Dark Night: A True Batman Story (2020)

Dark Night: A True Batman Story Paul Dini Eduardo Risso Dark Night A True Batman Story El Hombre Murci lago se ha convertido en un icono del respeto a la justicia y a la autoridad para muchas generaciones Pero en esta novela gr fica descubriremos a Batman desde un punto de vista diferen
  • Title: Dark Night: A True Batman Story
  • Author: Paul Dini Eduardo Risso
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
Dark Night: A True Batman Story Paul Dini Eduardo Risso El Hombre Murci lago se ha convertido en un icono del respeto a la justicia y a la autoridad para muchas generaciones Pero en esta novela gr fica descubriremos a Batman desde un punto de vista diferente, como el salvador que ayuda a un hombre desanimado a recuperarse de un ataque brutal que lo dej incapaz de enfrentarse al mundo.En la d cada de 1990, el escritor ganadorEl Hombre Murci lago se ha convertido en un icono del respeto a la justicia y a la autoridad para muchas generaciones Pero en esta novela gr fica descubriremos a Batman desde un punto de vista diferente, como el salvador que ayuda a un hombre desanimado a recuperarse de un ataque brutal que lo dej incapaz de enfrentarse al mundo.En la d cada de 1990, el escritor ganador del premio Eisner, Paul Dini, se gan el favor del p blico de la mano de la inolvidable Batman La serie animada Una noche, de regreso a casa, fue brutalmente atacado y golpeado Su proceso de recuperaci n fue arduo, obstaculizado por sucesos que parec an sacados de la imaginaci n de los mayores villanos de Batman Pero a pesar de lo sombr o de sus circunstancias, o quiz s debido a ello, Dini siempre imagin que el Caballero Oscuro estaba a su lado durante aquellos sucesos Noche Oscura Una historia ver dica de Batman, es el relato autobiogr fico y desgarrador de la valiente lucha de Paul Dini para superar una situaci n desesperada.Una historia de Batman como ninguna otra, ilustrada por todo un icono del sello Vertigo Eduardo Risso 100 Balas.
Dark Night: A True Batman Story Paul Dini Eduardo Risso

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    224 Paul Dini Eduardo Risso
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One thought on “Dark Night: A True Batman Story

  1. Anne

    A Batman Story Like No Other Mainly because it s not about Batman at all, but this guy In case you don t know, that s one of the most revered and beloved men in the comic industry, Paul Dini Most people would recognize him for his work on the acclaimed Batman the Animated Series, and as the co creator of Harley Quinn And the stadium goes wild But this isn t a superhero comic book It s a graphic novelization of Dini s deeply personal journey through a very dark period in his life He was robbed an [...]

  2. Alejandro

    Paul Dini s darkest moment in his own words Creative Team Writer Paul DiniIllustrator Eduardo RissoHE HAS BEEN AROUND MORE THAN YOU THINKPaul Dini, the writer of this graphic novel, which is a partial biography of a particular dark moment in his life, has been around and maybe you have watched his animation screenwriting work and you haven t realized it most people know about his work on Batman The Animated Series, where he doesn t only wrote outstanding episodes but also he co create Harley Qui [...]

  3. Sam Quixote

    In 1993, Paul Dini was living the dream A lifelong Batman fan, he was a writer on the landmark TV show, Batman The Animated Series, receiving critical acclaim and working for the likes of Steven Spielberg at Warner Animation But he wasn t happy A loner by nature, he had low self esteem and was making himself miserable chasing beautiful but shallow starlets who only gave him the time of day because of his connections And then one dark night he was brutally mugged, almost dying from the encounter [...]

  4. Tristan

    Fear is a teacher, the first one you ever had Scarecrow, Batman The Animated SeriesAs far as sophisticated cartoons intended for a child audience go, the original Batman The Animated Series, in my humble opinion, has never been equalled It was my bedrock in childhood during the nineties It gave us the version of the caped crusader which I to this day still prefer above all others Its utilisation of his many villains to bring out Batman s own psychological hickups and occasional self doubt was a [...]

  5. David Schaafsma

    Paul Dini draws comics, does animated tv, with a focus on Batman, which he was doing during the time in the nineties when one night he got brutally robbed and beaten, his face shattered like Two Face No Two face is a comics character A villain Or is he I mean, in Dini s life The point is sort of WWBD What would Batman do Man up, dude What can you learn from this How are the fantasy characters you inhabit finally going to inhabit you I was not that interested in Dini s hopeless pursuit of actress [...]

