Look to the Mountain (2020)

Look to the Mountain LeGrand Cannon Jr. Look to the Mountain Published first in it has remained in print appearing in seven different editions with two dozen reprints and has sold over a million copies The book s history testifies to the continuing appeal
  • Title: Look to the Mountain
  • Author: LeGrand Cannon Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780881502152
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
Look to the Mountain LeGrand Cannon Jr. Published first in 1942, it has remained in print appearing in seven different editions with two dozen reprints and has sold over a million copies The book s history testifies to the continuing appeal of the novel It is an enthralling epic of the men and women who settled the New England wilderness.
Look to the Mountain LeGrand Cannon Jr.

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    338 LeGrand Cannon Jr.
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One thought on “Look to the Mountain

  1. Deb

    I assigned this to my U.S history students for summer reading Whit and Melissa are newlywed teens he s 19 and she s 16 in 1769 New Hampshire They set out with all of their wordly goods and a canoe to pioneer in a new township in north central New Hampshire Province Through seven seasons they clear land, build a log cabin, grow Indian corn and potatoes, hay and rye, add chickens, oxen and children to their family and slowly welcome neighbors to their wilderness home The impact of the American Rev [...]

  2. Alice

    I read this book every few years My great grandmother gave me a copy when I lived in Oregon and she lived in New Hampshire Now I live in New Hampshire, within 10 miles of her grave The book is a fictional account maybe based on fact of a young man in pre Revolutionary War New Hampshire He travels north from around Concord perhaps, to Tamworth Sandwich area, going right through the area where I live He homesteads, clearing land, building a home, raising a family Well written in 1942 , lots of loc [...]

  3. Natalie

    The story centers around teen newlyweds who in 1769 set out on a canoe laden with their worldly possessions to pioneer in a new township in north central New Hampshire then province A bit long and slow moving, the book is unsparing in its description of the hardships of pioneer living and I was left with a feeling of great respect and admiration for these hard working, self sufficient people.

  4. Sharon Zink

    An amazing story sent from 1769 1776 in colonial New Hampshire It is a story of settlers in the back country and portrays their lives and struggles and thoughts, words, and deeds Probably one of the best books I have read this year.

  5. Dereka

    My father liked this book originally published 1942 but reprinted frequently over the years and I read it years ago but reread it recently paying attention to the historical elements A wonderful depiction of early settlement on the New England frontier.

  6. Joyce

    This is my copy, the 1942 edition, picked up used My original copy, in the 1970s, long gone I first read it in my high school Social Studies class, history of my town in New Hampshire Thank you, Mr Arthur Pease.I love this book It does have some language in it, all of which I d much rather do without, but the writing, the writing is so beautiful I ve got about 100 pages to read I find myself crying often for the beauty of it, and reading parts of it aloud, just for the beauty of it.This book wa [...]

  7. Franklin

    There are a number of good reviews already posted Cannon, born 1899 in NH, must have done considerable research I liked the descriptions of homesteading and travel which show hardships we can only imagine From school I envisioned the revolt as a universal uprising heroes Paul Revere Nathan Hale Here we see that some were for, some were against, and many were neutral Although I knew this, the book makes it vivid News was by word of mouth, slow, and distorted like our current news The story is a [...]

  8. Vincent

    I was supposed to read this when I was in high school I remember reading about 1 2 of it I guess I had better things to do when I was 16 Anyway, I read the whole thing this time, and it was a good book that really made me think about how tough life and these people were back then.

  9. Mary

    this novel was published in 1945 and the story line takes place in the year of 1765 The style of writing transports the readers imagination of how the English language might have been spoken in the 1700 s in New England The story is the journey of one man s dream to be on his own, away from his home town where he lived in the shadows of his childhood He left home to discover and claim the offer for free land to anyone who dared settle at the base of the white mountains, 40 miles west of Portsmou [...]

  10. Anne

    Recommended by the Orford, NH librarian when I called looking into my family history of the area This is a story of what it was like pre revolutionary war with the pioneers and settlers in old New Hampshire This is an adventure that is enthralling and interesting, sweet and meaningful It was written a long time ago, so it is a bit dated in regards to describing men and women, but overall the story of the pioneers of New Hampshire is one I would continue to recommend It helped me to understand an [...]

  11. Sharon

    Look to the Mountain is the story of two young pioneers who were the first settlers in Tamworth, NH Whit Livingston and his wife Melissa overcame hardship, hunger, and danger to clear their land and build a new town It may have been written than 50 years ago but I could easily picture the journey to Tamworth and I had the opportunity to drive along the rivers that Whit paddled to reach their new home The author was accurate in his descriptions of the river falls, the swamps, and lakes of New Ha [...]

  12. Judy

    This book, written in 1942, is the story of the settling of the North Country of New Hampshire The mountain mentioned in the title is Mount Chicorua It s the story of Whit and Melissa Two young lovers from Kettleford Township modern Bedford, New Hampshire , and continues up the Merrimac River to what s now Chicorua, New Hampshire It goes from the 1750s to the 1770s and the American Revolution It s a good book and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves New Hampshire as much as I do.

  13. Carolyn Crocker

    Sometimes an old fashioned story is a refreshing change of pace The 8 year struggle of two young people to leave their pasts behind and make a new life as pioneers at the base of Mt Chocorua in 1769 is an opportunity for Cannon to showcase the resilience, endurance and ingenuity in the New Hampshire character Whit and Melissa are somewhat idealized, but their story is compelling, and climaxes with a brief experience of the Battle of Bennington.

  14. Chloe H.

    This book is terrific It s likee novelistic equivalent of a roadside chainsaw woodcarvers workshop sure, it s rustic, a little cheesy, and easily overlooked, but for those willing to take the time, it s full of subtle artistry and charm I can t be a perfectly neutral reviewer though, since I grew up in rural New England, and the setting has personal resonance for me.

  15. Camandwmm

    Interesting story of pioneer men and women in familiar New Hampshire towns Story takes place from 1769 1777 Lots of hard work clearing land, building log home, planting fields of crops etc Makes us appreciate all we have now

  16. Cynthia

    UNITED STATES Very, Very Good A very detailed look at what life was like for frontier settlers during the Revolutionary Colonial period.

  17. Steve Zeoli

    Look to the Mountain is one of my all time favorite books It is a coming of age story about a young pioneer trying to make a life in the pre Revolutionary War wilderness of New Hampshire.

  18. Ryan Wasson

    Fantastic story of early American settlers in New England I live in the Town that most of the story takes place, so I know how accurate the story is as far as location and historic details.

  19. Trisha Owens

    Very good depiction of men and women in settlement times of America New Hampshire Whit Livingstone and Melissa traverse virgin lands and Indian territory, set in 1769.

  20. Patricia

    This has to be one of the best novels about early American homesteading that I ve ever read The author only wrote this one book but what an amazing read he blessed us with

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