The Clinic (2020)

The Clinic Jonathan Kellerman John Rubinstein The Clinic In the realm of psychological suspense Jonathan Kellerman is without peer Now following an extraordinary eleven successive New York Times bestsellers he has written an Alex Delaware novel to match
  • Title: The Clinic
  • Author: Jonathan Kellerman John Rubinstein
  • ISBN: 9780553712803
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Audio Cassette
The Clinic Jonathan Kellerman John Rubinstein In the realm of psychological suspense, Jonathan Kellerman is without peer Now, following an extraordinary eleven successive New York Times bestsellers, he has written an Alex Delaware novel to match his best about the murder of a celebrity author and the truth behind her public facade She was found stabbed to death on a quiet, shady street in one of L.A s safest neigIn the realm of psychological suspense, Jonathan Kellerman is without peer Now, following an extraordinary eleven successive New York Times bestsellers, he has written an Alex Delaware novel to match his best about the murder of a celebrity author and the truth behind her public facade She was found stabbed to death on a quiet, shady street in one of L.A s safest neighborhoods For three months the police have found no clues to the murder ofHope Devane, psychology professor and controversial author of a pop psych bestseller, an angry indictment of men Now Detective Milo Sturgis, newly assigned to the case, turns to his psychologist friend, Dr Alex Delaware, looking for insights into Devane s life To both men the cold stalking of Hope Devane suggests calculation fueled by hate an execution They discover why as they unlock, one by one, the veryprivate compartments of her life her marriage, her shadowy work for a Beverly Hills clinic, the Conduct Committee she ran with an iron hand at theUniversity, and her baffling link to another murder victim But it is when Alex delves into her childhood that he begins to understand the formidable woman she was and the ties that entangled her life until the horrifying act of betrayal that ended it Building to a white knuckle climax in which Alex sets a trapfor a killer, The Clinic is brilliantly plotted suspense as wrenchingly disturbing as today s headlines.
The Clinic Jonathan Kellerman John Rubinstein

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    386 Jonathan Kellerman John Rubinstein
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One thought on “The Clinic

  1. David Highton

    A bit slow moving in th first half, this book speeds up towards the end, with a rush to the final conclusion as the last piece in the jigsaw falls into place Alex Delaware plays the key support role after Detective Milo Sturgis is given a murder case of a psychology professor that has made no progress for 3 months.

  2. Alisha

    Notes for me Probably if ranked in order of enjoyment this would be toward the bottom Not sure why, the usual enjoyable complicated mystery where different threads seem totally incompatible and then wind together seamlessly, but our victim was ethically way over the line and it makes it hard to pant over getting her justice Murder is never excused obviously but in a book with no supporting character heroes I just felt sad about all the vileness and cruelty The last chapter was a full run down of [...]

  3. Jackie Ullerich

    Without a doubt, I am a huge fan of the Alex Delaware series The concept of this book was truly brilliant and Kellerman s descriptive writing gave me chills The characters, the scenes popped off the page For those of you who love mysteries thrillers, do not miss this series

  4. Emily

    I m really not sure why, but this was not one of my favorite Kellermans I love a good psychological suspense story, but this one was just so outlandish, with organ harvesting, kinky sex, rape, a few too many characters, and an abrupt ending for me to give it than three stars Perhaps I m just getting burned out on murder mysteries

  5. Alan

    I ve read many of the Alex Delaware novels, and have enjoyed them all some than others This was actually a very interesting book in which very little was predictable Really the only thing I didn t like about it was the ending I felt I was left hanging wondering how did Alex feel about what he discovered and what was he going to do with that information.

  6. Laura

    This is the first book in the Dr Delaware series that I have read Jumping into the middle of the series, I did not find that I was confused about the characters or any past histories That was one thing that I really liked about the novel I really love crime stories, and thought that this was an easy and quick read with a good plausible plot There were times when I was confused as to why something was included, and although confusing at the time, everything makes sense by the end If you are looki [...]

  7. Margie

    Good fluff.I noted that Kellerman has an almost pathological need to give a physical description of various characters exactly how tall they are, the length of their sideburns, etc.

  8. Kathleen

    A too tidy ending made me lower the number of stars to three There was soch explanation in the rest of the story that the rushed ending left me feeling dissatisfied.

  9. Cynthia

    I haven t picked up a Kellerman book for ages I forgot how much I like the characters in the Alex Delaware series Good story Solid characters Enjoyable to the very end.

  10. aPriL does feral sometimes

    I don t know why, but this reminded me somewhat of Miami Vice Everyone is a player Except for one young woman, a rape victim Everyone else not playing is excusing the player s behavior, twisted as it is, because the players also do some good, as if it made it all balance out As if Reading these books in the Delaware series gives the reader real insight, if you have the experience of knowing a lot of people, and if you want to really understand what makes people tick From my own experience, thoug [...]

  11. Michael

    I m a great fan of Alex Delaware and his crime fighting partner, Lt Milo Sturgis of LAPD Homicide Somehow I missed reading this book when it originally came out This one was released as an audio book which I usually like for this series because the reader of most of these has been John Rubinstein, who has a real feel for the way I envision these characters I was a little disappointed that the reader turned out to be someone else in this case but he did a pretty good job nonetheless.In some circl [...]

