Pygmy (2020)

Pygmy Chuck Palahniuk Pygmy The Manchurian Candidate meets South Park Chuck Palahniuk s finest novel since the generation defining Fight Club Begins here first account of operative me agent number on arrival Midwestern Ameri
  • Title: Pygmy
  • Author: Chuck Palahniuk
  • ISBN: 9780385526340
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
Pygmy Chuck Palahniuk The Manchurian Candidate meets South Park Chuck Palahniuk s finest novel since the generation defining Fight Club Begins here first account of operative me, agent number 67 on arrival Midwestern American airport greater _____ area Flight _____ Date _____ Priority mission top success to complete Code name Operation Havoc Thus speaks Pygmy, one of a handful of young aThe Manchurian Candidate meets South Park Chuck Palahniuk s finest novel since the generation defining Fight Club Begins here first account of operative me, agent number 67 on arrival Midwestern American airport greater _____ area Flight _____ Date _____ Priority mission top success to complete Code name Operation Havoc Thus speaks Pygmy, one of a handful of young adults from a totalitarian state sent to the United States, disguised as exchange students, to live with typical American families and blend in, all the while planning an unspecified act of massive terrorism Palahniuk depicts Midwestern life through the eyes of this thoroughly indoctrinated little killer, who hates us with a passion, in this cunning double edged satire of an American xenophobia that might, in fact, be completely justified For Pygmy and his fellow operatives are cooking up something big, something truly awful, that will bring this big dumb country and its fat dumb inhabitants to their knees.It s a comedy And a romance.
Pygmy Chuck Palahniuk

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    277 Chuck Palahniuk
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One thought on “Pygmy

  1. Jacob

    May 2009Begins here account of reader me, Agent Jacob, located rural area _____, date _____ For official record, here review novel Pygmy, tenth fictional account written master of mediocrity Chuck Palahniuk, borrowed community literature repository of city _____.Pygmy novel written strange style, uneducated broken English like dumb child Much time reading, but eventual comprehension Still not like Other authors try, much mocking critics However Chuck much genius, many hipsters want fellate, so t [...]

  2. Lyn

    I am Palahnuik damn it He may be the Vonnegut of our age Scathing satire with all the subtelty of a sledge hammer And a fun read, too, though the stream of consciousness pigeon English took some getting used to Flying panda kick BAM POW

  3. Chris

    Begins here paragraph the first of reviewer me, goodreader Chris, upon completion great American subversive novel ISBN 978 0 385 52634 0 Title Pygmy Author Esteemed sodomite Chuck Palahniuk For official record, expose novel as shit of iguanadons Sales of novel great, fueled by author prior reputation as popculture satirist For establish goodreader history, this reviewer previously read Choke, disliked as bite in testicle by rabid wombat nut chomp, however, is willing to give chance the second to [...]

  4. Kemper

    I got so caught up at reading the mangled English that I forgot I was reading a Chuck Palahniuk book, and I had not properly mentally braced myself when the first horrible thing happens in Chapter 2 After getting that shock, it was easier to remember who I was dealing with.This has got everything you d expect from a Palahniuk novel Dark humor, graphic violence, and a bunch of disturbing characters with an outlandish plot and outrageous twists This story of a spy trained since childhood by an unn [...]

  5. Imogen

    I m giving this two stars because it s better than Snuff, but only because it s better than Snuff Like, in hope that ol Chuck s on an upswing Okay so Did you see that M Night Shyamalan movie The Village If you re like me, five minutes into that movie you were like, clearly these puritanical folks are modern day back to olden times people Otherwise why would a director like Mr Shyamalan, who normally pays so much attention to details and specifics, have them all talking like people in the oughtie [...]

  6. La Petite Américaine

    Honestly, what the FUCK I wonder how much money Palahniuk made on sales of this piece of shit from fools like me who wanted to give the author one chance.Behold, one sentence just pages after the ass rape scene in mangled English in the Wal Mart bathroom Here worship shrine, all male neck must bind around with knotted banner, silk banner knotted at windpipe so dangle two long strands down chest to waistband trouser I get that the main chartacter is supposed to be a Chinese exchange student Give [...]

