Confessions of a Dangerous Lord (2020)

Confessions of a Dangerous Lord Elisa Braden Confessions of a Dangerous Lord Never judge a man by his cover Society knows the affable Earl of Dunston for his flashy waistcoats and rapier wit Lady Maureen Huxley knows him as Henry Thorpe her best friend an irresistibly kissabl
  • Title: Confessions of a Dangerous Lord
  • Author: Elisa Braden
  • ISBN: 9781370872503
  • Page: 121
  • Format: ebook
Confessions of a Dangerous Lord Elisa Braden Never judge a man by his cover Society knows the affable Earl of Dunston for his flashy waistcoats and rapier wit Lady Maureen Huxley knows him as Henry Thorpe, her best friend an irresistibly kissable, strictly platonic friend Which means her dreams of marriage, motherhood, part time cookery, and full time domestic bliss must be fulfilled elsewhere But after three seasNever judge a man by his cover Society knows the affable Earl of Dunston for his flashy waistcoats and rapier wit Lady Maureen Huxley knows him as Henry Thorpe, her best friend an irresistibly kissable, strictly platonic friend Which means her dreams of marriage, motherhood, part time cookery, and full time domestic bliss must be fulfilled elsewhere But after three seasons and a parade of fickle suitors, Maureen s hopes are fading Worse, she suspects Henry is to blame.Never trust a man with too many secrets Years spent hunting his father s murderer through London s dark underworld have honed Henry Thorpe into a deadly blade with one purpose catching a killer of fathomless evil Nothing mattered until Maureen Huxley came along To keep her safe, he must keep her at arm s length Yet he can t resist drawing her close, making her laugh, dreaming of doing wicked things to her lush body Very well, perhaps he also dissuaded some of her suitors But what s a little deception between friends Never provoke a man as dangerous as this one With his enemy growing bolder and Maureen contemplating marriage to another man, Henry is caught in the crossfire between his mission and his heart Any move could exact a devastating cost But losing the woman he loves is one price he refuses to pay.
Confessions of a Dangerous Lord Elisa Braden

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    121 Elisa Braden
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One thought on “Confessions of a Dangerous Lord

  1. Caz

    I ve given this a B at AAR, so 4.5 starsConfessions of a Dangerous Lord is the seventh book in Elisa Braden s Rescued from Ruin series, and although it features a storyline that has obviously been present in some of the earlier novels, this is the first of Ms Braden s books I ve read and I was able to follow along quite easily I won t deny that there were a few times I wished I d had a stronger grasp of how that plotline had evolved, but that s down to me, and not any lack of skill on the part o [...]

  2. Katy

    I don t know if I can properly convey just how much I loved this book It was everything I ve ever wanted in a historical romance Okay, who am I kidding It s everything I ve ever wanted in any romance novel I have loved all of Elisa Braden s books but this one is by far my favorite This one blows the rest out of the water Plot time Throughout the series, we ve been following the Earl of Dunston, Henry Thorpe He purposefully hides a darker, secret side of himself behind his absurd waistcoats and a [...]

  3. Beanbag Love

    3.5 rounded up.At first I didn t recall why Dunston should be interesting to me Then I remembered Colin s book my least favorite of the series It turns out he actually is rather interesting For a while I was ticked at him for not letting Maureen go It was a thing of, I can t have you, I ll keep anyone else from having you But by the end, I understood him a little better His back story is heartbreaking and he s so dedicated to his goal it s admirable.Maureen is smart and sweet and I can see why H [...]

  4. Tracy Emro

    Of all the books in this series, this book is my favorite to date and I would give it 10 stars if I could Lady Maureen Huxley has been in love with Henry Thorpe, the Earl of Dunston for years and considers him her dearest friend, there was a time when she thought that he might be than a friend, but Henry made it clear that friendship was all he would offer.Henry Thorpe has been in love with Maureen for years and would love nothing than to marry her, he has been dissuading her suitors for years [...]

  5. Phoenix77

    Elisa Braden isn t quite a new to me author, but after reading a book in the Rescued from Ruin series two years ago she sort of dropped off my radar What a mistake that was After reading an extremely positive review for Confessions of a Dangerous Lord I knew this was my chance to rediscover her world of noble spies and deadly secrets.The last few London seasons haven t been as successful as Lady Maureen Huxley would have hoped She s watched her older sister and good friends find love and marry t [...]

