Dolphins at Daybreak (2020)

Dolphins at Daybreak Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca Dolphins at Daybreak Dolphins at Daybreak Magic Tree House No
  • Title: Dolphins at Daybreak
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
  • ISBN: 9780679883388
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
Dolphins at Daybreak Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca Dolphins at Daybreak Magic Tree House, No 9
Dolphins at Daybreak Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca

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    437 Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
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One thought on “Dolphins at Daybreak

  1. Laura McLoughlin

    Slightly peril in this one Also, Jack and Annie are working on becoming Master Librarians and the 6 year old does not believe me when I tell her that I as a librarian also had to travel around in a magic treehouse solving riddles in order to complete my Masters degree Sigh.

  2. midnightfaerie

    A book my 6 yr old loved, a little old for my preschoolers A solid reading level 3 book, this reader has a good amount of advanced vocabulary words, but not so long that it discourages a new reader Used it for his read out loud book, which was perfect It took about 15 mins for him to read and had just enough new vocabulary words to make it challenging Also, it was a fun and interesting story he could get into He liked it so much, he asked for by this author Great reading book

  3. Blake

    Dolphins at Daybreak , is the ninth book in the Magic Tree house series written by Mary Pope Osborne It starts off with Jack and Annie having the same dream, which means Morgan, the wizard of the tree house, was giving them a sign to go to the tree house Morgan gives them four riddles to solve Then they wish to go to the beach They go into a submarine and dive into the depths of the ocean Not too long after heading out, they realize that there is a leak in the submarine Jack had an idea and trie [...]

  4. Brandon Loehrke

    I really enjoyed Dolphins at Daybreak This book starts out like every other book in the series Jack and Annie have a dream about Morgan, who is calling them back to the tree house for another adventure As soon as they wake up they rush over to the tree house and find Morgan Morgan tells them that they need to become master librarians by going on this adventure.In order for them to become master librarians they need to solve 4 riddles This adventure takes them to a sandy beach where they find a m [...]

  5. Bryce Akey

    Dolphins at Daybreak starts out with Jack and Annie having the same dream, which means that Morgan is calling them to the tree house Morgan tells them that she wants them to become master librarians In order to accomplish this task, Jack and Annie must solve four riddles They travel to a beach, on which they find a mini submarine As they headed into the ocean they discover that something was wrong There was a hole in the submarine When they turned the submarine around and were headed back to sho [...]

  6. Taylor Kimbrough

    This book is the ninth book within the adventurous and exciting Magic Tee House books These stories are about the explorations of two siblings, Jack and Annie, who find a Magic Tree House, which was made by Morgan Le Fay In Dolphins at Daybreak, Morgan is trapped under a spell, so Jack and Annie have to find four clues to save Morgan from the spell, which will allow them to collect books from the Tree House library again In this book, their adventures take them to the ocean, where they find mult [...]

  7. Emily

    1 Jack and Annie are sent on another adventure by the mysterious Morgan le Fay This time, they end up in the middle of the ocean with four riddles to solve and lots of underwater friends to learn about, including octopi, hungry sharks, and friendly dolphins who save the day.2 2 43 Science, Just for Fun4 Students who enjoy reading about marine life could greatly benefit from this book Alternatively, students who like the MTH series can continue their love with this book.5 6 I could use this book [...]

  8. Christopher

    Read A loud Kindergarten 2nd gradeRead Alone 3rd grade 5th gradeThe Magic Tree House series is a great first chapter book series The stories are episodic but they continue with an interesting story that lends itself to a lot of curriculum Dolphins at Daybreak would be good for any reader who was ready to make the step from easy readers to chapter books vocabulary is at a level that challenges but does not scare off the reader, and new words are included in the context of the text There is not a [...]

  9. Anna

    I like the dolphins Suzy and Sam They saw an octopus The octopus hugged the mini sub that they were in and it started cracking The dolphins caught up with them and they let them ride on their backs to save their lives May 2010One day Jack and Annie found a submarine So they went in it Annie pressed a button the sub went down Jack and Annie say thousands of schools of fish Then a octopus squeezed the sub it let go and swam away why did it do that said Annie Then a hammerhead shark swam by We have [...]

  10. Brenna

    This book was about a magic tree house that took the characters, Jack and Annie anywhere they wanted to go The children had to answer riddles and went in a mini submarine They met two dolphins and rode them back to shore.What I liked best about this book Dolphins are my favorite mammal in the sea so I liked reading that the kids rode on the dolphins backs and that the dolphins saved them from a hungry shark.

