Summer's Cove (2020)

Summer's Cove Aurora Rey Summer s Cove Emerson Lange knows that life comes with no guarantees After her parents unexpected deaths she drops out of medical school and moves to Provincetown to pursue her real passion art Darcy Belo is also
  • Title: Summer's Cove
  • Author: Aurora Rey
  • ISBN: 9781626399716
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
Summer's Cove Aurora Rey Emerson Lange knows that life comes with no guarantees After her parents unexpected deaths, she drops out of medical school and moves to Provincetown to pursue her real passion art Darcy Belo is also no stranger to life s unexpected twists and turns She never expected to become a single mother at twenty two, but she has no regrets over moving back home or the life she Emerson Lange knows that life comes with no guarantees After her parents unexpected deaths, she drops out of medical school and moves to Provincetown to pursue her real passion art Darcy Belo is also no stranger to life s unexpected twists and turns She never expected to become a single mother at twenty two, but she has no regrets over moving back home or the life she s built with her son A chance meeting at a wedding sparks an instant attraction between them, but pursuing it is not without complications Neither woman is looking for love, but when their summer romance reveals the promise of so much , each of them must confront their notions of love, the future, and what it means to be a family.
Summer's Cove Aurora Rey

  • [E-Book] ↠ Summer's Cove | by ↠ Aurora Rey
    Aurora Rey

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  1. Lex Kent

    3 1 2 Stars This is the second book in Rey s Provincetown series The first book, Winter s Harbor, was decent for a debut, but I definitely enjoyed this one I noticed growth in Rey as an author, between the two books You don t have to read the books in order, but the two mains from the first book, are in this one.This book is about two women, who are quite different, trying at a relationship Emerson is a carefree artist type, while Darcy is a structured, single mother And because Darcy has an 8 [...]

  2. Gaby

    This is the second book in the series A Cape end but it reads fine as a stand alone novel It s the story of Darcy, a single mother of an 8 year old boy and Emerson, a single artist and photographer As their attraction develops, so does Darcy s reluctance to open up to a relationship that could potentially expose her son Liam and herself to a heartbreak Darcy decides to keep Emerson at arm s length but everything backfires when her son and Emerson become friends Will Darcy see through her own fea [...]

  3. CLo

    I really good readI really like Aurora Rey books and have read most of them This one picks up about 2 years after Winter s Harbor you don t have to have read it but it gives a little background to who Alex and Lia are Overall I enjoyed the book Call me a sucker for cute kid and handsome butch I did find that didn t love Darcy as a character and felt that she detached too long in the book even in her own thoughts The struggle for her seemed to be about keeping Emerson and Liam desperate than her [...]

  4. Heidi

    Book two in the Cape End Romances Love seeing Lia and Alex again They play a small part in this story, but pop in and out as Darcy works at the cafe, and a lot of the plot takes place there Darcy has a son and keeps her home life totally separate from her love life In walks Emerson who is very attracted to Darcy Sparks fly, but how will it all work out with the single mom aspect I thought the subject was handled very well The author upped her game with steamy love scenes Great interactions with [...]

  5. Rach (Les Rêveur)

    Aurora Rey has us back in Provincetown for the second book in her Cape End Romance Series Summer s Cove starts off with Alex and Lia, from the first book Winter s Harbor, planning their big day They have enlisted Darcy, the chef from Alex s cafe to be their caterer Darcy is a single mum of eight year old Liam Like most Mums, Darcy s only priority is Liam When the sexy and androgynous, photographer Emerson appears at the wedding, sparks fly from the moment they meet But Darcy is only looking for [...]

  6. Jane Shambler

    Apparently this is the second book of an ongoing series Guess I didn t read that one but it in no way prevented me from enjoying this one I can t say anything really grabbed me in this book but equally I couldn t say I disliked it Sometimes I wonder why authors add kids into the mix Don t get me wrong sometimes they really do work Other times well I m not so sure.I honestly felt that the two main characters didn t really gel, and that s where the kid came in I felt he had chemistry with his mot [...]

  7. Catherine

    I m rating this book 2.5 stars.I just struggled with this book and I really tried The concept of the book drew me in but felt the storyline and chemistry with the characters lacking Too much detail in certain parts of the story that didn t really matter which made me think the author was trying to pad the story to make it longer than needed At certain stages of the book I did feel drawn in wanting to know what would happen but ultimately found myself not a big fan of Darcy which made my enjoymen [...]

