Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life (2020)

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life Wendy Mass Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life In one month Jeremy Fink will turn thirteen But does he have what it takes to be a teenager He collects mutant candy he won t venture than four blocks from his apartment if he can help it and he def
  • Title: Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
  • Author: Wendy Mass
  • ISBN: 9780316058292
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life Wendy Mass In one month Jeremy Fink will turn thirteen But does he have what it takes to be a teenager He collects mutant candy, he won t venture than four blocks from his apartment if he can help it, and he definitely doesn t like surprises On the other hand, his best friend, Lizzy, isn t afraid of anything, even if that might get her into trouble now and then Jeremy s summIn one month Jeremy Fink will turn thirteen But does he have what it takes to be a teenager He collects mutant candy, he won t venture than four blocks from his apartment if he can help it, and he definitely doesn t like surprises On the other hand, his best friend, Lizzy, isn t afraid of anything, even if that might get her into trouble now and then Jeremy s summer takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious wooden box arrives in the mail According to the writing on the box, it holds the meaning of life Jeremy is supposed to open it on his thirteenth birthday The problem is, the keys are missing, and the box is made so that only the keys will open it without destroying what s inside Jeremy and Lizzy set off to find the keys, but when one of their efforts goes very wrong, Jeremy starts to lose hope that he ll ever be able to open the box But he soon discovers that when you re meeting people named Oswald Oswald and using a private limo to deliver unusual objects to strangers all over the city, there might be other ways of finding out the meaning of life Lively characters, surprising twists, and thought provoking ideas make Wendy Mass s latest novel an unforgettable read.
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life Wendy Mass

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One thought on “Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life

  1. Noriko

    A waft of poignant feel of losing the loved one runs through the entire book It s delightful, yet I felt somewhat bittersweet vibe in this book and I absolutely adored it.This is a story of a soon to be 13 years old boy, Jeremy Fink, going on a quest to find The meaning of life that his late father left while experiencing a lot of things on the way.This book is so inspiring, so wonderful that I got completely swept up in my emotions while I was reading it I seriously recommend you read this book [...]

  2. Adriana

    This story is about a boy named Jeremy Fink who got a gift for his 13th birthday On this box it said The meaning of life and it had a lock on it He got this girft 1 month before his birthday though and it was from his father who died 5 years ago There was also a letter that came with this gift and it was from a lawyer The lawyer was to give to Jermery for his 13th birthday but the key got lost and there was no replacement Jeremy was the type of boy who didn t leave New York City but his neighbor [...]

  3. Will

    The contrived plot of this book made it hard to really enjoy as an adult reader, but as a teacher, it actually helps Let me explain In this book, Jeremy Fink is a 12 year old who receives a mysterious box that his father, who died several years before, had arranged to be delivered to him the summer before his 13th birthday It requires four keys to open, but they are missing In it, according to a note from his father, is the meaning of life Jeremy and his best friend, Lizzy, end up looking for ke [...]

  4. Mel B.

    A former classmate recommended this book and I was sucked in almost immediately Do you expect to learn the meaning of life in a young adult children s book Oddly enough, you do pick up some of that meaning along the way return return Jeremy receives a box that is meant to be opened on his 13th birthday, from his long dead father The only problem is that the box has four locks and he doesn t have the keys His summer is alternately devoted to his quest for the keys and an odd sort of community ser [...]

  5. Emma Kokes

    I gave this book five stars because it has a lot of mystery and it is basically a huge puzzle that they have to solve I can also easily visualize the characters thoughts and the setting.

  6. Keilani Ludlow

    Honestly, it was hard to decide between a 2 and 3 star Overall plot and story, 3, wrap up 1 or 2 Jeremy and his best friend Lizzy are great Their story, the little mystery adventure they embark on, all interesting and good Here s my issue You don t title a book with e Meaning of Life unless you really have something good as the meaning of life Or a really good reason why the meaning of life becomes the journey or something like that However, when you have one really important dead person imparti [...]

