Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson (2020)

Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson Keith Ablow Catherine Crier Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson The highly publicized Scott Peterson murder case captivated a public hungry for the answer to one question Why would a man with no known history of violent crime or mental illness and with a pretty wi
  • Title: Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson
  • Author: Keith Ablow Catherine Crier
  • ISBN: 9780312940522
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson Keith Ablow Catherine Crier The highly publicized Scott Peterson murder case captivated a public hungry for the answer to one question Why would a man with no known history of violent crime or mental illness and with a pretty wife about to give birth brutally murder her and his unborn son Forensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow s national media appearances, including a groundbreaking interview on Oprah,The highly publicized Scott Peterson murder case captivated a public hungry for the answer to one question Why would a man with no known history of violent crime or mental illness and with a pretty wife about to give birth brutally murder her and his unborn son Forensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow s national media appearances, including a groundbreaking interview on Oprah, resulted in enormous public response, saying that his theories about the spawning of a killer inside Peterson were the first that made sense to them Members of Scott s and Laci s families have also stated that his comments were the first that helped them understand what might have happened inside Scott s mind Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson takes readers into the psyche of a killer, exploring How Scott Peterson s empathy for others was shattered by a three generation bloodline of childhood loss and abandonmentWhy an addiction to sex took root in Peterson s psycheWhy Peterson s meeting Amber Frey while his wife was pregnant triggered the perfect psychological stormClues to Peterson s guilt in his interviews with Gloria Gomez and Diane SawyerWhat Peterson was probably thinking as he listened to testimony in court and received his death sentenceWhy Peterson could kill again, if released Using contacts at the FBI, and hiring private investigators and researchers, Keith Ablow delves deeply into Scott Peterson s life story to answer the question How did an all American boy turn into a ruthless killer
Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson Keith Ablow Catherine Crier

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One thought on “Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson

  1. Lori

    Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson is an interesting, if possibly flawed, look at the psychological makeup of Scott Peterson Dr Keith Ablow, while never having interviewed or worked with Peterson himself, does make some fascinating points and conclusions Background on the Peterson family, which I previously did not know, sheds some light on the dynamics of this dyfunctional family Could the murder of Peterson s grandfather have led to Peterson himself becoming a murderer There are some similariti [...]

  2. Dennis Littrell

    Ablow, Keith Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson 2005 Not the best interpretationForensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow s thesis here is that Laci and Conner lost their lives to a psychological perfect storm that began gathering over the Peterson family over five decades ago and reached hurricane strength in the psyche of Scott Peterson p 8 In concrete prose which is not Dr Ablow s strength the beginning of the storm was Scott Peterson s maternal grandfather being murdered by a disgruntled ex employee [...]

  3. andie

    Horrible book Keith Ablow begins by passively insinuating that Scott Peterson s paternal grandfather was murdered by his parents In the same chapters that he calls Scott a manipulative, calculating, empty shell of a person, Ablow makes the assumption that if Scott s first child had been born, perhaps Scott wouldn t have gone on to kill Ablow also claims that Scott s relationship with Amber was genuine, the one thing in Scott s life he truly cared about, and he wouldn t have gone on to kill if th [...]

  4. Dayna

    This author really tried his best to get into Scott s head what was he thinking What were his motives Ultimately, I don t think he succeeded I think he over simplified Scott s motives and got a few of them flat out wrong For example, the author contends that Scott was madly in love with Amber, but based on his actions during their affair I tend to think that she was just another one of his many marital affairs This book is worth its weight in gold, however, not for the author s assumptions into [...]

  5. Amanda

    I loved this book It was a perfect account of the crime and everything leading up to it It was interesting to get into Scott Peterson s head, to understand what kind of person he was and still is that led up to the murder of his wife and son.I have read a few books on this case, written by his sister, his mother in law, and finally Amber Frey, but they were all personal standpoints and opinions It was nice having an unbiased forensic psychologist take me through his life, step by step.I truly fe [...]

  6. Natalie

    I was sick of the media oversaturation of the Peterson case, but a co worker gave me this book and I finished it in about two work shifts Keith Ablow, a forensic psychologist, makes a pretty good case for why Scott Peterson killed his wife Laci, which is something the media never really touched upon too busy playing up the pretty dead pregnant wife and slightly trashy mistress angles, I suppose Keith Ablow is a bit of a media whore himself, though, and I m not sure if that casts suspicion or dou [...]

  7. Tara

    Some interesting insights were made but the writing was a little redundant at times Dr Ablow must have said that Scott Peterson was a person impersonating a person and that he was already dead at least a dozen times each, throughout the book It was a quick read, though, and held my interest enough to finish it I d recommend it for things like airplane rides or over night stays in hotels, etc.

  8. Tree

    My daughter was born within days of Laci s and Connor s deaths, so I ve been captivated by the terrible story from the start This book does present some background on Scott that is sad and disturbing, though the author does seem overly confident in his psychological background I got very tired of reading his hypothesis of Scott being a dead man over and over.

  9. Deborah Mitton

    I read this book when I was preparing to write my first novel The knowledge that Keith Ablow shares on a psychopath s method on handling day to day situations was just what I was looking for.This study was certainly a great help to me.

  10. Cheryl Goodwin

    Pretty good and quick read.It was interesting and sad to find out who Scott Peterson was and why he killed his wife and son The writer was clear and made it easy to understand Scott s psyche.

