Resist (2020)

Resist Emily Ann Putzke Resist Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN Munich Germany Hans Scholl never intended to get his younger sister involved in an underground resistance When
  • Title: Resist
  • Author: Emily Ann Putzke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
Resist Emily Ann Putzke Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 0996385428 ISBN 13 9780996385428.Munich, Germany 1942 Hans Scholl never intended to get his younger sister involved in an underground resistance When Sophie Scholl finds out, she insists on joining Hans and his close friends in writing and distributing anti Nazi leaflets entitled, The White Rose The young universityLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 0996385428 ISBN 13 9780996385428.Munich, Germany 1942 Hans Scholl never intended to get his younger sister involved in an underground resistance When Sophie Scholl finds out, she insists on joining Hans and his close friends in writing and distributing anti Nazi leaflets entitled, The White Rose The young university students call out to the German people, begging them to not allow their consciences to become dormant, but to resist their tyrannical leader and corrupt government Hans knows the consequences for their actions execution for committing high treason but firm in his convictions, he s prepared to lose his life for a righteous cause Based on a true story, Hans, Sophie and all the members of The White Rose resistance will forever inspire and challenge us to do what is right in the midst of overwhelming evil.
Resist Emily Ann Putzke

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    484 Emily Ann Putzke
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One thought on “Resist

  1. Naomi Sarah

    When a book makes me cry and makes me go, woahhhh in awe and wonder as I finish it, I rate a book five stars This book made me cry This book made me go woahhh in awe and wonder as I finished it I loved it.Truly What a biography What I loved 1 The fact that this is a true story just GAH I had never read about the Scholls before, but now I just about want to read every and any book about them.2 Hans HE IS LITERALLY WAY TOO AMAZING.I love Hans Scholl so much 3 I also love Sophie, of course, with he [...]

  2. Annie Hawthorne

    I picked up this book with high hopes and, happily, it did not disappoint The WWII era is one of my favorite historical periods, I ve been planning on reading books with male protagonists, sibling relationships make me happy, and the German resistance is something I know little of but am curious about.Resist covers all those bases and then some.It s a book about war and coming of age and struggling against tyranny and the age old battle of good and evil At its heart Resist is the story of a you [...]

  3. Olivia

    Warning I finished this book right before I went to bed it took me ages to go to sleep because I was re thinking this book for so long Such a powerful book I expected it to be and it was I m so happy that a got a chance to read thisd it was neat seeing the snippets in the book that I saw on the authors blog When I first heard about Sophie and Han s Scholl awhile back I knew I wanted to read about them People who die for the truth make my heart ache My stomach had that knotted feel the whole tim [...]

  4. Marquise

    4.5 stars rounded up.As World War II is one of the periods I m versed in, the protagonist of this historical novel was someone familiar to me Hans Scholl, one of the civilians who disagreed with the Nazi regime and founded The White Rose resistance group with a few friends with the goal of undermining the government morally Despite being known to people with an interest in WWII history, his story was never well spread by the media or got to the average reader, and as far as I m aware of, he was [...]

  5. Hannah

    Now, that it is the next day, and my thoughts are gathered on this book and the whole subject, I shall attempt a better written review though my reviews aren t that well written Because, honestly, I wrote that other on my phone and everyone knows it s nearly impossible to write a good review on your phone OK, I ve had high hopes for this book for nearly a year I ve wanted to read it ever since I discovered it, but I never bought it So, this was my must have present for either my birthday or Chr [...]

  6. Suzannah

    I feel handicapped in reviewing this book as I actually know very little about the White Rose, beyond having read some of their leaflets, Inge Scholl s brief book, and adoring the film Sophie Scholl The Final Days So I can t tell you much about the extent to which this story has been fictionalised From what I can tell, however, this story hews pretty close to the history in telling Hans Scholl s story through his own eyes It s a gutwrenching, challenging, moving story, told with great passion an [...]

  7. Meghan Gorecki

    Amazing part biography, part story of Hans Scholl, shedding light on his work for the resistance against the Third Reich in WWII An engaging, intense read, Ms Putzke has crafted an incredibly vivid and accurate book that I could not put down Not only does it beautifully honor the memory of Hans Scholl, his family and friends and their work for the resistance, it is a stellar, expertly written book you do not want to miss.

  8. Susanna Olson

    Hans and Sophie Scholl have been heroes of mine since I studied Nazi Germany for an NHD project in high school Their story is powerful and inspirational, but also very complex, sad, and difficult to handle If you have never heard of the White Rose Society you MUST read this book as a beautiful introduction to them and their ideas This book is well written and flows smoothly, but it is also well researched and accurate Two points to note 1 This book is NOT a biography and shouldn t be treated as [...]

