The White Hotel (2020)

The White Hotel D.M. Thomas The White Hotel It is a dream of electrifying eroticism and inexplicable violence recounted by a young woman to her analyst Sigmund Freud It is a horrifying yet restrained narrative of the Holocaust It is a searing
  • Title: The White Hotel
  • Author: D.M. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780753809259
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
The White Hotel D.M. Thomas It is a dream of electrifying eroticism and inexplicable violence, recounted by a young woman to her analyst, Sigmund Freud It is a horrifying yet restrained narrative of the Holocaust It is a searing vision of the wounds of our century, and an attempt to heal them Interweaving poetry and case history, fantasy and historical truth telling, The White Hotel is a modern clIt is a dream of electrifying eroticism and inexplicable violence, recounted by a young woman to her analyst, Sigmund Freud It is a horrifying yet restrained narrative of the Holocaust It is a searing vision of the wounds of our century, and an attempt to heal them Interweaving poetry and case history, fantasy and historical truth telling, The White Hotel is a modern classic of enduring emotional power that attempts nothing less than to reconcile the notion of individual destiny with that of historical fate.
The White Hotel D.M. Thomas

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One thought on “The White Hotel

  1. Ian "Marvin" Graye

    AnagnorisisStructurally, The White Hotel resembles Nabokov s Pale Fire , while stylistically it has in common with Thomas Mann s The Magic Mountain.There are two main differences from Nabokov s novel the relative lack of metafictional self reflexiveness in The White Hotel , and D M Thomas respect for Freud, whereas Nabokov says he detests him I think he s crude, I think he s medieval, and I don t want an elderly gentleman from Vienna with an umbrella inflicting his dreams upon me I don t have t [...]

  2. Teresa

    There s so much I could say about this book, but I haven t strayed into spoiler territory in a review before and I don t want to start now More than with any novel I can think of that I ve read, this is than a sum of each part For example, the fictional case history written by the novel s Freud would mean nothing without the previous two sections written by his patient the same is true of the following sections relating her later life and that of the world at large, each with a Freudian trope o [...]

  3. Jennie

    Really scandalous book that blends eroticism with violence and psychology to portray the horrors of the Holocaust My English major roommate recommended it to me as his favorite book when I was working on my undergrad After the first few chapters I was a little disturbed for him, haha But when I reached the end I realized the powerful effect of the White Hotel Entrancing, hypnotic, outrageous and multi layered, this is a book you will not soon forget.

  4. Sally

    Well, that was weird It went from intensely sexual, to clinical, to narrative, to horrific, to just plain bizarre Spoiler I think this might be a spoiler, but I wasn t exactly sure what was going on for the last 20 pages, so it might not be It seemed like everyone was in heaven, or some kind of after world, and the protagonist I use that term veeeeeeeeeeery loosely and her mother were taking a walk while reuniting and talking about a threesome witnessed by the child protagonist of her mother, mo [...]

  5. Dajana

    ula sam da je ovo potresan roman, te ak roman, ovakav i onakav Pro itala sam prvu polovinu, koja je bila u vezi sa razli itim seksualnim radnjama i fantazijama, ponekad nasilnim, i nije mi ba bilo jasno ta je TOLIKO stra no.E Onda sam pro itala drugu polovinu I oti la da povra am I razumela za to je jedan kriti ar rekao da nije mogao da govori celog dana posle poslednjih trideset strana ovog romana.Ovo NIJE roman za svakog, i nemojte ga itati ako ste osetljivi ja jesam i grdno sam se prevarila M [...]

  6. Paul Bryant

    There s a moment in Ernest Hemingway s novel To Have and Have Not which I thought was a real zinger at the time we have been following Harry and his wife and their relationship intimately they have some big financial problems but he loves her, and that s always good when a middle aged guy loves his wife don t you think, so you see her from his point of view Then later you have a different narrator, some other guy, and he s driving along, maybe on his way to see Harry, and he sees this random wom [...]

