Fanged & Fabulous (2020)

Fanged & Fabulous Michelle Rowen Fanged Fabulous My name is Sarah Dearly and I ve got major problems Last month I was turned into a vampire by the world s worst blind date Then I may have totally by accident started a war between the mostly peac
  • Title: Fanged & Fabulous
  • Author: Michelle Rowen
  • ISBN: 9780446618625
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
Fanged & Fabulous Michelle Rowen My name is Sarah Dearly, and I ve got major problems Last month, I was turned into a vampire by the world s worst blind date Then I may have, totally by accident, started a war between the mostly peaceful bloodsuckers and a bunch of sociopathic vamp hunters who have nicknamed me the Slayer of Slayers Now I m being used as bait to draw out the hunters bad ass leader, whMy name is Sarah Dearly, and I ve got major problems Last month, I was turned into a vampire by the world s worst blind date Then I may have, totally by accident, started a war between the mostly peaceful bloodsuckers and a bunch of sociopathic vamp hunters who have nicknamed me the Slayer of Slayers Now I m being used as bait to draw out the hunters bad ass leader, while my gorgeous 600 year old boyfriend Thierry seems to be blowing me off, and my sizzle hot, fanged friend Quinn is trying to turn my self defense lessons into make out sessions So you know what I m done I ve had it There comes a time when a vamp has to just suck it up and go after what she wants And as soon as I figure out what that is, that s exactly what I ll do
Fanged & Fabulous Michelle Rowen

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    318 Michelle Rowen
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One thought on “Fanged & Fabulous

  1. Jennifer

    I find it rather annoying that Sarah is still in love with Thierry even after he rejects her multiple times She really needs to read He s just not that into you The electricity in their vampire kisses is forced and out of place Not bad for a quick, fun read, but needs substance.

  2. JG

    10 FANTABULOUS stars for the ENTIRE seriesIt has earned BEST COUPLE AWARD BEST ROMANCE AWARD BEST HERO AWARD I cannot overly state how amazing this book was I read the entire series for two days It was UNPUTDOWNABLE Once i finished the first book, i am itching for the second until before i knew it, i was up till 5 in the morning THANK GOODNESS IT S SUMMER or I ll be sleeping in my desk if this was a school day.Ok, i should warn you that my opinion is been extremely affected by my personality wel [...]

  3. Morgan

    I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and this one is no exception I don t agree with commenters who say that it should be marked as YA instead of Paranormal Romance Just because something doesn t have explicit sex in it, doesn t mean it is a YA book It even made me laugh out loud the other night while I was reading in bed I was glad that my grandfather is in the hospital for rehabilitation or I would have woken him up As it is, my father heard me over in the kitchen since he was on hi [...]

  4. Geli

    I am really loving this series Its just so corny that it works Its like a clueless but with vampires haha Romance and drama are top notched in this one as it picks up right where it left off from the first one The characters are all so likable i wish I could be friends with them all This series gives a nice spin on the vampire legend These vamps can go out in daylight, but sorry girls no sparkling vampires here I cant wait to read the next one

  5. Candace Mountain

    Michelle has created an interesting continuation of her Immortality Bites series with Fanged and Fabulous The story deals with some of the ramifications of the first novel as Sarah is labeled the Slayer of Slayers and this opens up a mess of problems for her with the hunters and vampires Despite all of the problems the hunters were creating for her, Sarah seemed wrapped up in her romantic issues with Thierry than the perils that were occurring around her which makes for some interesting predica [...]

  6. Jan

    If this review looks like a carbon copy of the first books review well it is with very good reason.First off I want to say that this book is mislabeled as paranormal romance Other than a few half pages of a little kissy face there was no romance or sex at all This book should have been labeled as young adult teen Overlooking that little annoyance I rather enjoyed reading it The book was well written, sharp, witty, and had plenty of laugh out loud moments A very good humorous vampire book When th [...]

  7. Rosa

    Hilarious Fanged and Fabulous has the action, the drama and the humor After reading the first book of the series, which i enjoyed immensely, i promptly set out to find the second, and i wasn t disappointed Michelle Rowen knows just how to engage the audience Fanged and Fabulous continues on from where Bitten and Smitten left off Sarah Dearly, newly made vampire is now not as newly made but still trying to cope with the change After being forced to kill a vampire slayer named Peter in the previou [...]

  8. Robin

    Michelle Rowen is my new favorite author In this second entry in the Immortality Bites series, Sarah discovers that thanks to the incident at the club at the end of the first book, she now is known as the Slayer of Slayers, with an undeserved reputation that causes her to be feared by some of her would be enemies Throughout the book she frets about the hunters and Thierry who has not had sex with her since their vacation in Mexico two weeks ago, and her best friend being married to Barry who she [...]

