NSFW (2020)

NSFW Piper Lawson NSFW Being bad never felt so good Everything in my office is off limits Making a charity calendar of the hot guys on your floor Not allowed Shrinking your boss underwear when he sends it for dry cleaning C
  • Title: NSFW
  • Author: Piper Lawson
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  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
NSFW Piper Lawson Being bad never felt so good Everything in my office is off limits Making a charity calendar of the hot guys on your floor Not allowed Shrinking your boss underwear when he sends it for dry cleaning Can t do that either But those things keep the natural balance See, Avery Banks, our resident rising star, is a shark The tall, blond, and gorgeous kind with zero paBeing bad never felt so good Everything in my office is off limits Making a charity calendar of the hot guys on your floor Not allowed Shrinking your boss underwear when he sends it for dry cleaning Can t do that either But those things keep the natural balance See, Avery Banks, our resident rising star, is a shark The tall, blond, and gorgeous kind with zero patience and even less forgiveness Good thing I m the Mae West of executive assistants I live to put grown men in their place.He wasn t supposed to find out.Now he s made it his personal mission to screw me the way I screwed him OK Not exactly the way I screwed himAvery s new game is hot Messy Twisted.But he s my boss And what we re doing is strictly NSFW Luckily, Avery and I have one thing in common.We both suck at following the rules NSFW is a fresh, modern twist on office romance from bestselling author Piper Lawson It s fun, sassy, steamyd comes with exclusive BONUS content for a limited time Like books by Lauren Blakely, Kristen Callihan, Jana Aston, Whitney G, and Meghan Quinn You ll love NSFW Start reading now
NSFW Piper Lawson

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    184 Piper Lawson
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One thought on “NSFW

  1. Ann Lou

    My first book for 2018 Sooo Our h is a sassy assistant in a bank who makes pranks with her boss thinking to even the scale a little bit My boss, ladies and gentlemen The face an angel The body of a god The charm of venereal disease.Our H is just okay for me But he got points in my eyes when he says this Because I don t believe in fucking one person when you re thinking about someone else This line is for all those guys drowning themselves in women while professing to be in love with someone else [...]

  2. Melanie (mells_view)

    NSFW is enemies to lovers in an office setting, done well Piper Lawson executes this trope with the electric pulse it needed to be brought back to life Charlotte Charlie and Avery have worked together for the past couple of years Him as the boss and her as the prank pulling assistant There has always been a wall of animosity between them, but maybe that animosity is just hiding something else I honestly really enjoyed the tension between these two characters It wasn t OTT, and it still managed t [...]

  3. Julia

    A soft 5 stars, maybe like 4.75 stars This was a good book to end the year with With all of the sexual harassment allegations in the work place in 2017, I was VERY nervous to read a romanticized version of it with absolutely no prior safety information But the risk paid off I ended up loving it My favorite character was the heroine she s exactly the type of modern woman that I love reading about She s self aware, has just as much sexual experience as the hero, and is confident in her job and he [...]

  4. Katerina

    So heroine s been his assistant for two years Character wise I d describe her to be very sassy, modelesque, and her personality is what I would tag suited usually to be marked as the crazy outgoing best friend of a heroine She pushes his buttons constantly If you are an optimist, you can take his statement of I don t screw one woman whilst thinking of another , as a mark of celibacy throughout the two years since they d met I personally don t believe he s had sex for a while, but I was unsure a [...]

  5. Sissy's Romance Book Review

    NSFW by Piper Lawson is the story of Charlotte and Avery Avery is the boss and Charlotte is the assistant so this is a work related love story It was a fun filled batter with some hot tension between the two of them There is also of course their underline story of who they are and how they got to this point in their lives Enjoyed reading their story gp profile A2H user show 1 twitter soapsrus68 facebook RomanceBookRoklikes blogsissymaereads romancebookreviewforyou.wordp tumblr blog romancebo

  6. Alex ♈

    It was a good book, the heroine wasn t a doormat the author kept her promise As to the hero being not an asshat well, I wouldn t call him an asshat, but he wasn t a good hero either Of course in my opinion I work for a big company and maybe that s why office romances are not my favorite trope, especially when they write funny pranks at work Not that an office life is a boring one, but there are still some boarders you don t cross So, the heroine s behavior was way too childish She was sassy, yes [...]

