A Banner Is Unfurled (2020)

A Banner Is Unfurled Marcie Gallacher Kerri Robinson A Banner Is Unfurled Ezekiel Johnson feels like he is losing his family one by one It is the s and years earlier Ezekiel had fled his abusive stepfather and his loving yet browbeaten mother promising he would never
  • Title: A Banner Is Unfurled
  • Author: Marcie Gallacher Kerri Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781591568940
  • Page: 182
  • Format: None
A Banner Is Unfurled Marcie Gallacher Kerri Robinson Ezekiel Johnson feels like he is losing his family one by one It is the 1820s, and years earlier, Ezekiel had fled his abusive stepfather and his loving, yet browbeaten mother promising he would never return He vowed that when he had a family they would be bound together in freedom, happiness, and love But now this strange, new Mormon religion seems to have captured theEzekiel Johnson feels like he is losing his family one by one It is the 1820s, and years earlier, Ezekiel had fled his abusive stepfather and his loving, yet browbeaten mother promising he would never return He vowed that when he had a family they would be bound together in freedom, happiness, and love But now this strange, new Mormon religion seems to have captured the hearts of his wife and children in spite of the rumors that surround it and its supposed prophet, Joseph Smith As wicked individuals and strong temptations seek to block his familys path to happiness, Ezekiel realizes that he must either allow them to join the Church and risk losing them, or tear them away from their newfound faith even if they end up hating him for it From authors Marcie Gallacher and Kerri Robinson comes the emotional first volume in the epic series A Banner Is Unfurled, telling the remarkable story of a real family in Church history and the choices they must face Full of drama and passion, this book is one you will want to share with your family, friends, and loved ones.
A Banner Is Unfurled Marcie Gallacher Kerri Robinson

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One thought on “A Banner Is Unfurled

  1. Alice

    As you know I don t get many things 5 stars, but this one is very special and close to my heart It is about my people and not just my religious group MY ANCESTORS I am the great great great great granddaughter of Ezekiel and Julia Johnson The story is of course fictionalized but based on facts I am in awe My mom and I are in a race to read them I do not give it 5 stars because of the family connection, but the story is actually riveting and inspiring There are many times I heard myself say, Go J [...]

  2. Sherrill

    This is sort of the Steed family of The Work and the Glory revisited except that it is a documented account of the family of famous Mormon pioneer B.F Johnson s This man seems to be the progenitor of at least half of the population of modern day Mesa It is full of family poetry and quotes from diaries Apparently this family kept great records It recounts their conversion stories and their meetings with the prophet I am always a pushover for historical novels and have already begun volume 2 of wh [...]

  3. Susan Baker

    I love this series, written about my great great grandfather and his family, converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, in the early days of the Church I don t usually like historical novels, and would prefer straight up biographies, but these books are well researched, and chapter notes clarify departures from known facts, which are based on known facts.

  4. Cheryl

    Oh no I have found another LDS historical novels series to get wrapped up into Luckily, or unfortunately depending on point of view there are only 3 books in this series.The A Banner is Unfurled series deals with some of the issues of the early LDS Church from a different perspective than others that I have read and use an actual, historically correct family to frame the story Volume 1 was wonderfully engaging for me I found myself with tears on my cheeks so many times reading of the struggles c [...]

  5. Heather

    WOW I love this book It is such a realistic account of a family being converted to the gospel and also includes real people outside of the family interactions and events with them.Julia is such a wonderful mother, she has fifteen children and has taught them so well, that when the mormon children comes along they are prepared to open their hearts and listen and pray intent on what is right, Seth had the hardest time out of the children, he couldn t figure if Joseph was a false prophet Elder Blac [...]

  6. Lisa

    I have avoided reading fictionalized accounts of early LDS history, as I didn t want to confuse fiction with history, but I read a review that said this is an excellent series and thought I d try it I m glad I did this series is based on the history of the Johnson family, from whom the authors are descended, and is meticulously researched while being a great story If only all our family histories were as well documented as this one I was interested enough to read the footnotes at the back of the [...]

  7. Michelle

    I m actually on book 3 in this series now but, I ll switch it to my read column after I m finished with all that is written in this series They have been VERY good They are quite similar to Work and Glory books I really like that they are based on real people and the story line is formulated from these peoples journals, poetry, and writings along with the church history All three took me awhile to read, actually but, the serious books usually do I HIGHLY recommend this series The history of the [...]

  8. Leslie

    This series has 3 volumes which I read The information is taken from real journal accounts during the first few year of the Church s existance and the move to Kirtland It is written as a novel and shows the feelings of many people at that time, when the temple was dedicated through the fighting in the temple and it being taken over by the people against Joseph Smith I found the history and stories of all three volumes interesting and marveled at the strength of the true followers and what they h [...]

  9. Lydia

    I was hoping this book would book would be the beginning of a series that I could love as much as I love the Work and the Gloryd I was disappointed Don t get me wrong, the book was good, and I plan on reading the rest of the series, but I just can t rate it up there with Work and the Glory One thing I do love though, is that this book is about a real family is church history, and that s interesting to me For my friends who like LDS historical fiction, I d say, give it a try and see how you feel [...]

  10. Casie

    What I love about this series is that it is about my mother in law s ancestors The mother and father of this book, Julia and Ezekiel Johnson had a son they named George Washington George is my mother in law s great, great grandfather Isn t that amazing The story was a little slow for me, but the history of it being family kept me reading I will say I have also read the rest of the series and this was the slowest book for me I couldn t put down the rest of the series because it is jam pack filled [...]

