Adventures of an Ice Princess (2020)

Adventures of an Ice Princess Liz Maverick Adventures of an Ice Princess From the author of What a Girl WantsClarissa Schneckberg has lost her job her boyfriend and her sanity But just when life appears to be heading south she decides to really head south to Antarctica
  • Title: Adventures of an Ice Princess
  • Author: Liz Maverick
  • ISBN: 9780451213006
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
Adventures of an Ice Princess Liz Maverick From the author of What a Girl WantsClarissa Schneckberg has lost her job, her boyfriend, and her sanity But just when life appears to be heading south, she decides to really head south to Antarctica, where the male to female ratio is something like four to one Now, the only place she hasn t looked for love is the one place where she may be most likely to find it.
Adventures of an Ice Princess Liz Maverick

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    465 Liz Maverick
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One thought on “Adventures of an Ice Princess

  1. Sarah

    I needed this book for a book set in Antarctica for a book challenge I also really needed something that was a bit silly and very fluffy after some pretty heavy reading I definitely got what I expected The characters are shallow, ridiculous and very silly their main goals are to 1 Get over a man, 2 deal with being single, 3 find themselves by taking some crazy trip they are not cut out to take They get to go to Antarctica because the men want to have some pretty girls f9r the sake of ratings for [...]

  2. Kiki

    Such a slow read It took me days to complete just because I had to force myself to keep reading I skipped chunks of writing and still nothing had happened Would not recommend.

  3. Carlee

    Adventures of an Ice Princess is another chic lit book where the heroine, down and out, ends up in a situation she never would have imagined Clarissa loses her boyfriend he dumps her for a platonic friend with great hair and matching shoes and her job she quits because she thinks the said boyfriend will propose at precisely the same time her two best friends also end up jobless The three decide to embark on an adventure to regain their confidence and sign up to go to Antarctica Will the three se [...]

  4. Darcy

    The only reason why I picked up this book was because I needed a book set in Antarctica for a challenge In fact, had I not needed to finish the book for that I would have dnf ed this one as it is dreadful The three friends were the epitome of vapid and vain, how they managed to make it on the team for Antarctica was beyond me Each of them were TSTL, I kept hoping that something would happen and they would end up killing themselves, but it just didn t happen I hate to say it, but with this book I [...]

  5. Pbwritr

    My daughter gave me this for my 50th birthday and I didn t understand at first that it s set in Antarctica She said it was part of her princess theme for my birthday The author spent 2 summers in Antarctica writing the novel, which I ve suggested I could do and I ve even looked into It was a quick read, although it was a frothy book Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the concept If you sign up to go to Antarctica and your job can change after you get there, as this book suggests, that is definitely not [...]

  6. Suzanne

    I would give this book 2.5 stars I really wanted to like it I recently got laid off, I m trying to find love, and I ve always been interested in going to Antarctica, even though I hate cold weather However, this story was just not interesting Also, I expected there to be about Antarctica, especially since the author has actually been there Also, just a couple pet peeves I noticed quite a few typos In addition, I prefer books written in the first person I have to say, the cover is really cute.

  7. Tiffany

    This book is cute and funny, but the author lays it on thick, and after a while the cute and funny stuff began to feel cloying to me It might be just right for you Despite my feeling that the author was overdoing it, and despite the fact that there are parts of the plot that I find implausible, the book was fun enough to keep me reading This is a good airplane read or beach read, and it doesn t try to pretend that it s anything than that.

  8. Amy

    Trade PB I ve read Maverick s futuristic fantasy fantasy books and I really enjoyed most of them This one did not have any guts to it There was no real plot somewhat competent woman is jilted and joins her two laid off friends to an adventure to the Antarctic where she loses all her backbone She doesn t really grow as a person her friends do Her exploits and mistakes would have gotten her thrown off the continent.

  9. Laura

    i started this last night because i had nothing else to read and needed something it is as bad as i expected it to be, but slightly entertaining much lower quality than the usual trash i readd a month later i have read about half of this book and it is so stupid even i can t stand it i m glad that i paid 3 for it it s only worth about.50

  10. Al

    Very good book I did not give it 5 stars because I felt that the leap from feeling helpless and lost to the the end was a big leap Good characters Plot was good but with some almost unbelievable leaps.

  11. Dawn (Kat N Hat)

    Well, it was listed with romance, the cover says she is looking for love but there was no real romance in this book It was a cute lil story of self awareness, it is good to see a girl realizing she is powerful on her own and doesn t need a man.

  12. JoAnne

    Not the typical book I would read but needed it for several challenges one being to read a book set in Antarctica.Three ditzy friends leave their jobs and homes behind and head to Antarctica Mainly slapstick and of a teen type TV show A few laughs but no depth to the characters or story.

  13. Kathleen

    Another fun book picked up on a whim at Half Price Books It worked well for me with the basic plot line since I ve had trouble staying on my career path.

  14. Phee Sunantarod

    I m sorry I found it s not for me Well, I read the Thai version, so maybe it was about translation I don t know But I didn t like it at all.

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