Asimov's Mysteries (2020)

Asimov's Mysteries Isaac Asimov Asimov s Mysteries INCREDIBLE TALES BY THE INCOMPARABLE MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION THE SINGING BELL An intergalactic criminal steals treasured musical lunar artifacts THE TALKING STONE A spaceship crew is planning on
  • Title: Asimov's Mysteries
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • ISBN: 9780449210758
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Asimov's Mysteries Isaac Asimov 13 INCREDIBLE TALES BY THE INCOMPARABLE MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION THE SINGING BELL An intergalactic criminal steals treasured, musical lunar artifacts THE TALKING STONE A spaceship crew is planning on some illegal uranium mining with the help of on intelligent creature mode of rock WHAT S IN A NAME Everything Especially when twin librarians ore involved in a murder P13 INCREDIBLE TALES BY THE INCOMPARABLE MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION THE SINGING BELL An intergalactic criminal steals treasured, musical lunar artifacts THE TALKING STONE A spaceship crew is planning on some illegal uranium mining with the help of on intelligent creature mode of rock WHAT S IN A NAME Everything Especially when twin librarians ore involved in a murder P T DE FOIE GRAS Just how did that goose lay the golden egg Also included in the collection are THE DYING NIGHT THE DUST OF DEATH, A LOINT OF PAW, I M IN MARSPORT WITHOUT HILDA, MAROONED OFF VESTA and ANNIVERSARY, OBITUARY, STAR LIGHT, THE KEY, and THE BILLIARD BALL.
Asimov's Mysteries Isaac Asimov

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    Isaac Asimov

One thought on “Asimov's Mysteries

  1. Arun Divakar

    A very recent review on this site by Nandakishore on a work by Agatha Christie explains the dilemma in trying to review mysteries It is something like trying to explain how an ingenious magic trick works for once the explanation is done, the audience feelsoh, so was that just it and countless hours of practice on the magician s part goes to waste in a breath This is also the reason why I love mysteries for you never know what awaits you at the end of the tale Asimov in this slim volume offers ta [...]

  2. Manny

    Asimov enjoyed showing off his versatility, and even though he s best known for his SF and popular science, he could do other things too In particular, he was surprisingly competent at mysteries Maybe he should have written of them.This book collects together his best mystery short stories, the greater part of which have an SF theme They often hinge on a clever piece of word play Asimov loved jeux de mots, and had a tendency to be a little too silly with them, but here he gets it right What s i [...]

  3. Carol

    Oh I enjoyed it a lot Asimov is really good, the mysteries are a lot of fun, and some are even very impressive There s murders and regular mysteries And I ended up liking Urth quite a lot But as far as Asimov stories go, I prefer his Robot stories.

  4. Simon

    This collection ends with a few really good stories but quite a few are mediocre which drags down my rating of this book Orbituary and The Billiard Ball are the stand out stories in my opinion Anyone who says Asimov can t write should give these a go and it might change their mind Of the stories contained herein, only a few are of the kind that you, as the reader, try to guess who done it before it s revealed at the end Doing so will require quite a deep knowledge of scientific and astronomical [...]

  5. Carla Estruch

    Aunque todos estos relatos est n marcados por el misterio, los delitos y dem s tintes detectivescos, me ha parecido una recopilaci n un tanto irregular He disfrutado much simo con algunos el que m s, Nota necrol gica y con otros me he quedado a cuadros de lo poco que entend a maldita Oca Pero en general me han gustado mucho, sobre todo por los aportes del propio Asimov al principio o al final de cada relato Todo lo que puedo decir es Vaya, es estupendo ser lectora de ciencia ficci n.

  6. Geoff

    There s no standout stories in this collection from Asimov Some of the story settings are interesting but the mystery crime is underwhelming.If I had to pick a favourite, it d be Marooned Off Vesta Anniversary They are connected and were the most fun read of the collection.

  7. Jack Tyler

    This is an anthology of thirteen mysteries with a science fiction theme first published in 1968 by one of the giants of the 20th Century Here s what I thought of it When my living quarters were flooded in the El Nino event of the early 1970s, pretty much everything on the floor or on bottom shelves was damaged beyond recognition or destroyed outright I went to the effort to salvage two books This was one of them.It s still out there, and still an entertaining read First, let me excerpt from the [...]