  7. Nicholas Karpuk

    Pygmy is not a good book Unlike some of his other works, I m not even going to praise him for experimentation, because what he did doesn t feel like all that much of a risk.You will not find a review of this book that does not address the prose If you haven t already read the book or an excerpt, please do so before continuing this review go ahead, I ll waitright, now we re on the same page on the ridiculous way this is written It s hard to adapt to because it doesn t feel like convincing English [...]

  8. M

    Pygmy is focused on the experiences of Agent Number 67, a 13 year old secret agent from an unnamed totalitarian state Agent Number 67 along with 11 other young men and women take a journey to America disguised as foreign exchange students with the ultimate goal of executing a terrorist attack named Operation Havoc upon the American society.When I was watching Angelina Jolie s movie, SALT, I couldn t help but think of this vintage Palahniuk novel It left me wondering if the people who wrote Salt [...]

  9. Sara

    If your reading level and vocabulary aren t excellent, you don t have a good grasp of 40 s 80 s Communist history, and your tolerance for extreme sexual weirdness isn t pretty high, don t read this book All of Palahniuk s books are a little extreme, but this one has reached a whole new level of weird.As a quick check of the synopsis should tell you, Pygmy is an exchange student from an unnamed Communist country His story is told in a series of mangled English dispatches back to his masters He an [...]

  10. David Barbee

    I really liked Pygmy It s Palahnuik s brand of demented satire, only this time it s aimed at traditional American ideologies Here, a group of youngsters from a far off communist state are sent to America as exchange students It doesn t matter what country they re from, just that their native land is the pinnacle of everything America isn t The kids are drones that have been conditioned almost since birth to carry out the will of their hyper socialist state Basically, they re everything right win [...]

  11. Adam McDonald

    CLASSIC Chuck Hard to read literally, hard to read in the way it was written , gross, yet making great points about consumerism and how it has infected the American Way Trust me here, you won t like it at first It takes at LEAST 20 pages to get into the dialect it s written in if you ve read Trainspotting, you ll understand what I m talking about and even after that, there were times I had to re read the same paragraph a few times to get what was going on.Chuck presents an anti hero you really d [...]

  12. Misha

    Questing again after the elusive interview.I m struggling with the voice a bit I imagine I ll hit a point where it will click into place and flow a little smoothly in my head, but right now I m struggling.I may have hit a wall with this book relatively early There was a scene I found disturbing and repulsive, and now I m in the hands of a narrator who makes my skin crawl I ll continue, because clearly Palahniuk wants to challenge me, and I don t like to back down from a challenge But I shall sa [...]

  13. Zuky the BookBum

    I legit read 50 pages of this and gave up I m not wasting my time on this shit I don t want to have decipher every fucking sentence in the entire fucking book No.

  14. Jeremy

    Let my biases ring clear I typically love Chuck Palahniuk No single author has influenced my love of reading and writing than Chuck has over his career Pygmy , as the book jacket says, is a romance and a comedy satire would be closer to the truth It is by far the most obviously humorous of his books the running joke about Colonel Sanders made me chuckle several times It s at once a biting send up of American values the observations about public education were absolutely priceless as well as a w [...]

  15. Samantha

    I just started this book yesterday, and I can already tell that I m going to despise it The broken English is absolutely horrible I read for pleasure, not to spend ten minutes a page trying to figure out what the hell is being said and trying to follow along.Further review to come once I ve finished it Providing that actually do finish it Update I could not finish this book, and I do NOT just put books down It annoyed me so badly that I closed it and returned it to the library before it angered [...]

  16. Sentimental Surrealist

    The Vapidity Wars 1,188 Words and RunningThis was originally a long rant about not just Palahniuk but also Bret Easton Ellis, Rick Moody, and Jonathan Franzen, who I feel have problems similar to Palahniuk s, although I d take Moody and Franzen over Palahniuk and Ellis I saved the whole rant in Word and plan to work it into a much elaborate and less Palahniuk focused essay, because while I really wanted to publish the whole thing here, this review is long enough even without the outside authors [...]

  17. Aldo Meza

    Muuuuy bueno No entiendo por qu las calificaciones tan bajas, est como para hacerse un c mic o una serie, lo he disfrutado mucho.

