Hostage (2020)

Hostage Annika Martin Skye Warren Hostage I NEVER KNEW WHEN HE D COME TO ME ONLY THAT HE WOULD I d never even kissed a boy the night I met Stone The night I saw him kill The night he spared my life That was only the beginning He turns up in m
  • Title: Hostage
  • Author: Annika Martin Skye Warren
  • ISBN: 9781944736057
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook
Hostage Annika Martin Skye Warren I NEVER KNEW WHEN HE D COME TO ME ONLY THAT HE WOULD I d never even kissed a boy the night I met Stone The night I saw him kill The night he spared my life That was only the beginning.He turns up in my car again and again, dangerous and full of raw power Drive, he tells me, and I have no choice He s a criminal with burning green eyes, invading my life and my dreamI NEVER KNEW WHEN HE D COME TO ME ONLY THAT HE WOULD I d never even kissed a boy the night I met Stone The night I saw him kill The night he spared my life That was only the beginning.He turns up in my car again and again, dangerous and full of raw power Drive, he tells me, and I have no choice He s a criminal with burning green eyes, invading my life and my dreams.The police say he s dangerously obsessed with me, but I m the one who can t stop thinking about him Maybe it s wrong to let him touch me Maybe it s wrong to touch him back Maybe these twisted dates need to stop Except he feels like the only real thing in my world of designer labels and mansions.So I drive us under threat, until it s hard to remember I don t want to be there.Until it s too late to turn backAGE is a dangerous standalone romance by New York Times bestselling authors Skye Warren and Annika Martin It s set in the same world as PRISONER, but can read separately
Hostage Annika Martin Skye Warren

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    456 Annika Martin Skye Warren
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One thought on “Hostage

  1. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️

    I couldn t wait to read this book This author duo combined forces a couple years back with a book titled Prisoner If you haven t read it, take my advice and pick it up This book is a bit of an offshoot of that book Centered around a group of men who, as boys, were abducted and thrown into the child sex trade They d all gotten out and they all vow brotherhood, a combined force to take down each and every man responsible for the disposable things done to them in their childhood and teen years This [...]

  2. Just Let Me Read- Sammy

    Annika Martin and Skye Warren are a powerhouse writing team, and they proved it once again with Hostage Dark and edgy, with brilliant writing and a mesmerizing plot, Hostage was everything I love wrapped up in one fantastic book I let you live that night, and now you re in my debt Understand You re mine The characters in this story were unforgettable, each different in their own way but so perfect for each other Stone broke my heart so many times over His character was so well written in its com [...]

  3. Jami Jones

    This was one of the best books I ve read so far this year Hostage by Skye Warren and Annika Martin is a must read This story has a way of dragging you in and not letting go I was so engrossed in it that at some points I lost track of time Just that good The chemistry, the feels and emotions between Stone and Brooke were so strong I felt them Stone had a way of pulling you into his world and Brooke, even coming from money was still missing stuff in her life I really enjoyed this book and I would [...]

  4. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)

    But without the darkness, there s nothing left inside me I m hollow MindBlown is how I feel after reading this incredible book This series has made it to my Favorites list which only applies to a very small percentage of books that I ve read I m very drawn to broken bad boys, and this series has my cup and my heart running over While Prisoner and Hostage are part of the Criminals Captives series, they can be read as standalones They take place during the same time period and share some character [...]

  5. Dar

    Oh my goddess, this was so good Luckily I started the book on a Friday night, I was going to wait until Saturday, which is my stay up late to read night, because I am tired from the work week on Fridays, but, I wanted to read it so bad, I decided to start it, and if I got too tired I could finish it Saturday Nuh uh, once I started it, there was no putting it down, there was no looking away, there was only the story Not only did I stay up late, I had a huge book hangover that kept me awake, and t [...]

  6. Nina ~ Meleth Bookaddicted ~

    Oh my lord this book THIS BOOK It s been two days since I finished reading and I m still breathless whenever I think about this story, I still don t have the slightest clue how to put into words of the raw, utter brilliance that is HOSTAGE Both authors write intense and captivating stories on their own but these two teamed up make for one hell of an explosive duo Sooo HOSTAGE Innocent rich girl witnessing something horrible and gets abducted by the executing criminal and gradually but surely fal [...]

  7. Hanan

    I want to start off my saying I don t think I can say enough words or give a worthy review of this spectacular book I absolutely loved Hostage and can honestly say it s one of the best novels I ve ever read From the very start it pulled my right in Finished it with one go But I had to wait a day to gather my thoughts and emotions together to write a review.I ll start with the characters.Brooke is sixteen at the start of the story.She s such a strong young lady even though she doesn t know it To [...]