  8. Daavid (דוד)

    This is a very good mix of thirteen crime and mystery stories excepting one or two by Mr Asimov, some written during the earliest stages of his writing career At times it felt like reading Sherlock Holmes, albeit based in a science fictional scenario A few scientific descriptions although not too technical , which are usually expressed within dialogues, could tend to go beyond the grasp of understanding with an under average, un scientific mind All the stories are wonderful, although some need t [...]

  9. Soorya

    This short story collection was a mixed bag, and not up to Asimov s usual standards But there were a few gems near the end, especially Obituary.The Singing Bell 2 5 Meh Decent setup, banal ending.The Talking Stone 3 5 Hmm, not bad I guess Very marginal 3.What s in a Name 3 5 Well executed but the twist was too simplistic.The Dying Night 3 5 Again, a bit too obvious.P t de Foie Gras 4 5 Ah, finally Fabulous twist, even if there was a bit too much jargon thrown in.The Dust of Death 2 5 Meh.A Loint [...]

  10. Benjamin Thomas

    I always like it when I find a book that mixes two of my favorite genres, in this case science fiction and mystery This volume contains 14 short stories, all by the science fiction master, Isaac Asimov, and all previously published in magazines of the day such as Astounding Science Fiction , The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction , Amazing Stories The Saint Detective Magazine and even Scientific American While there is indeed a mystery element to all of these stories, I would say they fit [...]

  11. Henry

    Asimov was one of those writers I started as a tween, and amongst others built my love for reading, and always carries much affection in my heart as a result.He was always writing mysteries, it forms the bulk of his work, whatever some idiot reviewers on here will pretend, both straight and sci fi, most of his robot stories were mysteries after all These are a collection of his sci fi mystery shorts, none robot related All accessible, enough science to satisfy the hardcore, but always explained [...]

  12. A. Miguel

    Tenho que confessar que ao in cio me desiludi um pouco com os mist rios apresentados, por n o estar minimamente habituada maneira como foram contados todos eles de maneira diferente , mas depois comecei a apreciar cada conto exatamente por isso Asimov traz nos v rias narrativas curtas, e apesar de acess veis e muito inteligentes, de modo que pretendo reler o livro quando melhorar os meus conhecimentos de f sica Uma coisa que me espantou bastante foram algumas das inven es apresentadas que me rem [...]

  13. The other John

    This one s a nice collection of science fiction mysteries, written by Dr Isaac Asimov Well, mostly One tale, Marooned Off Vesta , isn t a mystery tale, but rather it s included because its sequel, Anniversary , is one Another tale, A Loint of Paw , isn t a mystery either it s a courtroom drama that is simply a set up for a pun But since it s only two pages long, I don t feel cheated All in all, this book is good, classic science fiction, well worth reading.

  14. Steven Peterson

    Isaac Asimov was a fine science fiction writer and an author of many popular books on science and other subjects Here, he tries his hand on science fiction mysteries The end result is positive He teases the reader He is not so good at developing living and breathing characters But he has provocative ideas Worth a read for those who enjoy sci fi mystery.

  15. Fernando Gregoire

    Hac a mucho no le a al grande de Asimov Aunque desde luego se advierten los tintes detectivescos en la serie de los robots, no conoc a que el autor tuviera especial inter s por el g nero policial y, la verdad, los relatos que recoge este volumen y las explicaciones del propio autor me hacen admirarlo m s si cabe.Este volumen contiene cuentos policiales de lo m s cl sicos en cuanto al lector se le informa de un crimen y ste se ve inmerso igual que el detective en descubrir al culpable Cuando muer [...]

  16. Franks V.

    Asimov s Mysteries, published in 1968, is a collection of 14 short stories by Isaac Asimov, all of them science fiction mysteries although, as Asimov admits in the introduction, some are only borderline The stories were all originally published in magazines between 1954 and 1967 Four stories in the collection feature the character of Wendell Urth, who is a leading extra terrologist an expert on alien worlds and life originating on them Urth is eccentric in that he has a phobia of all mechanical [...]

