The Engagement (2020)

The Engagement Georges Simenon Anna Moschovakis John N. Gray The Engagement On the outskirts of Paris a prostitute is found murdered in a vacant lot In a seedy apartment house nearby lives pasty fat Mr Hire Mr Hire who earns his living through a petty postal scam is a con
  • Title: The Engagement
  • Author: Georges Simenon Anna Moschovakis John N. Gray
  • ISBN: 9781590172285
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
The Engagement Georges Simenon Anna Moschovakis John N. Gray On the outskirts of Paris, a prostitute is found murdered in a vacant lot In a seedy apartment house nearby lives pasty, fat Mr Hire Mr Hire, who earns his living through a petty postal scam, is a convicted pornographer, a peeping Tom, and, once a week, the unlikely star of a Parisian bowling club, where people think he works for the police He is a faceless man of regOn the outskirts of Paris, a prostitute is found murdered in a vacant lot In a seedy apartment house nearby lives pasty, fat Mr Hire Mr Hire, who earns his living through a petty postal scam, is a convicted pornographer, a peeping Tom, and, once a week, the unlikely star of a Parisian bowling club, where people think he works for the police He is a faceless man of regular habits who keeps to himself and gives his neighbors the creeps After the murder, Mr Hire s concierge points a finger at him he was out late the night of the crime The police have the suspect under 24 hour surveillance They are only waiting for him to make the inevitable mistake and give himself away Except that creepy Mr Hire is in fact an innocent man, whose only mistake is to have fallen head over heels in love with the wrong girl One of the most chilling and compassionate of Simenon s extraordinary psychological novels, The Engagement explores the mystery of a blameless heart in a compromised soul.
The Engagement Georges Simenon Anna Moschovakis John N. Gray

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    Georges Simenon Anna Moschovakis John N. Gray

One thought on “The Engagement

  1. Glenn Russell

    Now I m afraid to run into him on the stairs cried the concierge I ve always been scared of him Everyone s scared No question about it, Mr Hire gives everyone the creeps, especially the men and women in his seedy apartment building, and most especially after a prostitute is brutally murdered just two blocks away And Mr Hire doesn t have to metamorphose into a giant Gregor Samsa like bug being a loner, an outsider who looks the way he does short flabby body, round staring eyes, puffy waxen face, [...]

  2. Manny

    A few weeks ago, I witnessed one of those little internet dramas that one often sees on A person calling himself Edward starting leaving comments on my reviews, particularly my long Charlie Hebdo thread Most of Edward s comments didn t make sense, coming across either as extracts from an obscure postmodernist novel the charitable interpretation or the deranged ravings of somebody who d forgotten to take his medication the uncharitable one Every now and then, however, Edward would say something t [...]

  3. Aprile

    Cronologicamente uno dei primi, in assoluto uno dei miglioriPingue, sudaticcio, guance rosee, sguardo basso o sfuggente, passi brevi e veloci, andatura saltellante e ondeggiante a causa dell adipe, stretta di mano senza nerbo e senza nessuna trasmissione di comunicazione significante, silenzioso, pronto a porgere le proprie scuse per un nonnulla, metodico, solitario, puntuale e precisoe anchefrequentatore di postriboli molto puliti a dir la verit , con un passato di galeotto per colpa di altri i [...]

  4. Geoff

    I read this in its entirety in one stretch this morning sitting in a depressing, fluorescent lit room of Beckettian absurdity I mean I was performing my civic duty by serving in a jury pool Anyway, the day before I was at Vertigo and picked it up for 4 bucks from their sale rack, thinking those long hours of purgatory would be all the easily passed with some fine, gritty Paris noir, no doubt some lithe sex and murder too and maybe a few bons mots.I didn t expect Simenon to be such a gripping wr [...]

  5. Nancy Oakes

    for the longer version which I mistakenly just left long here earlier my apologies , you can gohere otherwise, read on The murder of a call girl in the Villejuif area of Paris has than a few people on edge The murder itself is not an event in this novel, but what happens to the protagonist of this novel, M Hire, is based on fallout from the fear surrounding the killing It all begins when the concierge of M Hire s apartment building spies a bloody towel on his washstand while delivering mail, an [...]

  6. John

    A short very short novel that, by its end, had my eyes moistening as its inevitable tragedy mercilessly panned out The tale s finale, we realize, will come a few pages after the novel s end, when hopefully a great wrong will be righted and the bad guys get their comeuppance in the mean time, what we re left with is a sad injustice.M Hire is a solitary oddball, a sort of flabbily packed sausage on legs, who lives in a seemingly rather seedy apartment building somewhere in one of the less salubrio [...]