  11. Kristi

    Lurid prose, way too many conclusions assumptions without a solid basis I find his analysis faulty Thankfully it was a quick read Almost laughable.For example, his theory of how Laci died is not very plausible based on the evidence, based on what I ve read about the case.

  12. Stephan

    Scott Peterson without a doubt killed Laci and Connor I wondered why a man from a solid upbringing commit such a heinous act, and Mr Ablow answered that question plus many others.

  13. Brenda hogeland

    Waste of money buyiny this bookoHis grandfather getting kill didn t make him kill his wife or baby his mother giving her kids up didn t make him do it he was just a plane monster that was petty to death all his life

  14. Wendy

    If you prefer s literary investigation into the life and mind of a killer, ala Dreiser, this may not be for you, but for a quick and fascinating trip through a murder case that I made all of us stop and think, and Feel something important about life, death and the fascinating mysteries behind unthinkable human behavior, this is a must If you read this book you should probably never be put on a jury because you can t help seeing generations of victims here Absoluting fascinating read Low on the [...]

  15. Juli

    Kenneth Ablow gives an interesting look at the background of Scott Peterson and what may have led him to take the lives of his young wife and future son Although Dr Ablow does provide a great deal of family and personal background information on Scott, the book is rife with what if s and suppositions While I concur that forces that were set in motion even before Scott was born could have had an impact on Scott s later actions, I feel that the author used too much artistic license to lead the rea [...]

  16. Tami Urbanek

    An in depth look into the sick twisted mind of this demented freak I was brought to being physically ill at several points, when they described the conditions of their bodies was the worst one when it was told in court this sick piece of crap didn t even flinch I have read a few books on this case and had actually begun to believe perhaps this was a freak accident and he over reacted but now, NO WAY IN HELL He is a sick demented freak and I don t say this lightly he deserves to die, slowly and p [...]

  17. Sherman

    This book written by a forensic psychiatrist goes into the mind of Scott Peterson who killed his wife Laci and unborn son Connor It describes his childhood and how his mother gave up two babies before him and then smoothered him to the extent he never developed his own personality and self How he never could love anyone because he didn t know how, and in the end never showing any remorse for the crime he committed What really went wrong with this family and this man

  18. Katie

    I started reading this book because a co worker recommended it I found it insightful as far as how children develop or in this case, don t develop a conscious According to Dr Ablow, Scott Peterson is just a hollow shell of a man And after reading this it makes sense to me on why he did what he did He is where he should be, but it is sad to think what could have been had he been raised by someone who cared.

  19. Joey Mauro

    While extremely comprehensive and with some brilliant insight, where in the end I truly did feel I was able to comprehend the sort of person Scott Peterson is, Ablow has a tendency to be VERY repetitive and redundant, as well as a bit hokey Sometimes the man s own bias both politically and personally gets in the way, and he is constantly hammering home the same ideas throughout this relatively short read.

  20. Rebecca

    Fabulous book about Scott Peterson, and a keen insight into how he developed into a narcissist and sociopath His family of origin was hugely dysfunctional, and Dr Ablow made it easy to see how Peterson turned out to be a killer The book also gave insight into how Laci s personality and family of origin led her to choose a guy like Scott He was not the first abuser she had been in a relationship with She had also lived with a guy who beat her prior to Scott.

  21. Lara Crawford

    For those of us who experienced abusive childhoods, this book opens the door on examining the generational impact of abuse I call it the gift that keeps on giving Yes, some sarcasm here.As an author see books by L.F Crawford or Louise Crawford , reading a biography like this one is very helpful for climbing inside my sociopathic characters, like Lucien Andreas in BEVERLY HILLS VOODOO, or Ice Pick s point of view in FORTUNE COOKIE KARMA.

  22. Lisa

    Read in two days Riveting A genuine, in depth look at the events throughout generations of the Peterson family that led to Scott s sociopathy and the murder of his wife and unborn child Almost flawless writing, however, the author was at times repetitive in his point of Scott being dead inside.

  23. Emma

    Keen insight into a sociopath and malignant narcissist by a forensic psychiatrist Though he never interviewed the subject himself, it s not hard to track Scott Peterson s psychopathy through his own reactions behaviors, his family s recollections, court papers and public records as well as his heinous crime and his ensuing actions A quick and fascinating read.

  24. Elesha

    I have been following this case since I first heard about it I ve read countless books about the case also from many perspectives and without a doubt my firm belief is that Scott Peterson indeed did kill his wife and unborn child I enjoyed every detail about this book and the analysis that experts give on Scott Peterson s motives of doing what he did.

  25. Sae-chan

    I wasn t familiar with the case, but I wasn t really convinced by analysis given in this book Just by looking at his expression, I think I believed he thought that he was smarter than everybody else and he wouldn t ever get caught.It is true that nothing is unexplainable, but our knowledge is not yet perfect.

  26. Marina

    This book had some good ideas but really should have been written as an article The author repeats himself dozens of times just to fluff it out to be long enough to be a book Made me feel like he assumed his readers were idiots.

  27. lunaticprophet

    Very interesting insight into the mind of Scott Peterson I pretty much avoided the entire circus surrounding this case while it was going on, so much of the information was new to me and Ablow s analysis of Peterson is very interesting.

  28. Chelsea Davis

    Interesting insight into the mind of a heartless killer The story progressed well, but the writing style was over dramatic and very repetitive It put me off from reading another book by this author.

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