  17. Rafael Ontivero

    Tras leer la versi n espa ola de Alianza, he le do esta edici n, que trae tres cuentos m s o, para enfocarlo de la manera correcta, la edici n de Alianza se come tres cuentos del original Y encima se come uno de los mejores, si no el mejor de todos los cuentos del libro Anniversary , en el que los protagonistas de Marooned off Vesta celebran el veinte centenario de su salvaci n con una fiesta en la casa de uno de ellos, ya en la Tierra Y resulta que se trata del mejor Asimov, a la altura de sus [...]

  18. Rafael Ontivero

    Indeciso entre si darle una estrella porque no se le puede dar un n mero negativo de estrellas por la edici n o las cuatro que le he dado por el contenido Qu malo es conocer Esta edici n no cita el C del origen de las historias como hace la original , aparte del cambio del t tulo, de Asimov s Misteries al del de uno de los cuentos de la recopilaci n, y no precisamente el mejor de todos Pero claro, as cualquier adolescente lleno de espinillas sabe que el libro va de ciencia ficci n.Y para m s inr [...]

  19. Justin Chan

    Overall a good collection of short stories with a couple duds Standouts are definitely the Billiard Ball and the Obituary Particularly underwhelming were the who did it mysteries solved by some geeky scientific property or observation These required a deep knowledge of astronomy that I m sure lead to aha moments for the scientifically well versed but surely went over my head The mediocre stories were partially redeemed by the colorful Wendell Urth who was often consulted by detectives to make s [...]

  20. Van Reese

    Surprisingly good I am not sure why, but I have never read any Asimov books before I got this book from a used book give away and thought I would give it a try I think that Isaac Asimov tries to use factual science in his stories, but all of these stories were written before anybody had even actually walked on the moon, and few satellites had been beyond the moon As a result, some of the stories are probably not technically feasible, but it doesn t really detract from the stories for me After al [...]

  21. Sithdown

    Buenos relatos polic acos, al m s puro estilo Asimov Algunos acusan el paso del tiempo en sus propuestas futuristas, pero no por eso dejan de ser entretenidos En muchos casos bastar a cambiar el nombre de la tecnolog a sin tener que retocar el desarrollo de la historia Muy contento con esta recopilaci n del autor.

  22. LeAnn

    I ve never really been into mysteries but I thought I d give this one a try because it s Asimov I like his writing but still can t get into the whole mystery thing There were a couple stories Obituary and The Billard Ball that really caught my attention and I found to be very interesting but mostly I was like, ehh.

  23. SaraKat

    Asimov always does such good mysteries The clues and endings are always very scientific and well set up.

  24. Muthumini Bandara Rathnathilaka

    Star Light is the first short story I ve read, which is written by Asimov Have to say that am quite impressed by his writing style and led me to read his stories and .

  25. J.R.D. Skinner

    Fun light read if you re looking for some science heavy mystery and don t mind some aging notions.

  26. Kat Hagedorn

    tinyurl 2fxwn4mA friend reviewed this, and it immediately piqued my interest because it is sci fi and it is mystery and the two together are really hard to do Up to this point, I had only read Larry Niven s attempts at this best compilation of these The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton and was quite satisfied with his results I figured it was time to try another sci fi grand master and see what I got.1 Asimov is not Niven He did not write at the same time, and while they both have strange misogynistic l [...]

  27. Leslie

    The thing I liked most about this book was Asimov s forewords and afterwords His frank self analysis works out to be a form of humility His simple delight in getting to write science fiction and to solve problems is charming and infectious.The premise is a good one science is all about mystery, so why hasn t science fiction embraced mystery as a sub genre It seems like possibilities would be endless.As mysteries, these are strange They are much less who done it as how was it done The suspense is [...]

  28. Elizabeth McDonald

    I had read some of the fourteen stories in this collection previously, but that did not detract from my enjoyment of them The mysteries are not as engrossing as some by other authors, for instead of focusing on personality, Asimov sets up his mysteries as puzzles, a la Encyclopedia Brown though not anywhere near as contrived or cutesy, thank God These all have a strong scientific bent In several, for example, the crime is solved by some quirk of the planet the suspect has recently been on its gr [...]

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