  6. James DeSantis

    This was a surprise Maybe because I borrowed it from the Library without knowing what it was When I started reading it I was like What the heck Is this about a real person and it is Paul Dini to be exact Who s that Oh, you know, the guy who basically made Batman the animated series what it was I ll be honest I was never a huge fan of Batman the animated series Nothing against it I m not a huge fan of american animation Especially cartoons Just not my style of watching However, I knew of Paul Din [...]

  7. তানজীম Rahman)

    It s not surprising that the greatest living Batman writer has written one of the greatest Batman stories ever However, it is surprising how staggeringly well the book compares to even the all time classics of literature This is a heartwrenching story that will appeal to every person who wished others would just leave them alone as a kid This is a story that will help you realize that you were not alone in this world, that others were going through the same pain that you had to endure, that you [...]

  8. Donovan

    Brilliant Plowed through this in about an hour Having been thoroughly but mentally beaten down, I can highly relate to Paul Dini s struggle of overcoming demons and redemption Have worse things happened to people less important Absolutely But that s not the point The point is that shit happens to everyone, and we have to stand up just as Batman would have us do.

  9. Artemy

    Dark Night A True Batman Story is not a Batman story at all Rather, it s an autobiographical story of Paul Dini, the writer of Batman The Animated Series, among many other things At the time when he was working on the cartoons in the 90 s, he was mugged and viciously beaten not far from his own house, which understandably led him to some dark places afterwards This book is a recollection of that episode in his life, along with the events that led to it and that happened after It s about how he c [...]

  10. Rory Wilding

    Growing up as a kid in the 1990s, my introduction to superheroes came not through comics that was later but the cartoons of their day from X Men to Spider Man However, the one cartoon that truly stood out was Batman The Animated Series which was my generation s intro to the Caped Crusader and his dark atmospheric adventures fighting crime in the streets of Gotham City Amongst the great talent, there was Tiny Toons Adventures writer Paul Dini who not only wrote some of the show s best episodes i. [...]

  11. Anthony

    Pretty much every Batman fan will be familiar with the name Paul Dini He was one of the key creative minds and writers behind the Batman Animated Show and animated movie Mask of the Phantasm, as well as writing several runs on the character in the comics A True Batman Story is his own autobiographical take on a mugging he suffered some years back, told through the medium of comics Eduardo Risso is on art another name many bat fans will be familiar with and it s a gorgeous to look at as it is to [...]

  12. Trike

    The true story of Batman writer Paul Dini s vicious mugging and his recovery from it, as well as lessons learned It s an emotional journey.I heard Dini speak of this on The Nerdist podcast and it was clear that the trauma is with him even now, 23 years later That alone made me interested, but what I wasn t prepared for was how open and honest he is about his self doubts and self esteem issues That takes courage of another kind that I find admirable.This is not a pleasant memoir, but it s an impo [...]

  13. Jen

    First off, let me start by saying how sorry I am that the author, that anyone, experiences what he experienced It was a miracle that he survived and that he managed to heal as well as he did, both physically and mentally One could argue that his low self worth is what brought him to the physical danger and that is what had to happen in order to snap him out of his self negative mind frame A painful and almost deadly lesson.I was kind of surprised that the author wasn t also the artist of this gr [...]

  14. Brandon Forsyth

    I thought I had read every kind of Batman story under the sun, but the mutability of this character just keeps finding ways to surprise me This is a literary graphic novel that just happens to feature the Caped Crusader, and I loved every minute of it Famed Batman scribe Paul Dini was mugged and viciously beaten in 1993, and this is the story of his recovery, both mental and physical, from that dark night The attack brought out Dini s struggles with relationships and alcohol, and he externalizes [...]

  15. Crystal Starr Light

    Bullet Review Fascinating and compelling much than you d assume an autobiographical comic simply about a cartoon writer getting mugged would be It s got some meat on them bones and the tie in to The Dark Knight was on point I liked the idea of rising about being the victim to become the hero and how no matter the size of the problem, you can persevere.

  16. Martin

    Powerful and autobiographical story by Paul Dini, one of the greatest Batman writers ever, beautifully illustrated by Eduardo Risso A must read for fans of either of these creators.

  17. Nicolo Yu

    Paul Dini, for this reader, is known for two things Batman and Harley Quinn The former is the star of the groundbreaking animated series where Dini worked with other talented people, and the latter is a character who debuted on that show and shepherding to its debut appearance in comics Dini was on the top of his craft, he was lifelong fan who made it big writing his favorite character and won Emmy Awards He had everything, and then he got mugged.This story is a darker tale than Dini s superhero [...]