  12. Lynda

    The three month old cold case of murdered psychologist professor and writer Hope Devane reunited Detective Milo Sturgis and Dr Alex Delaware to solve the baffling controversial case Delving into the recess areas of Hope s life uncovered a woman with an altered sense of justice and a deceptive outer appearance sent the investigative duo shuffling through several societal classes only to be left with intriguing and confusing possibilities The Clinic introduced a variety of characters with flaws a [...]

  13. John

    Sometimes mysteries have a problem Jonathan Kellerman s book about a college professor who is murdered falls into that trap Kellerman builds up suspense through a twisty plot Psychologist Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis investigate the professor and her shadowy student conduct committee Although the work of the committee leaves the professor with many enemies, the investigation also produces leads that relate to the professor s relationship with her husband, her childhood, and her profe [...]

  14. quinnster

    I like the how the puzzle pieces in Kellerman s books fit together even though sometimes it kind of feels like things happen out of nowhere The other thing I never care for in these books is the number of paragraphs he uses to describe the routes Delaware takes to get anywhere He s in and around LA for the most part, but he has to describe what streets Alex turns on, what freeways he takes, where he parks It s not really setting the scene if you aren t really familiar with the freeways and even [...]

  15. Nanosynergy

    Book 11 of author s Alex Delaware Milo Sturgis series This book, in my opinion, is not one of Kellerman s better books in this series Detective Sturgis is given this case after it has apparently gone cold Milo and Alex may be competent detectives, but their predecessors on this case should be fired for missing such obvious leads Ultimately, the big secret behind the death being investigated combines dysfunctional adults as a result of child abuse, secret sexual bondage practices of the deceased, [...]

  16. Sherree

    I feel like I m starting to be a broken record I just can t understand why Jonathan Kellerman feels the need to included so much extraneous detail in his books I just don t need to know every business establishment in the strip mall they happen to be passing I am 100% sure the books would be half as long without detailing what everyone looks like, what they re wearing, what the buildings and rooms look like, what the scenery looks like, etc The stories continue to be interesting, though, which i [...]

  17. Esme M

    Hope Devane, psic loga y pol mica escritora de bestsellers seudopsicol gicos, aparece acuchillada en una calle de Los Angeles Todo apunta a que se trata de una ejecuci n, de una venganza, pero los tres meses de investigaciones policiales a n no han proporcionado ninguna pista El detective Milo Sturgis, a quien se le ha asignado el caso, recurre a su amigo Alex A partir de ese momento comienzan a destaparse las facetas secretas de la vida de Hope Al investigar la infancia de la v ctima, Alex desc [...]

  18. Ted

    I ve read a bunch of these psychological thrillers by Kellerman The Clinic was not amazing, but it did hold my interest and as ususal included various tidbits about abnormal psychology that were interesting I guess I ve grown moderately fond of the lead characters Alex Delaware, the psychologist who digs into cases for the police and his gay police detective buddy, Milo so reading another in the series is like visiting old friends.

  19. Coleen

    I like Kellerman as an author, and I like the Alex Delaware series This story is interesting and a good read, with several plots running so that it does not get boring.While it was somewhat plausible, the mix of themes had me wondering.I bought this book new at a book sale, and plan to pass it on.

  20. Nancy

    An author is found dead, and the case grows cold, despite there being several suspects Milo Alex take the case and work together, and start to discover clues once they investigate her childhood There is a ridiculous organ harvesting angle, and the killer pours his heart out at the end to explain everything.

  21. Heidi

    Slightly convoluted plot line meandered to the end Too many possibilities that the endless hypothesizing by my fave lieutenant and psychologist became grating Not the best but still very readable to a fan.

  22. Andrea

    This is turning out to be a great series I really enjoy the psychological aspects of the plot Also the plot, motives, characters and twists and turns seem pretty sophisticated Hmmmw, which one to read next.

  23. Cláudia

    I always find myself saying the same things about Kellerman s books I like them, they have interesting and gripping stories, the caracters are believable but it just has too many bla bla bla through the middle And that makes the reading somewhat slow.Well, worth reading anyway

  24. Judy

    Still catching up reading the Kellerman books I missed when they came out As always, a good plot I enjoy both Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis Didn t see much of Robin in this installment.

  25. Luckngrace

    I like both Jonathan and Faye Kellerman books This one I ll be using for the challenge as the LBGT task Milo I didn t like this one as much as his older Dr AD books.

  26. Edmond Gagnon

    Big yawn I really tried to finish this book just to see who did it, but three quarters of the way through I didn t care any and gave up I ve read previous works by Kellerman and love his characters, but for a murder mystery novel, this one made want to fluff my pillow instead of turning the page There was way too much fluffeless descriptions of everyone, hypothesizing between characters, and painfully dull dialog If you re looking for a good read to help you sleep, The Clinic is for you.

  27. Stef O'connor

    3.5 stars for an easy read I actually enjoyed the book though it seemed a little far fetched I was disappointed in the ending but only because it didn t tell me what Alex thought of what he found out and what he was going to do with that knowledge but I can speculate

  28. Lee

    This book finds Alex and Milo investigating the death of a prominent psychologist whose murder has become a cold case As they delve into her past they find things that she wanted hidden Ok read

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