  11. Samantha

    Jack Annie have returned to Earth and embark on their latest adventure under the sea They are hitting the beach and swimming in the ocean With the help of their friends Sammy and Suki, they just might be able to solve the first of Morgan s riddles.

  12. lily

    Annie named two dolphins Sukey and Sam The dolphins gave Jack and Annie a ride to the seashore They figured out what the riddle was An oyster.

  13. Serina

    Jack wakes up from a dream about a girl named Morgan le Fay and a magic tree house that could transport his sister, Annie and him throughout time and space Annie appears in Jack s room to also tell him that she also had a dream about the magic tree house Annie believes this is a sign that the magic tree house is back, and that there will be a trip soon Before Jack can disagree, she leaves Their mother hears Jack and warns him to not get his shoes wet Morgan is waiting Jack and Annie when they ar [...]

  14. Jiang mingxuan michelle

    Jack wakes up from a dream about an enchantress named Morgan le Fay and a magic tree house that could transport him and his sister Annie through time and space Annie appears in Jack s room to tell him that she has also had a dream about the magic tree house Annie believes this is a sign from Morgan that the tree house is back, and they will take another trip Before Jack can disagree, she leaves Their mother hears Jack leave and warns him not to get his shoes wet.Morgan is waiting for Jack and An [...]

  15. Kristen

    Dolphins at Daybreak is book 9 in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne At the beginning of this story both Annie and Jack have dreams in which Morgan le Fay tells them to return to the tree house Both children are surprised because the tree house has been missing for a while They grab their things and immediately run into the woods to see if their dreams were true Sure enough Morgan le Fay is there waiting for this, but this time she has a mission for them pass the test to become Mas [...]

  16. Amanda Shreve

    SummaryIn the 9th instalment of the Magic tree house books, Jack and Annie head for a coral reef in the middle of the ocean They are trying to solve one of Morgan s riddles to become Master LIbrianians It sounds easy enough, but what will happen when they find a mini sub and head for the ocean floor Will trouble find them And will they be able to solve the riddle in time EvaluationI enjoyed this book This was my first Magic Tree House book and I can see why children flock to this series It has a [...]

  17. Blue

    Stiff writing, annoyingly predictable, plotholes galore, contrived danger fixed by a deux ex machina which too was predictable, and missing facts so about average for the series so far.Problems view spoiler After all the effort to keep the pack safe and out of the water, Jack flipped onto his back without a second thought Nothing about being bouyant in saltwater It was emphasises with hands right there Actually, since it was salt water, does that mean they couldn t have drowned hide spoiler Why [...]

  18. Kim. E.

    Being the reader I ve been all my life, one of the joys is watching my child become a reader as well I well remember the day we went to the bookstore to buy her first chapter books , not knowing which of us was excited This book was purchased on that first, infamous trip Rereading it now was a combination of the best memories from then.Jack and Annie were needed at the tree by Morgan, the wizard of the tree, to become master librarians This required the completion of some research and riddles.

  19. Rosnelly Gómez

    Le este peque o libro porque s Lo vi, hab a delfines y me sent a leerlo Es un libro infantil pero es bonito Creo que para los m s peque os ser a perfecto, es corto, tiene letras grandes, ense a y adem s los protagonistas tienen muchas aventuras Es una buena forma de inculcar la lectura ya que se lee r pido y muy f cil.

  20. Wasif

    The magic tree take them back to ocean Where they have to solve a riddle to became a master librarian But they a stuck in a mine sub And a octopus was about to get them the hammer shark is after them too The life can t get worse then eaten by two different type of creature.

  21. Brandee Stapp

    I chose this book and series of books because they were a big part of my childhood Getting to go to the library in elementary school and pick up the next book in the series was one of the highlights of my day.

  22. David Smither

    This series continues to improve A new mission from Morgan sends them into deep water, if only for a little while I wonder if their parents know what s going on Suitable for grades K 3.Unique feature Non threatening hammerhead sharks.Genre Fantasy Real genre MTH

  23. Mary Thomas

    I do like this series, especially because I can read them aloud with my 1st grader I love the time spent together, and the stories are entertaining.

  24. Alex

    I did not like this book because I do not like hammerhead sharks I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when the dolphins helped Jack and Annie escape a hammerhead shark.

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