  7. K.D. Absolutely

    Strange book Or maybe I am just not equipped to understand everything.It is composed of a prologue and 6 chapters in almost different forms and themes 1 epistolary introducing the main characters 2 erotic fantasies told in poems 3 erotic journal in first person narrative 4 case history in third person plain storytelling 5 clinical psychoanalysis 6 holocaust 7 outright bizarre conclusion.I hate some parts of it not because it is boring but it is hard to understand I had a 3 unit course in Basic P [...]

  8. Laura

    When I attempted to read The White Hotel when it first came out, I was 14 and unable to get through it I knew there was something much bigger at work but I couldn t grasp the apparent profundity of the work Now, at 45 years of age, I have read it from beginning to end and it is a truly spectacular piece of writing I read for two hours before bed last night, unable to put the book down until I finished the last chapter, crying quietly This book moved me as few others have and I am a voracious rea [...]

  9. Roger Brunyate

    Freud and the Final Solution 2005 An extraordinary book, historical in its way, yet put together like the movements of a musical composition Introduced by Sigmund Freud, the book s first three movements consist of the erotic fantasies and case history of one of his female patients, overlapping, expanding, and gradually turning into almost normal narrative But then the story takes a different course with the convulsions of the century, and becomes a testament of the Holocaust, harrowing and chill [...]

  10. Leah

    Theodor Adorno, in an oft misappropriated quote, wrote that to compose poetry after Auschwitz is barbarism Adorno did not, as it may initially seem, intend the Holocaust to signify the end of cultural creativity Rather, it s a remark that against the broader critical landscape inquires about reconciling a culture that produced Kant and Beethoven with the largest, most extensive, systematized killing in humanity s history There is a tension between ethics and aesthetics inherent in an act of arti [...]

  11. Stephen

    At the time of his conception of this novel, D.M Thomas s thought process must have been along these lines I have yet to encounter any novel from any era that has done justice to the complexity of the human personality I shall make my own attempt to portray a human personality true to its profound complexity, which to this point has been beyond the imaginings of other novelists.The result is our immersion in the personality of Frau Lisa Erdman, an opera singer and at the outset a patient of Sigm [...]

  12. David

    Be careful picking this one up is not for the feint of heart, but if you need a sense of proportion in your life and a paradigm shift in thinking would do you good, give it a go Read other peoples nicely crafted reviews if you want but I think its best to pick it up without a clue what its about.

  13. Speranza

    RECIPE FOR THE SUCCESSFUL NOVEL Ingredients Take 30% sexTake 20% HolocaustTake 20% FreudTake 10% deathTake 10% violenceTake 10% epistolaritySpices Add erotic poetry to spice up the meal and classical music to boost the price.Be careful not to stir the ingredients together, each flavor should stand out on its own Please be sure not to include any good writing, plot or an underlying message, as they will make the meal heavy and indigestible.Happy reating

  14. JSA Lowe

    Why do I keep reading books that utterly destroy me I don t know It starts off tacky and eye rolly, like REALLY, FREUD, WE RE GOING THERE, REALLY, and then transition via pomo surrealist folderol to unexpected gutpunch Anyway somehow I didn t expect it, I lost track of history in all those orgy breastmilk scenes NB that the train is not really going to Palestine Gutted Weeping for the last 40 pages Share and enjoy

  15. Kristen

    I m still not even sure if I like this book, but it gets five stars because after six years I m still thinking about it, struggling to resolve it, admiring it for the kind of permission it gives other writers, wincing at how some passages could be so erotic while still enveloping the horror of genocide.

  16. Mike

    Quite a bit of this book is erotic, except for the bit where Jews including our female protagonist and those she loves get cruelly murdered holocaust style The author, a man, uses his female lead s voice to describe her hallucinatory fucking he s a mighty apt transvestite The author, born a Methodist, describes in graphic detail the slaughter of Jews he ripped that stuff off from Anatoly Kuznetsov That lousy quack Freud makes several appearances in the story, playing someone who mattered There i [...]

