Galactic Warlord (2020)

Galactic Warlord Douglas Arthur Hill Galactic Warlord The Legionaries of Moros have been annihilated by an evil force known as the Deathwing The only survivor was Keill Randor a young but highly skilled warrior who embarks on a quest to find the unknow
  • Title: Galactic Warlord
  • Author: Douglas Arthur Hill
  • ISBN: 9780330261869
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Unknown Binding
Galactic Warlord Douglas Arthur Hill The Legionaries of Moros have been annihilated by an evil force known as the Deathwing The only survivor was Keill Randor, a young but highly skilled warrior, who embarks on a quest to find the unknown being who leads the Deathwing This is the first book in the Last Legionary series.
Galactic Warlord Douglas Arthur Hill

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One thought on “Galactic Warlord

  1. Dirk Grobbelaar

    I came across a book titled Dag van die Sterrewind which I recalled from my childhood days What I didn t know way back then is that it is just a translated version of Day of the Starwind and that it is, in fact, book three in a series of four I m not sure why the other three instalments weren t translated into Afrikaans Seems kind of silly Edit after advertising my ignorance so freely I should just set the record straight The other books were, in fact, translated as well Anyway, since I had good [...]

  2. Devin Simpson

    This book changed me.I still remember the librarian stamping the card when i checked this book out of my grade school library I was in 5th grade at the time with the attention span of a gnat, I mean Choose your own adventure books were a challenge for me to finish We had library day once a week, as a class we all trooped to the library for a short presentation of any new books by the librarian and time to find books to check out and read Honestly i d have rather been out at on the playground, bu [...]

  3. Alexander Draganov

    A thrilling beginning to a YA scifi series It has everything a scifi fan needs cool main character, member of an elite warrior group, big scale planetary action and an extremely evil villains Although short, this book is told in the grand tradition of STAR WARS and I really can t wait for the sequels.

  4. T. Bakutis

    Galactic Warlord is the first in a series of short sci fi novels I remember absolutely loving as a young boy, some of the first books that inspired me to write Even reading it as an adult, the book has aged very well The writing is tight, clear, and easy to follow, and does a great job of immediately making you root for its central character, veteran soldier Keill Randor The way Keill is introduced and the plight he faces are an instant hook, and the start of this book ranks among one my favorit [...]

  5. Gav451

    This was the first book I was ever allowed to buy Its not long or complex but I am re reading it for old times sake.06 8 14As an 8 year old this book was a revelation I am re reading the series because they are quick little books and just to mark the fact it has now been over 35 years since I read them for the first time As a child we were not rich and my Mum and Dad giving me the right to buy my first book was a MASSIVE thing for me I was so pleased and after reading it the famous Five could ne [...]

  6. Jose Brox López

    Le do en espa ol, publicado como El se or de la guerra gal ctica por Altea.El protagonista de la novela, el legionario Keill Randor del planeta Moros, es una especie de James Bond, pero m s centrado en las artes marciales y el entrenamiento espartano La trama no deja de ser un encadenamiento de aventuras del tipo infiltraci n lucha huida, al m s puro estilo de las partidas de rol b sicas Es similar a las obras publicadas antiguamente como novelas de a duro Sin embargo tambi n es algo m s los per [...]

  7. Robin

    Keill Randor Hardest Bastard in Science Fiction I read the Last Legionary books literally to bits as a kid I threw up on my first copy of Deathwing over Veynaa in the car, I was totally carsick and I should have looked out the window or something but I couldn t stop reading Good times The series is pure pulp executed perfectly, full of kick ass fight scenes and spaceship battles and man, I want to go read them all again right now.

  8. Wealhtheow

    I loved this book when I was a child Now all I can remember is that the main character is a tween aged badass, last of a famed training technique that churned out the greatest warriors the universe had ever known The Legionnaires are betrayed and the main character alone can avenge them, I think

  9. Derelict Space Sheep

    42 WORD REVIEW As an introduction to Hill s Last Legionary series or to MG YA SF in general Galactic Warlord is hard to fault the main character is austere but morally unambiguous and easy to cheer for the threat is serious and the story clearly told.

  10. Mark

    I picked this up from the Bookworm club at school and really enjoyed it, though it took me several years to discover it was part of a series At the time, I was a massive fan of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and The Black Hole and this slotted in perfectly.A great read, good fun.

  11. Karijean31

    Thank goodness for journals I apparently read this book when I was 13 I really enjoyed it then but 30 years later I can t remember the story.

  12. Stacey

    I read this over and over again as a child Was one of my favorite books If I could find a copy of this I would read it now Was a lot of fun.

  13. Aaron

    Bought a whole pile of douglas hill books, which I remember enjoying as a young person This is the first in a series.

  14. Peter Tillman

    DNF Lame YA retread of golden age SF inexplicable good reviews here I don t think I would have liked these as a kid, either Avoid, avoid.

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