  8. Chasidy

    Skye Warren Annika Martin ate brilliant together Hostage is book 2 in the Captives Criminals series but it can be read as a standalone I have not read book 1, but will be rectifying that immediately Stone and Brooke s story was one I didn t want to end I was consumed from the beginning and I didn t want to put it down Brooke has groomed to be a socialite and to be prim and proper at all times Most decisions are made for her What happens when you witness a murder on your 16th birthday and the man [...]

  9. Bookgasms Book Blog

    4.5 Stars I was SO excited to read Hostage by Skye Warren and Annika Martin as Prisoner was a favorite of mine It was action packed with a suspenseful theme that honestly had me hooked I loved Brooke and Stone In a way their relationship could be considered taboo unconventional but I honestly thought it was delicious and sexy There was something about one another that kept drawing each other back I honestly could not get enough.While Hostage is in the same world as Prisoner and runs somewhat par [...]

  10. Badh

    This is the second book in the series, but it s a standalone book, so you don t have to have read the first one in order to know what s going on with this one They do intersect at times though, so if you have read it, you can enjoy getting that little extra from the book I have almost everything Skye Warren has written, and there s a darn good reason for that It s because I love to get down and dirty with her books and her heroes I really want to get down and dirty with Stone, because he s hot O [...]

  11. Kim BookJunkie

    The following is a review of the ARC which I received for free in exchange for my honest review While reading the first few pages, I already knew HOSTAGE was going to be something special Immediately, I was enthralled by the characters and what they were going through I can t define what exactly it is, but there is something about the way these women write that sucks me right in every time It wasn t until the very end of the book that I realized that I had already been introduced to this fascina [...]

  12. Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥

    SUPERB I am so in love with this book and the characters This duo whas created such a great storyline with powerful characters Such a meaty, juicy plot I love anything dark, edgy and spicy so this book was right up my alley The writing was flawless, the book full of angst and emotion and detail to sink your teeth into As I was reading, I was at the end of my seat I practically devoured the book in truth, I inhaled it.I highly recommend this book even if you haven t read Prisoner You will crave [...]

  13. Michelle

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA dark, thrilling, intoxicating and provocative romantic suspense that pushes boundaries of right and wrong, life and death, truth and lies The title of this book aptly represents everything what Skye Warren Annika Martin intended and that is to be held hostage And yes, I was held hostage from the first page til the very end.Hostageis not your typical romance but instead it is a story that grips you of the dark reality of life And for some, [...]

  14. Ashley

    Wow this book turned my world upside down It took me on a journey through the depths of hell and I came out at the end full of emotional bliss Stone and Brooke have the most unique relationship They come from different worlds but some how they are the same They have both been through so much to where it doesn t seem like either of them can be healed and that they can t even heal each other Stone is so full of hate and rage He lives in the past and wants vengeance for him and his brother s He wan [...]

  15. Katlyn’s Life of Books (Katlyn Murphy)

    Wow THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING Books like Hostage are the reason I absolutely love Skye Warren and make me want to read so much from Annika Martin This book gave me all the feels I love to experience while reading a novel Heartbreak, suspense, giddiness, and those little knots in my stomach you get when an author s writing provokes so much emotion in you, you end up with a book hangover for days Stone and Brooke s love starts off as a slow simmer and ends up immersing you flames, they are so hot tog [...]

  16. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Talk about a book that had everything Action, suspense, a deep love and a taboo romance This story sucked me in and held me captive It was a beautiful and dirty and heartbreaking and I wanted .Brooke meets Stone on the night of her Sweet Sixteen Kidnapped and meant to die for witnessing a murder, Stone found that he couldn t kill this girl She brought out something in him that he didn t understand, and over the years, he was a shadow in her life He appeared at random times and became a constant [...]

  17. Renee

    Brooke is a formerly rich girl who s family expects her to conform to their standards at all times They are trying to keep up the appearance of being rich At her lavish sweet sixteen party she has to escape for a minutes of respite She witnesses a brutal beating of one of her dad s friends The perpetrator steals a van and takes her as a hostage He intends on killing her but at the last minute he lets her go The two form a dark connection Stone can t stay away from her even when it would be for t [...]

  18. Nora Fresse

    Wow What a wild ride This was such an amazing story Skye and Anika are an amazing writing duo.This story gripped my heart from the beginning The characters are so intense and unforgettable.Stone is a broken, angry man with many dark secrets and demons on his back He takes care of his brothers , whom he protects with his life His priorities are his brothers and getting revenge One blade to protect my brothers, one blade for vengeance Until a sweet, innocent young girl crashes into his life Brooke [...]

  19. Michaelene

    OH, MY GOD The wait is almost over YAS FULL REVIEW I used to think of intimacy as chocolates and roses and sweet whispered words But it can be blood and violence and darkness, too.I m not going to lie I ve been waiting YEARS for this book YEARS I absolutely fell in love the dark romance feel of Prisoner, and I had a mini freak out when I saw the upcoming release of Hostage Decadently dark and eminently satisfying, readers rejoice because Stone is here Brooke happens upon a crime in progress one [...]

