The Password Is Wishpers (2020)

The Password Is Wishpers Jack Chaucer The Password Is Wishpers A teacher and her young students use whispers and wishes to turn a school lockdown into something positive a quiet journey of the imagination and a lesson on treasuring childhood regardless of the sit
  • Title: The Password Is Wishpers
  • Author: Jack Chaucer
  • ISBN: 9781544016511
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
The Password Is Wishpers Jack Chaucer A teacher and her young students use whispers and wishes to turn a school lockdown into something positive a quiet journey of the imagination and a lesson on treasuring childhood regardless of the situation This book features color illustrations by Jeanine Henning, a author and illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa.
The Password Is Wishpers Jack Chaucer

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    243 Jack Chaucer
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One thought on “The Password Is Wishpers

  1. Deborah Obida

    Thanks to John Cullen and Netgalley for providing this in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed reading this much to my dismay I love the illustrations its so colourful and beautiful The book is written using very simple words and sentences so it ll be comprehensible to children Its just 30 pages long so kid s won t be discouraged.Totally recommend this to parents and teachers looking for a quick read for their child or pupil.

  2. Jack Chaucer

    Joanne M Moore, MLS, school library media specialist at Litchfield Center School in Litchfield, Connecticut, USA Author Jack Chaucer sensitively addresses a solemn school exercise in his first children s book, The Password Is Wishpers Along with fire drills and other safety measures, lockdown drills are standard in schools of today, and the author s message soothes and distracts students in the fictional story about the sensitive topic In the story, during an extended drill, the teacher and her [...]

  3. Nandini Bharadwaj

    Note I received a free e copy of the book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Special thanks to the author for giving me a chance to read it.This was a very short and very adorable read It took me back to the time when my teacher in 4th grade would read out from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe dramatically as we would sit in a circle around her.The book starts off as a story a teacher is telling the first graders as they face a lockdown situation in school This is quite an impor [...]

  4. Curious Reader

    This is a very beautiful story for kids It s about how a teacher helps her students in a lockdown situation Every school should have such teachers The plot line was so different from the usual stories Definitely a thumbs up for this book.This review is based on NetGalley E ARC provided in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.

  5. Richelle Zirkle

    This is a very good story that shows the school classroom during a lockdown I can t exactly describe the quality that sticks with you other than to say that the story created a sense of peace in me I can only hope that my children have a teacher like this in a similar situation The teacher s quiet confidence sticks with you after the story is finished It does feel like it could use a few illustrations The ones that are included are well done and help bring the wishes the students make alive.I r [...]

  6. Liz

    Ever wonder what kids do during a school lockdown How do teachers keep their classes quiet when they are in such an emergency situation The Password is Wishpers is a tale of imagination and playful fantasy set in the context of a lockdown Mrs Shea keeps her class of twelve students quiet and calm with a trip to the Isle of Wishpers With their eyes closed, Mrs Shea uses storytelling to guide them through their trip Each child has an opportunity to whisper a wish wishper to add flair to the story. [...]

  7. Jemma (ReadingThroughLife)

    Such a super quick, and very cute story about keeping a group of small children calm during a scary situation.Even though it is only around 30 pages long, I have already fallen in love with the author and his writing style, and I cannot wait to check out of his stuff.

  8. Producervan in Sedona, AZ from New Orleans & L.A.

    The Password Is Wishpers by Jack Chaucer with illustrations by Jeanine Henning 5 Stars An amazingly imaginative way of dealing with grade school lockdown Keeping young students calm and occupied with a guided imagery adventure during lockdown seems a fabulous way to maintain unity by engaging children through the duration of school drills or any ordeal that may actually occur on school property Highly recommend Thanks to NetGalley and John Cullen for providing this ebook for review.

  9. Carla Johnson-Hicks

    As a retired elementary school teacher administrator, we had to practice lockdown drills with our students Because they were always drills, I do not think they were taken as seriously as they should have been I liked that this story emphasized being quiet, taking it seriously the story the teacher and students whispered was calming and kept them on task The story was a bit long and probably could have used illustrations The illustrations that were there were large, vivid and colourful This woul [...]

  10. Katie Sholty

    I d like to thank Netgalley for the ARC of The Password is Wishpers in exchange for an honest review The Password is Wishpers is a story that reminds us that magic and happiness can still be found in the darkness It begins with a school lock down, which took me by surprised, and then I realized this is an every day occurrence in America I mean, when I was in high school we started the lock down procedures I never took into account what it means for children first graders in this instant today an [...]

  11. Leigha's Little Library

    This is an easy and quick paced book I feel like it can be enjoyed by all ages, but is most important for grade school students who might not understand the horrors of a shut down It would be confusing and scary for an adult, let alone a child I never had to experience anything like this as a kid it is sad that it is now common for schools to have these drills.Using your imagination and cherishing your childhood seems to be some of the main themes of this book I adored how they used their imagin [...]

  12. Rachel McKitterick

    thank you to John Cullen and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 4 stars.Ohh you had me at Wishpers This was too cute and SO much fun to read Its an adventure story without the characters ever leaving the classroom, its brilliant It also gives an idea of what guided meditation is like as its easy to see the similarities between the two.The graphics are beautiful, bright and colourful which is sure to grab childrens attention The message at the end about childhood b [...]

  13. Susan

    A wonderful novel that shows how the teacher has found a way to keep her classroom of young children calm during a lockdown for the school She has the children sit in a circle on the floor and tells them to close their eyes She starts a story that has the children involve in creating the story together Even though the teacher wonders how long the lockdown will be, she doesn t show the children her worries It s a novel that made me think about what to do in an experience where one must stay calm [...]

  14. Ryan

    No one ever wants to hear that their child s school went into lock down It s a scary thing for both the parents and the kids This story is about a classroom going on a grand imaginary adventure during one such lock down The illustrations are a little cheesy, and the story while important, is long.

  15. Den

    I am reviewing this book for Jack Chaucer, John Cullen and Netgallery who gave me a copy of their book for an honest review.Lovely illustrations to sit alongside a book based on a class in a lock down situation The teacher uses imagination to take them on an imaginary journey while real life carries on outside the classroom wall.

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