  6. Nazmin

    Confessions of a Dangerous Lord is the seventh instalment in Elisa Braden s Rescued from Ruin series and the long awaited story of The Earl of Dunstan and Maureen Huxley It can be read as a stand alone but I definitely recommend reading the previous stories in particular books 2 and 3 because it grants a greater understanding of certain events.Henry Thorpe, Earl of Dunstan has been a constant throughout the Rescued from Ruin series and is seemingly the epitome of the carefree Lord Handsome, plea [...]

  7. Ursula

    This was a fun story with two very likeable protagonists and a suitably nasty villain I haven t read many of the previous books so I was a little lost with the plot, initially, but worked it out after a while Initially I found the heroine too weak she was constantly doing the running and the hero was, like, friend zone I am not keen on a dude who scares all possible suitors away but refuses to become one himself Just a bit selfish, I am thinking Even if he believes she loves him and would be hap [...]

  8. Jo

    Another cracking book from Elisa This one darker and mysterious than previous ones but it does answer a lot of questions from the previous books I would recommend reading books 2 3 of the series so you understand the characters.One thing I always comment about Elisa is she is true to the period for when she is writing if she states it s 1817 in London you feel the grit of London during the time and this book you feel not just the nicer parts of Mayfair but the depths of the East end I will let [...]

  9. Fiona Murphy

    If you like historical romances set in or around the Regency period, with a strong, sexy hero and lovable heroine who inspires said hero to protect and love her for years, while selflessly admitting that to put himself forward as her suitor and hopefully husband would likely bring harm to her, then this is a book you should read Henry Thorpe, Lord Dunston, is such a hero and Maureen Huxley is such a heroine Introduced to them in earlier books in the Rescued from Ruin series, it was wonderful to [...]

  10. Andrea

    One of the best books I ve read this year I d also like to point how Ms Braden s stories have improved since book 1 Maureen and Henry s story starts in book 2, when they meet at Jane and Harrison s wedding Their attraction is instant, but due to Henry s pursue of his father s murderer, he keeps his distance for 2 years Maureen, convinced that Henry only sees her as a friend, tries unsuccessfully to find a suitor When she thinks she ll finally be able to marry a nice, although somewhat boring gen [...]

  11. Cheryl

    This is darker and dangerous than some of the other books in the series It effected a whole gamut of emotions, from holding my breath wondering what was going to happen next, to sighing at the romantic words from the participants This is a book you won t want to put down I enjoyed meeting up with previous characters it can be read as a standalone and of course, some of Lady Wallingham s witticisms are priceless Highly recommend this book.I received an early release copy and have voluntarily rev [...]

  12. Jaci

    Every time I read a new Elisa Braden Historical Romance I think that the next one cannot be better, I am proven wrong This is number seven in the Rescued from Ruin Series and it is as exceptional as the last six Elisa writes a stunning story of revenge, unrequited love, and a surprising climax that will captivate and satisfy anyone who loves to read Historical Romance.Lord Dunston, Henry is a Gentleman of many talents No one who knows him would believe that he has been ruthlessly searching for t [...]

  13. Julie Sheppard

    If you ve not read Ms Braden before, gift yourself an early Christmas present This young lady is an outstanding plot developer, scene setter, and narrator Her dialogue is witty, sharp, and intelligent, and the different voice of each character rings true Thankfully, Ms Braden is light on the angst, but provides enough turmoil for her characters to keep the story gripping Confessions of a Dangerous Lord is the latest offering in the Rescued from Ruin series The great thing about this series is th [...]

  14. Mahak

    4.5In Love with Elisa writingonce again.Maureen Henry become one of my favourite couple Their love was so intense, so pure Enjoyed all their scenes so much Hope there were .Realy enjoy all my previous characters interaction in this book It is 7th in series but can be read alone.It was perfectl the ingredients were there to make it delivious romance book.I like Henry than Maureen, or I wish writer give Maureen character depth Was expecting some action from her But than I took her as an angel o [...]

