Star Wars Vol. 6: Out Among The Stars (2020)

Star Wars Vol. 6: Out Among The Stars Jason Aaron Salvador Larroca Star Wars Vol Out Among The Stars Collects Star Wars Annual Your favorite rebel rabble rousers run riot across the galaxy Luke Skywalker finally gets the alone time he s been after with Princess Leia unfortunately it co
  • Title: Star Wars Vol. 6: Out Among The Stars
  • Author: Jason Aaron Salvador Larroca
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Star Wars Vol. 6: Out Among The Stars Jason Aaron Salvador Larroca Collects Star Wars 2015 33 37, Annual 3.Your favorite rebel rabble rousers run riot across the galaxy Luke Skywalker finally gets the alone time he s been after with Princess Leia unfortunately, it comes while they re stranded on a desert island In tales of the Star Wars underworld, Sana and Lando join forces on Coruscant to swindle some credits, and Han and ChewieCollects Star Wars 2015 33 37, Annual 3.Your favorite rebel rabble rousers run riot across the galaxy Luke Skywalker finally gets the alone time he s been after with Princess Leia unfortunately, it comes while they re stranded on a desert island In tales of the Star Wars underworld, Sana and Lando join forces on Coruscant to swindle some credits, and Han and Chewie go back to smugglingr a Hutt Then, when the Alliance starts the search for a new secret base, Han leads Leia to scope out a hideout only he knowsy to find a group of killers who want him dead But what about the droids The Empire has held Threepio captive for far too long and now his faithful friend is taking action That s right it s Artoo to the rescue
Star Wars Vol. 6: Out Among The Stars Jason Aaron Salvador Larroca

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    103 Jason Aaron Salvador Larroca
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One thought on “Star Wars Vol. 6: Out Among The Stars

  1. FanboyBen

    And with that, Jason Aaron s storied run on Marvel s flagship Star Wars title comes to an end Volume 6 Out Among the Stars collects issues 33 37, the majority of which are one shot issues featuring individual adventures with the usual gang of heroes, as well as Sana Starros and Lando Calrissian While these issues may not represent the pinnacle of either Aaron or artist Salvador Larroca s talents, this final volume still stands as a decent enough farewell for Aaron, before Kieron Gillen comes abo [...]

  2. Lance Shadow

    Another day, another review, another on going series This one is for the sixth volume of Jason Aaron s Star Wars , the flagship title for Marvel s comic book canon Jason Aaron started off really strong with this series Skywalker Strikes and Rebel Jail were both solid, and Vader Down and Showdown on the Smuggler s Moon were both fantastic However, the recent volumes have felt like filler, and it is becoming increasingly clear that Aaron has run out of ideas Last Flight of the Harbinger was the t [...]

  3. Chris Lemmerman

    When I heard that Jason Aaron s final arc of Star Wars was all one and done stories, I was a little disappointed He d built up a good ongoing plot, and to see him cast it all aside felt a bit cheap.Then I read the volume, and it honestly reads like the best of his run Each issue focuses on different characters and offers a different flavour of story, really getting into the heads of each of them in order to show where their minds are at at this point in the story.We open with Luke Leia, who are [...]

  4. Anthony

    Jason Aaron wraps up his tenor on the main Star Wars title with an arc of rotating one shot stories that all tie together a little bit Scar Squadron returns Han does some smuggling R2 D2 takes down a bunch of Stormtroppers I don t mean to sound salty, because it s not a bad volume and far from the worst And the Star Wars brand is bigger than the writer so there wasn t going to be any big send off And hopefully the book will benefit from a new writer with some fresh ideas and stories, and one who [...]

  5. Travis Duke

    First to note these are a bunch of individual stories Secondly they are O.K at best The Luke and Leia story is pretty weak.The Sana and Lando story is one of the better ones.The Chewy and Han story is also one of the better ones.The droid story is O.K but not good The SCAR squadron story is not good at all.Tusken Raider story is just bad.The annual issue number 3 I skipped I was done.The art is pretty creepy I gotta say Larroca is getting odd The facial photo realism is so creepy and just doesn [...]

  6. Sesana

    Despite or maybe because it s a bunch of one off stories, this is one of the most enjoyable volumes of the Aaron s run Didn t love the annual, but every other issue is solid.