  7. Piper Lawson

    NSFW is now available on and in KU Watching Avery Banks run a meeting was like porn.His clipped tone The impatient tap of his pen on the table The way he d shove his chair back when it took too long to get an answer.It should ve been unattractive.It was a damned ballet.The world premiere of ten reasons I want to f ck my boss His mouth.His hands.His voice.His gaze.His body

  8. Pick a Book

    English Portugu s4 starsOooh This was so cute I think this is my 6th book by Piper Lawson and as it was expected it was so good My favorite book by her was PLAY I loved Max and Payton, mas I remember that I also loved Charlie cause she was so funny and unique Imagine how happy I was when I found out she would have her own book It was so good to know of Charlie I loved her even She was so strong and peculiar, but in a way that draw us to her I loved how funny she was without being forced She wa [...]

  9. Catherine Bibby (Rochelle's Reviews)

    I received a copy and voluntarily left a review There hasn t been a book by Piper Lawson that hasn t practically incinerated my kindle and left me with dreamy eyes over her newest fictional couple Although Dylan and Alexis from Schooled will always be my favorite go to couple, Piper never fails to illicit a strong emotional response and bring her readers something new and fresh with each book whether it is part of a continued series or a story with characters we have never met before This time P [...]

  10. Alina Thomas

    This was a really good book especially after going through some really meh reads I will elaborate on the book later but this author seems to be on my look out for list so check this book out

  11. Annamaria

    Five Amazing Stars Charlotte Charlie is a beautiful, spunky, woman and the office prankster Charlie loves to play pranks on her boss Avery because he is very serious and she is attracted to him Avery is devoted to two things in his life work and his sister and he does not have time for relationships Avery and Charlie put each other through the wringer and they both will not go down without a fight Will Avery and Charlie be able to put their pasts behind them and find happiness together I thoroug [...]

  12. Isha Coleman

    NSFW by Piper Lawson Proceed with caution Ms Lawson knows what it means to deliver the burn Just ask Avery and Charlie NSFW is deliciously naughty with it s tempting battle of the sexes and it s hilariously entertaining characters War is on the agenda The winner is anyone guess, but the battle is as seductive as it gets.

  13. Romance Novel Giveaways Lauren Seiberling

    This book is HOT And I got the BIGGEST kick out of Charlie I mean, I haven t enjoyed or lived vicariously through a heroine this much in a while She sure had some cojones, and was an absolute riot to read But Piper did a FANTASTIC job of building up the attraction between Charlie and Avery These enemies to lovers were put in some close quarters situations, and holy moly, did the sparks fly The story was woven beautifully and the tit for tat between Charlie and Avery was peppered throughout in pe [...]

  14. Michaelene

    My boss, ladies and gentlemen The face of an angel The body of a god The charm of venereal disease.I discovered Ms Piper Lawson not long ago, and I fell in love with this author s work There s a trademark humor that s always on point, a sparkling sexual tension that lights up the page, and a heroine that is so well drawn and dynamic and fierce that I just want to be her best friend NSFW is an office romance that has all of these things.Real men think with their brains Their genitalia merely offe [...]

  15. Lauren - SERIESous Books

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest voluntary review All opinions are my own and not influenced by my source I was super excited to get Charlotte s story after she charmed me completely in Play and this did not disappoint The chemistry between these two is palpable from the start and had me swooning throughout I love the whole hate to love you vibes these two had and seeing that evolve into something Their banter always put a smile on my face and was part of [...]

  16. Pamela Lilley

    A lovely, sexy, forbidden, enemies to lovers romance following Charlotte Merriweather as she relays her relationship with her boss Avery Banks, an executive banker who follows the rules and has zero sense of humour Charlie though, is a bit of a prankster and after 2 years she s finally been caught in the act so to speak The day that Avery fires Charlie is the day that their journey begins It s also the day that Charlie comes into her own and faces her challenges head on I loved Charlie, she had [...]

  17. Kristy

    Ok, so we got a glimpse of Charlie and Avery through Payton and Max s story in PLAY and I immediately knew I wanted to read about these characters I m so happy the reading gods heard my wish because Piper did not fail to deliver This is not your typical hate turn to love story because the characters didn t really hate each other like they subconsciously wanted to get noticed by the other but didn t know how to go about doing it The things they do and say to each other sometimes make you cringe, [...]

