Rising: The Beginning (2020)

Magdalen Rising: The Beginning Elizabeth Cunningham Magdalen Rising The Beginning Young Magdalen and Jesus brimming with youthful charm and arrogance find each other and fall in love forging a bond that is stronger than death Their pleasure is overshadowed by a brilliant but unb
  • Title: Magdalen Rising: The Beginning
  • Author: Elizabeth Cunningham
  • ISBN: 9780976684329
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
Magdalen Rising: The Beginning Elizabeth Cunningham Young Magdalen and Jesus, brimming with youthful charm and arrogance, find each other and fall in love, forging a bond that is stronger than death Their pleasure is overshadowed by a brilliant but unbalanced druid who knows a perilous secret about Maeve s past The prequel to The Passion of Mary Magdalen.
Magdalen Rising: The Beginning Elizabeth Cunningham

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One thought on “Magdalen Rising: The Beginning

  1. Lia

    Two and a half But it won t let us gives halves Overall The book didn t work for me In specific there are some well articulated moments see below.I think maybe my hopes were too high for this book I was hoping for a book that really put a female male balanced spiritual world view But instead, I got a strong dose of humanist feminism beating men at their own game scrubbed over with a sort of New Age Celtic goddess magic and powers idea As I read, what I kept hoping for was that the young Maeve wo [...]

  2. G (galen)

    So just what was Jesus doing between the ages of 12 and 30 The time in which the bible is silent about his life has been speculated upon by many, and in this book Elizabeth Cunningham delightfully gives us her two cents We have the narration straight from the mouth of Mary Magdalen, but she is not called that yet no she will not get that name until she travels to the Holy Land Here her name is Maeve, young daughter of eight warrior witches, Celtic priestess in training, a precocious fiery redhea [...]

  3. Grace

    Elizabeth Cunningham s book originally sold under the title _Daughter of the Shining Isles_ tells the story of a woman raised by goddesses on a holy island She goes to the druids to learn their ways, and there meets a man with whom she falls in love Little does she know that this man would someday be known as Jesus Christ This book is a fascinating discussion of paganism and Christianity, and explores the idea of what the lost years of Christ might have entailed Definitely not for the closed min [...]

  4. Katherine

    These novels by Elizabeth Cunningham are a great delight bringing a celtic, feminine side to Christianity, if only it were really so I have always had a strong connection to high fantasy and celtic culture and these are steeped in the best tradition and very well and entertainingly written The fact that Cunningham comes from a long line of Episcopal ministers makes them even interesting These books are like a secret delight you know the are not great literature with a Capital L but they are a g [...]

  5. Peni Renner

    I love historical fiction and when I realized the identity of a certain child, I thought, OMG, what an interesting twist THAT makes Loved it

  6. Lee Ann

    This is the third time in less than six months that I have read this book, and I love it every time I read it Cunningham crafted such a wonderful cast of characters The dynamics between Maeve, Branwen, and Viviane are awesome It s fresh to see two girls that is, Maeve and Viviane who are supposed to be enemies grow to love each other almost as sisters Girls helping girls is such a better trope than girls being catty to each other It s one of the many great feminist lessons this book has to offe [...]

  7. Laura

    The whole Maeve Chronicles series is superlative, highly recommended, one of my favorites I would recommend it for fans of strong women, Celtic fantasy, Biblical reinterpretation, myth and magic, Goddess fiction, the Mists of Avalon In a nutshell, Mary Magdalen is re visioned as a Celtic ex pat and Jesus wife, a magical and strong and sometimes foolish woman, and her tale spans the course of four well researched and well written books Written with cheek and humor and glory and beauty, all at onc [...]

  8. Neeuqdrazil

    This was I ve just finished it, and I m not entirely sure what it was, or how I feel about it.I adored Maeve as narrator snarky, irreverent, speaking directly to the reader at times, and explaining things without making a big deal of them.But at the same time, I sort of feel that the conceit Jesus training with the Druids on Mona, and Maeve being his other half , not that it took away from the story, exactly, but that it didn t ADD anything to the story Maeve s story by itself, without the addit [...]

  9. Michele

    interesting to think of mary magdalen jesus in this way in NO WAY a Christian book pagan than anything else.

  10. Jeanne

    What an incredible book Made me think, made me chuckle, made me nod my head up and down to the point of headache.

  11. Julie

    Great book I love the Maeve character and can t wait to read the next book in the series to follow her adventures.

  12. Payson

    Love this book It is beautifully written with some truly wonderful imagery and prose Highly recommend.

  13. Belinda Lashea

    This series was so compelling, hilarious, heartbreaking, witchy, and profound, highly recommend Like for real.

  14. Lee Ann

    Wow Wow wow wow Okay So I got this book randomly out of the library because I was like, Oh, Mary Magdalen, my favorite Biblical figure, and, WHOA and a ton of Celtic folklore My favorite Little did I know that this book was 1 SUPER feminist, 2 beautifully written, and 3 really captivating And now it s the topic of my thesis paper I don t even know where to start in my review, I m still so dumbfounded over the book I mean, might as well start at the beginning right The first thing that stood out [...]

  15. Candice

    I first read the second book in this trilogy, The Passion of Mary Magdalen, three years ago I LOVED that book and was curious to read how the story began Turns out that the things I enjoyed about the second book held true for the first one as well Cunningham s creativity in winding the traditional Jesus Mary Madgalene story around other historical venues and cultures the details of the historical setting how she makes the characters come alive the poetry of some of her descriptions the bawdy, so [...]

  16. PJ

    That this book has an average rating of 4.2 stars makes me start to mistrust the ratings on this site.I tried so hard to like this book, I really wanted to I was expecting something along the lines of The Red Tent Biblical stories as told through the women s perspective But I couldn t even get than about 25% through before I had to stop What annoyed me most was the language used in the book It takes place centuries ago, yet the characters use modern language This ruins it for me I don t expect [...]