  7. Geoffrey Payne

    I wasn t expecting this volume to be made up of stand alone stories so that kind of threw me off at the start but I ended up really enjoying it I think this might be my favorite volume of the series so far The stand alone stories offered a good variety of characters and planets and although the stories didn t have an extensive amount of development they still felt important at least most of them I really loved issues 35 37 and the annual 3 The stories felt fresh and exciting Also the art style i [...]

  8. Alex Sarll

    The not terribly conclusive conclusion of the Aaron run, told relay style through a series of character spotlights and as the cover suggests, R2 on the motherfucking rampage is the clear highlight.

  9. Robert

    A collection of one shots that doesn t follow an ongoing storyline but rather focuses each issue on a different fan favorite from the series cast, including R2, Lando, Han and Ben Individually entertaining, but unexpected from a title that up till now has had multi issue arcs as the mainstay.

  10. Neville Ridley-smith

    Interesting bunch of stories Fun enough for me to give it 4 stars would read again.But that art yeesh copying tracing from film stills always looks kind of cheesy and feels like a cop out.So, the stories Luke and Leia go wild See Leia take down an AT AT with a bow and arrow Yeah this one was a bit out there Lando and Sana the 13 crates this was a fun one very clever The Hutt Run another fun, clever story R2D2 rescuing 3PO this felt a bit too much like an Infinities or Lego comic done just for th [...]

  11. Eric Mikols

    Sometimes, this series has new and interesting adventures Most times, it s like Jason Aaron wants me to be thinking, Gee, I wonder if Han and Leia will ever kiss.

  12. Kaye

    This volume is basically a collection of one shots You kind of have to take it for what they are and suspend the need for context It might be a little confusing, but its not all that bad at least for me For the first time in awhile I m not feeling disappointed or being left with questions of why does this matter 33, Rebels in the Wild 2 starsLuke and Leia are on the run from the Empire and they get stranded on an island for quite awhile Of course there is no need to worry They survive, they alwa [...]

  13. Willie Krischke

    I enjoyed this book than the rest it s all one offs, short adventures, where there s space to explore the characters and their relationships That s what I ve enjoyed most about this whole run, when there s time to do some of that I love the idea of Luke and Leia scanning the stars, comparing their childhoods, completely unaware they are siblings Of course, Luke would be macking on Leia the whole time, and that would be gross Also it s an interesting twist that Leia can repeatedly outrun light, [...]

  14. Adam Fisher

    This Volume takes a break from the usual connected storyline and instead connects a bunch of smaller stories that all take place at the same time What results is a coherent picture of the galaxy at one moment instead of everyone being in the same place at the same time It does work overall as a format, and the stories were all good on their own, but it lacked the build up of suspense that takes place over a Volume Still excellent though Recommend Stories contained within Luke and Leia survive o [...]

  15. Jordan Anderson

    The last of these collections, Yoda s Secret War was a total mess Aaron wrote himself against a wall and couldn t get away from the crappy situation he had written himself into For that reason, I had my doubts that the next one would be of great quality and there was little hope of salvaging the sinking ship of the main Star Wars comic line The good news is that Out Among the Stars is far and away a much better attempt at continuing the saga that was started way back in Skywalker Strikes That I [...]

  16. Paul Decker

    This volume of the ongoing Marvel Star Wars series is a little different than the past ones in that each issue follows a different group of protagonists There s first a Luke and Leia story It features a really col AT AT scene Then there s a Sana and Lando story I like seeing Lando in the main series before our main protagonists meet him This story also shows of Sana s background and her sweet skills I m all about learning about the original characters There s a Han story of him working with th [...]

  17. Kathleen

    Okay, I m gonna start out by saying that this installment of the Disney canon Star Wars comics was genuinely fun to read.The Star Wars Disney canon comics kind of bounce back and forth between being plot arc volumes and just random collections of issues, and this is one of the better examples of the latter There isn t much of an overall plot, although the issues do sort of lead into one another It s just a bunch of short issues following one or two of the characters we know and love.For example, [...]

  18. Cale

    This is an improvement over the previous volume, but not a significant one It s a series of loosely related one off stories focusing on different characters, which means Aaron s skill for Star Wars dialog doesn t get as much chance to shine And none of the stories have a whole lot of depth either We get a desert island story with Luke and Leia an issue of Sana with Lando with her being a smuggler, which was my favorite of the volume Han trying to get info out of a Hutt, which has some of the bes [...]