  7. Tony

    THE ENGAGEMENT 1933 George Simenon 1 2.From the back flap On the outskirts of Paris, a prostitute is found murdered in a vacant lot In a seedy apartment house nearby lives pasty, fat Mr Hire, who earns his living through a petty postal scam Mr Hire is a convicted pornographer, a peeping Tom, and, once a week, the unlikely star of a Parisian bowling club, where people think he works for the police He is a faceless man of regular habits who keeps to himself and gives his neighbors the creeps After [...]

  8. Jim

    This early roman dur by Georges Simenon is about a loner suspected by the neighborhood of a rape murder which in fact he did not actually commit His background in mail order pornography and a prison term for exposing himself in public make the police think otherwise M Hire is uncomfortable around women, though he has the beginnings of a sick relationship with Alice, the redhead who works at the dairy, and through whose window he likes to peep.The title of Mr Hire s Engagement could refer to the [...]

  9. Paige

    Simenon really is an amazing writer, and I still can t get over the fact that I ve never read him until discovering Dirty Snow a short time ago The Engagement is described as a psychological novel, but that s a bit misleading Simenon doesn t dissect his characters or try to explain their motivations They just are with all their quirks and ugliness.Oh The descriptions of street noises and weather and so called background are fantastic No wonder Andrew Gide sang Simenon s praises My goal is to rea [...]

  10. Stephen P

    a compelling page turner completely shorn of metaphoric, allegoric,symbolic, elegant language i could go on but what s the point this was the movement of action and behavior however, simenon s magic is that the characters actions created such a dense atmosphere of isolation, disenchantment and indifference that it has surprisingly held onto me days later and won t let go.

  11. Genevieve Speegle

    This French novel follows Mr Hire as he s suspected of murdering a prostitute Because he s a sketchy, lonely man, detectives follow his every move assuming he s guilty, even though nothing ties him to the crime.He falls in a type of love with a woman across from his flat, and he watches her through the window each night.While the author is famous for simply writing a character s actions and not their motivations, it seemed a bit confusing at times I never fully understood the woman Alice s perso [...]

  12. Baseni

    Anfang der 1930er Jahre in einem Vorort von Paris, Monsieur Hire, Mieter einer Ein Zimmer Wohnung, klein, dick und ohne Haare, lebt nach strengen Regeln Sein einziges Vergn gen ist das abendliche Beobachten des Dienstm dchens aus dem Milchgesch ft Sie hat ihr Zimmer gegen ber, und ist sich der Spannerbet tigung durchaus bewu t W re nicht vor kurzem eine Frau auf einem unbebauten Grundst ck in der N he ermordet worden, niemand w rde von Monsieur Hire Notiz nehmen So interessiert sich nicht nur di [...]

  13. Filippo Bossolino

    Simenon in questo romanzo ci presenta il signor Hire, un uomo piccolo, grasso, solitario e taciturno il perfetto capro espiatorio per un delitto commesso da poco nelle vicinanze di un villaggio alla periferia di Parigi Non c indagine, non ci sono dubbi Per tutti il colpevole Inizialmente antipatico questo signor Hire Poi, invece, facile affezionarcisi a questa persona profondamente triste e sola, con l unico riscatto sociale e personale nel bowling episodio di poche pagine di una brillantezza fi [...]

  14. Susan Abraham

    Superb perspective drawn on the hasty reaction of a general working class society, especially those who live out a routine existence and stay ready to embrace suspicion, gossip and slander at the earliest opportunity The tearing down of reputations may be seen as an exciting thing when boredom stays the necessary alternative This, placed upon another who may be like themselves.Atmospheric in narration I personally, love everyday characters sketched out from small fictitious streets, shops and fl [...]

  15. Adam Moss

    The fascinating tale of the tragic Mr Hire.Despite his failings you really can t help but feel sorry for this anti hero.Simenon uses the protagonist as a foolproof device to expose the seedy underbelly of Parisian life and morals in the 1930s.It was a time when whispers became screams and racism, the easily spun web of local gossip and the theory that France is a country built on the premise of laissez faire are all investigated and savagely dissected here.And underneath it all, a tale of murder [...]

  16. Mark Van Aken Williams

    This is one Simenon s compelling psychological novels 1933 In it we follow Mr Hire, a solitary man with a dubious past, who is framed for a murder he did not commit Mr Hire s bleak existence is seen only through the author s juxtaposition of character, which slowly emerges, against the settings in which he navigates his daily routine his commute, his business, and his various other habits He is illusive and remains isolated as this trap conspires around him, and a constantly heightened tension [...]