  18. Stewart Tame

    It s always interesting to see someone not normally known for autobiographical comics tackle the form Paul Dini is better known for his comics and animation work than for this sort of thing He tells the story of a brutal mugging he endured that required surgical repairs Batman, the Joker, and other well known comic book characters stand in for aspects of his psyche as he goes through the physical and mental healing process It works quite well, actually He does indulge in a little questioning as [...]

  19. orangerful

    I really loved this book and the idea of using your superhero figures to help you cope with life Dini really took a chance, bearing his soul like this, but he did it right and this is a great book, a great story, inspiring and affirming but not in a cliche kind of way He s not perfect but that is what made it such a great read I could identify with his insecurities even if I wasn t exactly like him.

  20. Ashish Iyer

    Completely misleading cover This is not a true story about batman This is a comic book biography of one of the batman writers I so hated every min of reading this I found it painful to finish and wished it would just hurry up and end from the first few pages.

  21. Chelsea

    This is a really interesting read Paul Dini, perhaps known most for creating Harley Quinn and his work on Batman the Animated series, was attacked some 20 odd years ago He was mugged and beaten quite severely This book tells the tale of that experience, his recovery and what it s meant to his life over time It s told through a format in which he lectures a class I think and tells them about his childhood and what his life was like at that time The most interesting aspect of this is the mental in [...]

  22. Carmen

    When I started this book I had no idea what I was getting myself into This is not a Batman tale but somehow he gets real than ever It is tragic and also motivating as he helps Paul Dini recover from a hideous real life trauma He was mugged and after the mugging, Paul gets frustrated, bitter and ready to quit working on Batman but he cannot get rid of Batman characters, who are part of his life and so they come to him as he imagines the Batman rogues gallery is slowing down his progress yet Batm [...]

  23. Chihoe Ho

    I read Dark Night in one sitting Not only because it s a graphic novel, but also its highly compelling content meant that I just had to read on Paul Dini is one of the foremost authoritative figures in the Batman sphere and had to weather a rough patch after a brutal attack This is his recovery story, as much as it is also about self discovery, and of a coming of age recollection Beyond that, it s an open proclamation with the utmost regard and love for the arts, for animation and cartoons, and [...]

  24. Azim Durrani

    A harrowing tale of tragedy and ultimate redemption Its hard to imagine a person as well renowned as Paul Dini facing all these ordeals just because of one bad night Then again this is a very inspiring story about what makes Batman mean to people as a symbol of hope I loved this story from start to finish I found it very relatable which is very rare in terms of a graphic novel Considering this book is non fiction it has elements of fiction integrated so well into it Now when I put down this book [...]

  25. Rituraj Kashyap

    Through this touching graphic novel, writer Paul Dini beautifully portrays the psychological consequences that he had to face after getting mugged on his way home one night from a party The writing is complemented by Eduardo Risso s amazing illustrations The last panel in the above pic brought tears to my eyes.The point that this book tries to convey is that everyone s got heroes and villains inside him, and there are moments in our life when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable During thes [...]

  26. Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    After being mugged writer Paul Dini Batman The Animated Series finds it hard to justify his relationship with Batman What follow is one man s story to find the superhero within.

  27. Garrett

    Wow Paul Dini has been through shit I have been a fan of his work on Batman the Animated Series for some time, but I had no idea he was almost beaten to death in the early 90 s while he working on the show Dark Night a True Batman story is not so much of a Batman comic, as it is a self narrated autobiography of Dini s life as well a detailed account of his recovery from the vicious attack Batman and various rogues gallery villains do appear in this however as voices inside Dini s head The villai [...]

  28. Steve Chaput

    Paul Dini was already well known for his work in animation for television, especially for the BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES and later BATMAN BEYOND He is also known for his work in comics, often on characters he co created or wrote for while working for Warner Bros animation division.One night his life radically changed when he was viciously attacted and robbed Emotionally and physically scarred by this, Dini worked his way through it with the help of friends and his work In this book, told in grap [...]

  29. Derek Royal

    I enjoyed this story, and one of the things that is most intriguing is the fact that Dini s autobiographical account is illustrated by Risso That posed a particular challenge, and Risso s shift in style was quite effective We re reviewing this on an upcoming episode of The Comics Alternative podcast.

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