  19. Don

    This was a fun collection of stand alone adventures featuring the heroes and villains writer Jason Aaron used throughout his tenure as Star Wars writer This edition features his final work Along with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and the droids, you have Sana Starros, and the SCAR troopers Stand outs are the R2 D2 story that wraps up a storyline from Volume 4 and the story featuring Sana Starros and Lando The Tusken Raider story was nicely done And I liked the Annual at the end with Han and Leia bein [...]

  20. Grant

    A collection of short stories Sana, Han, Kreel and R2 had cool stories Everything else was just okay or forgettable I prefer story arcs to stand alone episodes Some of the stories do a little to address the larger story which is nice The art is at times horrendous In some places it looks like they photoshopped real face pictures onto cartoon people it looks disgusting You can see the realistically textured skin of a human s face right next to an alien s cartoon face It s like they don t care tha [...]

  21. Neil Coulter

    Marvel s Star Wars series is firmly in the range of awful to okay, and this volume is much toward the okay end of the spectrum I liked the concept of individual stories told through the eyes of a particular character To me, that brought a freshness and forward momentum that is often lacking in the longer story arcs What s terrible about this book is the illustrations I don t know what happened with this volume, but almost all of the main characters look like they re simply photos from the films [...]

  22. Jeremy Large

    Not Aaron s best work but there s some fun stuff to be had in here I like the idea of short standalone stories that allow him to focus on different pairings of characters My favourites were the Sana Lando episode and the Han Chewie Grakkus episode The R2 adventure was fun, but it was hard to tell what was going on sometimes, and a little implausible, and though i liked the Vader Palpatine stuff with Creel, not much of consequence really happened, or so it felt.Larrocca s art is mostly good but t [...]

  23. Jorge de la Vega

    Ignoring R2 s solo outing which was, as most droid solo outings, just awful , and the Annual III continuing on the trend of downplaying male characters to a laughable extreme the whole lowering the bar so female characters may look badass in comparison to men rather than in spite of men being badasses themselves thing I mentioned in my review of The Screaming Citadel , I really liked this anthology of standalone adventures to close 2017 s run and going into the New Year s It brought some storyli [...]

  24. David

    Collecting Marvel s Star Wars issues 33 through 37, this is or less a compilation of one shot stories rather than ant on going story threads as such, some of these are better than others.The same can be said of the art work.With stories running the gamut from Luke and Leia trapped on a water y planet, to R2 D2 rescuing C 3PO from the Empire and even from the Point of View of members of the Empire s SCAR squadron, there is plenty of variety here none, however, to my eyes match the impact of the [...]

  25. Iasmina

    Collecting only one shot issues, I didn t feel that any of the stories had the chance to unfold properly The C 3PO capture follow up might be considered a bit of an exception, as it continues an already existing story arc There is less incentive to get invested in the narrative, I suppose, than is the case for the previous volumes The artwork was lackluster, as well, as the realistic style adopted makes the characters feel off , trapped in a limbo between being stand alone graphical representat [...]

  26. Carl

    An excellent collection of loosely connected one offs with various characters both large and small buoyed by Aaron s consistently excellent scripts and catapulted into the stratosphere by Salvador Larroca s stunning artworke only negative is Annual 3 s artwork is such a significant drop from Larroca s almost photographic style that it is like a splash of water In the face.Excellent volume in a magnificent series.

  27. Scott Allen

    This was a very enjoyable graphic novel It ends Jason Aaron s tenure on Star Wars and he goes out with a series of one shot issues Some are better than others, which is to be expected I liked the issues with Han and Lando the best The R2D2 issue was probably my least favorite But it was a fun read and much better than the last couple of volumes.

  28. Ahdom

    This is one of the best volumes of this line of Star Wars comics It did a better job with the story, characters, and artwork, in my opinion than the previous installments I did enjoy a lot of the stories that led to this volume, but I like where it s headed I anticipate the next installment to see where these events take our characters.

  29. Justin

    Not bad This volume wasn t a bad read I ve read other reviews saying it was I do get the sense that Marvel s creativity is being held back a bit because honestly how could you find yourself wanting for Star Wars material There is so much rich stuff out there I m hoping to see , exciting stories for the foreseeable future.

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