  18. Dawn Herring

    This is the story of fun loving Charlotte Charlie and her dickhead of a boss, Avery We got a glimpse of uptight Avery and prankster Charlie in the first book in this series, Play, which is where I first developed my girl crush on Charlie Thus, I was quite excited to get my hands on this book I also had some loitering trepidation, however, because I was afraid I might not like this follow up story as much as I did Play, which was one of my absolute favorite books of 2016 I now hang my head in sha [...]

  19. Peggy M

    I received an ARC of this book and this is my voluntarily, honest review of it.Although this book is connected to Play because Charlie is friends with Payton you don t have to read that book first to read this one BUT I really enjoyed Play so I would recommend that if you liked this story to try Play too Office romances is one of the genres that I enjoy reading and when the boss isn t only handsome and intelligent but also bossy Well, that s definitely a big plus for me Being the assistant of a [...]

  20. Rachael

    Let me just start off by saying this was my first book by Piper Lawson and I fell in love with her writing in NSFW I have come to be selective on what I agree to read and review, and this book pulled me in from the synopsis Her writing was fresh, fun, flirty and super sexy In NSFW we follow the story of Charlotte Charlie and Avery Their story is a such a unique one that Piper has added so much too I don t even know where to start Charlie is fired from her job the story begins there Her boss has [...]

  21. Johnaka

    NSFW by Piper Lawson Can you mix work and love, 5 stars What happens when the office prankster and the office workaholic cross the line between professional and personal It s not sparks that fly but full blown fireworks that explode Avery and Charlotte Charlie are the most unlikely match, but they balance each other perfectly.Charlie is so far past spunky I don t even know how to describe her She s working an office job that doesn t suit her but she excels at and is just going with the flow The [...]

  22. Jennifer Pierson

    HOLY HELL, WHAT AN ENTERTAINING STORY THIS WAS Charlie is the assistant to the stuffy Avery Banks, and she goes out of her way to irritate him Until the day that he decides enough is enough, and fires her By the next day, he knows that he needs her, so he offers her a deal, which puts her at his beck call 24 hours a day And while they are staying so close, the strong attraction that they are feeling, starts to become , as the lines between professional personal get blurry NSFW was a story that i [...]

  23. Debbie Hanson

    NSFWPiper Lawson amazingly wonderful stars.I ve waited for what seemed line forever to read this book And it didn t disappoint Very rarely is there a story where both main characters are my favourite s Avery and Charlotte are strong yet sweet, their banter was funny in sometimes the most inappropriate ways that turned very bad very quickly But it was their chemistry, off the damn charts hot , both in lust with each other neither wanting to face it.As employer and Assistant of Alliance, a bank in [...]

  24. Suzanne

    Charlotte Charlie Merriweather had worked at Alliance for a few years, and was good at her job She got her kicks by playing pranks on her current boss Avery Banks Avery is destined to do well and will walk over anyone to get there The problem with Avery is that he is too good looking, and Charlie secretly has a thing for him, this is why the pranks are all that fun The office dynamics start to change when there s a scandal at the bank, restructure is on the cards and everyone has to prove their [...]

  25. Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions)

    Read full review HEREHave you guys read Play, from Piper Lawson This book is sort of a sequel, and it features 2 characters from that book Once again, the writing is great, and NSFW is told through Charlie s POV, and I loved her sassy and smartass voice The girl sure is fun.I really liked the main characters Like I said, Charlie was a lot of fun, I liked that she was a bit lost, but she still had a very strong character and personality And Avery was a bit of the same, he had to grow up very fast [...]

  26. P Leslie

    I voluntarily read a review copy of this book All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else s I absolutely loved NSFW Piper has a raw talent for creating the ultimate sexual tension that simmers, burns and literally explodes like fireworks I adored Charlotte she was funny, sassy and likeable The crazy things she does to Avery made me laugh The chemistry between Charlie and Avery was amazing it was intense You could sense the pull resistance between them which intensified the sexual tensi [...]

  27. Maria Hunt

    When I first stumbled across Piper s books I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed her writing style and her ability to draw you into her stories through her amazing characters NSFW is her newest book and I loved this fantastic enemies to lovers office romance I have to say I loved Charlie s character She is a strong woman who makes no excuses for who she is Avery is a no nonsense, straight by the book businessman Charlie and Avery have worked together the past few years Charlie has enj [...]

  28. Thi

    The book is everything I loved it so much I love the characters, their chemistry, everything about them Ava and Nate have always been my favorite couple of Piper s but I think I may love Charlie and Avery This book should be on your TBR list.

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