Hero Under Cover (2020)

Hero Under Cover Suzanne Brockmann Hero Under Cover When Pete Taylor first offered his services as a bodyguard Annie Morgan wanted nothing to do with him She was sure that the death threats against her weren t serious While the Native American mask sh
  • Title: Hero Under Cover
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann
  • ISBN: 9780373773367
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
Hero Under Cover Suzanne Brockmann When Pete Taylor first offered his services as a bodyguard, Annie Morgan wanted nothing to do with him She was sure that the death threats against her weren t serious While the Native American mask she was working on was valuable, it wasn t worth killing for.One murder attempt later, Annie was glad to have Pete around She owed him her life Suddenly she was beginning toWhen Pete Taylor first offered his services as a bodyguard, Annie Morgan wanted nothing to do with him She was sure that the death threats against her weren t serious While the Native American mask she was working on was valuable, it wasn t worth killing for.One murder attempt later, Annie was glad to have Pete around She owed him her life Suddenly she was beginning to believe in heroes and dreams But Pete wasn t a fantasy he was real, and at the moment he was the only person she could allow herself to trust, no matter who he was.
Hero Under Cover Suzanne Brockmann

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One thought on “Hero Under Cover

  1. Miriam

    Yet another romance in which male bullying is portrayed positively Yuck I m disappointed to be seeing this from Brockmann, although it s nice that her books improved with time In the opening scene, our heroine Annie, an antiquities appraiser, has been held without charges or legal counsel on barely even circumstantial evidence that she might, possibly, have something to do with some recent art related crimes After 6 hours of questioning, our titular hero agent Peterson has her strip searched whi [...]

  2. Cheri

    This is an older one by her, but it is likeable Romance, suspense, artifacts info, and a little action.

  3. Sarah

    19 12 The review space asks What did you think before you start typing and overwrite it So, what did I think I thought this was pretty stupid I was tempted to give it 1 star, but it wasn t as bad as some of the other 1 star books I ve read in the past So I ll give it two stars for GR s rating system, but in my head it s really only 1.5 Some excerpts taken from the book will help explain why it s just barely managed to get above the worst possible rating.Page 49 he breathed in her natural fragran [...]

  4. Saly

    Hero Under Cover was not bad but it was actually quite un remarkable I never really clicked with the characters Pete and Annie.Annie is an archaeologist who is fed up with the FBI and CIA, harassing her whenever she gets into the country and accusing her of being some thief Pete is at the other end of the interrogation room enjoys Annie s guts.So, well when she gets one threatening phone call relating to a death mask of some Native American that gives them an excuse and Pete goes undercover as h [...]

  5. Cherise

    This book was originally published in 1994.Dr Annie Morrow, archaeologist, art historian, and artifact authenticator, is under investigation by the FBI and CIA for some European museum thefts and tragedies The government agencies have been harassing her and investigating her for months and are no closer to the truth When a threat is made against Annie s life, the CIA seizes its opportunity and plants one of it s agents in her home as a bodyguard Kendall Peterson takes on the persona of Pete Tayl [...]

  6. Erin

    This is an early Brockmann, and it shows She hadn t quite honed her craft when she wrote it There s a LOT of head hopping, the characters are really schmoopy with each other in some scenes, and you can see the Big Misunderstanding coming chapters in advance, which makes you want to yell at Pete The resolution to the central mystery feels a little out of left field, too MILD SPOILER There s a lot of stuff with artifacts and archaeology, and then, all of a sudden, in the last chapter it turns out [...]

  7. Alp

    3.75 5Good, almost great.After reading some of Suzanne Brockmann s books, one particular thing I often find rather annoying is that her heroes always keep pushing the heroines away for whatever reason This classic push and pull makes me really frustrated and I hate to see this kind of thing happen in any romance stories I read And in this case, Pete, this book s hero, proved himself to be no different I was fed up with how he ran hot one minute and cold the next I know, I know, he had his reason [...]

