The Nun's Tale (2020)

The Nun's Tale Candace Robb The Nun s Tale Spring Beverley England a ghostly pale young woman claims to be the resurrected Joanna Calverley a nun who died of a fever some months before It would be a matter for the Church alone were it
  • Title: The Nun's Tale
  • Author: Candace Robb
  • ISBN: 9780312959821
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
The Nun's Tale Candace Robb Spring 1366, Beverley, England a ghostly pale young woman claims to be the resurrected Joanna Calverley, a nun who died of a fever some months before It would be a matter for the Church alone, were it not for the murders that seem to follow in her wake.Owen Archer finds the case a frusterating one Dame Joanne is by turns cagey and hysterical, whiel always clutching herSpring 1366, Beverley, England a ghostly pale young woman claims to be the resurrected Joanna Calverley, a nun who died of a fever some months before It would be a matter for the Church alone, were it not for the murders that seem to follow in her wake.Owen Archer finds the case a frusterating one Dame Joanne is by turns cagey and hysterical, whiel always clutching her secrets tightly And worse yet, the nun s keepers ask Owen s pregnant wife, Lucie, to use to healing skills on Joanna s behalf, placing the Archer family in gravest danger
The Nun's Tale Candace Robb

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    187 Candace Robb
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One thought on “The Nun's Tale

  1. Shauna

    I have read most of the books in this series The cover calls it a medieval murder mystery but there is no whodunnit as such The story revolves around a nun who fled her convent a year before and now returns, badly beaten and seemingly mad I think the author wanted to write about the history and political machinations of the time as there is no actual murder, just a series of disappearances that may or may not be murder I felt like giving up halfway through but kept hoping things would get better [...]

  2. Leslie

    I liked Robb s first two books in this series but this one was poorly crafted The story was overly involved, repetitive, excessively grisly in detail, and unrewarding for those who stuck with it hoping it would have been worth it I am sorry to leave the appealing Owen Archer and his wife Lucy in her company but will not be back soon

  3. Raven Haired Girl

    Robb strikes again with another fabulous mystery in this series Possessing a wicked edge, numerous twists and Robb s signature character development you will be enthralled Robb s endings are always fulfilling, enough to stir anticipation for the next installment in this impressive series.Familiar characters reappear, along with a few well known historical figures such as John of Gaunt and Geoffrey Chaucer Impeccable research along with a splattering of unknown information provides an educational [...]

  4. P.D.R. Lindsay

    Another Owen Archer novel This one is a little irritating as the Nun spends all her time bleating that she doesn t know what happened and I felt like shaking her Another good complex plot, lively action, good pace and the usual characters My one complaint is that the characters don t seem to grow and change from novel to novel as they would in real life Often the trouble with a series Anyone enjoying Mediaeval mysteries will enjoy this novel, and for Owen Archer fans, it is a must read.

  5. Laura Edwards

    The nun s tale was a very convoluted tale About halfway through I grew very bored with the book I cared nothing for most of the characters, had little sympathy for Joanna and just wanted the whole thing to end, each revelation being disgusting than the last Did not enjoy this one much at all The only pluses were the writing style and the sense of time and place But the story itself was awful, repetitious, confusing and plodding.

  6. Lu

    I enjoy the Owen Archer series, however as an audio book this was a little harder to follow because of the traveling the main character was doing Previous novels were local This is set in the 1300 and the author is trying to bring to life fictional characters while setting them in the middle of real place and real events As a historical mystery it was enjoyable and I will continue to follow Owen Archer.

  7. Jan

    Good readEasy to read, good plot line, historians should enjoy The archer brings a lot to the story as a hero as well as a commentator,Enjoying this series, very much

  8. John Lee

    Its not like holding a real book in your hand , is it I am sure that anyone who uses an E reader will be used to hearing that one I usually laugh it off and counter with , how light my well stocked holiday read bag is, or how I can read in bed at night without having to turn on a light and disturb my wife.Because I use than one reading app on my tablet, one thing that I do miss is knowing how big my book is I know how many locations as I believe a screenful of script is called but this will var [...]

  9. Patty

    This is the third of the Owen Archer mysteries and I must admit this one was a bit darker than the first two It wasn t a straightforward murder mystery like the others either in this one we have nun who everyone thought was dead suddenly showing up alive This might be something that would go over right now but in Owen Archer s time it just didn t happen Unless there was evil involved So is this woman the 14th century equivalent of a zombie or is she a touch mad Owen and his lady wife Lucie are d [...]

