Second Chance, Baby (2020)

Second Chance, Baby A.C. Arthur Second Chance Baby Except for one passion filled night after his father s funeral Ty and Felicia Braddock s marriage had been cold for years Now Felicia was pregnant and unwilling to bring a child into a home with a wo
  • Title: Second Chance, Baby
  • Author: A.C. Arthur
  • ISBN: 9780373860845
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
Second Chance, Baby A.C. Arthur Except for one passion filled night after his father s funeral, Ty and Felicia Braddock s marriage had been cold for years Now Felicia was pregnant and unwilling to bring a child into a home with a workaholic, absentee father She wanted a divorce, but for their child s sake Ty demanded she give their vows a second chance.
Second Chance, Baby A.C. Arthur

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One thought on “Second Chance, Baby

  1. Tia

    I havent touched the rest of this series, I was told these novels could be stand alones and I guess they can to some degree but not really I almost wish I had the rest of them However this novel in the series concentrated on the heroine not being happy with her hero husband, so she separates from him only to find herself making love to him after the hero father s funeral When the hero sees her three months later, he is informed that she is pregnant and he will now do anything to get her back Mea [...]

  2. Helen Williams

    Another great story in a well written seriesTy and Felicia Braddock s marriage is in serious trouble when Felicia moves out But when Harmon Braddock died Felicia returns to be at Ty s side They come together for a passionate night that leaves Ty to believe that they are back together until the next morning when Felicia returns to her apartment That night of passion results into a pregnancy which Felicia has wanted but Ty has been delaying until he feels the time is right.Ty has been so busy work [...]

  3. Enecia

    After the Happily Ever AfterThis book gives us the after part of the HEA that most stories end with They fell in love and lived happily ever after, the end But no so fast, this story gives us a view into the perils of maintaining a relationship and maintaining balance in life Great job on this one

  4. Arnissa Burnett

    Whew Mystery after mystery and then the cliff hanger This book was a great read Definitely a page turner I wasn t ready for what was to come at the end.

  5. D.lee

    I am normally a fan of A.C Arthur s books and think characters are fabulous, but this one missed just a little bit for me It was good,but I agree it started out slow I think Felicia was manipulative, needy and lacked true understanding I understand she was pregnant, but she got on my nerves That little stunt she pulled was a bit over the top and she truly was overly dramatic through out the whole story It just missed the mark for me and I was disappointed

  6. Karen

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this love story I especially loved now Ty realized his problems of being their for his soulmate before it was to late Felecia could have been a little understanding since he was trying Trust and honesty are always at the top of my list when it comes to relationships, everything else I can deal with I was glad that true love was able to win in the end Awesome read and an awesome series.

  7. Shawnette

    Second ChancesThird times the charmt my favorite A.C Arthur novelbut still a GREAT installment to The Braddocks Secret Son series Enjoyed the story of Tyson and Felicia trying to RECAPTURE the life and love they once had so long ago DEFINITELY looking forward to reading the conclusion to this series.

  8. Joyce Hudson

    Great book, Tyson and Felicia, Second Chance, Baby would much rather have my husband mistress be his job rather an actual lady Understood why Felicia was unset with Ty but there was great love between the two For you Donovan book lovers Brandon Donovan is briefly mentioned as one of Ty s associates.Now on to read The Object Of His Protection by Brenda Jackson.

  9. Shannan Harper

    I was so glad to re read this story, and that s something I rarely do Book 3 in the Braddock series, and in this one, Ty and Felicia s marriage has been in trouble for a while, until a one time intimate moment after the death of the family s patriarch causes a pregnancy no one expected I enjoyed it, and now it s time to finish up the rest of the books in the series.

  10. Delaney Diamond

    I like A.C Arthur and I like reading romances about married couples, but didn t fall in love with this story I can t quite put my finger on it, but perhaps the plot just moved a little too slowly for my taste Overall, a decent read, but I wasn t excited to turn the pages like others I ve read from her.

  11. Deborah C. Fidderman

    Second Chance, BabyThe third book of the Braddock Series was really really spellbinding I can t wait to read book number four I recommend this book to everyone who loves romance novels.

  12. Rhapsody Phoenix

    This was a good read, it flows nicely, the characters are relate able and it speaks to some real issues in the everyday It toots the importance of priorities and how one if they are not careful can lose what really matters if those priorities are out of whack.

  13. Bettye Griffin

    Nice change of pace, a romance about a couple who is already married but whose marriage is in trouble.

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