  17. Tina Glenn

    Judging a book by its cover I did it and I m sad.For years I ve been wanting to purchase a series of books well the first one and then I realized that there is a series and it made me want them even I m a historical fiction nerd not the bodice rippers per se except the Diana Gabaldon series of Outlander I really love reading fiction based in paleolithic, neolithic, early britain, gaul, etc etc Currently I m on a Saxon Nordic binge.So, this series began because I saw the coolest book cover I rea [...]

  18. Vanessa

    I wanted to like this book so much than I did, especially as I really enjoyed The Passion of Mary Magdalen, which this book is the prequel to I guess I didn t find Maeve s earlier years as interesting as I did her time as a slave in Rome and then in the Holy Land, and I was also expecting of Esus in it, since she tells their love story so brilliantly to the other whores in The Passion of Mary Magdalen Then again, knowing how Maeve feels about truth and good storytelling , I guess I should ve e [...]

  19. Alena Orrison

    Didn t want it to end This is one of those stories that I m sad when I reach the end, not because the ending is sad which it sort of is but because I want the story to go on Thankfully it does in the next book As far as the story goes, it is obvious there was lots of research done regarding the Celts of that time I don t know much, but what I do know was portrayed accurately It s an interesting tale to read I like the idea of Mary Magdalene as a Celt and Jesus going to a Druid college to study T [...]

  20. Jean

    A beautiful and fanciful retelling of the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalen, when they were teenagers training in Celtic lands to become bards He was called Esus, and she was Maeve Maeve was brought up on a magical Isle with 8 Mothers, who told her that her Father was a God The Irish worship Nature and all its glory Esus is confused about Celtic custom and lore, but there are many missing years of his life that have not been commented on in the Bible It is thought he traveled all over Europe and [...]

  21. Pam Brown

    I m disappointed that it s not even meant to be a serious attempt at historical fiction, but I like the author s writing style, and she tells a good story As long as I know not to entertain even a bit of trust, it s good brain candy I also enjoyed the Dexter books that were the source for the character in the Dexter TV show The Dexter information was reliable than the Magdalene information, but it s fun The reliability of the Magdalene series is somewhere between Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter. [...]

  22. Silke

    This book swept me away from page one, but let me go again halve way through the book.I loved the way Maeve Magdalena was portrayed Such a fiery hearted young woman, a warrior in the flesh but also with the tongue.I was especially pleased with the down to earth narration, I even found myself chuckling at certain passages of the book I might understand that there are people out there who don t like the mentioning of rock stars, New York and so on, but it worked for me It was Maeve talking to me, [...]

  23. Don Booty

    Elixabeth Cunningham is a born story teller, a trait apparently passed on by her Irish ancestors The story she tells in this novel is a wonderful mix of historical, archeological and religious perspectives on not just the fascinating Celtic culture, but also an intriguing explanation for the mysterious missing time in the life of Jesus And her imagining of Magdalen yes, the very same Magdalen most beloved by Jesus in the Gospels is stunning, in the way the author brings to full and juicy life a [...]

  24. Monika

    Initially, I did not enjoy this at all First it was a lot of talk about celtic mythology type stuff which really didn t interest me Second of all I was really disliking the Maeve, both because of the voice in which she was written and because of her behaviour attitudes she just was not likable Around pg 100 I was going to stop reading, I just couldn t bear it, but I was disappointed I wasn t liking it so I read a bit further Around pg 120 it gets a bit better Admittedly there were still sections [...]

  25. Jody

    I had a little trouble starting this book but wow, once I got into it, I found I couldn t put it down In this story, Magdalen called Maeve is a Celt who has a witchy background She sees that she is a soulmate to Jesus Esus and they meet at Druid college They fall in love, but she is raped by Foxface a Druid who turns out to be her father as well He kills himself Esus is sent off quietly but the Druids blame Maeve as they had planned to sacrifice him Her baby is taken away and the story ends with [...]

  26. Natalia Iwanyckyj

    The Maeve Chronicles are my favorite adult book series I have read, reread, and read twice I adore everything about Magdalen Rising her voice, her story, the characters In this first book, Maeve comes of age, leaves her mothers, and goes to study at a Druid college where she meets Yeshua A wise woman prophecies that Maeve will be a great lover, and this is the foundation of the series Maeve learns to love all and sees God in each person she encounters I m a little bit jealous of those starting [...]

  27. Isaac

    Honestly I didn t know what to think when I first started to read this book I guess I sorta had an idea already in mind and when I realized it wasn t what I thought, I began to resent it early on Giving it a second chance, I can say that I m so GLAD that I decided to do so The book is AWESOME and is what GREAT fiction is all about MAEVE is a character that is to be reckoned with Magick, Mystery, and Romance gotta love it I can t wait to finish this book and get onto the next two Cheers.

  28. Luna Pantera

    This book is a must for people who are curious about Mary Magdalene Ms Cunningham presents a fiction version that is unlike most we have seen Mauve as we are introduced to her is the daughter of Seven Warrior Witches that comes to the Isle of the Druids to learn the ancient mysteries, where she meets her twin soul Esu.There love is forbid, but that doesn t stop our red head vixen This is the first of a series of three books the last to be published next year If you love the sacred whore, Wicca, [...]

  29. Jennifer Louden

    I wish I could give this almost 4 stars I loved her books The Wild Mother and the Return of the Goddess and while this is a very well written and stunning original historical novel, I found it overly long, without the story moving forward, or a good reason for why stuff was happening It was interesting and wild but not enough forward momentum for me, so at times I got a bit bored But will read in the series I believe.

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