  8. Alena

    NetGalleyPerfectly fine read.I struggled with the characters a bit, Darcy mainly, but overall the story got to me.While usually I m the first to be bothered by a rushed ending see other reviews , it didn t really bother me here They were headed towards a somewhat dramatic resolution, they finally talked, things were resolved The end.Even the not talking didn t bother me here Usually this annoys me greatly, but here it felt like they had somehow maneuvered themselves into corners and the tension [...]

  9. Val

    This was not my favorite Rey book The main character, Darcy, pretty much drove me crazy I totally understand trying to protect your child, but you can t always prevent them from getting hurt It s part of life It happens to everyone at some point in our lives and it s important to learn to deal with it Rant over.

  10. Jasmine

    I absolutely love Aurora Rey And, she s my hero, but she and everyone else is probably tired of me saying it over and over again but I can t help and gush because it s true Her books will always have a special place in my heart and this one was no different There were so many moments in this book that were just so pure Pure life and light and pure joy and love This is the second book in the series, but it can absolutely stand alone as a book and as a beautiful romance on its own However, if you [...]

  11. Rosi

    This book deals with the doubts of a single mother to start a relationship, then allow it to become serious and trust the woman she is dating to be part of her and her son s life The book developes the romantic relationship between Darcy, the single mother, and Emerson, who is a woman who decided to live her dream of being an artist after losing her parents The lives of both women are very different Darcy prioritizes everything to the needs of his son Liam, who is an almost perfect child Emerson [...]

  12. Stephanie

    I was looking forward to reading this book I did not read the first one in the series and had no difficulty reading this one because of it I love Provincetown we spend our summers there every year.And I always look forward to imagining the characters in that setting I did enjoy that part of this book Overall I thought this was a good read There were some difficulties I found it hard to like Darcy, Emerson s love interest But in the end, the author was able to soften her edges and made it work I [...]

  13. Kennedy

    Like the writing style The description of the characters and how they were feeling, even Liam was very helpful in getting me caught up in the story Darcy loves control, compartmentalizing and her son Liam Emerson loves how she has adjusted to the tragedies in her life What the main characters did not expect was to enjoy each other s company The personality of Liam was a pleasant surprise with his zest for learning and the simplicity of life This read had me cheering for family and happiest One b [...]

  14. Liana

    actual rating 3.5 starsReview forloversofbooks.wordpress Emerson Lange knows that life comes with no guarantees After her parents unexpected deaths, she drops out of medical school and moves to Provincetown to pursue her real passion art Darcy Belo is also no stranger to life s unexpected twists and turns She never expected to become a single mother at twenty two, but she has no regrets over moving back home or the life she s built with her son.A chance meeting at a wedding sparks an instant att [...]

  15. My Pink Fairytales

    First of all, this is my first f f romance novel, so I have nothing to compare it to.I thought it was ok, but I didn t connect to it, maybe that s why just the 2 rating It was an easy read, but it didn t steer any emotion in me Also, it felt weird for every character in the book to be lesbian gay, even Liam s father I really liked how the relationship was built between Emerson and Liam, though Then the relationship between Emerson and Darcy started out of nowhere Ok, they met at a weeding of mut [...]

  16. Penelope

    An honest review thanks to NetGalley I do recommend reading the first book in the series First, you do not have to, but it will get you to know the characters and situations before you start this book This was a good romance I just felt the lack of chemistry between the two female leads I loved how Darcy had a son, this little boy is fantastic and is part of the reason I liked the book I loved how he and Emerson had such a connection and similarities This is a good feel good romance.

  17. Emma

    4 starsA very good romance with nice plot and setting and some well done characters The kid character was amazingly good I liked a lot the relational dynamics between him and one of the leads It s the best part of this story The other lead, kid s mom, was a control freak most of the time and kind of a pain to deal with I didn t like her much and knocked one star off because of her.Recommended to all fans of romance novels with a kid in toweARC by Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley

  18. Kitty Kat

    I was so looking forward to Summer s Cove as I had really enjoyed the first in Aurora Rey s Provincetown series, Winter s Harbor I was not disappointed The story of artist Emerson and her blossoming relationship with cook and single mom Darcy was romantic and sexy but not without angst Not too much angst but just enough to keep it interesting Darcy is intent on keeping her love life separate from the life she has with her son Liam Commendable as that is it leads to problems with her new lover Em [...]