  20. Babel

    Dark romance is a guilty pleasure For the never simple reason that it delves deep in your phyche and kindles its most secretive desires In the hands of these two authors, the guilt and the pleasure take a new, twisted, unbearably intimate meaning.Imagine a flower of a girl and a soulless killer meet one night of terror She sees something forbidden, he sets out to kill her In the way to the dark deed, a connection happens, and their incompatible path changes course forever.In a beautifully poetic [...]

  21. BibliophileChloe

    Oh wowza What a story I will never look at a rivet the same way again Read the story, you will understand I want to be a rivet This is the story of Stone and Brooke Their story has so much, and it s amazing how they come together Brooke is like a beautiful bird in a gilded cage A cage she so wants to escape from She tries so hard to be perfect that she becomes damaged in the most epic way She is fierce when she needs to be and loyal to a fault, what a true heroine should be Stone is so jaded and [...]

  22. Kathleen R.

    Wow This duo Holy hell I think i may have died a few times while reading this book It was that good And it s dark dark in the sense that i really shouldn t have enjoyed the death and gruesome scenes the way that i did But i did And then i cheered Stone all the way to end to never lose whatever darkness lived in him, because let s face it, that s what made him so attractive Of course all people deserve love and bunnies and all the fluffy elephants that they deserve in life, but most of all, they [...]

  23. Jacquie C M

    Revenge and Redemption Dark, gritty, compellingch simple words to describe this complex story Skye Warren and Annika Martin hold nothing back with Hostage They ve written a tale of revenge and redemption that had my heart breaking over and over again The raw emotion and harsh truth of Stone and Brooke hit me hard, but I couldn t stop reading.The opening chapters set the stage for Brooke and Stone s relationship Brooke is sweet sixteen, but her soul is wearyher family isn t what they appear to be [...]

  24. Lilia

    Once again, I am not disappointed by anything written by Skye Warren, in particular this story written by her and Annika Martin.My high expectations were met, and the book had me captivated from the first chapter, making me turn page after page and leaving me unable to stop reading until I had finished the book.As usual, the writing and style of the book is really good, making it even enjoyable to read the story The plot is well though out and develops in a good pace that doesn t leave the stor [...]

  25. Wit & Wonder Books

    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Raw, abrasive, hauntingly dark that consumes you Hostage by New York Times best selling authors Skye Warren and Annika Martin have delivered a beautifully damaged dark addition to the Criminals Captives series and I couldn t be happier Sky Warren has always written captivating tales, developed characters and plots so thick it leaves you mesmerized But for her to pair up with the talented Annika Martin watch out These two EPIC authors ar [...]

  26. Jessica(Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)

    4.5 STARSClinging to your killer, that s a powerful and horrible kind of intimacy I used to think of intimacy as chocolates and roses and sweet whispered words But it can be blood and violence and darkness, too.Hostage is one deliciously violent dark romance My favorite kind of dark romance is EXACTLY what s delivered on these pages, the kind that is both vicious and brutal yet still somehow finds a way to be sensual and sweet Stone is brutal He s dangerous and bloodthirsty and has one goal in m [...]

  27. April Symes

    Hostage by Skye Warren and Annika Martin is book Two in the Criminals Captives series This is the story of Brooke and Stone This is a dark and delicious story that will leave your mind blown after reading This series has made it to my Favorites list which so few do and I have to say, this immediately made the list While Prisoner and Hostage are part of the Criminals Captives series, they can be read as standalones Once I started this book, there was no putting the book down, there was no looking [...]

  28. Tanaka K

    I m a prop as much as the dress and the necklace A networking opportunity like the spa day Skye Warren and Annika Martin individually bring amazing books that make me all kinds of CRAZY Like straight up straitjacket loco I freaking adore them and their stories just rip my soul apart in the best way Individually, they are a force but together they are mighty, monumental and powerful Hostage is that birth to that amazing powerful Seriously, this book is one of the best dark romances I have ever re [...]

  29. Paula D

    This book keeps you on the edge all the way till the end It s heartbreaking, thrilling, gasping type read that you don t want it to end We are in 2 different worlds Brooke is basically a princess on the outside but inside she s starving On Brooks birthday she meets Stone and her world changes Stone is out for revenge and to protect his brothers in any way possible This book made my heart beat wildly and I felt the pain I bawled Definitely a dark romance story but so much 5 5 stars Reviewed by S [...]

  30. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛

    HOSTAGE Is the second book in the criminal captives series but can be read as a standalone by Skye Warren and Annika Martin Spoken in Dual Perspectives Stone and Brooke In this we meet Stone BrookeWe re first introduced to Brooke, what most teens associate their sweet sixteen to be was the complete opposite for Brooke Carson, everything was for show, and show only, no one could see the cracks appearing within their empire, a crumbling business, a second hand dress, it was all an elaborate charad [...]

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