Daniel (2020)

Daniel Keith Yocum Daniel On Jan during some of the darkest days of the Vietnam War an American soldier walked out of the jungle and onto an isolated US Army firebase in the Central Highlands The stranger had no ide
  • Title: Daniel
  • Author: Keith Yocum
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Daniel Keith Yocum On Jan 17, 1972, during some of the darkest days of the Vietnam War, an American soldier walked out of the jungle and onto an isolated US Army firebase in the Central Highlands The stranger had no identification, was in good health and otherwise seemed normal But there was a problem While the stranger said his name was Daniel Carson, he could remember almost nothing elOn Jan 17, 1972, during some of the darkest days of the Vietnam War, an American soldier walked out of the jungle and onto an isolated US Army firebase in the Central Highlands The stranger had no identification, was in good health and otherwise seemed normal But there was a problem While the stranger said his name was Daniel Carson, he could remember almost nothing else Quiet and reserved, he could not explain where he came from or why he had mysteriously shown up on Firebase Martha Attempts by the base commander to confirm Daniel s identity turned up even odd details Battalion reported that a soldier named Daniel Carson and fitting the description provided by the commander had been Killed In Action the week before Who was Daniel Was he a deserter A faker A lunatic Or was he something altogether different Was he a lucky charm or a savior sent to rescue the unfortunate soldiers on Firebase Martha The answers to these questions are not revealed until 1976 when three survivors from the firebase meet after the war in a bar in Washington, D.C and agree spontaneously to visit Daniel s parents in nearby suburban Virginia What they find shakes them to the core.
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One thought on “Daniel

  1. Ronald

    I was interested in reading something regarding the Vietnam War Nam was a big factor in our lives when I was in High School This novel gave me good insight into what life was like on a base in country It is interesting and I enjoyed the read If your interested in Nam then you probably would enjoy it, if not skip it.

  2. Stephen Newport

    Loved this book Yocum is a great story teller The book is riveting without falling back on cheap tactics to keep you engaged.

  3. John Podlaski

    Daniel, by Keith Yocum, is one of the most unique books that I ve ever read about the Vietnam War The story captivates you right from the start and keeps you guessing about this new visitor For most of the book, I thought Daniel to be either a ghost or an Archangel with a mission to protect this outpost from being overrun by enemy soldiers Yes, it is late in the war and many U.S troops had already left the country, those remaining were simply in a defensive posture awaiting their turn nobody wan [...]

  4. Roger Gloss

    Daniel is worth reading, with a very engaging plot and a number of well developed characters The ending is also satisfying It s impressive that Yocum can pull off this story about the Vietnam War without having participated in the conflict The book is fiction, but Yocum s Postscript would seem to imply otherwise I found that a little confusing Also, in my view the author s pacing and writing style are somewhat uneven too much trivial dialog, some awkward phrasing here and there, and a few labori [...]

  5. Mary McGuire

    As a civilian, I give it a 5I m a 62 year old woman who has never really understood the Vietnam War, neither why we were in it or why we left it as we did As part of completing my own bucket list I ve decided to do some research However, I did not want to start with dry, informative military books I picked this up and could not put it down Yes, it may seem far fetched to some, but if you live long enough both magic and the supernatural comes back into your life I won t insult those brave soldier [...]

  6. Denise Fraser

    I was in grade school during the Vietnam War, so I remember the protests and the draft and my parents talking about the politics of the conflict Maybe that s why I ve always been fascinated by it But as I ve grown older, I realize exactly how young and inexperienced those soldiers sent to Vietnam were This book is billed as paranormal fiction it has a surrealistic feel to it as it describes the young soldiers fear and confusion.

  7. Kendra

    I bought this book because I loved the concept Unfortunately, the concept was poorly executed with bad prose, needless amounts of cussing, and too much telling instead of showing I stuck with it to the end to find out the truth about Daniel, and frankly, it was the best part of the whole book The truth about Daniel was far thrilling than any of the action scenes, which mostly fall flat I m a fan of war stories but this one didn t do it for me.

  8. Ted Kendall

    I liked Matterhorn, a fictional account of Viet Nam and so this book was recommended to me by I rate it just as highly as Matterhorn Except better in terms of the suspense Just when you think you have figured it out, this book takes some sharp hairpin turns and gets even better An excellent, roller coaster ride of a book.

  9. Deborah

    DanielI don t usually read military fiction but I was intrigued by the mysterious Daniel It was that mystery that kept me reading to the end A good read.

  10. Judith S Reynolds

    DanielI don t read a lot of fiction but I m changing my mind after reading this book I really enjoyed this one It was well written and Very very exciting I loved it

  11. Leigh Clayton

    I bought this book as it was only 50p on the Kindle and needed something to read on holiday.I didn t know what to expect but thought the book was rather good, if somewhat poorly written.

  12. Iris AE

    Excellent and not what one would ordinarily expect from a Vietnam novel at all Fast paced and highly gripping.


    DanielGreat story, beginning to end I did not set this book down until I finished it The Lord works in mysterious ways

  14. Tom

    A really strange novel Starts off a little slow, builds to an exciting middle, and ends suddenly is a totally different way than expected Was Daniel real, was he a ghost, was he an angel

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