  9. JoAnne Kenrick

    Awesome I can t remember the last time a book kept me up way past my bed time I couldn t bare to put it down until the last page had been turned I just had to know what happened to Quinn I just had to know about Theirry and Sarah and basically, I just had to keep reading until the very last word.Next book, Lady and the Vamp I think , will be in my next bulk ebook buy Maybe even the fourth and fifth in the Immortality Bites too.KUDOS Michelle xxxx

  10. Ani

    I really can t say why I liked this one than the first, not that the first was bad far from it, loved it , it s just that this one made me laugh so much and usually, when I m reading something really good, I ignore all bodily functions It s funnier than the first I didn t think that could be possible , infinitely sweeter and, still, incredibly surprising Just when you think you who know the culprit is or have your suspicions firmly in place, wham Honestly Loved it

  11. Elizabeth D.

    I enjoyed this second installment in the Immortality Bites series Sarah is adjusting to life as a new vampire but Thierry is becoming distant and there are vampire hunters looking for her because she has gained a reputation as the Slayer of Slayers which can t end well The laughs are there and Sarah s all heart which makes her a very likable character The only downside was the side plot of her friend Amy and her concerns that her new husband Barry is cheating on her It was just too much unnecess [...]

  12. Barbi

    This was an interesting book, to say the least It reminded me of Mary Janice Davidson s Undead series.Sarah is a recently turned vampire who is dating a much older, married vampire named Thierry He pretty much does whatever he can to push her away and she keeps coming back To make matters even challenging, vampire hunters are out to kill her since she is famous So, throw in some bodyguards, interesting friends, and her not willing to give up on her relationship, and this book was comical at tim [...]

  13. Kim Shumaker

    Cute continuation from book 1, Bitten Smitten Definitely YA PG complete with the love triangle Sarah is somewhat of an airhead but still cute enough to keep my attention It s a nice break from the action packed series I ve read lately.If you re looking for a something cutesy and shallow you may enjoy this series If you re looking for something with depth I suggest you keep looking I m not sure of how long I will keep with this series but interested enough in Quinn Janie to check out book 3, Lad [...]

  14. Ifrah

    unfortunately I cannot include Fanged Fabulous as the best book to have started the new year in, don t get me wrong isn t wasn t that bad but comparing the first and second book it had what most books had the second book slump but alas Thierry did kinda make up for it I m hoping the third book kinda picks up.

  15. Carolina Téllez

    Tengo una relaci n amor odio con Sarah, me gusta su sarcasmo pero a la vez me desespera En fin, que aunque todo era predecible me gust que por fin se dijeran sus verdades esos dos Thierry Sarah

  16. Lesedelfin

    Ein bisschen verliebt ist der zweite Band der humorvollen, teils klischeehaften Vampirreihe von Michelle Rowen, dessen Klappentext wieder einmal mehr als irre f hrend ist Schlie lich kennt man Michael Quinn aus dem ersten Band, wo er Sarah als Vampirj ger mehrfach umbringen wollte, bis er selbst verwandelt wurde Leider spricht dieser verungl ckte Inhalt auch f r den weiteren Verlauf des Buches und zeigt in welche Richtung die Autorin ihren Erz hlstil lenken m chte Alles ist erlaubt, solange es n [...]

  17. BooksUnderOpenSky

    Inhalt In diesem 2 Teil der Reihe ist Frisch Vampir Sarah Dearly aus Toronto mit dem Meistervampir aus Band 1 zusammen, der den aufregend d mlichen Namen Thierry de Bennicoeur tr gt Er ist ber 600 Jahre alt und hat so seine ganz eigenen Probleme Unter anderem lauert ein altes Ungeheuer in ihm, und Sarah fordert dieses heraus, weil sie ihm eine nette Zeit beschert Angel l sst gr en , und so versucht er Sarah auf Distanz zu halten Au erdem w re da noch die Kleinigkeit, dass das Ungeheuer zum Vorsc [...]

  18. Colleen

    This is a great series for a quick, fun, summer read and I have the remaining books waiting for pick up at the library for just that purpose The story is light, the characters are engaging, and the dialogue is witty Having just started re watching Lifetime s Drop Dead Diva, as I read this book, focal character Sarah Dearly has suddenly taken on the voice of Diva s Jane Bingum actress Brooke Elliot and Sarah s BFF Amy sounds like Jane s BFF Stacy actress April Bowlby I m sure that the Diva marath [...]

  19. Rosy

    My name is Sarah Dearly, and I ve got major problems Last month, I was turned into a vampire by the world s worst blind date Then I may have, totally by accident, started a war between the mostly peaceful bloodsuckers and a bunch of sociopathic vamp hunters who have nicknamed me the Slayer of Slayers Now I m being used as bait to draw out the hunters bad ass leader, while my gorgeous 600 year old boyfriend Thierry seems to be blowing me off, and my sizzle hot, fanged friend Quinn is trying to tu [...]