  8. Joyce

    Formulaic, but decently done Both protagonists are bright and knowledgeable in their fields He is an undercover CIA agent, she is an art appraiser It is pure chick lit with a decent plot thrown in Harlequin made a great training ground for authors that grew during their tenure there and became mainstream.

  9. Anita

    3 1 2 stars I generally love Suzanne Brockmann s early romances, but this one just wasn t quite there The plot had major holes in it, but the romance was great Overall it was a good romance w mystery story.

  10. Tammy

    I ve never met a Suze Brockmann book that didn t make me sigh smile This one falls just below the ever exceptional Trouble Shooters It s a tad too insta lovey and melodramatic Just a tad It s going in the Keep pile.

  11. buchverliebt

    Der falsche Bodyguard.Annie kann es kaum fassen, dass die CIA sie tats chlich beschuldigt professionellen Kunstdiebstahl zu betreiben Als w re das nicht schon nervenaufreibend genug, wird auch noch ein Anschlag auf ihr Leben ver bt Nur warum Auf Wunsch eines ihrer Kunden, und gleichzeitig Freund der Familie, steht auf einmal ein Bodyguard vor ihrer T r Was sie allerdings kategorisch ablehnt Was wiederum ihn nicht interessiert Somit folgt Pete ihr nun wie ein Schatten um ihr Leben zu sch tzen, do [...]

  12. Carrie

    TBR Challenge 2011 Hero Under Cover has been on my TBR pile since May 2010 3.5 While Hero Under Cover had a few plot holes, and one or two duh moments, it was a better than average light romantic suspense read The main characters were sympathetic and the chemistry was believable One duh item was when Annie thought Pete didn t want her and he gave no explanation Since Pete was undercover as a bodyguard, the only explanation he needed was that it s unethical for a bodyguard to sleep with the perso [...]

  13. Romantična Geekica

    It was an easy read to me, and I think it is OK for a romance suspense, but you have to ignore some pretty big plot holesSPOILERS AHEAD For exampleere is a lot of explaining how she doesn t like bats but NO ONE knows expect for him now or should know about itd thenmebody fills her room with bats and they don t suspect that someone had bugged her house or roomd she doesn t even suspects him even though he is the only one who knows they do talk about did her assistant do that, although it was spec [...]

  14. Holly

    I enjoy reading Suzanne Brockmann whenever I feel like reading stories featuringalpha males and strong females Most of her books have a FBI CIA connection.In this very interesting book, she created a heroine, MS Annie Morgan, who is an archeologist protecting an ancient death mask worth millions Too bad there have been fires and theft, with people dying at each one of her digs lately She gets on a short list of suspects within the FBI CIA.Enter Mr Pete Taylor,posing as a bodyguard who is really [...]

  15. Warren-Newport Public Library

    I have been reading Suzanne Brockmann for quite a while and it was a pleasure to find an older book that I hadn t read yet.Hero Under Cover gives us two unlikely lovers Annie Morrow is hired to value an Indian death mask She knows it is valuable but not worth killing for When Pete Taylor first offered his services as a bodyguard, Annie Morrow wanted nothing to do with him She was sure the threats against her weren t serious One murder attempt later, Annie was awfully glad to have him around She [...]

  16. Morpheus Reads

    Dr Anne Morrow archaeologist, art historian and professional artifact authenticator is under investigation for bombing and robbing a couple museums CIA operative, Captain Kendall Pete Peterson is assigned the job of finding the information proving her guilt yes, I know how that sounds but that s the way they were playing it After she receives numerous death threats from an organization referring to themselves as Stands Against the Storm, supposedly connected to the Navajo tribe, wanting her to r [...]

  17. Donna Hatridge

    This book is an early novel by Suzanne Brockmann If you have followed her Navy Seal series you know that her writing has only gotten better over time That said I did enjoy this story When Pete Taylor first offered his services as a bodyguard, Annie Morgan wanted nothing to do with him She was sure that the death threats against her weren t serious While the Native American mask she was working on was valuable, it wasn t worth killing for.One murder attempt later, Annie was glad to have Pete arou [...]

