Women (2020)

Women Annie Leibovitz Susan Sontag Women The photographs by Annie Leibovitz in Women taken especially for the book encompass a broad spectrum of subjects a rap artist an astronaut two Supreme Court justices farmers coal miners movie s
  • Title: Women
  • Author: Annie Leibovitz Susan Sontag
  • ISBN: 9780375756467
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
Women Annie Leibovitz Susan Sontag The photographs by Annie Leibovitz in Women, taken especially for the book, encompass a broad spectrum of subjects a rap artist, an astronaut, two Supreme Court justices, farmers, coal miners, movie stars, showgirls, rodeo riders, socialites, reporters, dancers, a maid, a general, a surgeon, the First Lady of the United States, the secretary of state, a senator, rock starThe photographs by Annie Leibovitz in Women, taken especially for the book, encompass a broad spectrum of subjects a rap artist, an astronaut, two Supreme Court justices, farmers, coal miners, movie stars, showgirls, rodeo riders, socialites, reporters, dancers, a maid, a general, a surgeon, the First Lady of the United States, the secretary of state, a senator, rock stars, prostitutes, teachers, singers, athletes, poets, writers, painters, musicians, theater directors, political activists, performance artists, and businesswomen Each of these pictures must stand on its own, Susan Sontag writes in the essay that accompanies the portraits But the ensemble says, So this what women are now as different, as varied, as heroic, as forlorn, as conventional, as unconventional as this.
Women Annie Leibovitz Susan Sontag

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    299 Annie Leibovitz Susan Sontag
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One thought on “Women

  1. David Schaafsma

    I recently reviewed Lauren Greenfield s 2017 collection of photographs focusing on a range of girls in contemporary American society review showIt s not all inclusive, of course, but it reveals a range of what it might mean to be a girl now.Celebrity in two senses photographer Annie Leibowitz in 1999 compiled a collection of photographs of women and some girls in 1999 to some fanfare With an essay by Susan Sontag I read it when it came out It bears some comparison to Greenfield s collection, whi [...]

  2. Zanna

    In advanced consumer societies, these narcissistic values are and the concern of men as well But male primping never loosens the lock on initiative taking Indeed, glorying in one s appearance is an ancient warrior s pleasure, an expression of power, an instrument of dominance.Sontag s essay for this book moves restlessly over the surface of its subject, opening cans of worms and leaving them to wriggle uncomfortably into our consciousness, leaving a impression of something well begun but half [...]

  3. Kate

    sontag s essay is a stand up and shout experience a rally for justice and exploration into the why s of gender and inequality her main point being that a book of portraits of men portrayed in similar array and profession would be useless and pointless a quick read that reminds me why I m here to be a woman and then there are the portraits of Leibovitz

  4. Mark

    Checked this out to read Sontag s essay and compare it to her comments on the writers of essays in photography books that she made in On Photography I would say that Sontag s essay was disappointing but it was pretty much typical Sontag so I guess that would be redundant The essay was mostly a whinge about the patriarchy and how women have been kept down and so on While these are certainly extremely important topics, they have been covered far better in many other places Heck, I would even expec [...]

  5. Zöe Yu

    I checked out this book for Susan Sontag s essay, but it feels like superficial I like all the issues she mentioned in the essay, but it seems itself as a bigot Also, the design of the book I don t like it Because not all the name tags are under the photographs, so I have to look for which one fits which photograph Very annoying.

  6. Powells.com

    Annie Leibovitz got her start at Rolling Stone in the early seventies There she made a name for herself and produced some of the publication s most well known photographs, including the famous shot of a naked John Lennon wrapping himself around a fully clothed Yoko Ono She went on to become the chief photographer for Vanity Fair, and has been exhibited in scores of art galleries, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.Leibovitz s style appears comfortable and ingenuous, to the [...]

  7. Gineke

    I enjoyed this book It s the second book of works from Annie Leibovitz that I ve read, and I must say I enjoyed this book a lot than Pilgrimage Annie Leibovitz is great at portrait photography She s most known for her celebrity photographs, but I must say that her portraits of regular Americans touched me a lot .You can see the dedication in the eyes of the subjects, so can read their strive and laughter in their wrinkles, and they just feel real Those photographs made me feel like these were p [...]

  8. Shelly

    Annie Leibovitz s photography is amazing She has an incredible eye and her talent is off the charts The collection of photographs were very interesting to look through I was disappointed that they weren t of her popular stuff I was expecting some of her iconic photos And there was way nudity than I was expecting I wasn t expecting any and there was quite a bit I had to keep it away from my kids who were big eyed when they peeked over my shoulder.

