Myth-ing Persons (2020)

Myth-ing Persons Robert Lynn Asprin Myth ing Persons Skeeve is in a real pickle this time His partner Aahz has disappeared and it looks like foul play Finding Aahz ought to be a snap for a talented magician like Skeeve especially with a sassy apprenti
  • Title: Myth-ing Persons
  • Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
  • ISBN: 9780441014163
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
Myth-ing Persons Robert Lynn Asprin Skeeve is in a real pickle this time His partner Aahz has disappeared, and it looks like foul play Finding Aahz ought to be a snap for a talented magician like Skeeve, especially with a sassy apprentice and a dumb but brawny bodyguard along for the ride The trouble is, they re sleuthing in another dimension.
Myth-ing Persons Robert Lynn Asprin

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    400 Robert Lynn Asprin
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One thought on “Myth-ing Persons

  1. Evgeny

    After the events of the last book Skeeve and Aazh as partners got themselves a very nice base of operations with just one tiny little problem one of the doors in their dwelling the kind they use in banks for safe vaults led into an unknown and potentially deadly dimension Circumstances forced Aazh to go in to investigate while Skeeve was tricked to be left behind When Skeeve learned Aazh had stuck in a jail with a murder charge he rushed after his partner almost blindly accompanied by his goon b [...]

  2. Orient

    Skeeve and Aahz make a surprising pair and the whole group is even better I found feelings and emotions in this story I loved to see emotional Skeeve and how it worked during interaction with others Other characters had their emotional side exposed too A big circle of friends is enlarged once with a friendly nervous neighborhood cherub vampire and a melodramatic werewolf talking English with a French accentWelcome to a crazy vampire limbo party And to do this Skeeve and his gang had no need t [...]

  3. Gavin

    This was another fast and fun installment in the Myth series Perhaps this fifth book was not quite so good as the fourth, but is was still very enjoyable The action takes place in the dimension of Limbo, which is the dimension the mysterious door in Skeeve s new Bazaar home leads to Aahz runs off there to chase some potential clients who used the door as an escape route from the Bazaar law He is soon in trouble and Skeeve and the rest of the team head in to save him It was the usual mix of actio [...]

  4. Wiebke (1book1review)

    In this book Skeeve and his friends visit Limbo to find some fugitives and rescue Aahz from prison.A pleasure insight into a dimension where vampires are at home and humans the monsters.

  5. Desinka

    I really loved this installment in the series The Limbo dimension proved to be great fun Its inhabitants were very interesting and some quite likable The action was fast paced and exciting and I really didn t notice when exactly I d reached the end I want And some romance Rating 4.5 stars

  6. Callie Rose Tyler

    Another story that is very light on Aahz which is a shame because I love his partnership friendship with Skeeve It is nice to see Skeeve grow on his own but the main supporting characters Guido and Massha just didn t hold my interest The group dynamics were just a little bland.I did however, every much enjoy the new dimension of Limbo, and I hope we see of Vic Overall, a pretty average outing that was magic lite.

  7. Andi

    Complete fluff, of the fun variety My favorite part might be the little quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

  8. Neil

    Another fun book in the Myth Adventure series Skeeve and Aahz have now relocated their operations to the Bazaar on Deva In their house tent there is a door, which had previously not been mentioned when they first moved in, but it leads to an unknown dimension When fugitives from the bazaar flee through this portal the bazaar s chamber of commerce deem that these fugitives are the responsibility of Aahz and Skeeve.Aahz enters this unknown dimension to retrieve these fugitives He ends up imprisone [...]

  9. Keziah

    Sadly the fifth entry in the MYTH Adventures series felt a little flat for me For starters I really did not like Luanna and Skeeve s little crush on her annoyed me I mean he has the amazing Tanda if he wants to develop a crush, so why is he falling for a small time swindler who is using him When you add in the racism in terms of werewolve and vampire phobia and basically Skeeve being the only hero I just lost my interest Luckily I know that there are better books after this, but still its a sham [...]

  10. Shane

    Just as funny as they were 15 years ago.That s from my notes when I read this oneI read the first books when I was around 12 so I was probably 27 when I read this one I m 45 now and my son read the entire series before he passed away in a car accident I was cleaning his room and putting books away when I realized I hadn t listed this series as read on Thinking about finishing the series as a way of communing with his memory.Sorry if that makes you sad Read the book, it will cheer you up.

  11. East Bay J

    Myth Ing Persons is of a return to form, as far as I m concerned, though Aahz is absent through a significant portion of the book And Skeeve gets a love interest Sort of Phil Foglio s art is excellent and it s too bad there aren t panels The humor continues to amuse and Asprin even pokes a little good natured fun at Elfquest creators, Richard and Wendy Pini Excellent series

  12. Rob

    Well it turned out the back door led to a dimension of vampires And skeeve still hasn t learned any majic.

  13. Pete

    I read most of the MYTH book 20 years a go It s just fun to go back a visit them and still get them same ejoyment

  14. Skye

    entertaining but got realllllly sick of the paper thin female characters and constant body shaming jokes,

  15. Charity Fairman

    Interesting stroll through a whole new dimension while also enjoying the growing cast of characters I liked this one.

