Feet of Clay (2020)

Feet of Clay J.B. Trepagnier Feet of Clay A forbidden obsession Max has never had a student quite like Taylor He s been teaching for a long time and knows potential on the rare occasions he sees it However Taylor s personal life has convince
  • Title: Feet of Clay
  • Author: J.B. Trepagnier
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  • Page: 427
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Feet of Clay J.B. Trepagnier A forbidden obsession Max has never had a student quite like Taylor He s been teaching for a long time and knows potential on the rare occasions he sees it However, Taylor s personal life has convinced many people in their small town she s not worth the effort Max sees things differently, though As he struggles to reach the girl, though, he makes a terrible error A forbidden obsessionMax has never had a student quite like Taylor He s been teaching for a long time and knows potential on the rare occasions he sees it However, Taylor s personal life has convinced many people in their small town she s not worth the effort Max sees things differently, though As he struggles to reach the girl, though, he makes a terrible error in judgment that changes everything, and Taylor disappears How much does she really remember Five years later, Taylor returns, and Max sees it as an attempt to make amends for the past However, Taylor doesn t seem to remember what happened, and as a relationship forms between the unlikely pair, Max worries that telling her the truth will cause irreparable damage to both of them Taylor s demons creep over to Max How much does Taylor actually know And how much is Max willing to deny the past for the sake of an illusory present
Feet of Clay J.B. Trepagnier

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One thought on “Feet of Clay

  1. Casey Bartsch

    Other reviews have said it, but I will say it as well this book is all about obsession, and it isn t a happy tale A teacher way too into his student leads them both down a twisted series of lies and betrayals It was very well written Trepagnier has a style worth investigating I may add another of J.P s works to my reading queue.The story did have some pacing issues Some of the moments with Max and Taylor seem repetitive, and that bogs things down The intrigue will keep you reading though.All tol [...]

  2. Jessica Jesinghaus

    If I had to sum up Feet of Clay in just two words obsession and addiction In it we meet Max, a high school English teacher The author did an excellent job establishing Max s obsessive personality in very short order Simple statements like On Tuesday he ate fish or he made his usual fry for breakfast, but nothing on the plate should touch and his orange juice had to fill the glass to the exact same spot left zero room for doubt of his ability for obsessive behaviors Then, enter Taylor, a 17 year [...]

  3. A.K. Smith

    4.5 stars JB Trepagnier captured my attention in Feet of Clay My emotions were elevated reading about obsession and two characters struggling to belong to the world and each other That is what this book is about obsession and addiction.Max is an English teacher in a small town and Taylor is the student that changes his life It s not a light hearted story nor is it a romance but a dark story about obsession, love, addiction and the fight to make it in this world.The author did a great job of pain [...]

  4. Lillian Lee

    I received an advanced reader copy and after reading it, I decided to post a review As I oscillated between four and five stars, I went with five This might not be an easy read for everybody, and certainly not for someone looking for a linear story It is a complex narrative, a voyage into the human mind The main component of the novel is the psychological one The themes are addiction, physical and psychological abuse, love under all aspects, good and bad The main characters are complex are not p [...]

  5. Cruikshank

    Wow Just wow This book blew me away We first see Max and his student before she loses her memory, but things really get exciting when he finds her again and learns that she s lost all memory of their past However, things aren t quite as they seem and everything is woven into a web of lies and falsehoods as the story continues I thought the characters were amazingly well written and really engaging and I found myself wondering if there would be a happily ever after in the story or if everything w [...]

  6. K.C. Willivee

    Trigger warnings Rape, abortion, miscarriage, domestic violence, stalking, substance abuseIf the list of trigger warnings did not already indicate this, Feet of Clay is not a happy story There are no universal happy endings even, although arguably one main character ends up okay There are only brief happy bits in the book Instead of a feel good story, this is an emotionally nuanced and resonant tale of a teacher s unhealthy obsession for his student, an unspeakable crime, and the bizarre and twi [...]

  7. Barry Blokes

    Trepagnier does an excellent job showing the painful outcome of addiction and obsession that strangle the toxic relationship that drives this book A teacher, Max, has difficulty determining the difference between love and obsession, while a tortured and abused soul residing in the body of a gifted student, Taylor, fights to find happiness in an unjust existence.The characters are well drawn in this work and the plot is interesting, I was also thankful that the end did not go the direction I susp [...]

  8. Jayde Kemsley

    Feet of Clay was not what I was expecting when I picked it up, but I enjoyed it all the same It tells the story of two people, a teacher and the student he falls in love with Their involvement with each other affects both their lives, and mostly in ways that make things worse It made me think and when I had finished I was still undecided if it would have been better if they had never met.The writer does an excellent job of showing how addiction and obsession can ruin a person life, and how the t [...]