  11. Amber

    My husband and I listened to this book on audio last summer 07 It is a true story about my husband s heritage Our daughter s middle name comes from Julia Hills Johnson in the book These books there is a second volume and a third I still need to finish are entertaining but also very spiritually uplifting It makes church leaders such as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young seem so much real They are comparable to the Work and the Glory series except they are not a fictional family.

  12. Tiffunny

    This isn t my usual genre of choice, but these are about my relatives so my family got my all hyped on them and i loved reading it Knowing this is a real family and that it s all based on real events and real journal accounts makes its so much better I had no idea my ancestors were so intricately involved in the beginnings of the church and it s fascinating and heart breaking to read of their trials and conversions.

  13. Emmy

    Apparently I am related to the family that this book is based on Ezekial and Julia Johnson are my 5th Great Grandparents For Christmas, my mom gave all of us kids all three books in the series and copies of family history, journals, diaries and recollections of the Johnson family that she had, or had access to These aren t books I would typically read but the familial connection makes it interesting to me.

  14. Teresa

    This has to do with some of my family history, which makes it all the interesting and insightful I love that the book contains notes on each chapter to clarify historical details and those details thrown in for the sake of the novel I m looking forward to reading Volume 2 Just to warn you, there may be some tears involved, but there are definitely a lot of laughs as well I loved this bookbut like I said, I may be partial to it.

  15. Katrina

    I am SO grateful my great aunt recommended this series to me, since they are about my ancestors whom I knew nothing about This book is well written and well researched, and I love the fact that almost every single character was a real person I feel like pieces of my ancestry, that make up who I am, have fallen into place I knew so much about my paternal side, but now I feel a little evened out

  16. Steven

    I learned quite a bit about my grandmother s family and how they became members of the LDS Church I learned about the day to day life of people in the early United States and the politics and peoples motivations in small town frontier life from New York to Ohio to Missouri and so on, going westward And most of all, how dedication to God and Jesus Christ really shaped my family and the Mormon Church in this country and the world.

  17. Hannah

    I really loved reading this book Especially because this book is about my ancestors I come through Joel Johnson s son of Ezekiel Julia Johnson daughter Sariah It is a really neat book and I loved learning MORE church history as well as learning about my ancestors This book was like Work and the Glory in some ways I can t wait to keep reading

  18. Heather

    This book is about my husband s ancestors so it was really wonderful to read about them and their conversions I was so struck by the amazing faith that the early Mormon converts had and how they sacrificed everything for their faith I really enjoyed this book and can t wait to read the next one because this one ended in a really bad spot

  19. Eve

    Based on the Benjamin F Johnson family, which is on my husband s mother s side We have his autobiography, so reading these fictional accounts of the events surrounding Benjamin s and his family s lives are so interesting Very well written books, emotionally believable and spiritual without being overly sappy.

  20. E

    Story about a fictional family in the mid 1800 s as they learn about and are converted to the gospel The story was mostly interesting, but the writing seemed trite and forced and a little cheesy, and I had a hard time getting through it Couldn t bring myself to go on to the next book in the series.

  21. Lois

    I rated this pretty high, because not only did I enjoy it, but my husband is related to the family in the book I loved the fact that the family is not fictional, but real and a relative to boot It takes place alongside Joseph Smith and his family so you get history along with a good story I m planning to read Volume II soon.

  22. Heather

    This was good The writing style was too fake for me Like always saying the babe instead of the baby or the lad instead of the boy I didn t like that But I really liked the story, especially knowing it was based on a real family I ll definitely read volume 2 of the series It s such a fascinating time period, and I love reading about a real family who lived at that time.

  23. Sandra

    I read this book thinking it was just another Mormon pioneer story before i realized it was about real people Thanks to our book club host I learned differently and that made a big difference in the way I viewed the struggles of these good people I think now I have to finish the story and learn about the Johnson family history.

  24. Lewestover

    the first in a 3 book series of historical novels based on journals, letters and histories of an actual family involved in the early days of the LDS churcht quite up to The Work and the Glory , but still quite interesting.

  25. Tiffanie

    This book is like the Work and the Glory but the family is not fictional They are real and actually lived and served with the Prophet Joel Hills Johnson is my 3rd Great Grandfather I have his journal and this book series is very accurate

  26. Ellen

    Rich in detail, and sources cited, this is an interesting read about the challenges faced in the early days of the LDS church, after the restoration I especially noted that it details the family and struggles of B F Johnson, one of his sisters being an ancestor of mine.

  27. Carma Bird

    Non fiction historical novel of the Ezekiel Johnson familyTrue story of my maternal great grandparent and progenitorsFascinatingly true accounts of the difficulties of pioneerswho settled the west and helped further the progress of the Latter Day Saints toward Zion

  28. Julianne

    I really liked this story simply because I could see this family and all they went through in the early days of the church I must admit, however, that I did not love the writing itself I m excited to keep reading and see what happens to this family.

  29. Andrea

    A good LDS chruch history read More of a personal level with a real family than some other church history reads By the way, I am a harsh judge of books You won t see many five stars or even four stars

  30. Holli

    This is a historical fiction church history book The main characters are my ancestors It s very interesting to read about their lives, what a wonderful mother they had, such a close family I enjoy learning about the early church and the events that took place It s a good read.

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