Santori (2020)

Santori Maris Black Santori THE KAGE SAGA CONTINUES Michael Kage Santori has just inherited a thriving hotel and millions of dollars He s poised to become an MMA champion Things couldn t be better between him and his college boy
  • Title: Santori
  • Author: Maris Black
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  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Santori Maris Black THE KAGE SAGA CONTINUES Michael Kage Santori has just inherited a thriving hotel and millions of dollars He s poised to become an MMA champion Things couldn t be better between him and his college boy lover, Jamie Atwood especially in the bedroom, where Jamie is than eager to let Kage take out his aggressions on him Kage seems to have it all, but success and haTHE KAGE SAGA CONTINUES Michael Kage Santori has just inherited a thriving hotel and millions of dollars He s poised to become an MMA champion Things couldn t be better between him and his college boy lover, Jamie Atwood especially in the bedroom, where Jamie is than eager to let Kage take out his aggressions on him Kage seems to have it all, but success and happiness have come at a steep price After all of the childhood trauma he endured at the hands of his controlling uncle, Peter Santori, it s a miracle Kage has any shred of sanity left And now, because of him, Jamie is a murderer More than anything, Kage wants to be good He wants the be the kind of man who is worthy of Jamie s love, but fate has other ideas His uncle s legacy has a stranglehold on him, and it keeps dragging him further and further down a rabbit hole from which there seems no escape Worst of all Kage knows he s going to pull Jamie down right along with him, and he would rather die than let that happen Previous books in this series Kage Kage Unleashed Kage Unmasked
Santori Maris Black

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    331 Maris Black
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One thought on “Santori

  1. ~Mindy Lynn~

    4 Stars The Kage trilogy was one of my favorite series that I had read last year so was when I saw this book floating around in my feed I had a total fan girl moment It wasn t embarrassing, just bit of a yes scream OK, there might have been a fist pump Anyways I was really happy to see there was not only another book, but that it was going to be another trilogy I am one of the reader s who felt the story was unfinished when the first series ended I wanted Now I got and I was happy with what I [...]

  2. Jaime

    Can t waitjust please give me strength if this author has cliffhangers She is the queen of just leaving you hanging by a cliff, with only one finger holding you up Not sure I will survive cliffhangers in this series.I won t have the next book ready to go

  3. Eugenia

    4 Stars A fantastic follow up to the Kage Trilogy What we have here is a failure to communicate least Kage does Yes, Kage, our favorite MMA fighter is back That sexy MFer along with Jaime and his willing, dirty self Hmmmmm HOT sex aside, Kage is now running his dead uncle s empire Jaime finishes school and is back with Jaime Peter Santori was not much of an uncle to Kage and had some shady dealings Kage wants to keep all of the bad from Jaime To protect him So he doesn t tell him about the threa [...]

  4. AussieMum

    4.5 starsI couldn t put this down, even when I wanted to punch Jamie for being such a whiny bastard, and even when I wanted to kick Kage in the nuts forlots of reasons Beginning right after the death of Kage s uncle in Kage Unmasked we go through Jamie and Kage s time apart while Jamie finishes college, and their subsequent outing after Kage s big interview There s a lot skimmed over and recapped during this time in order to get to the beginning of this new story, which is basically about the my [...]

  5. Lily

    How did I NOT know about this But still, there s no way I m reading this without it s sequel So for now, I m waiting patiently.

  6. Chelsea

    Oh this is a suprise And a perfect chance to reread the trilogy and find out if I still like it as much as I did the first time round.

  7. JustJen "Miss Conduct"

    4.5 stars First and foremost, fitness model Mike Chabot, will forever and always be Michael Kage There isn t a perfect person to play that part, and I m glad his story is continuing here Secondly, if you have not yet read the original Kage Trilogy, go back and do so now, as that is where this story all started, and this is a continuation that picks up right where that left off.Ms Black has successfully continued with the theme, characterizations, feelings, etc that were present throughout the o [...]

  8. Matthew Lee

    OmgI seriously just love this author and the books she puts out A few grammatical errors but it didn t bother me at all Can t wait for the next book in this series

  9. Arch Bala

    You should know that I absolutely adore Kage and Jamie The Kage Trilogy is one of my favorite series from this genre I d advise though, for those who have not read the Kage Trilogy to give it a go first before starting this one because this is obviously not a standalone novel.The book is called Santori, the first of the The Santori Trilogy which mostly refers to Michael Kage and in a roundabout way to his vile uncle, Peter Santori It picks up right after the event of Peter Santori s death.The st [...]