  9. Alicia Freeman

    Feet Of Clay is a great story JB Trepagnier walks you through the life of a teacher and his student that becomes his girlfriend It s also about addiction, the idea of addiction and everything and everyday life Back in high school he raped her and wants to come clean, but can t find the right way to do it Does she even remember When you start reading, be prepared to not put down until you are done

  10. Warren Pete

    Feet of Clay follows a young student, Taylor, and Max, the man obsessed by her Oh, and this man happens to be her teacher.Max starts as a teacher genuinely interested in helping a girl written off by society However, moments of poor judgement and ill advised instincts can turn everything on its head In a night that will haunt Max forever, he also loses the student he so desperately wants to help.Never forgetting that night, Max later encounters Taylor, who appears to have forgotten the night tha [...]

  11. Kathleen

    Feet of Clay, by JB Tepagnier, is the story of a young woman named Taylor and the older man, Max, who is obsessed with her He meets her in the English class he s teaching and tries to get her to talk to him, but she stays silent and hidden behind her hair This only heightens his fascination He s a socially inept loner who feels something awaken inside him when she s near Never mind that she s a seventeen year old high school student and he s her teacher When he finds her drunk and in danger, he [...]

  12. Annabelle Costa

    This is a novel about a teacher with sort of an obsessive compulsive personality disorder named Max and his relationship with a young student of his who is struggling with addiction In a near unforgivable judgement lapse, Max takes advantage of Taylor while she s compromised This was a hard one for me to get past, but I did feel that there was justification and later some redemption without giving anything away.I thought the scenarios in this story were fascinating I can t say I felt a kinship w [...]

  13. Angel Berry

    Max, a strait laced English teacher, seems to have his life together even to the point of planning his dinners by the week Taylor, a bright student, but misunderstood, unfortunately places too much trust in him and is betrayed Five years later, they meet up again and begin to have an affair Then ensues a roller coaster ride of Max attempting to mold Taylor into what he wants her to be instead of accepting that he is the reason why she is the damaged addict that she is.I have to mention that he i [...]

  14. Wyborn Senna

    An Emotional Journey Through The Darkness of Obsessive Love Experts agree that there s a big difference between obsession or fixation and love, and J.B Trepagnier does a brilliant job of illustrating through the relationship that exists between Max and Taylor that love has nothing to do with the equation Real love is effortless Obsession is about control Real love is about letting people be who they are Obsession is about turning the person into the person you want them to be Real love isn t abo [...]

  15. Erin Daniels

    Feet of Clay was not an easy read but also not one to be missed if you can deal with difficult material in order to have a better understanding of the dark places that addiction and obsession can take you I don t, however, want to give the impressionthat the book was sordid far from it It didn t shy away from difficult issues such as rape and obsession but it portrayed them through the lens of realism for its own sake The author told a story that can and does happen everyday and did so with a st [...]

  16. Ivan Baublitz

    Okay so kind of hit and miss with this one I really tried to put myself into the story wholeheartedly but I kept getting ripped out by my distaste for any teacher predator that would take this step I did find the characters to be sort of believable and wondered how many times a story like this may be truer than fiction The reader finds themselves in a whirlwind of drug and alcohol abuse and student obsession I wasn t impressed with the constant arguing between the two and found myself searching [...]

  17. Rachel Knight

    A thoroughly enjoyable read The characters were complex and believable At first I wasn t sure where the plot was headed A huge twist part way through had me hooked and open mouthedly wording Oh my God at my screen From that point I was really invested in what was going to happen between the two lead characters Towards the end I thought the pace could have increased just slightly, but still the twists and turns kept coming, with intense, emotionally provoking revelations the whole way through Loo [...]

  18. Robert Brown

    J.B Trepagnier showed promise with Midnight s Sonata and continues to show promise with Feet of Clay This second book is about two supposedly intelligent people a teacher and his much younger student arguing endlessly about who is right, who is doing drugs, who is a drunk, who is to blame It is a combination of Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Lolita, with a bit of The Collector, No Exit and The Temple of the Golden Pavilion thrown in These are a few of the royal competition for Feet of Clay T [...]

  19. Natalie

    I found the writing to be in need of an editor who could help the author understand the difference between telling the reader what is happening and showing the reader what is happening as well as understanding how point of view works These two things didn t make it unreadable, but they didn t help the overall impression of the story.As to the story, I was uncomfortable with the protagonist right from the beginning We begin with him obsessing over a girl in his class It would have been one thing [...]

  20. Joannes Rhino

    Feet of Clay can be an interesting story if the author made a twist in the main character, Max I mean, let s face it, nobody loves to read a pedophile as the main character However, the author has done a good job in creating such a non likable character However, since I am into a psychology reading, Max s obsessive personality did intrigue me to know about such disorder In overall, even I wasn t enjoying the story nor the character, at least now I know about such disorder personality And for t [...]

  21. Rachael Thompson

    This novel follows the main characters over a total of about ten years and involves multiple layers, that were a little hard for me to wrap my head around at times It s not hard to understand or confusing The writer does a great job with the storytelling I just had a difficult time understanding the actions and mindset of Max and Taylor Taylor is supposed to be the messed up one but Max has plenty of his own issues to say the least.This book is not a feel good story or for the light of heart It [...]

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