  18. Emily

    It s not a bad bookjust really dated obviously It s not as good quality as her recent books though It annoyed me how Annie kept calling Pete pal and was kind of stupid when it came to her safety At the museum event, the amount of times the author mentioned Pete staring at her was excessive It made him seem like a creep than a bodyguard agent Someone could have killed her right there and he wouldn t even notice because he spends his whole time watching her But the story worked and was enjoyable [...]

  19. Emily

    An easy read and a great romance story Annie is an archaeologist and suddenly is getting death threats She is on the radar of the FBI too Lately each museum that She visits gets bombed after She leaves Pete is with the FBI and when the opportunity presents itself for him to be Annie s personal body guard he takes it Pete has to go undercover though Annie falls in love with the guy who is pretending to be here body guard, but when She finds out the truth, will She still love him

  20. Shelley

    This was the first novel I d read by Suzanne Brockmann and I took my time picking it out I was impressed and to this day, it s one of my author s first favorites I ll never forget this one moment in the story when the villian really scared the pants off me The heroine, Annie, was like I m not scared, and I was thinking, Crap, I AM Jump on Pete s back and tell him to keep his gun drawn LOL I stayed up late that night, reading ahead to one of the ahem lovely parts just so I didn t have to sleep w [...]

  21. Jez

    Its Suzanne Brockmann what do you really need to know Brockmann never lets me down well I haven t read any of her supernatural stuff as I have absolutely no interest but everything else is on my must read list This is an oldie but a goodie The undercover CIA agent The sexy anthropologist And a big mystery She does such a good job of creating strong characters with vulnerabilities that only make you love them Oh, and hot sex Basically, as usual Brockmann hits it out of the park.

  22. Jessi

    For an early book, this is okay Pete Taylor is an undercover CIA agent who is assigned to archaeologist Annie Morgan when the Company suspects her of bomb attacks in museums overseas Actually, now that I think of it, that doesn t really make sense but whatever, it s a cute story He gets in cause she s getting threats about an artifact that she s authenticating Actually, I don t think they explained how they got the guy who bought the artifact to insist on a bodyguard but, still, cute story.

  23. Jennifer

    Pour in one measure bodyguard cliche, a shot of mistaken identity, and a dash of femjeop Shake, and serve as a moderately entertaining piece of fluff that s pretty forgettable in the scheme of Brockmann s work Minor extra credit points for having the artifact in question be Native American, which is a bit out of the normal run, but that s like saying she poured a middling martini in a snazzy glass.

  24. L8blmr

    A somewhat tender and relatively tame early Brockmann that has been re issued with a cover that s not so sappy I thought the writing was fairly good, but some of the aspects of the plot were rushed or glossed over A credible rating would be 3.5 stars, but I gave the extra half because, having read a couple of her recent titles, I can appreciate how much she has built on that early foundation to become the respected author she is today.

  25. Linda

    When Pete Taylor first offers his services as a bodyguard to anthropologist Annie Morgan, she wants nothing to do with him She s certain the threats she s received aren t serious The Native American death mask she s working on is valuable, but not worth killing for Now, after a murder attempt, Annie is only too happy to have Pete on board.This was a reissue of a title Brockmann wrote several years ago It was entertaining but nothing like her Troubleshooters series.

  26. Simran

    This was the first SSR book I had finished and it turned out to be actually interesting and better than I had thought it to be Even though I m not a huge fan of romance, I think this book was a good one to read because of the mystery and investigation brought into it Another thing I liked was how the author brought some suspense into the book in which the reader wouldn t be able to put down the book, which was what happened to me.

  27. Mindy

    I liked this book s one of Brockmann s better non series books Deception of the magnitude this book has usually doesn t play a big part in her novels and for that I m grateful I can only handle the drama that comes with it so much Fortunately she kept the drama to a minimum as well Annie and Pete are sweet together and the art archaeology theme was a new and interesting piece of the story.

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