  19. Rike @ RikeRandom

    Solid lesfic, fun and cute but with a seriously rushed ending view spoiler there was chemistry but instead of actually developing the relationship they just decided to be a family on the last couple of pages and that was it hide spoiler Overall, I really enjoyed this but I had one major problem, because this is a new low in terms of the whole safer sex does not exist because obviously we don t get stds issue that s all too common in lesfics As this novel tells us, protection has absolutely no pl [...]

  20. Tiffany Shamaly

    My first Aurora Rey book, but certainly not my last I m grateful that she has a few other books out there to keep me occupied So this story was really great even if I wanted to throttle Darcy quite a bit But a story isn t good if it doesn t make you feel something I don t get invested in stories until I click with the main characters and while Darcy drove me crazy sometimes, I did click with her and her urgency to protect her child Emerson was a great character too that I enjoyed I wish we did g [...]

  21. R

    In today s world, there are parents who neglect their children and those that are doting, caring, and involved parents Darcy is a single parent who belongs in the latter group Her son, Liam, takes preference over everything in her life When she decides to date Emerson, she skillfully sets out to make sure her home and social life don t collide Darcy s goal is to make sure Liam will not be hurt if her relationship with Emerson does not work out However, true to life, love has a way of sneaking in [...]

  22. Sophie❤️

    I really enjoyed this story Emerson is really a shy geek woman who fall for Darcy who is a bit of a control freak who is really only trying to protect her son from having his heart broken again Being a parent is hard work and you need to be organised, so if you are working and a single parent I noticed a few comments about people not liking Darcy I wonder if they have kids I would say not You tend to put you kids first for the most part, just as Darcy did But we all make mistakes on how we hand [...]

  23. Lisa

    Single mum Darcy and artist Emerson meet at a mutual friends wedding This novel follows the blossoming relationship between the two main characters and the struggle Darcy has with opening herself up fully Ideally Darcy wants to keep her love life separate from her life with Liam, protecting him from getting hurt This proves quite difficult as Emerson proves to be both patient and understanding, letting Darcy control the direction and pace.The story is well written, and features likable supportin [...]

  24. Patty

    I have read all of Ms Rey s books and have thoroughly enjoyed them This one is the second book in the Cape End romance series The storyline of Summer s Cove begins about 2 years after Winter s Harbor In Winter s Harbor Lia and Alex meet and fall in love This second book begins with Lia and Alex s wedding.There are three main characters Darcy Belo, who is a single mother and chef at Lia and Alex s restaurant, is very reserved about mixing her family life with her dating life Darcy s 9 year son Li [...]

  25. Jessica Roberson

    Loved itI ve really enjoyed Aurora Rey s other books, so I looked forward to this one s release I was happily surprised to see that it contained characters from WINTERS HARBOR Although it can be read as a stand alone story, it was nice to see a little continuation of Alex and Lia s story too I really liked getting to know Darcy in this book, and I loved Emerson s character The dynamic of their relationship was sweet and there was hot sex too Emerson was extremely patient and I respect Darcy for [...]

  26. Andrea

    I received an ARC from Netgalley and the Publisher The story and the characters in the story are well written and developed and I enjoyed reading about Emerson, Darcy and Liam The speed of the story was good and it didn t feel rushed or too drawn out, the only thing that didn t quite work for me was the chemistry between the two main characters I just didn t feel any chemistry and their relationship seemed a little odd to me Especially Darcy s feeelings didn t seem real and it felt like she is [...]

  27. Jaie

    3.5 starsI was captured by the characters and the setting, but the lack of palpable chemistry and significant conflict made the read a little flat Emerson and Darcy liked each other from their first meeting and their dating process was relatively smooth I liked both Emerson and Darcy, and Darcy s son Liam I have an 8 year old and I thought Liam was written realistically, bright for his age and nerdy, but still in need of cuddles and attention Ebook provided by Netgalley and BLB in exchange for r [...]

  28. Illustrious Illusions

    Summer s Cover was a quick read, but it really elicited nothing special in me, as the reader I didn t fall in love with the characters and didn t much care for one of them enough to want to know what happened and root for her My biggest pet peeve in LGBT books is that all the characters are lesbian or gay While I can understand and appreciate the thought of spending time with people like yourself, it really makes you suspend reality so much that it becomes a bit annoying.

  29. Ann

    I think this is the first lesbian love story I ve read It had a story line I liked about a single mother that worked hard to make a good living for her young son I found it a little strange that Emerson and her sister were both gay, the bakery owner where Darcy worked was gay and the father of Darcy s son was gay I m not familiar with gay culture so I don t know if this is typical or not.

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