  7. Christina

    Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life is a book recommended for ages 11 and up Here is a little about the book Jeremy Fink is a 12 year old boy and his best friend s name is Lizzy Lizzy and Jeremy do everything together Jeremy and Lizzy live in the same apartment in New York City Jeremy s dad gave him a box to open on his 13th birthday which is coming close Throughout the story the two best friends have to find the keys that they don t even know exist to open the box While they are on their hunt t [...]

  8. Madi

    An incredibly touching story, I don t think I ll think about life the same way now No full review this time, I won t do it justice.

  9. Arminzerella

    Jeremy Fink is about to turn thirteen when he receives a package in the mail from his deceased father He opens it and discovers a box locked in four different ways with the inscription The Meaning of Life on its cover, accompanied by a note to his mother from a law firm saying that they are passing the box on as per request for Jeremy to open on his thirteenth birthday , but that the keys have been lost somewhere along the way When Jeremy s best friend Lizzy hears this, she comes up with a plan [...]

  10. Susana

    review in English below Comprei este livro para o meu filho, que est na fase das d vidas existenciais Quando ele o acabou, disse me que eu tinha de l lo Na verdade, eu j o tinha come ado uma hist ria bonita, bem contada e correspondeu exactamente s expectativas que eu tinha quando o encomendei.Recomendado a jovens de 12 14 anos, sobretudo aos que se questionam sobre o que estamos aqui a fazerI bought this book for my son, who s working through some existential doubts When he finished it, he told [...]

  11. Agata

    I enjoyed the progression of this book To me, one of the underlying messages was everything happens for a reason , which is something I wholeheartedly believe in Jeremy s curiosity and innocence, which is something that can often be missing from children his age, made him an interesting character to see grow I thought some of the puberty references at the end were a little out of place, but they didn t hinder the story.

  12. April Thompson

    If you go along with the flow of life, without trying to change others, or change situations that are beyond you, life is much peaceful.

  13. Beth

    What a great book What a sweet message of family, friendship, and love Not ready to read to Alex, but might suggest Brooke read it, although with no vampires, I don t know if she will

  14. Megan

    For some reason I am really feeling juvenile fiction this summer Just something about kids books and summer that makes me all nostalgic, even though most of the books I read as a kid during the summer were Goosebumps I still remember trading them amongst kids at school like they were Pogs Oh, man, PogsAnyway, this book is a really perfect summer in middle school book It features a weird kid and his weird friend, but the great part is throughout the book you realize that everyone in this kid s ne [...]

  15. Vonia

    Wendy Mass If only she wrote adult literature As it is, the main complaints I have from reading Jeremy Fink The Meaning of Life come down to it being targeted at young adult readers For example, the length with descriptions puberty process the easier words the elaboration on topics adults have already been educated on the tendency to overtell rather than show Obviously, this is necessary to be categorized and to make it readable for the targeted audience Another complaint is the unbelievability [...]

  16. Barb Middleton

    My best friend and I set off on our bikes determined to go further than we ever had before The wind whipped my hair off my face and nervousness, joy and excitement rippled through me like heat waves off the asphalt We were having a blast.Until we got lost.That wasn t so much fun.Jeremy Fink in the book, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, by Wendy Mass, is the opposite of me He likes comfort so much he won t even eat anything other than peanut butter sandwiches and macaroni and cheese It is har [...]

  17. ♔ Jessica Marie

    My sweat smells like peanut butter.How can anyone not be immediately drawn to a book with an opening sentence like that Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life documents the life Jeremy Fink and his best friend, Lizzy, as they attempt to find the keys to a box that contains the meaning of life Along the way they discover important things about themselves, their friendship, and of course life They also encounter many unique characters that will aid them on their search and leave a lasting impression [...]

  18. Kelly

    Kid safe Mother approved I bought this for my son, but it was so cute, I found myself reading it long into the night It s been awhile since I read a kids book that didn t insult the intelligence of the child reading while also respecting parents wishes and keeping foul language, overt sexuality, alternate lifestyles or disrespect for certain political or religious beliefs out of the equation This one is for EVERYONE.Here, you have some extremely well written characters, loads of humor, a compell [...]