  10. Annie E

    StressingWith Jamie done with college, him moving in with Kage in Vegas, Kages coming out and them being in the clear of the deaths of Kages uncle and goon they should be happy But then Kage discovers that owning the hotel is a lot of stress and that there s a lot of things going on in the dark And when he receives a threatening note the nightmares and urge to keep Jamie safe comes roaring back.I didn t expect getting to know about Peters background and it made me care for the young Peter even [...]

  11. Tracy Perry

    4.5 stars Ugh, dang cliffhangers It was awesome to read on Jamie Kage to find out what happened in the past 6 months where it went ahead to 6 months at the end of the last Kage book I can t get enough of Jamie Kage, even though I m yelling in my head at Kage a lot lately Grrrr Again I cried then once couldn t put the book down, so good I can t help it Come on book 2

  12. Ivan A Sumblingo

    It Was Worth ItHaving read the trilogy, and then the start of the Santori trilogy kept me on my toes.Whatever I have discovered in the other books did not prepare me for this I was truly shocked I can t wait for the next one to come out in February.

  13. AlexandriaSt Delphi

    fucking hell it s 4 56 in the morning and I just finished this book and I fucking knew it was gonna end on a cliffhanger goddamnit I can t wait until February I NEED my fix I loved every second of it so much I finished it in one sitting

  14. Dee Winston

    OMG Santori was a man i loved to hate Now reading about him im still trying to hold on to that hate I am starting to get of an understanding But im worried about what kind of mess Santori left Kage And I don t want it to mess up his relationship with Jamie And hopefully he can learn to let Jamie in before it all blows up in his face I can t wait til the next book

  15. Brittany Kornkven

    Great start to this new trilogy Fabulous cover Kage thought he knew everything there was to know about his uncle Are some secrets better left untold I guess we ll all find out together Looking forward to seeing where this side of the story goes Until next time

  16. Ivy

    Full review at optimumm 2017 12 30 1590 Michael Santori aka Kage has just inherited the empire of his uncle, Peter Santori Kage has to face some new responsibilities with the hotels and other business, and he has his relationship with Jamie, the love of his life After everything they ve been through together, now they have to face a new threat, one who can destroy them and what they have together.KAGE IS BACK I loved this book I was so happy to have the guys back.This book starts right after the [...]

  17. Amber

    gets down on my knees and begs for book two gah I loved this And I need answers right now and I need my babies to stop fighting and love each other I really liked how we got a glimpse into the mind of Peter before he was the evil son of bitch we all hate to love Can t wait to read

  18. Pat

    Kage and Jamie enter my life once .With increased managerial work tending his empire Kage has no time for anything else The major part was exhilarating and so brave for Kage.So much is going to happen in the future good or bad Jamie is there with Kage that s where I need him to stay Waiting for February for book two and it will answer a lot of questions A beautiful writing style Maris writes perfectly.

  19. Lindsay Crook

    Ooohhhhhh I loved this I didn t even know I missed Kage and Jamie so muchI m so happy Maris bought these two back I m now totally invested in finding out the rest of Peters story

  20. Jess

    Oh my god, I was so excited to see Maris Black continued her Kage saga with a new trilogy It seemed to come out of nowhere The cover is a stark contrast to the previous trilogy Kage isn t a tough fighter who sticks to what he knows and does what his uncle says any Now, he s free from Peter Santori s grasp but he s suddenly thrust into the spotlight as the new owner of all of Santori s assets, including the hotel He s also made the decision to publicly come out And he s also worried about protect [...]

  21. Graelynn Grimm

    Wow I didn t even know that there were plans for of Kage and Jamie and now we re getting another whole trilogy I was completely enthralled with every word in this book and devoured it in one sitting This absolutely lived up to the standard that Ms Black set with the first trilogy and, if you loved Kate and Jamie aleady, your gonna be very pleased with this continuation If you haven t read the Kage trilogy already, it is definitely a must read first in my opinion for you to know what s going on [...]

  22. CakeForBreakfast

    It s probably a mistake to read this without having its sequels available, but I love Kage and Jaime and couldn t resist Jaime has gone from college boy to sex kitten and he s lost a bit of his personality but I think it s not likely to last this way so in the mean time I ll just sit back and enjoy the sexy.

  23. Asia

    I don t know why it took me so long to finish this It was sooo good and I really enjoyed all the previous books in the Kate series I really enjoyed the ending with Peter Santori s story, it was so interesting and I was very intrigued Can t wait to hear about his relationship with Gio.

  24. Katrin Davidson

    Having enjoyed in all its tropey fun theKage series last year The audiobook was brilliantly narrated and was interested to hear that Maris Black was continuing their story.I like other readers thought it was left at a really strange bit and we felt that the characters weren t given their HEA or any real ending Maris Black after reading the very dark Dark Needs I ve come to realise creates very angsty, twisted novels that have evil characters rubbing their hands together than any other M M autho [...]

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