  9. Tirzah Eleora

    Wow, what an inspiring story Resist tells the story of Hans and Sophie Scholl, two German youth who stand up to the evils of the Nazi Third Reich in the face of all odds If you ve never heard of them this book is a great introduction It s fairly brief and engagingly written, and it contains excerpts of English translations of the anti Nazi leaflets the Scholl siblings helped pen It was a little hard for me to get into initially, as the passage of events seemed choppily written and the dialogue f [...]

  10. Emily

    You know those books that just leave you in a daze, staring at a wall before finally closing the book, still feeling like you re inside the characters world This is one of those books I m in awe of Emily Ann Putzke s beautiful writing, and her talent to capture what life would have been like in 1940s Germany so perfectly and detailed.It took me a long time to get into this book took me a little over than a week to finish, which is rare for a reader like me That said, I m almost glad I took my ti [...]

  11. Jesseca Wheaton

    Whoa I don t have words to describe what this book did to me Up until the last 1 3 of the book or so, I was planning on giving it a 4 star rating, simply because there was some language Not a lot and I had been warned before hand , but I also just couldn t seem to connect with the characters I also knew how this book would end from the research I have done about this time in history, so I might have been unintentionally trying my bestnotto connect with them And than I hit the ending And realized [...]

  12. Hanna-col

    It was with mixed feelings of excitement and dread that I read Resist by Emily Ann Putzke excitement that I was finally able to read it and dread that it wouldn t live up to my high expectations I needn t have worried Once again, Miss Putzke has delivered another solid piece of historical fiction, only this time it s a true story The story of Hans and Sophie Scholl was unfamiliar to me before I read about them on the author s blog Their outstanding courage and steadfastness to their beliefs in t [...]

  13. Lydia Prislovsky

    I literally have no words to describe this book It is absolutely fabulous in every way In her new book, RESIST, Putzke beautifully portrays the heart and soul of the legendary White Rose resistance group a brother, sister, and their friends who dared to defy the evil of their age Hitler s Third Reich Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1906 1945 once said, Silence in the face of evil is itself evil God will not hold us guiltless Not to speak is to speak Not to act is to act In June of 1942, Hans Scholl, a membe [...]

  14. Ivy Rose

    Emily took the lives of Hans and Sophie Scholl and brought them to life in a beautiful, realistic manner that pulls the reader into their terrifying world of Nazi Germany This is not at all a light read be prepared to cry Plot Storyline 4 5Since Resist is about real people s lives, there wasn t much of a typical plotline However, it wasn t needed, as the lives of the Scholl s and their friends was exciting enough without a typical fiction plot Characters 4 5I felt like some of the characters wer [...]

  15. Robert DeBard

    Unique LookMs Putzke presents an original perspective on Nazi atrocities during World War II Instead of blood and guts, she delivers the attack on the human mind that was the Third Reich Her compelling protagonist Hans Scholl narrates this true story from the point of view of young intellectuals living under German oppression of free thinking The theme of the need for truth in confronting propaganda is relevant in our own society today The relationships between friends, and especially Hans and S [...]

  16. Esther Filbrun

    Resist is a gripping story I loved reading about Hans Scholl s life from the time when he was young and involved in the Hitler Youth through to his eventual death at the hands of the same government he once fully supported.After seeing the cruelty done to all those the Nazis deemed inferior, Hans realizes he has a choice either let the evil continue without hindrance, or speak up and say what is right, even if it means giving up his life He knows that the day of reckoning will come, and when it [...]

  17. Lavonna Phillips

    It was very refreshing reading this historical fictional narrative from Hans perspective I think Ms Putzke did a great job in conveying the characters spirit and her writing of this familiar story didn t leave me bored I still wanted to hear the political discussions amongst th he group members, the teasing about love from Sophie and the precarious moments leading up to the arrest Well done and recommended retelling of young, brave souls I would recommend this book to any lover of history and al [...]

  18. Ana

    Ever since reading Corrie ten Boom s The Hiding Place, I have become interested in resistance efforts during the World Wars, and was excited to dive into Emily Ann Putzke s newest novel about the White Rose resistance movement.What stands out most to me about Resist is how seamlessly the historical detail is incorporated into the story Not once did I get pulled out of the story by a lack or an excess of historical detail a fact that I didn t realize until I finished the book because I was so dee [...]

  19. Katy

    I received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I m than slightly obsessed with the Resistance groups that formed in opposition to Hitler during WWII, and so I am very familiar with the White Rose and especially Hans and Sophie Scholl, the lead characters of Resist Therefore, my expectations were pretty high And this book went above and beyond every single one of them.For starters, the characters were absolutely amazing I d already fallen madly in love with Hans Scholl du [...]

  20. Kathleen Dziok

    Resist gives a captivating and intimate look into the lives of the people behind the distribution of The White Rose leaflets and their personal thoughts about the war and the German regime from those who could not outwardly oppose, but intellectually fought Hitler and the destruction of Europe This story is well written and pulls the reader into the every day lives and operations of this small group of men and women who were passionate about protecting their fellow man, and gave truth a light in [...]

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