  19. vic

    this is a meh book it s for younger age groups but its a bit like a cliche plot, but overall, not too bad, but not an amazing story

  20. Mrs. Smette

    Jeremy Fink is about to turn 13 and hoping to discover the meaning of life About a month before his birthday, he receives a package in the mail containing a unique box that needs four specific keys to be opened The craziest part is that the box is a gift from his father who died five years earlier Jeremy and his best friend Lizzie make it their summer mission to locate the missing keys, unlock the box, and reveal the late Mr Fink s message to Jeremy This book had so many things to love First of [...]

  21. Kelsie

    This book was so fun and enjoyable to read I loved the adventure aspect, as well as the reason behind the adventure to find the meaning of life Jeremy and his best friend, Lizzy, go on a search to find the missing keys to a box Jeremy s dad made for him to open on his 13th birthday The box is significant because Jeremy s father made the box on Jeremy s 8th birthday, and then Jeremy s dad died three years later Jeremy feels especially drawn to this quest because this message comes from his deceas [...]

  22. Kerry Cerra

    Twelve year old Jeremy Fink is a play it safe kinda kid There s no need to wander farther than his own New York City block Ever So, when a mysterious wooden box, with keyholes on four sides, arrives on his doorstep with a note from his dead father s attorney, Jeremy simply asks for the keys But it s not that easy the keys have been misplaced The box engraved with the words The Meaning of Life For Jeremy Fink to Open on His 13th Birthday sets Jeremy and his best friend Lizzy on the quest of a lif [...]

  23. Mamani3

    Jeremy Fink, a twelve year old boy, wanted to find the keys to the wooden box his dad left for him before he passed away, but the keys are missing and Jeremy doesn t want to destroy the box The box has carved writing on it saying that it has the meaning of life in it, and Jeremy s dad had also written a note that came along with the box saying that Jeremy is supposed to open the box on his thirteenth birthday So, Jeremy and his best friend, Lizzy, have to go on an adventurous Journey to find the [...]

  24. Abbey Schaefer

    In this book, written by Wendy Mass, A young boy named Jeremy Fink receives a box in the mail just before his 13th birthday Along with the box, he receives the words, The Meaning of Life for Jeremy Fink to open on his 13th birthday This box has four locks, but there are no keys that arrived with it Jeremy and his best friend Lizzy go on a hunt through Manhattan to find clues as to what lies inside the box They search all over the city and meet many interesting people along the way and every pers [...]

  25. Sydney

    The best book I read in 2017 was, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life I liked this book a lot for many reasons To start, I liked this book a lot because the story took a lot of unexpected turns, and their was a lot of surprises In addition, to react to these changes in the story, were the characters The characters were all very complex and had many defining traits It felt as though they could just jump right out of the pages into real life Also, I feel like the characters really grew as people w [...]

  26. Larissa

    An old man is teaching his grandson about life A fight is going on inside me, he said to the boy It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves One wolf is evil He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego The other wolf is good He is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith This same fight is going on inside you and inside e [...]

  27. Nick Boudreau

    Ah, a Classic Wendy Mass story Reading this as a sixth grader had me jumping out of orange red Lebron 13 Special Edition basketball sneakers I started the book, and it was actually ok I mean, a confusing plot and the characters jump from here to over there but overall an O.K read I would give it like a 3.5, but there is no feature for that But still, a great read if you want something to fulfill your boxy Jeremy Fink pun needs.

  28. Kierra Mandell

    I totally did not expect this, at the slightest bit Although the beginning of the story was weak, it definitely built up, and it resulted in a VERY good book I recommend reading this book because it makes you question pretty much everything And the theme is amazing One of them I thought was awesome was that everyone has their own opinion about the same question, and that we all are pretty much the same.

  29. Bret Silverman

    It was an ok book I thought that it needed a little action and pizaz I do not like the end of the book when Jeremy finds out it was all fake It honestly broke my heart to find out the whole book was a lie.

  30. Grace Lin

    Wendy Mass is great writer, the characters were completely believable and fun At first, I thought the plot was a bit too contrived until I got to the end and realized it was supposed to be contrived The ending saved it for me and I was happily satisfied.

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