  9. darrienmichael

    Leibovitz, as usual, produces memorable images while Sontag provides the words Although, it is just as easy to provide your own words and put Sontag s aside That is part of the beauty of the book Oh, and it looks great on my coffee table The book is a true celebration of women and their multifaceted complexity Or you can just look at all the nice pictures.

  10. Avory

    I didn t read the essay, but I did look at all the photographs I thought they were gorgeous, and I loved the juxtapositions I especially liked the showgirls where they were shown in and out of costume This is a great book to have on the coffee table when you need a little inspiration.

  11. Photokitten

    Annie Lebowitz is an amazing photographer Her art is so moving and compelling, however I feel that many of the images in this book appear to be contrived than her usual portrailsautiful just not a MUST HAVE

  12. Lea

    Amazing book I got a signed copy for christmas after seeing an Annie Leibovits show in Columbus right before What an awesome gift Thanks Chris

  13. Maria Wheeler

    Interesting look at women especially the two depictions real life vs night life of Vegas showgirls.

  14. Ashley-Marie

    Beautiful photographs and a very thought provoting essay from the late Susan Sontag Very nice read look through

  15. Jacques Willems

    If you like Annie Leibobitz Photography this is a must have.Beautiful collection of extraordinary portrets from a variety of women of all classes.

  16. Ellen

    Awesome pictures by Annie Liebovitz and essay by Susan Sontag on women and their portrayal in media and society.

  17. Martyn

    4 5 for the beautiful photography Minus several million for the turgid and contradictory essay by Sontag that sought to both praise and undermine the project.

  18. Charity

    This is one of the most beautiful books I ve ever read viewed It s difficult for me to even find words to describe the way Leibovitz captures the complex beauty of a widely representative, diverse set of women The photos I was most drawn to were of Vegas showgirls There were these stunning pictures of different showgirls dressed in extravagant, bright, over the top, gargantuan peacock feathered costumes, while they themselves were adorned with heavy, dramatic stage make up Leibovitz also capture [...]

  19. Paul Baker

    This is a beautiful, extraordinary collection of photographs by Annie Leibovitz, with comments by Susan Sontag Old and young, famous and unknown, glamorous and work a day, wealthy and poor, this book celebrates women from all walks of life.The photography is truly amazing and it is easy to linger over photos wondering just how the photographer ever managed to tease just the right expression from all her subjects.The simply marvelous book is recommended to all readers.

  20. Bingyang

    Great photos collection It would be better if Sontag s essay be put to the last section or even be removed.

  21. Fromwordstoworlds

    Women is the result of an intelligent collaboration between two exceptional women, a collection of than 100 individual portraits which put together demonstrate that when taking initiative women can fight stereotypes and redefine their place in society.Annie Leibovitz is known for her celebrity photographs in the United States and nobody questions her talent As Sontag said in her introductory essay of the book, the world has a great appetite for images, so the two used this photographic medium b [...]

  22. Stephanie

    I ve read this book before but I checked it out again after seeing Annie Leibovitz lecture at Benaroya Hall The diversity of women portrayed is an essay without words Famous celebrities next to unknown artists Rich and powerful women next to poor uninfluential women Susan Sontag adds mini bios of each portrait at then end of the book I didn t realize that Leibovitz and Sontag were together until I watched the new documentary, Annie Leibovitz Life Through a Lens excellent They are truly one of th [...]

  23. Wendell Hennan

    An interesting forward by Susan Sontag that is a good read for all men to remind them of all of the ways that women have been discounted throughout history and continue to do so today Some great portraits of many well known women reflecting their passion and character, i.e Barbara Bush, Joni Mitchell, Melissa Etheridge, Yoko Ono, Hilary Clinton, and Elizabeth Taylor Also several interesting comparative photos of Las Vegas showgirls, in stage attire and every day appearance.

  24. Emma

    Haha, adding picture books to this sight reminds me of when I was 8 or 9 There was a charity reading competition called MS readathon and I kept adding all these picture books to my list and my mum said Do you think people are going to sponser you to look at pictures and I really didn t know the answer.

  25. Lucille

    I have to cringe smile a bit at myself with this one because in high school I definetly did an Ode to Annie Leibovitz portfolio where I recreated her photos with portraits of friends It s great for the photographer wanting to talk photography with family and not just go around about Ansel Adams.

  26. Jaimie

    I was not overly impressed by this collection I expected it to be a statement, but not for the statement to be so blah Sure, it s supposed to showcase everyday American women, but I found very few of the images to be moving I sure don t see women as beige, but that is what this book largely paints them to be.

  27. Karen

    Incredible photos of women famous and not, some heartbreaking, all beautiful I saw the exhibit in Phoenix and to see these same photos larger than life was incredbile I don t like to have my picture taken but if Annie Leibovitz would take it, I m there

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