  17. Vit Babenco

    The White Hotel begins with an exquisite Freudian poem The novel is dark as the history itself and full of alarmingly disturbing thoughts At my first hearing of a dream, I became alarmed, for it told me that the dreamer is quite capable of ending her troubles by taking her life Train journeys are themselves dreams of death Destiny of an individual is decided long before one s birth and it is interconnected with the destiny of the entire world and our wishes hide in our dreams.

  18. Mareika

    This book is not for everyone, but only due to explicit content and disturbing violence, not due to its message It s not a feel good novel, but it s a novel that gets your affective response kicking into high gear the type of novel that can change the world, because it makes you question how you think The White Hotel is creative, thought provoking, and emotionally scarring I didn t actually realize I liked it until I had put it down and thought talked about it for a few days Thomas tells the sto [...]

  19. James

    Never mind how I managed to have this on the shelf in the first place, upon learning of its significance to Susan Orleans The White Hotel immediately jumped rank and became The Next Read.It was not a contentious promotion.To Susan Orleans, veritable author of The Orchid Thief, The White Hotel is one of 40 books that changed her world.To me, veritable scribe of hope and vengeance, The White Hotel is one of the better books I ve read in a while.I m not done with it yet and am not holding out much [...]

  20. Blaire

    Most of this book bored me, I guess because I find the Freudian stuff dry as dust The structure is interesting, consisting as it does of sections that are related but a little disjointed Really, this seemed like two books with the ending section maybe being a separate novella The first part is essentially a case study about a sexual hysteric that I thought was ridiculous, although some of the imagery in the first section was interesting The second part was about the Holocaust There was some powe [...]

  21. Kate

    What can I say about a book that left me speechless for so long It s front loaded with graphic, morbid, aggressive, detached sexuality I should clarify that the sexuality itself isn t morbid in nature but it s contrasted with morbid imagery occurring elsewhere simultaneously Just when you think you ve been offended enough, it switches gears I read this book for my literary theory class and psychoanalysis describes this novel in which Feud himself is a character It is not a novel about sex It is [...]

  22. Deborah Edwards

    I read this book many years ago, but still recall the gut wrenching impact it had on me The first part of the book is cool and dreamlike, descending into Freudian themes of sexuality that become almost too much to bear There were times when I thought I might not be able to read on any further, but I did, and with each change in tone the book became and disturbing, and yet and of a revelation The ending is hugely disturbing and incredibly powerful, and in a very rare occurrence for any book, [...]

  23. I. Merey

    I used to be patient, but I can t deal with tedious books any This book had a lot of promise and the premise was interesting.The writing is beautiful.However, about 100 pages into it, with no hope of plot or character development,I ve got nothing but pretty writing to keep me turning the pages And that s not enough.I feel like I m hearing someone retell a naughty dream made up entirely of strangers And then this guy started sucking on this girl s breasts during dinnerAn old lady saw it and star [...]

  24. Misha

    This is a story not for those with a weak constitution The first two sections are riddled with explicit, vulgar sexuality Just when you think you ve been spared with an interesting psychoanalysis of a woman with hysteria, you re thrust into the cruel, horrific, and emotionally electrifying events of the Babi Yar massacre.Thomas is able to create a fiction fact hybrid that truly makes you take another look at the human propensity for unfathomable cruelty Its left a permanent mark within me.

  25. Karyna McGlynn

    Consists of three distinct sections styles which, like most of Thomas work, makes for a rather frustratingly fragmented albeit fascinating read.Much of the book consists of rather tedious exchanges of letters, and the end is horrific, haunting and totally depressing However, the parts of the book that take place at the White Hotel will completely knock your socks off It s magical realism at its most mythopoetic sublime And of course the writing is dazzling.

  26. Pris robichaud

    Yhe Vision of Love Through Salvation, 19 Feb 2007 Thomas takes us beyond Freud, beyond Eros and Thanatos, and thus challenges the very substance of the Freudian text Within the analyses and, he suggests, buried within her individual neurosis, is the subtext of history the Final Solution And beyond the horror is the transcendent vision of salvation through love in the mythical state of Israel In this bold, intellectually challenging novel, Thomas goes beyond both history and historical fiction he [...]

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