Maida's Little Shop (2020)

Maida's Little Shop Inez Haynes Irwin Maida s Little Shop To coax his invalid daughter back to health millionaire Jerome Buffalo Westabrook purchases a quaint shop in Charlestown Massachusetts and puts Maida in charge
  • Title: Maida's Little Shop
  • Author: Inez Haynes Irwin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
Maida's Little Shop Inez Haynes Irwin To coax his invalid daughter back to health, millionaire Jerome Buffalo Westabrook purchases a quaint shop in Charlestown, Massachusetts and puts Maida in charge.
Maida's Little Shop Inez Haynes Irwin

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    243 Inez Haynes Irwin
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One thought on “Maida's Little Shop

  1. Katherine Meyer

    My mother kept all of the Maida books she read as a child, so they were on our bookshelf at home when I was growing up I read them as a child and loved them Now I decided to re read them, beginning with this, the first in the series Strange, I remember that as a child while I loved ALL the Maida books this first one was never my favorite But now, as an adult, I can appreciate it so much It is a delightful book so charming and full of adorable and lovable characters It s so interesting to read a [...]

  2. Emily

    A charming book from 1909 about a sickly, very rich, little girl whose father buys out a small toy and sweet shop after she expresses an interest in shop keeping and sets her up in charge of it I guess every child has a strong interest in playing store , and this little fantasy could not be satisfactorily realized than it is in this book, which I would have adored had I read it as a child As it is, I quite liked it, and was intrigued to learn from Constance that some of the settings in this ser [...]

  3. Carolynne

    Wealthy Buffalo Westabrook buys a shop in Charlestown, MA, for his daughter Maida, recovering from an unnamed but incapacitating illness It gives her a new lease on life as she organizes the little shop and meets all the neighborhood children, whose lives are intertwined with hers from then on.If you liked _Dandelion Cottage_ by Carroll Watson Rankin or _Two Are Better Than One_ by Carol Ryrie Brink you ll love this.

  4. Susanna - Censored by GoodReads

    I utterly adored this book as a child I had my mother s copy, as I don t think it was in print then.

  5. Miz Lizzie

    Originally published in 1910, the print on demand copy I read might as well have been an electronic copy for the lack of joy it added to the reading experience I imagine an old copy even a reprint of the book, no doubt illustrated, would greatly contribute to the enjoyment of this old fashioned tale Maida is a poor little rich girl whose tycoon father buys her a little shop in the hopes of reviving her interest in life after a surgery that has finally allowed her to learn to walk She makes her f [...]

  6. Larry Piper

    The Maida series of books were my spouse s favorites when she was growing up This is the first of the series and was published in 1909 well, my book says 1909, the says 1910 Maida is a sick, little rich girl and her father, doctor and friend decide that she might be made well if only she could engage in something that truly interested her She gets all excited by an old shop and they buy it and let her set it up in Charlestown, MA She makes her first real friends whilst the proprietress of the sh [...]

  7. Kathryn McCary

    I read this book 47 years ago, in fifth grade, and was glad to have the opportunity to renew the acquaintance through the Project Gutenberg version.Maida, the child of a fabulously wealthy father, has recently been cured of the lameness she suffered from birth, but needs something to perk her spirits up so her father buys her a little candy and sundries shop in a poor neighborhood, tells her she must make a success of it, and takes off for Wall Street leaving her under the protection of her old [...]

  8. Whistlers Mom

    If Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott had a love child this would be the results.When I was growing up in the 1950 s I had three of the Maida s Little books and loved them MAIDA S LITTLE SHOP is the precursor of this popular series and was written many years before the ones I owned The main characters are the same with some variations but the tone is far different.In the later books, Maida and seven friends the Big Eight live on her father s estate They re taught by an energetic, personable y [...]

  9. Susan Berger

    I was given the Maida series for my 8th birthday I adored it So did my brother When he had a daughter, it was the first series he gave her Maida s little House is the second book The series was written from 1909 to 1958 I was eight in 1951, so I was unaware of the last three books I would love to read them, but they are very rare and prohibitively expensive I cannot tell you how many times I have read these books.

  10. Jan

    This series was one of my daughter s favorites when she was young Now my granddaughter is the right age I reread this charming book this week as it has been many, many years since I loved the series as a child A beautiful book to share generation after generation after generation Reading it on an iPad meant I didn t see any illustrations Are there any

  11. Christine Desrochers-Broderick

    My great aunts roommate Grace, told me this was the first book she read as a child on her own and absolutely fell in love with the series So I ordered it from eBay and read it first, I loved the story almost as much as I love Little Women Tomorrow I will give it to her and I ve already found the next two

  12. Barn Grammy

    As many here have said, I read these books as a child 60 years ago My aunt had only the first 4 books, and I didn t know until recently that there had been 12 in the series My daughters read my 4, also Rereading the first book, I found it as charming and engaging as I had so many years ago What a wonderful gift for the author to leave such a legacy.

  13. Susan

    Oh, my goodness Through , I rediscovered the name of this series I ve been seeking for years I read these books at a friend s house and the characters and sweet stories made a big impression on me.

  14. Cheryl Wilks

    I had never heard of this series until I saw the title on the back of another children s book I found the book interesting and well written I enjoyed reading it.

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