  10. Patsyann

    What a crazy woman That s all I can say about the plot of this book The Lucie and Owen relationship is much better in this book Lucie is pregnant and both she and Owen are worried about raising their child The only thing that bothered me about the pregnancy was that Lucie had been pregnant before and had delivered a child This pregnancy was treated as if it was her first Lucie becomes the interviewer and part of an investigation into that crazy nun woman At times Owen seemed to be a secondary ch [...]

  11. Al Mcphee

    The book is part of a series by Candace Robb that I would characterize as light historical mysteries Owen Archer, previously a Captain of Archers, but now retired after the loss of the sight of one eye, has been taken on by the Archbishop of York as an investigator and spy In this book, he is trying to unravel the case of a runaway nun who is disoriented, may be responsible for some miracles, and could be connected with some murders The story weaves around to the point of being somewhat confusin [...]

  12. Argum

    Owen Archer is helping to train the archers the Duke of Lancaster needs for a brewing war A nun has gone missing, died, and returned from the dead The Archbishop sees a connection and sets Owen to getting to the bottom of what the nun was up to during her death and what she knows about treasonous captains Lucie meanwhile is pregnant and dismayed that her father is visiting and to make matters interesting is the only one who can calm the strange nun Owen eventually gets the whole story mostly fr [...]

  13. Barbara Bingham

    Exciting and thrilling Like her first 2 books, The Nun s Tale keeps you turning the pages in anticipation Though each of Ms Robb s book can be a standalone, it helps to read them in order I love The Owen Archer Series and I intend to read everyone of them I am hooked This one was darker than the first two but nevertheless no less mysterious and anticipatory I highly recommend it to all, particularly to the historic fiction buffs

  14. Susan

    The nun in the title of this book is Joanna Calverley, and both Owen Archer and his wife, Mistress Lucie Wilton are drawn into solving the mystery surrounding her sudden reappearance As always, the plot and story line are fine, but what makes these books so much fun is the characters especially Owen and Lucie and the historical setting, in this case 1366.

  15. Sandra Strange

    This series stars an Archer for Edward I and his apothecary wife with great Medieval background and historical detail and a good puzzle mystery to draw in readers I enjoyed the human relationships as well as the mystery, this one the mystery of a nun who escaped her monastery only to return obviously sick and beaten and hallucinating A cameo appearance by Chaucer enhances the tale.

  16. Kris

    The book is well written and well researched but it lacks something I can t quite put my finger on The characters weren t as engaging as in the first two books and there was never a sense of impending doom The ending was incredibly anti climatic and whoever didn t see the big confession coming needs to get out

  17. Lisa

    Once again, Owen archer gets himself involved in a simple mystery that turns into a not so simple mystery with political overtones And, much to his annoyance, his wife gets involved as well This story turned out to be a bloodthirsty tale than I was expecting, but I still am happy to root for Captain Archer and his friends.

  18. Jeanne

    A runaway nun returns Everyone around her is being killed Owen to the investigation There were quite a few twists and turns in this book Lucie has a reconciliation with her father Their first child is born Men plotting against the king end up dead with one exception Were there miracles Decide for yourself A number of facts are listed in the notes at the end to support the plot twists.

  19. Chad

    A reread.Sometimes, as with the previous book, the politics or mystery gets a bit too labyrinthine And a few too many fade to blacks between the main couple for me, such that it became a refrain rather than a relationship definition element.

  20. Kitty

    A Nunnery where everyone we expect to be innocent, holy, and forgiving Beneath it all, a run away Nun returns with a past that brought deaths, deceit, doubts anywhere she goes Yet, she claims to know the truth to the destructions that brought forth.

  21. Nick

    This one was quite a bit darker than the first two The good news is I like dark Candace Robb still amazes me with the way she can write scenes that make you feel like you are actually in 14th century York Wonderful stuff, perfect for a long plane or train ride.

  22. Bonnie

    I found this a very well written mystery, with a good feel for the period No historical events but that lends a realism to the tale The plot and the characters are fairly complex I ll read in the series.

  23. Kathy

    I do like this series as the history is on target There was probably a bit emotionally charged drama than I prefer, and since this is just the second book I ve read from this older series, I will wait to decide if I will tackle all the books.

  24. Nancy McLaughlin

    Better BetterThis series just keeps getting better better Murder, incest, treason it just doesn t stop here At the same time, you get to know the characters well That s not to say all the characters are likeable, but you can understand them.

  25. Daniele Iuppariello

    ho faticato un po a finirlo, e tra l altro non che la trama mi sia stata chiarissima , ma un po mi sono affezionato alle storie di contorno di quei personaggi ormai familiarir Thoresby mi sta sempre pi sul cazzo.

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