  20. Tessie

    Fanged Fabulous is the sequel of Bitten Smitten.In this book, Sarah Dearly is back with a new reputation as the Slayer of slayers, aka the murderer of the vampire slayers.Obviously that rumor isn t true, but she has to make everyone believe it so she won t get killed by the vampire hunters or the vampire elders.Everyone isn t afraid of her, or appreciate her nickname for that matter Or else her apartment wouldn t have blown up, literally.Thierry is hiring two bodyguards for her, but not letting [...]

  21. Paseandoamisscultura

    La primera parte Mordiscos de Amor me encant era fresca, divertidauna novela con la que me rei y lo pas bien, aparte de estar bien escrita,pero con Vampira y Estupenda me he llevado un poco de desilusi nesperaba algo m s de el libro se me ha hecho eterno y esoque es cortitoo explicar que situaciones que en el primerlibro me parecian graciosas porque lo eran, aqu casi me quedodormida o diciendo jajaja.La trama esta bien, pero en muchas ocasiones sab s que va a pasaro soy yo, que tengo un sexto se [...]

  22. Diane ~Firefly~

    It s been a few years since I read the first book in this series and the way the characters were acting at first, I started to wonder if I was reading a Queen Betsy book, but with different names But about 100 pages in, the characters started to take own their own characteristics.What I enjoyed Janie view spoiler Even though you knew she was bad from the beginning I hope she shows up in future books hide spoiler Sarah She seemed to grow up a bit and take charge of her destiny She still treats Ge [...]

  23. Kristi

    Another light, fun read and definitely G rated The love scenes meaning kissing reminds me of what you d read in a YA novel actually, I think I ve read racier scenes in a few YA books I enjoyed this 2nd installment as well, perhaps not as much as the first book, but enjoyed it nonetheless As with the first book, at times I felt as though I were reading about a teenager, not a grown woman Even the relationship between Sarah and Thierry seemed immature at times, and I found myself hoping to finally [...]

  24. CupcakeBlonde

    I did not like this book as much as the first one Mainly because Thierry was of a jerk than ever in this one Still love Sarah, but wish she would drop Theirry who is a mess and go for Quinn However, love doesn t work that way so she is stuck loving a guy who totally does not deserve her and just barely gets how special she is by the end We ll see what other excuse he comes up with the leave her again later.Another reason why this book was not as good was because I had figured everything out bef [...]

  25. Diana

    After the events ofBitten Smitten, fledgling vampire Sarah Dearly has a reputation for being the Slayer of Slayers This new title has caused her to become a target for vampires and hunters alike With her new boyfriend Thierry becoming distant, Sarah must figure out a way to stay alive.Straight up, I was unimpressed with both Sarah and Thierry Sarah was a little too whiny and flighty I don t usually mind the valley girl heroines, but Sarah really got on my nerves In addition, Thierry is a comple [...]

  26. Rachel

    Wow This was a supremely terrible book Firstly its listed as a romance but it really isn t because there isn t actually any romance between Sarah and Thierry None In the whole book he probably appears in less than 10% of the book and most of that doesn t portray him in a good light I seriously don t get the attraction Add to that was the the horrible story line It just felt like the author was trying to create a story as good as others and instead created something that mimics some greag series [...]

  27. Fien

    If you re out to read something light, then this is the book to go to It sometimes feels as if the story goes too fast without any explanations, there s definitely no depth and the end is sort of wrapped up quickly I didn t feel the tension or suspense I know I should have felt so it left me a bit disappointed This book has been given to me to read and I was told it was really good but apart from the sarcasm, there s nothing else left to like or not much, at least Some of the reactions of the ch [...]

  28. Michelle Maud

    Possible spoilersThis isn t the best series I ve read, but since this is only book 2, I think I ll give it one shot The problem is that the main character isn t very likable I really like Quinn and would much prefer the main character with him instead I don t see it happening, but maybe in book three they will match up Quinn with someone How many times can this poor girl get pushed aside before she finally goes on to someone that might appreciate her And how the heck has Theirry sp managed to [...]

  29. Christine

    Funny and light hearted, Fanged and Fabulous picks up right where Bitten Smitten left off Back from Mexico with her boyfriend Thierry, newly minted vampire Sarah Dearly realizes they are having some communication problems Meanwhile, she s developed a reputation as The Slayer of Slayers after killing a vampire hunter which has attracted the attention of hunters and vampires everywhere Now, she s flanked by bodyguards, taking self defense lessons from her cute friend Quinn who wants to take their [...]

  30. Britta

    Only having been a vampire for three months, Sarah Dearly is still confused She loves her boyfriend, Toronto s Master Vampire, Thierry, but she s not sure how he feels about her And he s pulling back Things just haven t been the same since Mexico And when her apartment explodes, Thierry hires bodyguards, her dog really a werewolf0 morphs back into a man, and the ever present Michael Quinn kisses her again , Sarah s life gets even confusing 3 out of 5 because the book moved fast but almost so fa [...]

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