  18. David JosephMikels

    This book was poop That being said it was hard to read the writing style was ridiculous Chuck will always have a place in my heart for writing fight club but his other works have been disappointments altogether

  19. Mallory

    Finally, I got around to reading and reviewing a recent book Feels good to be with the times Though I have to admit that I wouldn t have gone anywhere near the new releases table if I hadn t been anxiously anticipating this book for the past year Ol Chuck is one of the few authors whose entire bibliography I ve taken the time to read He has rarely disappointed me I was nervous about this novel, because his previous novel Snuff was one of those rare disappointments Fortunately, Pygmy was mostly s [...]

  20. christa

    Do I dare say that Chuck Palahniuk is back I mean, not quite Fight Club back, or Choke back But at least Diary back, and that was the novel that got me to join Team Palahniuk in the first place, so it s a start Especially after the grueling, repetitious, obsessive compulsive, list of porn movie titles disaster that was Snuff which I ranked among the Top 3 worst novels I read in 2008 Pygmy is fantastic social sattire Portrait of suburban Americana, through the lens of a foreign exchange student, [...]

  21. David

    One of the good things about reading for pleasure instead of, say, reading for school or because someone has a gun to your head and says read it or die is that when I don t like something, I can put it down without finishing it.Thus ends my experience with the second Chuck Palahniuk book to disappoint me the last one being Snuff I m sure this book is brilliant on some level, but after 2 chapters of this 1st person perspective story told in some kind of broken Pidgin English, about a terrorist sl [...]

  22. Kriti

    I tried really hard to like this book, but I could not bring myself to give than a half smile every now and then I have to comment on the prose It makes the reading incredibly difficult Usually, when the writing is strange A Clockwork Orange it s consistent and one gets used to it after a while However, with Pygmy I felt that fluid reading of the book was hindered by the writing and I was struggling to understand passages I often had to read parts over again just to understand what was going on [...]

  23. Ashley Daviau

    This book was such a huge disappointment for me I adore Chuck Palahniuk and his wonderfully twisted stories but this one was just not for me From the very beginning it failed to capture my interest and I really struggled to keep with it until the end I think the main reason I struggled with it so much is the way it s written It s done in such a broken English that sometimes I had absolutely no clue what was going on and would have to reread a page multiple times to make sense of it Not really my [...]

  24. Gerund

    Cult American author Chuck Palahniuk of Fight Club fame can usually be counted upon for entertaining, eye opening dissections of the ridiculousness of contemporary American culture, through his deft wielding of satire, hyperbole and gratuitous violence Indeed, it wouldn t be a Palahniuk novel if it weren t bristling with vulgarities, crassness, physical torture and sexual mayhem, and in that sense fans won t be disappointed with his 10th novel.Pygmy has scenes of carnage, violations of the body, [...]

  25. Matt

    It would have been difficult, perhaps impossible, for ol Chuck to publish a book worse than Snuff, which read like Palahniuk Parody and, honestly, seemed as though the author in question was simply and as quickly as possible, as it had only been a year since the superb Rant fulfilling a contract So, yes, Pygmy is a satisfying read than Palahniuk s previous outing But that isn t saying much.I give Chuck credit for the, uh, unique voice that relates the story All broken English, euphemism, and me [...]

  26. Ned Rifle

    It has been many years since I read a Chuck Palahniuk novel My memory of the three that I once read is hazy and my ideas of any one are likely my opinions of the others, seeing as they not only explore the same terrain but do it using the same techniques barely remember anything other than the obligatory listing of facts, the most facile use of research possible Perhaps it wasn t research and he simply had many useful cleaning tips which he thought it would be cruel not to share with the world I [...]

  27. Kim

    I had completely forgotten about this book until I found it while packing up all my books yesterday A couple years ago I was put on to Palahniuk s books and enjoyed Fight Club, Snuff and Choke Then I heard he had a new book out and thought I d give it a try.What a waste of money The writing style was horrible, I just couldn t get into it at all I gave up after a few chapters and will not ever pick it up again It turned me off Palahniuk to the point that I ve never read another of his books.

  28. Ray

    this book irritated me, i did not like the fake agent stylesome good passages but outweighed by the dross

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