Alle katten hebben Asperger (2020)

Alle katten hebben Asperger Kathy Hoopmann Alle katten hebben Asperger Ontroerend vol humor en informatief Alle katten hebben Asperger laat de mooie en moeilijke kanten zien van het opvoeden van kinderen met autisme De lezer krijgt door dit boek informatie over het synd
  • Title: Alle katten hebben Asperger
  • Author: Kathy Hoopmann
  • ISBN: 9789077671344
  • Page: 182
  • Format: None
Alle katten hebben Asperger Kathy Hoopmann Ontroerend, vol humor en informatief Alle katten hebben Asperger laat de mooie en moeilijke kanten zien van het opvoeden van kinderen met autisme De lezer krijgt door dit boek informatie over het syndroom van Asperger en zal ook de positieve kanten ervan kunnen zien De geweldige foto s tonen de kenmerken die veel mensen met Asperger hebben op een aandoenlijke manier.
Alle katten hebben Asperger Kathy Hoopmann

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    182 Kathy Hoopmann
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One thought on “Alle katten hebben Asperger

  1. Ellie

    I have said this for years this book, beautifully illustrated, managed in few pages and simple text to make me laugh, stir up memories, make me nod in recognition and even choke up It catches the full range of asperger flavor sweet, smart, funny, unique, and, sometimes, painfully poignant.

  2. Diane

    Okay, I did not know what to make of this book when I saw it on the table at a recent book sale, but cat lover that I am, how could I pass it up for 50 cents The book is just 65 pages, but not only does the book have great photos of kittens on every page but there is something to be learned by each photo and how the various cat photos relates to Asperger s Syndrome The book begins by showing a sleeping kitty and telling how the first signs of Aspergers are usually picked up very young.The photog [...]

  3. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    Oh yes Cats have many of the traits of Asperger Sydrome children, though I don t agree with some of her comparisons For example, Hoopmann says, He likes to be near those he loves, but doesn t want them to hold him, Well, some cats are like that, but others stick to you like velcro and enjoy being held On the other hand, the part about When people talk to him he may refuse to look at them is dead on My cats do that if I m yelling at them or asking who knocked this or that over suddenly every one [...]

  4. Anna Kļaviņa

    4 stars and not 5 because I feel that the book would have benefited from foreword You can look at beautiful cats pictures and at the same time learn about Asperger Syndrome Genius Here is a link to YouTube video, the author has kept the text from the book but replaced photos youtube watch v 1UNXM

  5. Angela

    appropriate for adults with Asperger s as well as children It does seem true that Aspies do prefer cats to dogs because cats aren t in your face.Well done and surprisingly comprehensive My husband was willing to read it, and had a revelation about himself This after 38 years of marriage

  6. Rebecca Hicks

    A nice book, a very cute and warm way to look at Aspergers My main complaint is that it doesn t take into account differences between different individuals with Aspergers It over generalizes For instance it states he doesn t want loved ones to hold him That may be true for some individuals, but their are many children with AS who really really love to be held, who are actually clingier than most children.It also states that the first signs of Aspergers are detected when the person is very young [...]

  7. Tracy

    My daughter has Aspergers and loves this book, as does her little sister It is very sweet and discribes her perfectly in a lovely and kind way It is nice for her to have a book that she can show to other kids, or relatives to let them know who she is to maybe let them understand her a bit better, as often they do not especially family The pictures in this book are amazing, all kittens doing funny things Well worth getting if someone in your life has Aspergers as my daughter would say two thumbs [...]

  8. Michael Jones

    This is a fabulous concept for a book, and in execution it s cute a lot of the time Maybe even most of the time But some of the humor comes off as trying a little bit too hard, stretching a little too much The text could stand to be a little less clinical and a little whimsical to match the kitty cat theme and, if handled skillfully, would not lose any of its truthfulness and would actually wind up being much memorable.It s not a bad book, but I was disappointed In the age of LOLcats, it doesn [...]

  9. Angela Sunshine

    This was a cute book It s definitely geared toward the 6 10 year old range, but my 14 year old and I still got a laugh out of it The comedy of the pictures alleviates some of the strain embarrassment of talking about how true some of the characteristics of Asperger s are for him.

  10. Monica Davidson

    I absolutely love this book and bought it for my kids that I shall have someday My husband has AS, and he loved this book as well It s very sensitive, and shows things in a positive, and easily understandable, way Wish books about autism and AS were like this.

  11. Jennifer Hughes

    I felt so lucky to find this at my local library It is not a novelty book as I thought it might be, and it isn t strictly a children s book either The text is simple but doesn t talk down to older readers it just explains Asperger s Syndrome in a very easy to understand way Since everyone is going to come across people with AS, in the interest of deepening understanding and compassion, I truly think it would benefit everyone to read it And who can resist the adorable pictures of kitties Ok, who [...]