  17. Sierra

    I had to read this book for school It was just not good I didn t like any of the characters, partially because none of them had any good qualities and partially because we never really got to know anyone This is another one of those books that I m just left wondering why on earth the author felt the need to write this down It doesn t really feel like there was a point to any of this And a lot of the things that I know about Mr Hire I got from the summary on the back of the book None of these thi [...]

  18. Edward

    One of Simenon s best in the genre of romans dur It is a sad tale of prejudice, anti semitism and xenophobia resulting in the death of an innocent man Mr Hre is a sympathetic character His past as a petty criminal is held against him as well as his Jewish origins He has the misfortune to fall in love with a prostitute who leads him on and ultimately places the evidence that damns him in his apartment He is a strange isolated man Suspicion falls upon him simply because he is different.

  19. Chris Shaffer

    One of Simenon s only psychological novels, this was a rather gripping tale of a lonely man that is targeted as a the killer in a recent murder Keeps you guessing until the endThe interesting thing about his non detective novels is that they have no fixed sense of right and wrong, there doesn t seem to be justice as we see it in conventional mystery novels Like Paul Auster s New York Trilogy, the ending ends up raising questions than answering them It s fun to be so let down by your own expecta [...]

  20. Richard McDonough

    A brilliant film was made from this book I like Simenon s novels, not a fan of his policiers This short novel was not well written, I thought The notions are fine and finally we get the underlying social problem of incipient anti semitism revealed the film did not include that but the language, in English, was not pleasing If I live long enough I will read the original and know .

  21. Annie

    A fantastic read that really makes you think I may be one of the only people that adores Mr Hire, but I felt protective over him throughout the book Simenon exposes the characters for what they really are, and shows you the unfortunate side of human nature I highly recommend it and as it is a short book, a definite quick read.

  22. Matt

    An excellent example of Simenon s romans durs I also liked that NYRB had an afterword, rather than a forward The discussion of the novel in the afterword was far interesting having already read the story being discussed.

  23. zumurruddu

    carino qui da lei La luce era cruda, forse perch la lampadina elettrica non era schermata, le linee nette I colori spiccavano gli uni sugli altri L incerata trasformava il tavolo in un rettangolo duro e freddo come una pietra tombale Sta sempre solo Si tratta del mio secondo incontro con Simenon, il primo consistendo di un episodio di Maigret letto diversi anni fa Avevo quindi gi avuto modo di conoscere le atmosfere cupe ed enigmatiche di Simenon e soprattutto il suo stile laconico e scarno, anc [...]

  24. Bart Thanhauser

    After Auster s goody two shoes optimism all his characters are just socially minded enough , Simenon s bleak roman durs is perfect At no point in the plot does Simenon step back and explain what has happened the murder that is the center of the events Nor, as the Afterword notes, does Simenon zoom in, and give the reader any introspection into Mr Hire s thoughts and fears The reader is just transported into a cold, confusing stage of the French suburbs and Mr Hire s sad life He is a small lumpy [...]

  25. P. E. Rempel

    I remember seeing the excellent movie adaptation of this book years ago 1989 The story stuck with me and it s very poignant a stab to the heart The protagonist, Mr Hire, becomes a scapegoat after arousing the suspicion and predatory instincts in others merely because he is odd actually, many of his traits suggest somebody who has Aspergers Overall, the author paints a very bleak picture of human nature, which climaxes at the end with the behavior of the callous crowds crowd justice, an echo of P [...]

  26. Jessica

    I think another reviewer mentioned internet shamingis entirely feels like that, mob justice in a pre internet world Preconceived notions of a person based on a few data points and then if they are a broken awkward person sigh Also this has very subtle suggestion of an anti Semitic element, not explicit, just there You know, in case you thought implicit bigotry racism is a modern problem, not one that clearly existed before, and led to, the atrocities of WWII.You can totally imagine these charact [...]

  27. Michael

    I much prefer Simenon s hard novels romans durs to his better known Detective Maigret series In The Engagement of Mr Hire , life s most trivial routine is uprooted by chance events and the unexpected consequences of desire A casual police investigation suggests not indifference to the facts, but the desire to simply and quickly close the case And the injustice of these actions come not from malice but from indifference.It is also a psychological novel containing very little psychology Simenon gi [...]

  28. Lynn

    This book was mostly about tone, and it was of a novella I never quite got a handle on why everyone hated Mr Hire or why the girl wanted to blame him The mood was definitely noir with a heavy dose of paranoia There was a clear mood created, but there wasn t a lot of tension, and while there was a mystery, of sorts, it wasn t really about solving the mystery So in terms of the story plot, it was disappointing.

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