  16. Thomas

    The One About the VampiresOf all the Myth Adventures books I remember, Myth ing Persons was the biggie Not only did it feature Aahz and Skeeve and the rest of the crew, but it featured vampires The horror nut that I was, I was all over this one.I remember details about this book than I do the others, save for Another Fine Myth I remember how the bazaar used other dimensions to save space in Deva I remember how the I remember how Skeeve rescued Aahz from the living stone cell I remember how the [...]

  17. April Brown

    A childhood favorite re visited.Is the story as good as I remember YesWhat ages would I recommend it too Twelve and up While ten to twelve might enjoy it, there are many ideas they will not understand Though, they will certainly get many of the jokes.Length Most of a day s read.Characters Memorable, several characters.Setting Fantasy, alternate dimensions.Written approximately 1984.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind Ready to read .Any issues the author or a recent publisher shou [...]

  18. Ensiform

    The fifth Myth Adventures book, this one finds Skeeve and company on a rescue mission to the dark dimension the portal to which is the back door to their house of vampires and werewolves to rescue Aahz The latter had gone alone after a trio of con artists who, in a nice little nod to continuity, were first spotted very briefly way back in book two who stuck the gang with a bill at the Bazaar This is possibly the most twee, cutesy entry yet, from Asprin doing amateur tricks like naming his werewo [...]

  19. Henrik Havighorst

    Another fine adventure by the gang It is a shame that Aahz is so underrepresented in the first two third of the book In general, I find some of the sidekicks much interesting than others and this particular mixture of ingredients that is being changed up from novel to novel a notion that generally meets with my approval makes for either a good or very good entry in the series The vampire theme is underused and so is the Werewolf motif Even though, I understand the deconstruction of classic fant [...]

  20. Valerie

    It s instructive to compare this with the later volume in this series Myth ion Improbable The latter is awful Bitter, vindictive, cynical This book, on the other hand, is lighthearted, kindly, humorous Granted, there are a few disturbing elements, and of course, however funny it is, it is an adventure, but still There is reflexive revulsion against bats, but that s not uncommon.Normally, I wouldn t tend to turn to an author s biography to explain such a sea change in attitude In this case, howev [...]

  21. Conan Tigard

    I love the Myth books They always make me laugh There just is not a whole lot of funny fantasy out there Reading about the adventures of Skeeve and Aahz always keep me entertained Myth ing Persons moves a little slower that the previous four I also find that the story was not as involving as the other But that is not to say that it was bad On the contrary, it is still a fun read It just isn t fantastic If you have read the other four books, then you cannot pass this one up Like all of the other [...]

  22. Krista Ivy

    Skeeve has some customers go thru the back door of his mansion on Deva The problem is that they owed money and now that fine would be transferred to him before finding out how much the fine actually is, Aahz races thru the door on his own after knocking out Skeeve to make sure that the doesn t follow Aahz is gone for three days before the back door opens and one of the people they are looking for pokes her head out and says that Aahz has been imprisoned for murder and is set for execution they g [...]

  23. Jessica

    Best parts of this book, by far, were the rescue of Aahz from the living, breathing, dragon cell, and the vision of poor Massha floating along like a balloon at a fairThis book once again finds Skeeve in a mess that seems impossible to sort out, especially since Aahz has disappeared without a trace, and that mysterious back door out of their tent in Deva is actually a portal to a dimension of vampires.I never would have thought I d feel sorry for Vic, but in the end, I actually did I enjoyed wat [...]

  24. Leonardo Etcheto

    The mystery door is opened Skeeve s reputation as a mighty magician works against him Oh yeah, and Skeeve falls for another beautiful face that leads him into trouble Another great book, with everything being familiar yet warped Now we are in Limbo land of vampires who drink blood from a glass They fear people because of the stake through the heart stories And werewolves working to help the poor misunderstood humans.The prison escape is a classic, with absurdity all around Again, great stuff and [...]

  25. Michael Tildsley

    I didn t like this one as much as the others in the series I should have Asprin dives into a new dimension, pulls the ever protective Aahz away from the protagonist, and introduces new characters which include vampires It wasn t as good as this setup would indicate, but for one really dumb reason Asprin fails to create a conflict in this novel Sure he creates an issue that our heroes have to deal with in freeing Aahz from prison, but after that, there really isn t any Big Bad for them to have to [...]

  26. Tom Loock

    Re read in December 2013 Myth ing Persons is still funny, but it s obvious Asprin knew he had a good thing going with his Skeeve Ahaz novels therefore he obviously did planning with this one and it lacks the spontaneity of the previous four The Tuckerism with the ElfQuest creators reads as forced as some of the weaker puns, some nice characters make up for it though Still, on to the next.

  27. Marsha

    Skeeve and Aahz are at it again Now that they are living in a house owned by the Deveels on Deva, and the house is a lot larger than it appears, it is time to explore the dimension with which this house shares its construction The intrigue and adventures are in fitting with the characters that they have built themselves to be Very good read or listen, as the case truly is in this edition

  28. Ryk Stanton

    This continues to be an amusing series, but I am hoping for a bit character development soon It s fun to read, interesting to see how Skeeve will get him and his friends out of trouble but it s starting to feel like a song I ve heard too many times before Of course, it s meant as a humorous take on the fantasy genre and so I don t expect too much deviation from what has been established but I d like to see something added to step things up a notch.

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