  12. Jon

    Warm, comforting, very quick read introducing children and their parents to Asperger s Syndrome Nice photos of cute cats on each page if you re a cat lover My only quarrel with the book is that it uses male pronouns exclusively as if they were gender neutral or sexist language were acceptable Neither is true, and especially when writing for young people, we should be careful not to inadvertently send subtle sexist messages male pronouns apply only to males not to everyone Using plural pronouns w [...]

  13. Carol

    I just read this book for the second time As a cat lover and a person who works with individuals with intellectual disabilties I find it funny and fascinating The photos are delightful and the insights are spot on It is a wonderful introduction to a little understoood syndrome This book should be in every school s library.

  14. Alexandra Ríos

    El mejor libro que he le do en mucho tiempo, conmovedor y ameno Sencillo y muy profundo Me he deleitado con cada palabra e imagen.

  15. Rayni

    This book is a nice hardcover book with shiny pages It will be a nice coffee table book I read it aloud to my son, who has Aspergers, husband We laughed It does an excellent job of explaining Aspergers view spoiler One page says, When people talk to him he may refuse to look at them I remember the Special Ed Director at my son s elementary school yelling at him, Look at me The SPECIAL ED DIRECTOR no less Sometimes his relatives think they could bring him up better than his parents Yes, not to me [...]

  16. Jeff

    This book was great to read with my sons to help them understand what this Asperger s stuff that we keep talking about is The pictures of the cats really helped to illustrate the different ways that Asperger s may be manifested It was good for my oldest son who has been diagnosed with Asperger s understand himself better and for my youngest to understand his brother better It was a great discussion book for the family I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a quick look at Asperger s [...]

  17. Sarah Hunter

    So when I first saw this book I thought it was just a random cutesy coffee table books about cats After leafing through it, I realized that this was one of the best descriptions of asperger s syndrome I have ever read and presenting in such a straightforward way, with pictures of cats being awesome This would actually be a great first resource for parents, teachers, and kids, and because it looks so nice you can just leave it on the coffee table as a conversation starter An awesome intro into a [...]

  18. Sharni Benson

    A fun book to explain Asperger s Syndrome using pictures of cats gathered from the internet.It explains the nuances of the disorder, how the child feels and how the child can use these personality traits to reach great heights and succeed in life It also describes how parents can nurture the child.A good book for giving parents hope that their child is not a lot cause and explaining it to siblings I will be sending this to my dad so he can finally make the connection between my childhood traits [...]

  19. Jenelle

    As I laid out in my review of All Dogs Have ADHD, this book fell short of what the descriptions and reviews seemed to imply Rather than a fun little LOLcats parody that plays up their sometimes mystifying and simultaneously adorable behaviors to make Asperger Syndrome easier for people to relate to, it was simply generalized, humorless descriptions of symptoms set to generic stock images of cats In other words, nothing special and thus an unfortunate disappointment.

  20. Meaghan

    This is a jewel of a book Not only are the photos all absolutely enchanting, but the text provides a good basic education on autism Asperger s Syndrome Although the book is marketed for children and it s just fine for that age group adults who need to know about the syndrome would definitely benefit from it too Recommended for all ages and people.

  21. brea

    What in the world did I just read This was the most ridiculous book I have ever read but I gave it 4 stars because of the cute kitties in the books ALL BECAUSE OF THE CUTE CATS The cats were awesome, the story was garbage and mildly offensive to anyone who may have Asperger s Syndrome I am still not quite sure what I just witnessed

  22. Ariel Marie

    This book was so sweet and yet somehow so depressing at the same time I just didn t like how the narration used he throughout it I m told boys are prone to an ASD But it would have been nice to be gender neutral It s not like girls cannot have Asperger s.

  23. Kaylani

    Very cute books for kids with Asperger s and the family other children It was a decent overview, especially for younger kids.

  24. Janet Leszl

    Cute photos of cats accompanied by captions comparing feline traits to explain Asperger Syndrome a form of autism in simple easy to understand terms.

  25. Megan (ReadingRover)

    Meh Good try but nothing spectacular I wanted it to be funnier It was relatable to some extent but I also read the All Dogs Have ADHD and it was virtually the same book There were even some lines that were the same This book had the potential for so much It could have been a bridge for conversation about the disorder in a lighthearted way Instead it was kind of that but generic than I would have liked It was like a list of symptoms with some stock photos and like I said some of the wording w [...]

  26. Nicola

    A lovely sweet photo book that uses photos of cute kittens to describe some of the generalised traits of Aspergers It s one of these books that s best used as a starting point and then adapated as you see fit For Miss 3, I adjusted the text to simply talk about cats and how some cats don t like loud noises which she totally understands , some cats like to really focus on their favourite toy or activity, etc She would have found it confusing if I d been talking about kids while looking at photos [...]

  27. Olivia

    Cute book, would apply to children.Although it s bad than good, it portrays autistics as the same when the cat says that it doesn t wanna be touched The author uses only male pronouns, as if there s no autistic girls It says that all cats are a little autistic in the end, drawing a parallel to reality where it s said that ooh everyone is different everyone is a bit quirky Don t label yourself as autistic when you re just fucking retarded lol just like everyone is sometimes I honestly wanted th [...]

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