  15. Jultri

    Great writing as one comes to expect of Braden This brings with it the conclusion of the underlying crime plot that has been running throughout the series Appealing protagonists, fighting an impossible love, and settling for friendship instead Mood change halfway through not just in the plot but within their relationship Everything was darker and sinister, the story, their marriage, Henry the man himself Gone was the affable charming witty gentleman with the fanciful waistcoats and in hia place [...]

  16. Cynthia Houser

    DangerousSpectacular Another book in this series that I didn t want to put down The characters are fabulous even the villains I was dreading the end of the book, because I didn t want the series to be over You will enjoy Henry and Maureen s story She is sweet and naive and Henry loves her fiercely Great book Great series

  17. BJ

    Another great book in this series The h is sweet, in love with H He scares off all suitors but denies her his love Finally she gives up on him, there is another man interested in her, and once the He knows he will lose her, he finally marries her He still tries to protect her, and tries to protect her from all that he is When she sees how much the H has hidden from her, she is infuriated and shows him how much he has to learn about her I loved the characters in this book.

  18. Diane Dyke

    If you want a brilliant regency romance then look no further, this is my go to author I have read all the books in this series and although I have loved them all, this was my favourite so far Elisa s novels just keep getting better and better and her regency men darker and darker I really enjoy the adventures, the romance and the comedy humour advice administered by the indomitable Dowager Machioness Wallingham The best bits are undoubtedly watching her ever tougher regency men lose their locked [...]

  19. Rosemary

    It just gets better and betterI am so happy to have stumbled upon this series through my library s ebook site Now, I have purchased all of books and have read them a few times The author gives a balanced, well thought out plot and delivers humor, mystery and steamy love scenes in every book.I would live to have these books in print This author is fast becoming a favorite I rank her with Lindsay and Garwood easily, but she has a voice and talent all her own This book did not disappoint

  20. Lubnaa

    Two strapping men testing one another in a battle of strength and will Hmm, yes How brutish Step aside, dear boy You are blocking my view The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to her son, Charles, on an otherwise uneventful stroll in Hyde Park Wow Who would have thoughtDunstonwith the fun waistcoats would be such a possessive alpha Contrary to the previous books, here we have a couple who have been in love with each other for the past two years It was a breath of fresh air not to have a hero who [...]

  21. Sangria

    Great romance and mystery.I remember the day I started reading Elisa Braden I was bored with historical, my fav author had retired, I was searching so hard for a Brenda Joyce Bragg book, new to SM, and kindle and along the way I found her first book I ve been caught up ever since I adore historical series My favorite book by this author will always be the Devil is a Marquis but this comes close Great mystery, a return of some of our favorite supporting characters, we get families, babies, progre [...]

  22. Samy

    A Tour de ForceI have loved all of Elisa s books, but this one is the best of them all She writes with elegance, humor, passion and scandalous wit Not just a romance, this book has danger and intrigue woven throughout So many times a turn of phrase had me laughing or tearing up or both at the same time, reading through my tears The love scenes were wonderful I loved the characters and went on the journey with them through all the ups and downs and startling revelations I am ruined for other Rege [...]

  23. Nancy B

    This book is a great read I m a fan of Elisa Braden s writing This is book seven of the Rescued from Ruin series but you don t have to have read the other books as this is a stand alone novel It is rare that a book can draw me into a story and make me feel a range of emotions from laughter to tears but this book does just that.The hero of this book is Henry Thorpe, Earl of Dunston He portrays a devil may care Earl but to quote the Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham he has hidden depths The heroin [...]

  24. Ashley

    I am seriously just in love with Elisa Braden s books, and this one is no different I liked Henry and Maureen and their tale This book was an easy read, nothing too frustrating as far as the relationship It was actually quite sweet and easy to see these two together I started the book yesterday and finished it this morning because I didn t want to put it down I can t wait to keep reading about all the fun characters we ve been introduced to Again, favorite author and a wonderful series all arou [...]

  25. Susan

    I received an ARC in exchange for a review Elisa Braden is a new writer and only gets better with each book I have been waiting for Henry s book, and I was not disappointed Her mixture of humor, romance, and mystery equals a guaranteed enjoyable escape The chemistry between Henry and Maureen is great I loved this book, and as always, I look forward to her next book.

  26. Jamie Koepplinger

    Great story This was a cute romance It had danger, romance and all the things you would hope for in a good love story I will be looking for by this author I enjoyed this book.

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